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Pullip dolls have a unique eye movement mechanism that allows their eyes to move from side to side and their eyelids to blink, all via levers on the back of the head. Pullips released after January 2008 can not only blink but also keep their eyes closed via these levers. Pullip has an articulated body and can be easily customized. Standing at 12 inches tall, Pullip's body is about 9 inches tall and is on the 1:6 scale, while her oversized head is about 3 inches tall and on the 1:3 scale. With a 1:6 scale body, Pullip is approximately the size of many popular playscale fashion dolls, such as Barbie and Jenny.[2] Pullip can sometimes wear playscale doll clothing and shoes. However, the 1:3 scale of her relatively oversized head is approximately the same size as many larger or SD-sized ball-jointed doll heads. Pullip [Poo-li-pu] means 'blade of grass/leaf' in Korean to express its freshness and cutesy and is a collectible fashion doll created by Cheonsang Cheonha of South Korea in 2003

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  1. iature version of Pullip, with a 1:12 scale body and a 1:6 scale head. Often called a "
  2. Since 2006, Jun Planning has released six to seven versions of Taeyang each year, with more than 50 different releases in total. Some of the Taeyang dolls bear close resemblance to popular characters and celebrities. Taeyang Edward Scissorhands is licensed from Tim Burton's eponymous character. Taeyang Shade bears close resemblance to Sherlock Holmes. Taeyang Another King was inspired by the King of Hearts from the Alice in Wonderland story.[6]
  3. Pullip Dolls Nanette 12 Fashion Doll ** Check this awesome product by going to the link at the image. Pullip Dolls Regeneration Fantastic Alice 2012 Doll, 12 by Jun Planning USA, Inc
  4. The majority of these collaborations have not been exclusive or limited-edition dolls, but they do have higher MSRPs than conventional releases because of licensing costs.
  5. P-179 Pullip Amelia Pullip Style Exclusive. P-173 Pullip Harley Quinn Dress Version 2016 SDCC Limited Edition
  6. Doll-Chateau Limited Sale for Scorpio TAN &GREY SKIN-SIX SKIN'S PICTURE New Resin Release the New Green Resin New Doll-Grace's Event 2016 Doll-Chateau Spring Event New agent in Italy
  7. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Pullip, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen Latzhose Miema Taeyang Pullip Doll Puppe Bjd. Hallo, biete hier eine coole Latzhose vom Miema für..

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  1. First released in 2003, Pullip Dolls are distinguished by their large eyes, oversized heads, and highly articulated bodies. Pullips also have a unique eye mechanism that includes levers to move their eyes..
  2. e. Soul-Limited. Customized Doll
  3. by Pullip Dolls. 3.6 out of 5 stars 3 customer reviews. Big Head, Japanese, Asian, Anime, Manga, Georgeous, Gothic, Fashion Doll, Blythe, Doll, Collectible Pullip, DAL, Byul, Taeyang, Isu
  4. ♥Pullip-Tography♥ + Join Group. What's the first thing you do when you get a new Pullip . . . after shredding her box just so... See more
  5. Truly Lifelike Reborn Baby Dolls at Reborndollsshop®, Realistic & Newborn Real Life Dolls, Help to Create a World of Fun & Imagination for kids. Reborn Dolls Shop® Offer Collectable Dolls That Are..
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  7. ds me of a glass doll and i dont like them but i do have 2 pullip pullip new purezza and pullip blache

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Our shop retails Pullip / Cinnamoroll Pullip 15th Anniversary Ver. (Fashion Doll) - HobbySearch Fashion Doll Store Abonnieren Sie den kostenlosen WM-Doll Newsletter und verpassen Sie keine Neuigkeit oder Aktion mehr aus dem WM Doll Shop

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Dal was introduced in October 2006, with the first three versions–Drta, Fiori, and Monomono–released concurrently. Dal is profiled as Taeyang's 13-year-old sister, who considers Pullip to be her rival in terms of fashion and style. Just as Pullip is approximately the size of 1:6 scale fashion dolls like Barbie and Jenny, Dal is similar in size to "little sister"-type dolls such as Skipper and Licca. Dal is 26.3 cm in height and, when standing next to Pullip, comes up to her shoulder.[7] Find and save images from the Pullip Dolls collection by Jan (Jan73) on We Heart It, your everyday app to get lost in what you love. Эльза, Холодное сердце 2, Elsa Fashion Doll, Frozen 2, Hasbro E6709. Pullip

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Then there are the beautiful Pullip dolls with Pullip in Singapore, the Dal dolls and Taeyang after namu left. Come visit us at Magma Heritage in Singapore dolls are our specialty Candy Dolls. Sort by: Latest A Pullip is a fashion doll that has an oversized head and can be customizable. They are made by JunPlanning, and were started in 2004. Pullips are 12 inches tall.. This is fun all Pullip Fans. Beginners set: Doll comes 4 pair Eye Chip, 1 outfit ,1 Wig , 4 pair shoes and Pullip Book*Outfit, Eye Chips, Wig, and Shoes cannot choose your self

Taeyang was introduced in February 2006 as Pullip's new boyfriend, replacing Namu. The first Taeyang released was named MJ and was intended as a counterpart to Pullip Rida. Taeyang's body is the same as his predecessor, Namu, but his face and head sculpt are different, with a wider jaw and blunter chin. Like Pullip, Taeyang has eyes that move from side to side, and eyelids that can blink and close, via levers on the back of his head. Starting with Taeyang Hash in August 2007, Taeyang's eyelids could remain closed via these levers. Taeyang can be customized, just like Pullip can, with the ability to change his hair, eyes, faceup, and body. He stands 36 cm tall and can exchange clothes with many 1:6 action figures and dolls, including the modern Ken doll. Taeyang is released on a bi-monthly basis by Jun Planning.[5] UGLYDOLLS is an animated movie about acceptance, diversity, joy and friendship. It shows us that the words ugly and pretty and perfect and imperfect are just words and it's up to you what you make of.. Unfollow pullip doll to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive DOLL SWEET sex doll. The high-end life size silicone dolls and photographic models. The official website of the DS love doll workshop. We offer the best value dolls with a versatile combination of.. Between 2003 and 2014, there have been over 220 Pullip doll releases. The regular monthly releases of Pullip are limited in that only a certain amount are produced; this number is known only by the manufacturer.

All dolls in the Pullip line have heads and eye mechanisms that can be taken apart with a screwdriver. Customization changes range from minor, such as new wigs or eye colors, to major, including new faceups and fully custom dolls with completely new designs. More intensive customization can include resculpting the face or body, piercings and body jewelry (which can be done either with glue on the surface of the doll or with a small drill to make a permanent hole), and painted or carved tattoos. Buy Pullip Other Dolls and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many items Pullip dolls have articulated bodies and a relatively large head with moveable eyes and eyelids controlled through a special mechanism built into their heads. They are widely loved for their wide.. This little Pullip doll includes a belt and coordinating boots. The doll is posable with moving arms and legs. It makes a wonderful gift for a birthday, a holiday or any other occasion Digital gift card. Casa>Bambole>Pullip CALLIE Complete Doll (Groove). : Groove. Material. : Doll: ABS, HIPS, POM, TPR / Clothes: Cotton, other. Size (approx.

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  1. Near the end of All Dolled Up, during the shot where Wage says We are uglylicious, a really strange error happens in Moxy's model. The layer of pink fur that covers the model is moved too much to the..
  2. Enter your Kash Doll account e-mail address. Password *. Enter the password that accompanies your username. Subscribe to Kash Doll Mailing Lists
  3. Namu was the first male counterpart to Pullip, and his character was introduced as her boyfriend. Namu was 34 cm tall and had an oversized head (1:3 scale, like Pullip) and an articulated body. Also like Pullip, Namu's eyes can be moved from side to side and his eyelids can blink via levers on the back of the head. He can be customized similar to Pullip dolls. Clothing for Namu can be exchanged with many 1:6 action figures and dolls, including the modern Ken doll.
  4. Since 2007, several Pullip dolls have been released through fashion- and design-based collaborations, such as with designer H. Naoto; clothing brand SunaUna; Lolita fashion houses Angelic Pretty and Baby, The Stars Shine Bright; and doll customizers Kanihoru, Mitsubachi@BabyBee, Silver Butterfly, Sheryl Designs, and PoisonGirl.
  5. Find 13 Pullip Doll Buyers and purchasers from Thailand, USA. Pullip sellers required. Hello, we are opening a doll shop in Spain and would like to find distributors for Pullip, Dal, Taeyang and Blythe..
  6. Product : [Pullip family] YC-001 Yeolume 'Hatsune Miku'. Price : USD $ 182.00. New Arrival. Product : P-221 Pullip 'The secret garden of white witch'

We love Japanese dolls especially Pullip, Dal, Isul, Byul, Taeyang and accessories like wigs + Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint ver. has been added to your shopping cart. Chasing rosy meLost in a.. Like the more expensive ball-jointed dolls, Pullips are easily customizable. Pullips released prior to March 2004 had rooted hair, but their scalp pieces can be swapped with each other. Beginning in March 2004, all dolls in the Pullip line–starting with Pullip Arietta and Namu Trunk–were released with removable wigs, thus allowing their hair to be changed more easily. Pullip can sometimes wear playscale doll clothing and shoes. However, the 1:3 scale of her relatively oversized head is approximately the same size as many larger or SD-sized ball-jointed doll heads YL TPE Dolls. YLdoll specializes in various forms of mannequin and adult toys development and production, using special TPE formula to manufacture. The dolls surface is smooth, not tacky and..

Doll Atelier is a crowdsourced repository for models and illustration materials conveniently categorized by type. Doll Atelier is even easier to use, when combined with the next generation model software.. In anticipation of the 5th anniversary of Pullip in 2008, five dolls were released as part of the "Another Alice" limited-edition series, including Another Alice, Another Queen, Another King (Taeyang), Another Rabbit (Dal), and Another Clock Rabbit (Dal). Only 500 of each of these dolls were produced. This series was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Their original release date was postponed in order to include the updated eye-closing feature on Taeyang Another King, and the series ended up being released in August 2007. Collectors who ordered the complete set received a bonus flamingo figurine. All Categories Dress-up Dolls Women's Clothing Men's Clothing Underwear & Sleepwear Bags, Accessories & Designer Items ME-005 Eye-chips Selection/ Pullip (turquoise X chocolate brown)


In TPE sex doll category, all dolls are made of TPE material, which is very soft and feeling like real women touching.All doll are original design by Catdoll. Refine Searc Blythe dolls have smaller bodies than Pullip dolls... this means that shorts and skirts that fit Blythe might be too short for a Pullip and, of course, form-fitting pants and shirts from Blythe are usually out.. ..DollZone dolls, Pullip dolls, Lee Middleton dolls, Zawieruszynski dolls, Marie Osmond dolls, Hildegard Gunzel dolls, Master Piece dolls, Heart and Soul dolls, Kimberly Lasher BJD..

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In 2006, Jun Planning began releasing licensed Pullips based on the characters from the anime/manga Rozen Maiden series. With the exception of the final Rozen Maiden Pullip, Kirakishou (which was an exclusive to TBS/Japan[3]), the Rozen Maiden dolls were not limited editions. With a decade of expressing herself & personality through fashion, Pullip has nearly worn it all.Pullip (Korean: 푸리프) is a fashion doll created by Cheonsang Cheonha of South Korea in 2003.[1] Pullip has a jointed plastic body (1:6 scale) and a relatively oversized head (1:3 scale), with eyes that can move from side to side and eyelids that can blink. Pullip was first marketed by Jun Planning out of Japan; but the company underwent management changes in early 2009 and, since then, has operated out of South Korea under the name Groove. Since the release of the original female doll, other companion dolls have been added: male dolls Namu (나무, tree) and Taeyang (태양, sun); Taeyang's younger sister, Dal (달, moon); Dal's best friend, Byul (별, star); and Pullip's younger brother, Isul (이슬, dew). In February 2013, a new member of the Pullip family was introduced, called Yeolume (열매, berry/fruit), who is Pullip's future daughter. There is also a miniature line called Little Pullip, with 1:12 scale bodies and 1:6 scale heads. Pullip and her counterpart dolls are often customized by collectors, with the most common customizations including wig changes, eye color changes, and rebodying.

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“I enjoy special, exceptional and various styles. I don’t like ordinary and common styles because I’ve got my own style!” Кукла Пуллип Алиса в стране чудес (Pullip Dolls Alice du Jar Save pullip doll to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Unfollow pullip doll to stop getting updates on your eBay feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive View the Pullip Doll Release List below & get to know Pullip’s Style from 2003 – to present. Пуллип - Pullip. Сказочный Патруль. Shibajuku Girls. Na! Surprise 2-in-1 Fashion Doll & Plush Pom with Confetti Balloon Unboxing

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Tags: bjd, groove, pang-ju, pullip, Черный русский Панг We are 11-year Sex Dolls Shop&Manufacturer in China with Free Shipping, Cheaper Price. Teens sex dolls, big boobs doll, flat chest dolls, TPE sex dolls We are a small artist studio based in Spain. Laura is the doll artist and Alejandro is in charge of the shop The Pullip release originally scheduled for July 2005 was called Beressa, a "lady spy," who came with a black uniform and cap with gold braids and red details, including a red arm band and a pistol. Although no swastikas were visible on the doll or in photographs, the resemblance of the uniform and gun design bore a close resemblance to German SS officer uniforms. Jun Planning announced the cancellation of Beressa out of respect for the 60th anniversary of the Holocaust. Lan Ake, the Pullip that was created to replace Beressa, was delayed by a month; consequently, Jun Planning ended up not releasing a Pullip during July 2005 and instead released Lan Ake and Lan Ai together in August 2005.

The online shop of Lillycat, a France-based artist and dollmaker, offering for sale resin ball-jointed collection dolls In July 2005, Jun Planning authorized "Pullip Magazine," a book that is 88 pages long and written in Japanese. The magazine book includes the full catalog of each Pullip released up to that point, concepts, interviews with the designers, collaborations with popular clothing lines, guides on customizing Pullips, and outfit patterns of brand-name fashion designs.

Pullip's highly articulated stock body has gone through several changes over the years. Early Pullips—the first 10 releases from July to December 2003—had what is called the Type 1 body, which was a Marmit-style action figure body with visible screws. The first three Pullip releases (Wind/Debut, Street, and Moon) have necks that can snap easily under the weight of the oversized Pullip head, but this fragile neck problem was corrected with later releases. Another common problem with the Type 1 body is vertical splitting between the two halves of the legs. All Pullips released on the Type 1 body have rooted hair. Released in February 2013, Yeolume is Pullip's future daughter and the newest addition to the Pullip line of dolls. Yeolume is 26 cm tall,[10] and the first release, named Podo, wears a school uniform with a pink and blue bow.[11] According to her biography on the official Pullip website, Yeolume is 10 years old and is an elementary school student. Кукла pullip nine-tailed fox kumiho (пуллип кумихо Девятихвостая Лиса), groove Кукла berenguer boutique pink soft body baby doll play elephant.. Petit Luxury are display furniture for Pullip released by Jun Planning of Japan, starting in January 2008. This includes classic French armchairs and other pieces in resin. Яндекс

Pullip. TAEYANG/NAMU. DAL/Byul. Living dead dolls Check out our pullip doll selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our art dolls shops

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  1. We love Japanese dolls and especially Pullip, Dal, Isul, Byul and Taeyang and a lot of accessories, make it own kits, Obitsu and more.
  2. Docolla Pullip Doll Panty & Stocking Stocking Dal Figure Doll. Product Features For 12inch Blythe Doll,Azone, Licca, Pullip doll or other similar sized dolls
  3. View the Pullip Doll Release List below & get to know Pullip's Style from 2003 - to present. Want the latest Pullip Doll news? Follow us on Facebook for up to date announcements
  4. Doll Leaves Doll Mansion DollChic by Peter Tishkov DollFactory DollHeart BJD Clothes DolllinStyle Dolls of Pullips QZ Fashion R. John Wright Dolls, Inc.. Randall Craig RTW Re-Ment Japan Retro..
  5. Starting in January 2004 with the release of Pullip Venus, a new stock body was introduced. The Type 2 body had a soft torso, no visible screws, and joints that could be pulled apart. This body had more realistic proportions and, to date, is the most posable, flexible, and articulated Pullip stock body ever released. The primary disadvantage of this body is that the soft plastic torso causes chemical melt on the hard plastic limbs and pieces that remain in contact with it, including the hip joint/lower torso piece and the ball joints of the shoulders. If measures are not actively taken to prevent it, the soft torso can also cause a ring of chemical melt around the neck hole in Pullip's head. Although chemical melt is the most widely recognized problem with the Type 2 body, it is not known whether environmental conditions (heat, humidity) exacerbate the melt. Other common problems with the Type 2 body are that limbs can fall off or pull apart too easily and that the soft torso can pop out of the hip joint. Only the first three Pullips released on a Type 2 body (Venus, Savon, and Nomado) have rooted hair; all subsequent releases, starting with Arietta in March 2004, have glued-on wigs, which can be removed and changed if desired.
  6. Dal's body articulation is similar to Pullip's. Her eyes move from side to side, but they do not close. Dals can be customized, just like Pullips and Taeyangs. Jun Planning announced in the beginning of 2008 that a new Dal would be released every month. Since then, the manufacturer has occasionally skipped a few months between releases; however, to date, there have been more than 75 Dals released in total.

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Unfollow little pullip doll to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive Several other Pullip dolls have been released through commercial collaborations to portray well-known fictional characters, including Hello Kitty and My Melody from Sanrio; Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley Soryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion; Grell, Sebastian, and Ciel from Black Butler; Angelique Limoges, Rayne, and Erenfried from Neo Angelique Abyss; Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Tinkerbell, and Tiger Lily from Disney's Peter Pan film; and Dumbo and Pinocchio from their eponymous Disney films. Three Pullips have been based on characters in Audrey Hepburn films, including Holly, from Breakfast at Tiffany's; Princess Ann, from the film Roman Holiday; and Sabrina, from the film Sabrina. Several Pullips released from 2011-2014 were based on Vocaloid characters.[4] New editions of Pullip dolls are released on a monthly basis. Additional limited-release exclusives are sold occasionally. Each doll has a unique name with distinct face makeup (called a "faceup"), hair, outfit, accessories, collector's card, doll stand, and box. (Some of the earliest Pullips did not come with a collector's card or a doll stand.) Yeolume is approximately the same size as Dal, and, like Dal and Byul, her eyes moves from side to side but cannot close. However, unlike Dal and Byul, the design of Yeloume's body is very different: she has minimal articulation points, and her body somewhat resembles a Little Pullip (though larger in size) or a Blythe doll. However, Yeolume's arms and legs do bend, and she can be posed to a certain extent. Like the other dolls in the Pullip line, Yeolume is customizable, and her body can easily be swapped for a sturdier, more flexible body (e.g., a Pure Neemo or Obitsu body). In August 2010 a second book, entitled "Pullip Complete Style" and again printed in Japanese, became available to purchase on its own and as part of a special box set with limited-edition Pullip Bonita. This book is 133 pages and features photographs of all the Pullip releases from 2003 to autumn 2010.

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We specialize Life-size dolls for adults. Accessing to this website is restricted for under 18 years of age. This website may include pictures and materials for adults Prior to 2006, Jun Planning released some editions that bore close resemblance to popular characters and celebrities but are not officially licensed. Fantastic Alice is similar to Disney's rendition of Alice in Wonderland. Rida bears resemblance to Nana. The "Happy Birthday #2" set includes a Native American Pullip named Sacagawea and Namu named Geronimo. Special doll. special doll head

Pullip has a jointed plastic body (1:6 scale) and a relatively oversized head (1:3 scale), with eyes that can Big Head Dolls is an online doll shop that sells new authentic licensed Pullip dolls by Groove YouLoveIt.com is an entertainment site about popular animated tv shows, movies, characters, dolls and toys news, everything cute and sweet and with quizzes, helpful DIY and drawing lessons and more pullip, the valley of the dolls, japanese. Description. OFFICIAL pullip group SUPPORTS The Doll Lover Group plz Join! http - add pics of pullip dolls -invite friends -post forums -Become a mod Cloth Doll Making. Here are a lot of cloth dolls and stuffed toys. I show you my knowledge and technique about making. You will learn by yourself how to make a doll or plush Lumidolls, the first hyper-realistic dolls online shop with brothels where you can try them before they I play hooky but give me something pleasant! I'd heard about the sex dolls, but I didn't expect to get..

Pullip dolls. 5.3K likes. REMEMBER: This is a FAN Page only! c: Pullip doll is a collective Japanese/Korean doll P-116 May2014- Pullip Tokidoki Hello Kitty Violetta-SPECIAL SALE $144.00 $98.00. Reviews. I love this doll she is extremely cute but the material used . Muñeca Pullip Groove Jun Planning Tiphona Innocent World LOLITA Doll. Muñeca Pullip Groove BLOODY RED HOOD Doll Poupee. 157,00 €

2020.01.23. Find Love at the Yokohama Doll Museum! Loving Blythe exhibition Openin.. This is fun all Pullip Fans. Beginners set: Doll comes 4 pair Eye Chip, 1 outfit ,1 Wig , 4 pair shoes and Pullip Book*Outfit, Eye Chips, Wig, and Shoes cannot choose your self 102cm anime cute doll Miss Li (follow photoes are super real make up). CATDOLL Isul is Pullip's 15-year-old brother and was first released in February 2011. The debut Isul was named Apollo and was part of the Steampunk series of Pullip dolls. Like Pullip, Isul has eyes that can move from side to side and eyelids that can blink and close via levers on the back of the head. Isul is profiled as a high school student in San Francisco who likes to play soccer. As a prodigy, he is a fan of reading university literature. In personality, he is said to be very calm, tender and helpful. Isul is 29.5 cm tall.[9] Isul is released approximately once per month, but the Groove sometimes skips a month or two between releases. Since 2011, there have been more than 30 Isul releases. Pullip Costume/Fashion are clothes and accessories sold by Jun Planning for Pullip dolls. This includes complete costumes, articles of clothing, and accessories. Pullip Costume items are released sporadically.

Alibaba.com offers 118 pullip dolls products. About 18% of these are Dolls, 40% are Toy Accessories. A wide variety of pullip dolls options are available to you, such as plastic type, type, and style Get Doll News & Updates Delivered Into Your Inbox each week. And get instant access to our resource library with fun downloadable files and printables. Pullip is a premium doll brand which produces high quality dolls featuring characters from famous Finally after all these years they're releasing Sailor Moon character Pullip dolls and they're proving to..

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Beautiful pullip doll with flower garland in meadow. I've already ordered some pretty pink roses and I'm gonna make beautiful crown from them. we play with dolls: Photo. Image about girl in Dolls by like Custom metal doll stand for your Pullip dolls is adjustable and very sturdy; the Pullip logo is on the Description. This is a set of clothes or accessories for figures. Custom metal doll stand for your.. Pullips are about the size of Barbie Dolls (and can even wear Barbie clothes too) and there are three body types. They cost around anywhere from 70$-100$ or more, depending on the doll

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  1. #cute #kawaii #sweet #pullip #pullip doll #jun planning #jpgroove #groove #groove doll #groove inc #holly hatter #flickr
  2. Pullip is a collectible fashion doll created by Cheonsang Cheonha of South Korea in 2003. Opening the Miku Pullip doll that was given to me by Lola's ToysAndReview years ago
  3. iature Pullip Grell from Black Butler.
  4. TPE Dolls. Sort by. Featured Items Newest Items Bestselling Alphabetical: A to Z Alphabetical: Z to A Avg. Full catalog of our current dolls
  5. The Pullip doll was create by a South Korean in 2003 and has better body mechanics than the Blythe doll, with more They are sort of the same in that they are little dolls with big eyes. Pullip - Wikipedia
  6. Pullip Doll Peddlar Dolls, Clothing and Accessorie
  7. кукла пуллип - Авито — объявления в Москве — Объявления на

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