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Another P10 variant has what's called a Hyper Diamond Cut finish. This model was made using technology that adds diamond dust to the final polish. The outside of the smartphone is made of thousands of tiny pyramids that play with the light to create particular reflections. This process makes the back of the phone more hardy and robust, making the device to stand out among its competitors.This year, the challenge for Huawei is to build on all those positive developments without losing momentum — starting with two new high-end phones, the P10 and P10 Plus. Like its immediate predecessor, the P10 series offers a similar hardware package across two screen sizes, contained in a classy, understated metal shell. Either way, Huawei did announce the P10 and P10+ at MWC this weekend. They look great. You have 5.1-inch FHD and 5.5-inch 2K displays, Kirin 960 processors, 4-6GB of RAM, 32-256GB of storage, dual camera setups with Leica branding that feature monochrome and Huawei P10 and P10+ Specs In the PC Mark Battery test, with Wi-Fi deactivated, SIM switched on and 50% brightness set to 50%, our P10 yielded a result of 7 hours and 51 minutes. If you need a Huawei smartphone capable of giving you more autonomy, the Mate 10 Pro, Mate 9 or Nova Plus are the devices that could be right for you even if the latter is in the mid-range.

The sensor itself, built into the glass this time, for what that's worth, feels and functions about the same as previous Huawei fingerprint scanners — which is to say it's lightning-fast and a joy to use.Overall, the back of the phone is nice but fingerprints show up quite obviously, like on the display - a top tip though, the silver variant masks the fingerprints better than the other color variants. Huawei P10 modelleri, Huawei P10 özellikleri ve markaları en uygun fiyatları ile GittiGidiyor'da. huawei p10. aramanızda 7350 adet ürün bulundu In addition to Google apps, some of Huawei's services come pre-installed (Hicare, Wellbeing, HiGame, Themes, Phone management), as well as Tripadvisor, Instagram and Twitter. However, you can uninstall these if you don't want them there. If you have an iPhone or a Huawei phone, it'll be much easier to transfer your data to your new P10 through the Clone app.

Mit dem P10 präsentiert Huawei den Nachfolger des P9. Es handelt sich um eines der Flaggschiffe des Herstellers und richtet sich an anspruchsvolle Nutzer. Fazit: Das Huawei P10 bietet ein gut verarbeitetes Gehäuse, eine zufriedenstellende CPU-Leistung und ein einwandfreies Display De Huawei P10 is een krachtige, dunne smartphone met een dubbele camera achterop. Bekijk het laatste Huawei P10 nieuws, vergelijk prijzen of De Huawei P10 is een fraaie smartphone met een aluminium design. Achterop zit een dubbele camera. De beelden van de twee Leica-lenzen worden.. Huawei P10 incelemesi Huawei P10 İncelemesi. Huawei P10 ne kadar iyi; satın alınır mı? Bu incelememizde detaylarıyla açıklıyoruz. Huawei P10, tasarım olarak P9'dan çok da büyük farklar getirmiyor. Açıkçası buna gerek de yok, zira P9'u tasarım olarak bir hayli beğenmiştik


An oleophobic coating may sound obscure and technical, but it's a staple feature of all but the cheapest smartphone screens. This nanocoating, usually applied to the glass during manufacturing, repels oils — like the kind on your face and fingers — and stops the display getting gunked up with use.Like for the Huawei Mate 9, the P10 includes all the innovations introduced by EMUI 5.0 and Android Nougat. This includes App twin (which allows you to use two WhatsApp and Facebook accounts on the same device), the ability to activate/deactivate the App drawer, smart notification management, suggestions within the setting menu, and other possibilities that you'll discover in our article on Nougat and EMUI 5.0 on the Huawei P9. Plus, we also have options like one-handed use, although I have to say, this function didn't always respond efficiently. Huawei P10 - - rated 4.1 based on 104 reviews I just bought the Huawei P10 and for the past month i have been going trought serious issues with t.. © 2000-2020 GSMArena.com Mobile version Android app Contact us Privacy Terms of use The Huawei P10 supports 5 Bluetooth A2DP audio codecs (aptX HD, LDAC, AAC, aptX, SBC). Find out which headphones, speakers, and accessories work best with it below

Huawei P10. Please choose your model (variant) from the list below. You can check the model of your Huawei P10 from Settings > About Phone huawei p10 pro 100% Australian Official Stock, Manufacture's Warranty & Free Shipping : LEICA DUAL CAMERA 2.0 HUAWEI P10's Leica Dual Camera LEICA DUAL CAMERA 2.0 HUAWEI P10's Leica Dual Camera 2.0 -fast Kirin 960 processor keep HUAWEI P10's performance at the peak of. The texture is supposed to be more scratch-resistant than a traditional brushed, sandblasted finish — and while that's mostly true, it certainly will chip given enough encouragement, leaving you with speckled silvery areas if it scrapes concrete or metal surfaces.Overall, the P10 still meets the needs of most users in 2018. The work done by the Chinese brand on this device is excellent, with the unfortunate exceptions of the lack of IP68 certification and the absence of a unique standout feature. If you have a P9 in your pocket, the P10 offers something extra and shows the excellent work done by the Huawei once again but the gap is not big enough to justify the upgrade. Better to wait for for the P20 instead!

Like those previous models, Huawei's latest creations include a pretty decent speaker setup, combining a bottom-firing main speaker with an additional tweeter behind the earpiece, as part of a pseudo-stereo setup. The Mate 9's output sounds a touch bassier to my ears, and less tinny at high volume levels. Still, the P10 puts in a respectable performance, going louder than rivals like the Google Pixel and LG G6 with less distortion. Huawei P10 price in Pakistan, daily updated Huawei phones including specs & information : WhatMobile.com.pk : Huawei P10 price Pakistan Huawei P10 - Make Every Shot A Cover Shot! Chinese Brand Huawei has unleashed P10 which is the successor to its older version P9 In the box, which opens outwards on both sides from the middle, there is a set of earphones (that look just like the earbuds made by Apple), a 4.5V-5A SuperCharge charger, a USB type-C cable and the usual SIM and microSD card tool - all in addition to the actual device of course, which is covered by a transparent protective film.We're publishing this review after a couple of weeks of on-and-off use of the Huawei P10 (VTR-L29, dual-SIM, 4GB/64GB) in "dazzling blue" and P10 Plus (VKY-L09 single SIM, 6GB/128GB) in black on the EE and Vodafone networks in the UK, and roaming on Orange in Barcelona, Spain. Our P10 was running software build 108 until about a week into testing, when it was updated to build 112. Our P10 Plus was running build 110.

There are only a couple of very specific areas where I've noticed weaker performance from the P10 Plus. Firstly, in high-contrast scenes with lots of brighter and shaded areas, Huawei's camera struggles to retain color detail, with some areas of certain shots being rendered in black and white, even in full color mode.For daily tasks, the speed and connections are incredible. Even when I used the phone under demanding conditions, playing games and other demanding apps, I didn't come across any problems either.


El Huawei P10 es el sucesor del Huawei P9, manteniendo muchas de las características. El P10 cuenta con una pantalla Full HD de 5.1 pulgadas, procesador octa-core Kirin 960, 4GB de RAM, 64GB de almacenamiento interno expandible, cámara dual Leica de dos sensores: 13 MP y 20 MP.. The front of the phone is protected with Gorilla Glass 5. In addition to the front camera lens is an ambient light sensor and the speaker for phone calls, as well as an oval-shaped fingerprint scanner, which can also be used to navigate through the display.The battery is capable of withstanding a full day of checking emails, making calls, looking at Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, a few short game sessions as well as watching some videos. Under more intensive use, you'll have to charge it overnight. To be honest, I was expecting a bit more from the P10 in terms of battery life.


Huawei P10 ile Huawei P10 Lite arasındaki fark nedir? Genel performanslarını ve cep telefonu sıralamasında hangisinin daha iyi olduğunu öğrenin. Huawei P10 neden Huawei P10 Lite' den daha iyi When you're paying north of £550 for a flagship phone (either upfront or over the course of a contract), that's a choice you shouldn't have to make.Combining the ability to complete a meaningful recharge in around 30 minutes with great battery life in general, the Huawei P10 emerges as an excellent performer. Huawei P10 Android smartphone. Announced Feb 2017. Features 5.1″ IPS-NEO LCD display, HiSilicon Kirin 960 chipset, Dual: 12 MP (f/2.2, 28mm, OIS) + 20 MP primary camera, 8 MP front camera, 3200 mAh battery, 64 GB storage, 4 GB RAM, Corning Gorilla Glass 5 Huawei P10. Uitvoering. Zwart. Product. Huawei P10. Categorie. Smartphones. Merk. Huawei. Tweakers ID. 736893

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Huawei P10 Plus. # Halvin hinta: 1 397,10 € ilman toimituskuluja. Kauppaan. 1 407,00 € toimituskuluineen. 5,5. Tuotteen väri. Kulta. Tuotteella ei ole vielä yhtään arvostelua. Arvostele tuote We're a year into Huawei and Leica's strategic partnership, which has yielded some dramatically improved camera performance, and there are some big changes in the P10's imaging setup, in both the hardware and software. Huawei P10 Plus модели икки хил вариантда чиқарилади: 4 ГБ/64 ГБли версия 725 доллар, 6 ГБ/128 ГБли версия эса 830 доллар туриши маълум қилинган. Моделга аниқлиги 1440 х 2560 пиксель бўлган 5,5 дюймли экран, Soc Kirin 965 процессори ва 12 МПли қўш камера ўрнатилади

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  1. In general, the system works smoothly. Compared to older versions of the software, it's much cleaner and more advanced.
  2. imalist as any Huawei design to date, with the pro
  3. As such, the results from the regular P10's photographic capabilities closely match the Mate 9's — taking into account the past few months' worth of software tuning, of course. You'll get legendary dynamic range thanks to the dual-sensor setup, and generally solid performance, though with some fine detail loss in challenging lighting compared to cameras like the LG G6 and Google Pixel.
  4. Huawei P10 lite, 32GB, 4G LTE, Dual Sim,... has been added to your Shopping Cart. You now have items in your Shopping Cart. Buyers Who Bought This Item Also Bought: Huawei P10 lite, 32GB, 4G LTE, Dual Sim, Sapphire Blue. Price: 1,250 AED
  5. Huawei P10 smartphone was launched in February 2017. The phone comes with a 5.10-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1440x2560 pixels. The Huawei P10 runs EMUI 5.1 based on Android 7.0 and packs 64GB of inbuilt storage that can be expanded via microSD card (up to 256GB)
  6. The Huawei P10 only has one mono speaker located on the bottom of the phone. To really get the most out of music playback, you can use the earphones included in the box, which are actually decent. Maximum volume is loud and clear, as much during phone calls as during video calls. With games or videos, the mono speaker does a satisfactory job for a mono speaker but you might miss hearing different things in each ear. The P10 lacks FM radio and the possibility of using stereo audio as on the Mate 9.
  7. The fingerprint scanner is fast but it doesn't work as a physical button. You can configure it to unlock your device and for other functions such as recent apps and the back button. You will however need to get used to this new way of navigating, though honestly, you'll pick it up in no time.

In general, when taking daytime photos with good lighting, the pictures came out with crisp detail and color fidelity. When the sun starts going down and light starts disappearing, colors and details start to suffer. If we compare photos from the P10 to those of the LG G6, the latter offers a better photo.It's pretty clear this phone is supposed to be used with its pre-fitted screen protector attached. (Which is fine, I guess... although the entire glass front isn't covered by the film.) If that's OK with you — and for many people it'll be perfectly acceptable — then great. Buy a P10 and enjoy it. You'll get a good-looking device with great performance and a fantastic camera. For others it'll be a deal-breaker. I'm somewhere in the middle, hence the grudging recommendation.In the following images, you can see how the noise increases depending on the ISO. With higher ISO, noise is so high that the image quality is severely affected.When lighting conditions aren't very good, colors are slightly changed, but this is a problem we find on several other devices as well. The beauty mode has also been improved to recognize "Caucasian" skin tones and adjust them to beauty standards. Huawei P10 Armor Suojakuori, Kulta. 12,95 €. Varastossa. Tuotteen tarkempi kuvaus. Huawei P10 puhelimen kultainen Armor suojakuori tarjoaa vauhdikkaan ulkonäön lisäksi uusia toiminnallisuuksia sekä tietenkin tehokasta suojaa pudotuksia ja naarmuja vastaan

Improve your Huawei P10's battery life, performance, and look by rooting it and installing a custom ROM, kernel, and more. Top Threads in Huawei P10 ROMs, Kernels, Recoveries, & Other Development by ThreadRank The P10 is still a solid smartphone choice. Although it can't claim to be original, its design is elegant and ergonomic and it comes with a few perks. Having the P10 in your hand is a pleasure and during daily use, it doesn't lack in performance: the improved chip and optimized software run as promised. The camera leaves a bit to be desired when lighting conditions aren't ideal, especially when compared with better devices that are already available on the market. The battery will get you through the day with normal usage, but we're hoping that with future updates, it will gain even more life. In general, the P10 is a good device that handles daily tasks without problems and will receive the update to Android Oreo Huawei P10 Plus. Подписаться62. Поделиться The P10 has an elegant body that is nice to handle, as it is sturdy and easy to use one-handed thanks to its 6.98 thickness (or thinness). Admittedly, a negative point for me is I don't like how the P10 looks; its almost as if the design is based on the latest iPhone. I also don’t like that Huawei decided against the IP67/IP68 certification, which at this point I would have expected to be a given since all its main rivals opted to have it, including the LG G6, for example.While much of the focus of EMUI 5.1 has been under-the-hood tweaks, there are a couple of user-facing additions. Huawei has partnered with GoPro to include the camera maker's Quik application on the P10, giving you an easy way to conjure up highlight reels with transitions and music matched to your photos. The feature set offered here isn't all that new — HTC experimented with this type of functionality in its Zoe app years ago, and Google Photos has a similar feature, though with much less manual input. Nevertheless, it's a nice touch.

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And Huawei still isn't quite up there with the best in terms of video recording. Despite the inclusion of OIS, and a software stabilization mode, there's a decent amount of ghosting in moving shots, and fine detail is lost in shots with uneven lighting — more so than most other high-end phones.You've also got some intriguing options for changing up Android's soft keys (back, home and recent apps.) Like the Mate 9 Pro, the P10 lets you use gestures on the front-mounted fingerprint scanner to replace the standard on-screen buttons. A single tap sends you back, a long press takes you home, and a swipe gesture takes you to your recent apps. It's a decent idea in theory, but I never fully wrapped my head around this new button dynamic, and retreated to the safety on-screen keys pretty quickly. It didn't help that the swipe gesture for recent apps failed to trigger reliably every time.The P10 Plus followed a similar pattern, holding up well against heavy use, and sometimes leaving me with 50 percent in the tank after a day out and about. With those kind of usage patterns, I was looking at around five hours of screen-on time per charge. Again, that's a step below the Mate 9, but in a phone with a smaller battery and a higher screen resolution. Huawei P10 64GB Siyah Fiyatları ve Huawei P10 64GB Siyah Modelleri En Uygun Cimri.com'da! En Ucuz Cep Telefonları fiyatlarını karşılaştır. Huawei P10 64 GB 5.2 İnç Çift Hatlı 12 MP Akıllı Cep Telefonu Siyah özelliklerini inceleyerek ürün hakkında detaylı bilgiye sahip olabilirsin The camera's software has been improved from the Mate 9 and they've introduced a new portrait mode that can be used with both cameras, but you obviously get better results with the rear camera.

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Between relatively large battery capacities, homegrown processors and tight software controls for background apps, Huawei phones have always punched above their weight in terms of battery life. And I'm happy to report that the P10 and P10 Plus are no exception. The Huawei P10 features a beautifully-made metal body and a Leica-branded dual-camera module. It's a premium quality device with very good still image capture that ranks among the best in class, especially in low light. Now reading: Huawei P10 camera review 100 comments In summary, the Huawei P10 camera is good but there are three or four smartphones out there that have better cameras, like the Google Pixel or the LG G6. Despite that, the P10 doesn't disappoint and has a large range of effects and filters to play with. 

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The Huawei P10 Lite is a budget version of the main Huawei P10 flagship smartphone. It shares some of the same specifications of its sibling, but it is available to buy at a cheaper price. We'll be taking a look at how the Huawei P10 Lite's camera performs Huawei P10 vs. Huawei P10 Lite: Small Overview (Comparing Size, CPU, Camera, Battery etc.) Huawei P10 Lite Review | it's very good, but so is the competition - Продолжительность: 13:30 Damir Franc 245 536 просмотров Huawei P10 характеристики, цена, мнения, ревю, сравнения. Тук ще намерите всичко за телефон Huawei P10 - детайнли характеристики, цени по магазините, подробно ревю, сравнения, подобни модели и др. за да добиете реална представа за това устройство и да направите.. And Huawei has specifically targeted touch latency in its performance tweaks in EMUI 5.1 — a big part of what makes a phone feel fast. So between the proven horsepower of Huawei's homegrown chip and further software optimization, both phones are absolutely blazing fast. That high performance extends to gaming too, thanks to the new ARM Mali-G71 GPU.Elsewhere, there are plenty of design holdovers from last year's P-series phones, including the glass camera window up top, which sits flush with the surface of the metal. The neat red accent around the power key also adds some visual flair.

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  1. We've got a whole other article on why this is an insane decision about which someone should feel bad. But briefly: For me, it's almost a deal-breaker. And for your own sanity, please keep the factory-fitted screen protector attached if you plan on picking up a P10.
  2. Huawei P10 Lite cena interneta veikalos, atrastas preces ar nosaukumu 'Huawei P10 Lite'. Huawei P10 Lite. : 43 rezultāti. Rādīt arī 2700 aksesuārus
  3. The Huawei P10 is an Android phablet smartphone manufactured by Huawei. Announced at Mobile World Congress 2017 on 26 February 2017, the P10 is the successor to the Huawei P9
  4. Ieškai internetu pigiau? Huawei P10 kainų palyginimas (pardavėjų 2), atsiliepimai. Palygink skirtingų parduotuvių kainas, surask pigiau ir sutaupyk
  5. The back of the phone reveals the most obvious change from the P9: the fingerprint scanner has been moved to the front of the P10 and the back has been split into two sections. There is a narrow strip across the top containing the dual camera beside the flash and the area beneath is a matt housing that has the Huawei logo and the phone model number. The back of the P10 actually alludes to the iPhone in my opinion.
  6. Huawei P10 Lite is a Smartphone of Huawei. This Huawei P10 Lite have 4 GB RAM RAM. 32 GB Internal Memory (ROM). microSD, up to 256 GB External Memory Card. Huawei P10 Lite Comes with 5.2 inches (~70.7% screen-to-body ratio), LTPS IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M Colors
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The external hardware is as good as ever, and EMUI is light years ahead of where it was a year ago. So what could possibly go wrong?After the rebirth of EMUI on the Mate 9, Huawei didn't need to do a whole lot to translate that experience onto a smaller screen, and so the new EMIU 5.1 — still based on Android 7.0 — looks and functions much the same as before. (Albeit a little quicker thanks to the special attention given to touch responsiveness in this update.)Then there's the screen. Which, on the face of it, is great. The standard P10 packs a 1080p LCD over 5.1 inches, with the Plus stepping up to Quad HD over 5.5 inches. Both offer excellent viewing angles, high brightness levels, even outdoors, and vibrant colors, with the slight blueish hue seen in earlier Huawei phones. (White balance is adjustable in the display settings menu, for what it's worth.)

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The information on this web site is not guaranteed. Kimovil is not responsible for inaccuracies, omissions or any other error in the information. Any warranties regarding this information are disclaimed. Total or partial reproduction of this site is prohibited in any manner without prior written permission. The trademarks, logos and device manufacturers, software, etc. are the property of their respective owners.The Huawei P10 is an Android phablet smartphone manufactured by Huawei. Announced at Mobile World Congress 2017 on 26 February 2017, the P10 is the successor to the Huawei P9.[1] Recensione Huawei P10 Lite - Le versioni Lite degli smartphone Huawei hanno decretato negli anni il successo crescente della casa cinese. Le restanti componenti hardware di Huawei P10 Lite vedono un display da 5.2 pollici con risoluzione FullHD, una fotocamera principale da 12 megapixel sul retro..

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  1. The P10 is constructed with a metal chassis, available in various color finishes. Two color options, "Dazzling Blue" and "Dazzling Gold", feature a patterned "Hyper Diamond Cut" finish which reduces its susceptibility to fingerprints. The front of the device features a button-like fingerprint reader, which can also be used for gesture-based navigation. The P10 features a 5.1-inch 1080p display. A larger version, known as the P10 Plus, features a 5.5-inch 1440p display.[2][3] The P10 utilizes Huawei's octa-core Kirin 960 system-on-chip, with four 1.84 GHz Cortex-A53 cores and four Cortex-A73 cores at 2.36 GHz.[4] The P10 utilizes 4 GB of RAM, while the P10 Plus uses 4 or 6 GB.[4] It comes with 32, 64, or 128 GB of internal storage.[4]
  2. How to factory reset HUAWEI P10? The following tutorial shows all method of master reset HUAWEI P10. Check out how to accomplish hard reset by hardware keys and Android 7.0 Nougat settings
  3. Huawei P10 series Full review. 2016 was a transformative year for Huawei. The Chinese firm with a reputation for sullying its great hardware with gross Huawei includes a factory-fitted screen protector in the P10 as standard, just like most of its other phones. However unlike the P9 and Mate 9 — and..
  4. Todas las características y especificaciones de Huawei P10 Lite. Tamaño de pantalla: 5.2 pulgadas (1080 x 1920 px). Cámara primaria: 12 MP. Huawei P10 Lite. Fecha de lanzamiento Marzo de 2017 Sistema operativo Android 7.0 Nougat

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Huawei P10 (Tek Hat) (VTR-L09) Karşılaştır Ekran Boyutu: 5.1 İnç Dahili Depolama: 64 GB Bellek (RAM): 4 GB Batarya Kapasitesi: 3200 mAh Hat Sayısı: Tek Hat Hızlı Şarj: Var 4.5G Desteği: Var CPU Frekansı: 2.4 GHz Huawei P10 (Tek Hat) Fiyatları Tahmini Fiyatı 3.599,00 TL Huawei P10 (Tek Hat) Fiyat Geçmişi 1 Yıl 6 Ay 3 Ay #fiyatgecmisi {margin-top:10px;}.fiyatgecmis {float:left;width:970px;height:400px;}.cartjs {float:left;width:970px;margin:-30px 0 0 -15px;padding:0;}#reklam300 {float:right;width:300px;height:250px;margin-top:35px;}#canvas {height:250vh;width:14vw;}#fiyatgecmisi {float:left;width:970px;position:relative;}#fiyatgecmisi h2 {padding:9px 5px;} Huawei P10 Ürün Ailesi Çift Hat Fiyat bulunamadı Tek Hat Fiyat bulunamadı Huawei P10 (Tek Hat) Temel Özellikleri Ekran Boyutu: 5.1 İnç Dahili Depolama: 64 GB Bellek (RAM): 4 GB Batarya Kapasitesi: 3200 mAh Hat Sayısı: Tek Hat Hızlı Şarj: Var 4.5G Desteği: Var CPU Frekansı: 2.4 GHz CPU Çekirdeği: 8 Çekirdek SAR Değeri 10g (Baş): 0.96 W/kg Ekran / Gövde Oranı: 71.21 % Değişir Batarya: Yok Kamera Çözünürlüğü: 12 MP Ekran Çözünürlüğü: 1080x1920 (FHD) Piksel Parmak izi Okuyucu: Var AnTuTu Puanı (v8): 216.800 Puan AnTuTu Puanı (v7): 174.600 Puan Ses Çıkışı: 3.5 mm Huawei P10 (Tek Hat) Özellikleri EKRAN Ekran Boyutu 5.1 İnç Ekran Teknolojisi IPS LCD Ekran Çözünürlüğü 1080x1920 (FHD) Piksel Ekran Çözünürlüğü Standardı FHD Piksel Yoğunluğu 432 PPI Ekran Yenileme Hızı 60 Hz Ekran Oranı (Aspect Ratio) 16:9 Ekran Alanı 71.7 cm² Ekran Özellikleri Çizilmeye Dirençli Cam Multi Touch LTPS LCD Eğimli Ekran (2.5D) Multi Touch (10 nokta) Ekran Dayanıklılığı Corning Gorilla Glass 5 Dokunmatik Türü Kapasitif Ekran Renk Sayısı 16 Milyon Ekran / Gövde Oranı 71.21 % BATARYA Batarya Kapasitesi 3200 mAh Konuşma Süresi (3G) 23 Saat Bekleme Süresi (3G) 359 Saat Bekleme Süresi (4G) 408 Saat Şarj USB Type-C Batarya Teknolojisi Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Hızlı Şarj Var Hızlı Şarj Gücü (Maks.) 22.5 W Hızlı Şarj Özellikleri Huawei SuperCharge (22.5W) Kablosuz Şarj Yok Değişir Batarya Yok Batarya Özellikleri 90 Dakikada Tam dolum KAMERA Kamera Çözünürlüğü 12 MP Optik Görüntü Sabitleyici Var Kamera Özellikleri Phase Detect Auto-Focus (PDAF) Leica Optik Hibrit Otomatik Odaklama (PDAF + CDAF) Hızlı Odaklama Tam Manuel Kontrol Depth of Field (DOF) Hibrit Otomatik Odaklama (Hybrid Autofocus) HDR Odak Takibi Perde Hızı (Shutter Speed) Kontrolü Lazer Otomatik Odaklama (Laser Auto Focus-LDAF) Time-Lapse Fotoğraf (Düşük Perde Hızı) Panorama Otomatik odaklama Seçimsel Odaklama Sesli komut Elle Odaklama Coğrafi konum etiketleme BSI Contrast Detection Auto-Focus (CDAF) Depth Focus Seri Çekim (Burst) Modu SUMMARIT-H Lensleri Zamanlayıcı 3D Yüz Modelleme Flaş Dual-LED Çift Tonlu Diyafram Açıklığı F2.2 Video Kayıt Çözünürlüğü 2160p (Ultra HD) 4K Video FPS Değeri 30 fps Video Kayıt Özellikleri Dijital görüntü sabitleyici (EIS) Time-lapse Video Kayıt Yavaş Çekim Video Kayıt (Slow motion video) Video Kayıt Seçenekleri 720p @ 120fps 720p @ 30fps 1080p @ 120fps 1080p @ 30fps 1080p @ 60fps 2160p @ 30fps İkinci Arka Kamera Var İkinci Arka Kamera Çözünürlüğü 20 MP İkinci Arka Kamera Diyafram F2.2 İkinci Arka Kamera Özellikleri Monochrome Sensör Ön Kamera Çözünürlüğü 8 MP Ön Kamera Video Çözünürlüğü 1080p Ön Kamera FPS Değeri 30 fps Ön Kamera Diyafram Açıklığı F1.9 Ön Kamera Özellikleri Leica Optik DxOMark (Eski) Puanı 87 Puan TEMEL DONANIM Yonga Seti (Chipset) HiSilicon Kirin 960 Ana İşlemci (CPU) Quad-core 2.4 GHz ARM Cortex-A73 CPU Frekansı 2.4 GHz CPU Çekirdeği 8 Çekirdek İşlemci Mimarisi 64-bit 1. Yardımcı İşlemci Quad-Core 1.8 Ghz ARM Cortex-A53 2. Yardımcı İşlemci i6 Sensör İşlemcisi Grafik İşlemcisi (GPU) Mali-G71 MP8 GPU Frekansı 900 MHz CPU Üretim Teknolojisi 16 nm AnTuTu Puanı (v6) 139.800 Puan AnTuTu Puanı (v7) 174.600 Puan AnTuTu Puanı (v8) 216.800 Puan Bellek (RAM) 4 GB RAM Tipi LPDDR4 Dahili Depolama 64 GB Dahili Depolama Biçimi UFS 2.0 Hafıza Kartı Desteği Var Hafıza Kartı Maks. Kapasitesi 256 GB Diğer Hafıza Seçenekleri 32/64/128GB Depolama seçeneği var TASARIM Boy 145.3 mm En 69.3 mm Kalınlık 6.98 mm Ağırlık 145 Gram Renk Seçenekleri Altın Gümüş Siyah Gövde Malzemesi (Kapak) Metal Gövde Malzemesi (Çerçeve) Metal AĞ BAĞLANTILARI 2G Var 2G Frekansları 850 MHz 900 MHz 1800 MHz 1900 MHz 2G Teknolojisi EDGE GPRS GSM 3G Var 3G Frekansları 850 (band 5) MHz 900 (band 8) MHz 1900 (band 2) MHz 2100 (band 1) MHz 3G İndirme 42.2 Mbps 3G Karşıya Yükleme 5.76 Mbps 3G Teknolojisi HSPA+ 4G Var 4G Frekansları 700 (band 12) MHz 700 (band 28) MHz 700 (band 29) MHz 800 (band 18) MHz 800 (band 19) MHz 800 (band 20) MHz 850 (band 26) MHz 850 (band 5) MHz 900 (band 8) MHz 1700/2100 (band 4) MHz 1800 (band 3) MHz 1800 (band 9) MHz 1900 (band 2) MHz 2100 (band 1) MHz 2600 (band 7) MHz 4G İndirme 450 Mbps 4G Karşıya Yükleme 50 Mbps 4G Teknolojisi LTE (Cat.9) 4.5G Desteği Var 5G Yok İŞLETİM SİSTEMİ İşletim Sistemi Android İşletim Sistemi Versiyonu Android 7.0 (Nougat) Yükseltilebilir Versiyon Android 8.0 (Oreo) Planlanan Yükseltilebilir Versiyon Android 9.0 (Pie) Kullanıcı Arayüzü Emotion UI Kullanıcı Arayüz Versiyonu EMUI 5.1 KABLOSUZ BAĞLANTILAR Wi-Fi Kanalları Wi-Fi 5 (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) Wi-Fi Özellikleri MIMO Dual-Band MiraCast Wi-Fi Direct Wi-Fi Hotspot 2X MIMO NFC Var Bluetooth Versiyonu 4.2 Bluetooth Özellikleri A2DP Kızılötesi Yok Navigasyon Özellikleri A-GPS BDS Galileo GLONASS ÇOKLU ORTAM Radyo Yok Ses Çıkışı 3.5 mm ÖZELLİKLER Suya Dayanıklılık Yok Toza Dayanıklılık Yok 3G Görüntülü Arama (Şebeke ile) Yok Görüntülü Konuşma (Uygulama) Var Sensörler Jiroskop Hall Sensörü Pusula Yakınlık Sensörü Ortam Işığı Sensörü İvmeölçer Parmak izi Okuyucu Var Parmak izi Okuyucu Özellikleri Ana Ekran Tuşunda (Ön) Navigasyon Tuşu Fonksiyonu Bildirim Işığı (LED) Var SAR Değeri 10g (Baş) 0.96 W/kg SAR Değeri 10g (Vücut) 0.99 W/kg Servis ve Uygulamalar Aydınlatmalı Kapasitif Tuşlar Ekran Yansıtma (Screen Mirroring) Gürültü Önleyici 2 Mikrofon Kolay Arayüz (Easy Mode) Sanal Ekran Tuşları Sesle Ekran Kilidi Açma Tek Elde Kullanım Modu Yüksek Kalite (Hi-Fi) Ses 192 kHz/24 bit Yüksek Kaliteli (Hi-Fi) Ses DİĞER BAĞLANTILAR USB Versiyonu 2.0 USB Bağlantı Tipi USB Type-C USB Özellikleri USB On-the-go (OTG) Hat Sayısı Tek Hat SIM Nano-SIM (4FF) TEMEL BİLGİLER Çıkış Yılı 2017 Duyurulma Tarihi 2017, Şubat Kullanım Kılavuzu Huawei P10 Kullanım Kılavuzu Huawei P10 İle En Çok Karşılaştırılan Telefonlar Huawei P30 Lite 48 MP / 128 GB 2.096,90 TL C5 Mobile Noa 4.5G 650,00 TL TCL 10L 2.999,00 TL Oppo A5s 1.299,00 TL Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 2.199,00 TL Huawei P30 Lite 24 MP / 64 GB 2.100,00 TL Fluo Z 1.065,54 TL Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 4.147,00 TL Huawei P Smart 1.729,00 TL Samsung Galaxy S8 4.769,00 TL Huawei P20 Lite 2.299,00 TL Huawei P Smart 2019 64 GB 1.650,00 TL Huawei P10 (Tek Hat) Yorumları (0 yorum) Yorumları Sırala Yeni Eski Faydalı Olumlu Olumsuz Giriş Yap Huawei P10 (Tek Hat) Facebook Yorumları .progress {height:5px;} Copyright © 2014-2020 Tüm Hakları Saklıdır. Kullanım Şartları Gizlilik Politikası İletişim Facebook Twitter Epey UK 721.59 USD. Brand - Huawei. Model - P10 Plus 128GB. Alternative Names - VKY-AL00, VKY-L09, VKY-L29. Device Type - Android 4G Premium Smartphone. CPU - Octa-Core 4×2.4GHz ARM Cortex A-73 + 4×1.8GHz ARM Cortex A-53. Chipset - Huawei HiSilicon Kirin 960 At MWC 2017, Huawei presented the the P10 the successor of the popular P9. With a promising processor, an optimized dual camera and sleek design, the new device impressed many at the time. But it's 2018 and technology keeps moving on. Could the Huawei P10 still be the right phone for you in 2018? Find out in our review!

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  1. Huawei Zobacz Smartfony Huawei. Model. P10 Lite. Inne nazwy tego telefonu. WAS-L03T. Wykres zmian popularności telefonu Huawei P10 Lite. Mimo iż staramy się, aby wszystkie informacje i dane techniczne dostępne w serwisie mGSM.pl były aktualne i prawdziwe, nie możemy jednak..
  2. Huawei p10 pirktas is tele2, naudotas. Komplekte telefonas, dekliukai, laidas neoriginalus, huawei pakrovejas, dezute su visom knygutem. Parduodu geros būklės Huawei P10 64GB telefoną. Telefonas nuo pat pirmos dienos yra naudojamas su apsauginiu stiklu ir dėklu, todėl ekranas yra..
  3. At least there are no weird compromises on the inside of this thing. Both P10s are based on the same Kirin 960 platform as the Mate 9, meaning there's plenty of performance to go around, whether it's paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage in the smaller P10, or 6GB/128GB in the Plus.
  4. The Huawei P10 received mixed reviews. The Verge felt that the design of the P10 was "attractive" and an "up-to-date" derivative of the iPhone 6 (noting its slim build and other accenting), although arguing that the "Hyper Diamond Cut" finish made the device feel cheaper than intended. It was also noted that the fingerprint sensor's swiping gestures made Android more difficult to navigate. The camera was praised for having "dramatically better image quality than its closest competitors", its software and effects, and for lacking a noticeable "bump" protrusion around its lenses. In conclusion, it was argued that the P10 was overpriced and otherwise developed "without confidence or direction", althought it received some upgrades from last year model, such a camera upgrade (addition of OIS, brigher aperture, 4K video recording, 2x lossless zoom). [3]
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Like the P9, the P10 utilizes a dual camera array on the back with Leica lenses, consisting of a monochrome 20-megapixel sensor and a 12-megapixel color sensor. The P10 cameras utilize an f/2.2 aperture.[2][3] The P10's native software is Android Nougat with EMUI 5.1 but the update to Android Oreo and EMUI 8.0 is confirmed and scheduled. Get ready to enjoy the latest software innovations introduced by Google, customized by Huawei for your devices. Huawei P10 Plus im MWC-Hands-On. Mehr Infos zum kleineren Schwestermodell: Huawei P10 auf GIGA.DE. Display: Mehr Pixel für das Huawei P10 Plus. Beide Modelle besitzen ein helles und leuchtstarkes IPS-Display. Der 5,5-Zoll-Bildschirm im Plus-Modell hat jedoch die WQHD-Auflösung.. Side by side comparison, pros, cons, differences between Huawei P10 Dual L29 64GB vs Huawei P10 L09 32GB phones with full specifications. The PhoneMore's choice is Huawei P10 Dual L29 64GB. The phonemore's choice is much more technical than personal, so don't just evaluate it

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Huawei presented its P10 device last February at the Mobile World Congress 2017. The flagship was initially available in Graphite Black, Mystic Silver and Prestige Gold but blue and red color options were later added.Upon closer inspection, the antennas are also on the back on the phone. These are very cleverly thought out as they are barely noticeable, subtly hidden around the camera module and along the bottom edge of the phone, unlike on some of the P10's competitors.  Huawei P10 hits the Ghanaian Market and is undoubtedly set to be one of the biggest smartphones this year. With it's Camera, the Huawei P10 seeks to redefine modern portraiture by making every shot a cover shot. The Phone was released globally in February 2017, but has just hit the Ghanaian market

Visit HUAWEI Official Support to quickly get HUAWEI P10 User muanuals,FAQs, Popular Service Events, recycling and other services. HUAWEI P10. We use cookies to improve our site and your experience Savukārt pats jaunais Huawei P10 piesaistīs cilvēku skatienu ar brīnišķīgo dizainu, jo tā izgatavošanā pirmo reizi viedtālruņu nozares vēsturē izmantota Hyper Diamond-Cut tehnoloģija. Huawei P10 Dual SIM. MODELIS: VTR-L29. Katra bilde kā glancētā žurnāla vāks

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Posiadamy całą gamę etui, pokrowców do Huawei P10, zarówno oryginalnych od producenta smartfona jak i takich marek jak Spigen, Ringke czy Puro. Jeśli szukasz silikonowych etui, pancernych, bądź wykonanych ze skóry ( portfelowych czy z klapką ) - na pewno znajdziesz coś dla siebie Huawei has delivered something that provides almost anything you could ask for in a phone: good battery life, great camera, nice screen, and even an improved software experience. For the purposes of disclosure, I only received the smaller P10. It shares almost everything..

On the other hand, it's worth highlighting the available gesture commands. For example, you can divide the screen in two by simply drawing a line down the middle. As always, the software has personalized options such as new backgrounds (albeit not very exciting ones, as is always the case with default options), widgets and transitions. Nel caso di dispositivi Huawei (che sono sempre basati su sistema operativo Android) le metodologie di reset sono le medesime viste per gli altri cellulari, ma 2. Procedure per resettare Huawei. Il ripristino di un telefono si effettua premendo i tasti fisici del telefono e seguendo una determinata combinazione The selfie camera on the Huawei P10 focuses on a fixed distance and comes with 8 MP and f/1.9. If you prefer a front autofocus, we'd recommend the P10 Plus, which comes with that option. The aperture of the front camera is f/1.9. For groupies (group selfies), there's a way to open the capture angle even wider. Huawei has been playing fast and loose with the recipe book, though - so much so that the P10 Lite isn't really much like the P10 at all. It shares a name with Huawei's photo-centric flagship, but the Lite is hardly a dead ringer for the P10. It's got a chunkier metal frame, with contrasting colours that only..

What about the design of the P10? Don't expect anything revolutionary with respect to its predecessor but some changes have been introduced, which are already visible at first glance. The metallic unibody offers sleeker lines with more rounded corners.So if photography is a priority, definitely go for the P10 Plus — it's got a dependable Auto mode for most kinds of shots, some intriguing artistic modes to play around with, and that all-important manual mode for great long exposures at night.The rear camera on the Huawei P10 has the same characteristics as the one on the Huawei Mate 9 - a 20 MP camera with monochromatic resolution and another 12 MP (f/2.2) color-sensitive camera without optical image stabilizer. For the first time, all three cameras (front and back) come with Leica lenses. Huawei P10 specifications - Display: 5.1 inches IPS LCD; Camera: 12 MP (OIS, Laser and PDAF) ( 28 mm); Processor: HiSilicon Kirin 960; RAM: 4GB Huawei has collaborated with Leica again to improve the camera on the Huawei P10 in the new Leica Dual Camera 2.0 - dual rear camera setup, with a..

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In the settings menu, you can activate energy-saving modes "Economical" or "Ultra", which is recommended if your battery is almost dead and you need to keep your phone alive. This function limits the background apps by decreasing or deactivating visual/audio functions and deactivating background email syncing. Huawei also offers the option to decrease resolution to increase battery life. Huawei P10 akıllı telefona ait teknik özellikler gerçekleştirilen benchmark testleri sonucunda gözükmüş oldu. Peki, Huawei P10 başarılı modeli P9'un üstüne neler koyuyor? Huawei P10 akıllı telefon modeliyle ilgili detaylar, ortaya çıkan GFXBench testleri sonucunda gözüktü From a hardware standpoint, the P10 doesn't differ much more than the Mate 9. They both come equipped with a Kirin 960 octa-core 2.4 GHz processor with 4 GB of RAM, LPDDR4 and 64 GB of internal memory, which can be increased with a micro SD card. The graphics are run by an octa-core GPU Mali-MP8 and it also supports API Vulkan. Unlike the Kirin 970 introduced with the Mate 10 Pro, the P10 chip does not integrate an artificial intelligence unit. Huawei Cases(6). When changing the selection within the following select drop down field, the content will automatically change. HWP10-PR-CLEAR. Presidio ClearHuawei P10. Sale Price$39.95. $5 Two-Day Shipping. 0.0 star customer rating. HWP10P-PR-CLEAR Huawei P10 review: Huawei's P10 shows promise, but it needs more at this level to really challenge the leaders - read the review at What Hi-Fi? The P10 is the company's flagship handset, and so Huawei is pinning its hopes on it doing well in 2017

So there are no massive changes from EMUI 5 to speak of, and the overall experience, in terms of both visuals and performance, boils down to that of using the Mate 9's software on a smaller display. Android purists may still be unimpressed with Huawei's customization and the many iOS influences throughout the software, but EMUI 5.1 fast, responsive and easy to tune to your own preferences.Both phones were given to us shortly after the P10 launch event in Barcelona; Huawei reps tell us both units are representative of retail P10 devices.2016 was a transformative year for Huawei. The Chinese firm with a reputation for sullying its great hardware with gross software really got its act together. Throughout the year, Huawei gradually chipped away at annoyances in its EMUI interface, before overhauling everything in the much improved EMUI 5.0 release on the Mate 9. And even with slightly weird software, the P9 series sold well globally, surpassing 10 million shipped by the end of 2016. In the UK, it established a presence on all four major networks (plus Carphone Warehouse.) We have two Huawei P10 Plus in our family (black and blue - both 6GB memory / 128GB storage variants). Having used these for ~6 months now, below are my 10. Software update has been pretty good - via either the Huawei suite (via PC, using USB) or via over-the-air upgrades (have had couple.. Show differences only. X. Huawei Mate 10 Pro. Buy @ amazon. P10 Plus. launch date. June 13, 2019 (Expected)

Comparar Huawei P10 y Huawei P10 Lite. Comparativa: Precios de compra. Huawei P10 Lite. Aplicaciones. Almacenamiento masivo, Editor de fotografías, Editor de vídeo, OTA, PC Sync, Tethering, Visor de documentos Above all, these phones show that for all the progress Huawei has made, its products can still be derailed by one or two bad decisions.Many of the same features also work with the P10's 8-megapixel selfie camera — the front facer is now Leica-certified as well, and situated behind a bright f/1.9 lens. Huawei's selfie software can detect how many people are in a shot, and defocus the background accordingly, bringing out the appropriate details in the faces of both you, your friends, and any photobombers.

That's a shame, because the rest of the Huawei P10 is great. Really great. Were it not for my reservations over the screen, the P10 would certainly qualify as one of the best Android phones out there. And the P10 Plus comes with that extra bit of icing on the cake — a brighter lens for some amazing low-light captures, and the option to spec it out with oodles of RAM and storage. Device name : Huawei P9 Lite Device model : VNS-L21 Region : Russia / ru Firmware version : B130 Firmware type : Full OTA (Image) to dload Update.app EMUI version : v4.1 OS : Android 6.0 Marshmallow How to flash firmware : Read Here. File name : VNS-L21C10B130-FULL.rar File Size..

Huawei P10 lite / fot. gsmManiaK.pl. Na tylnej ściance mamy mocne nawiązanie do Huawei P9 lite. W górnej części (jest wyraźnie odcięta od reszty poprzez zastosowanie ciemniejszej farby) umieszczony został obiektyw tylnego aparatu, któremu towarzyszy dioda doświetlająca LED Huawei P10 comes with Dual 12MP+20MP Rear Cameras. It has a autofocus, face detection image stabilizers, and HDR videos recorder Camera. Huawei P10 makes better Video and images in low light with Led flash. The device makes videos calling and shearing with 8MP front-facing camera

سعر ومواصفات Huawei P10 Lite. هواوى. قسط مع Some P10 devices utilize LPDDR3 RAM instead of LPDDR4, while its storage memory is mixed between eMMC 5.1 and Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 2.0 or 2.1 components. Huawei faced complaints over the variances between devices, with Chinese users noting differences in benchmark performance between these different memory types. In April 2017, Huawei defended the differences as the standard practice of sourcing specific components from multiple sources in order to meet market demand, also citing an industry-wide shortage of flash memory.[7][4][8] Huawei P10 review: How does Huawei's 2017 flagship device stack up against the competition? Huawei has partially made up for this by adding some advanced control options to the P10's scanner. A short press acts as the standard Back button, while a long press brings you back to the homescreen

Характеристики 5.1 Смартфон Huawei P10 Premium 64 ГБ черный There is not need supporting all bands for having coverage in the different types of networks. For example, if it does not support one band, could make you not to have 4G coverage in rural areas or having bad coverage inside buildings, but having it without problems in cities. HUAWEI P10 PLUS VKY-L09 Modeli Avrupa için çıkmış versiyondur VKY-L29 Modeli Global pazar için çıkmış versiyondur VKY-AL00 Modeli Çin için ç. Huawei P10 / P10 Plus - Ana Konu. Bu konudaki kullanıcılar: 2 misafir, 2 mobil kullanıcı

Smartfon Huawei P10 (czarny) w RTV EURO AGD. Wyświetlacz: 5,1 , 1920 x 1080 pikseli, 16 mln kolorów, Procesor: 8-rdzeniowy HiSilicon Kirin 960 4 x 2,4 GHz + 4 x 1,8 GHz Huawei P10. Smartfon z aparatem wyróżnionym nagrodą EISA, ultrawydajnym procesorem i funkcją szybkiego ładowania Huawei P10 and P10+ users can now download and install Android 9 Pie with EMUI 9.0 all over the world, excluding Canada, where the rollout is coming soon. Related: Huawei Android 9 Pie update news. If you have any questions regarding Huawei P10, P10 Plus or P10 Lite software updates, be.. The main camera has Summarit range lenses, an aperture of f/2.2 and hybrid zoom. You can zoom at 2x without losing quality, and the system uses the resolution difference between the sensors. Only the 12 MP sensor comes with optical image stabilizer.

Huawei includes a factory-fitted screen protector in the P10 as standard, just like most of its other phones. However unlike the P9 and Mate 9 — and even cheaper models like the Nova — neither P10 has an oleophobic coating on the screen. (That's the smudge-resistant layer included as standard in the vast majority of phones, without which the display quickly becomes smudgy and greasy. Huawei has finally unveiled the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus, two flagship smartphones with excellent specs. But which one is right for you? Huawei has taken the wraps off of the much-hyped Huawei P10 and P10 Plus, two flagship devices with a lot to offer. When it comes to standard and plus-sized..

With the P10, you're getting an ample 3,200mAh cell, which is a little above average for a phone of this size, with some extra power savings coming from the use of a 1080p display. The P10 Plus steps up to a more capacious 3,750mAh cell, which is more than sufficient to offset the step up to both a 5.5-inch panel and a resolution of 2560x1440.Personally, the whole oleophobic kerfuffle with the Huawei P10 has considerably dampened my enthusiasm for these phones. This is a core hardware feature which has been the norm in just about every flagship smartphone for the past decade. The P10 forces me to choose between two bad options: leave the screen protector on and deal with a display that feels like crappy plastic, or take it off and live in a frustrating hellscape of screen smudges.Depending on which color and finish you pick up, the Huawei P10 lands somewhere on the spectrum between pedestrian and eye-catching. In its standard brushed, anodized aluminum finishes — which includes staple colors like silver, black and gold — the P10 has a remarkably iPhone-like appearance. (Look no further than the curved antenna lines, apparently lifted straight from Apple's phone.) As such, it inherits many of the pros and cons of that particular design. It's well-built and comfortable in the hand, but a little slippery, particularly in the 5.5-inch Plus model.The display is bright, even in direct sunlight. The colors are vibrant and clear, although the black isn't as pure as you'd expect to find on an AMOLED display. The panel offers good viewing angles, although there is now the fingerprint scanner on the front. Just like the Mate 9, the Honor 8, and the P9 with the Nougat update, you can now activate eye protection to reduce eye fatigue at night. El Huawei P10 Lite cuando con un cristal resistente a ambos lados, dándole a tu smartphone un aspecto elegante y moderno. Gracias a su cámara secundaria de 8 mpx y el Modo Maquillaje podrás hacerte selfies increíbles, podrás elegir cuál es el que te sienta mejor. Sacarás fotos geniales y da..

Huawei's P10 stands the test and convinces with a superb Leica dual-camera, improved battery life, and great performance. Next please! Ten is more than nine - and Huawei develops its P10 according to this strategy. A faster SoC, more storage, bigger battery, and a better camera What distinguishes EMUI 5.1 from the 5.0 version available on the Mate 9 and the P9 is the camera's software, which has been improved and integrates a new GoPro photo album. Another popular video-editing app, Quik, is also pre-installed on the P10. Through these collaborations, you can create videos that incorporate all your photos, which you can then easily share on social media. Huawei P10 Lite codziennie analizuje Twoje działania by odpowiednio rezerwować zasoby systemowe. Huawei P10 Lite wyposażono w nowoczesny czytnik linii papilarnych. Zaskoczy Cię jego szybkość i precyzja. Wystarczy 0.3 sekundy, by rozpoznał Twój odcisk palca i odblokował smartfon Huawei P10 Lite Cep Telefonu Sostituzione batteria Huawei P10 Lite. Scritto Da: Dominik Schnabelrauch (e 6 altri collaboratori). Commenti: 23. Introduzione. Usa questa guida per sostituire la batteria dello smartphone Huawei P10 Lite

The battery has been improved with respect to the P9, reaching 3,200 mAh in the Huawei P10. Thanks to the quick charge from the SuperCharge, 30 minutes will get your battery up to 50%.At the risk of stating the obvious, the display is the primary input and output device on a phone. It's the one thing you're constantly looking at and touching. For a company as established as Huawei to compromise it in this way defies reason. The Huawei P10 also uses screws and clips to secure the back cover. I think Huawei uses T2 hex screws, that is, to prevent users from privately removing them. Huawei P10 uses a one-piece metal back cover, using a large area of the nano-injection antenna to ensure a good signal overflow Both phones benefit from Huawei's extra-quick Super Charge technology as well, which requires a special cable as well as a plus-sized Huawei Super Charge plug. First seen on the Mate 9, Super Charge is the only charging tech I've used that rivals OnePlus's Dash Charge, powering up the P10 at up to 5A and 4.5V (or 4.5A at 5V). That means faster recharges with less heat generated compared to other quick charging methods, which use higher voltages. On both models, up to around 80 percent, you can practically watch the percentage numbers tick up.

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