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  1. The Hs 129 is a ground attack aircraft, designed mostly to take out tanks and armoured vehicles and fulfil other roles associated with CAS. Both the 30 mm MK 103 and 37 mm BK 3.7 are capable of knocking out medium tanks, light tanks, and light pillboxes while the 20 mm cannons can easily destroy armoured cars, mobile AAAs, and other lightly armoured equipment. The plane is both slow and sluggish, meaning that it practically has to go after ground targets, but the armament and armour somewhat compensate for that and enable the plane to take out nearly all ground targets except for pillboxes and heavy tanks.
  2. Towards the end of 1942 a number of Hs 129 squadrons were withdrawn to form a second geschwader, Schlachtgeschwader 2. It had been hoped to deploy this second unit on the Eastern Front, but the Allied successes at El Alamein meant that it had to be rushed to North Africa instead. The first aircraft from 4.(Panzer)/ Sch G. 1 arrived at Tobruk on 7 November, and they were quickly thrown into the battle.
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The Hs 129 V1 made its maiden flight on 26 May 1939. A number of changes were made after this first flight, before on 24 June the first prototype was damaged in a crash-landing. The end for the Hs 129 in North Africa was not far off. Allied control of the air meant that the aircraft needed to be heavily escorted if they were to be effective, absorbing fighter resources needed elsewhere. The number of aircraft available began to drop, and by 10 April only two of the surviving sixteen aircraft were serviceable. On 20 April 8.(Pz)/Sch.G 2 became one of the first Luftwaffe units to be evacuated from North Africa. It remained away from the front line until August 1943, when it moved to the Eastern Front. Using the 30 mm MK 103, which can be unlocked as an additional armament option, the Hs 129 B-2 is capable of destroying most mission relevant ground targets. Tanks of all sorts, as well as light pillboxes, can be destroyed in up to three hits, provided armour piercing ammunition (HVAP-T) is unlocked. Thanks to the 100 rounds of ammunition available, this can make a single Hs 129B-2 a game-changing aircraft. The same can be achieved using the BK 3.7, however, it is generally considered harder to use and thus not a viable option. On the A-0 and B-1 the cockpit had been built in two layers, with flat armour plates covered with a light metal outer surface. Improvements in manufacturing techniques meant that the B-1 could use curved armour plating. This meant that the armour could become the outer surface, increasing the space inside the cockpit and improving the view.


In the summer of 1942 13.(Panzer)/Jagdgeschwader 51 was equipped with the Hs 129, after Göring decided that he wanted every fighter geschwader to have an anti-tank squadron. Between 14 August and 26 September this squadron flew 73 sorties, losing three of its eight aircraft. During this period it claimed to have hit 29 tanks. While the staffel was fairly successful, it didn't really fit in a fighter unit, and for part of the year came under the command of Sch.G 1. Henschel Hs 129 был истребителем-бомбардировщиком Второй мировой войны, выставленным немецкими Люфтваффе. Его прозвище, Panzerknacker (крекер бака)..

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The Hs 129 was by far a perfect aircraft for close-support duty. It was relatively underpowered - even with the twin Gnome-Rhone radial engines - and the cockpit small enough to cram just one person. Visibility was reported to be far from superior though something about the overall design likened the Reichsluftahrtministerium to it. Armament consisted of two nose-mounted MG FF 20mm cannons and two MG 17 7.92mm machine guns. The Hs 129 was fielded in the East against the might of the Soviet Union by design, though later they were consequently fielded throughout North Africa and Europe (post D-Day) by necessity. The Henschel Hs 129 was a dedicated ground attack aircraft, and a capable 'tank killer', but was never available in large enough numbers to have any significant impact Die Henschel Hs 129 war ein einsitziges, zweimotoriges Erdkampfflugzeug der Henschel Flugzeug-Werke AG, das speziell für diese Aufgabe entworfen wurde. Sie wurde während des Zweiten.. The B-1 also saw the adoption of a much improved canopy. This time the two front windows were replaced by a single piece of curved armoured glass, and the sides and top of the canopy were made from Plexiglass. This solved the visibility problems of the earlier models.


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El Henschel Hs 129 fue un avión de ataque a tierra alemán de la Segunda Guerra Mundial desplegado por la Luftwaffe. Su apodo era Panzerknacker (el «rompe-tanques») 6184 Немецкий самолет-разведчик Henschel Hs 126B-1 (Хеншель) By the autumn of 1939 both designs had been subjected to trails. Neither was particularly impressive - both suffered from a lack of power and poor visibility, but the Henschel machine cost a third less than the Focke-Wulf design, and so the RLM decided to place an order for the Hs 129.The Hs 129B-3 was the last version of the aircraft to enter production, and was armed with a massive 7.5cm anti-tank gun. Work on mounted the 7.5cm PaK 40 anti-tank gun in an aircraft began early in 1942, when attempts were made to fit a manually loaded version of the gun in a Junkers Ju 88. This wasn't a great success, but did provide some useful experience for later attempts to install an automatic version of the gun in the Hs 129. Henschel hs-129B.svg. The Hs 129B outfitted the 3 squadrons of the 8th Assault Wing of the Royal Romanian Air Corps - here is one shot down by the Soviets on the Eastern front

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  1. At the start of 1943 the staffel was renumbered as 8.(Pz)/Sch.G 2. A shortage of equipment almost led the staffel to be reequipped with the Fw 190, but instead a large number of fresh Hs 129s arrived. The aircraft were now given a new role. They would operate behind German lines, attacking any Allied tanks that had broken through the front line and were thus without anti-aircraft defences. This reduced the risk of heavy losses, but also reduced the number of sorties that could be flown.
  2. The Henschel Hs 129 was a dedicated ground attack aircraft, and a capable 'tank killer', but was never available in large enough numbers to have any significant impact. Early versions of the aircraft had a poor reputation, but most of its problems were fixed in the Hs 129B, the only version of the aircraft to enter service, and it
  3. For the designers of the Henschel firm, which specialized in the manufacture of armored vehicles for the Army, the most difficult challenge was aircraft survivability. They sought to protect the pilot and the most vulnerable components of the aircraft. Their desire to keep mass as low as possible led them to build a cockpit encased in 75 millimeters of glass. The design was very cramped and poorly regarded. Among other inconveniences were the tiny control panel and short control stick.

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war, art, painting, aviation, ww2, Henschel Hs 129 B3, Tank Buster, ground-attack aircraft обои (фото, картинки) Henschel Hs 129 B-2. Kategorie: Category: bitevní letoun. Bernád, Dénes. Henschel Hs 129 in Action, No. 176. Squadron/Signal Publications, Carrollton 2001 Mig Jimenez. High quality pigments, washes, streaking, filters, oils, acrylic paints, modulation sets, DVDs, the weathering magazine and Plastic model kits. VOLKSWS17. 1/32 Hs 129 B-2 RIII

The Focke-Wulf design was for a modified version of the Fw 189 reconnaissance aircraft. This was a twin-boom aircraft, with a glazed central nacelle carrying the crew. In the ground attack role this would be replaced with a heavily armoured nacelle, which would carry a crew of two. Another model mined from 3d warehouse it took quite a lot of cleaning up but here it is in 144th scale The B-0 included all of the improvements that had been planned for the A-1, including a modified cockpit with better visibility. A Henschel Hs 129B-3/Wa of 14.(Pz)/Sch.G 9 fitted with the 75 mm BK 7,5 (PaK 40L) anti-tank gun in the winter of 1944-45. Although the Henschel aircraft was considered to be underpowered and.. At the start of 1944 IV./SG 9 took part in the desperate attempts to stop the Russian winter offensive that followed their victory at Kursk. The unit was slowly forced to retreat, until by the spring it was based outside Soviet territory. In mid-April the entire group was concentrated in Romania, as part of an attempt to stop the Soviet advance towards the Romanian oil fields.

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HS-analyysi|Pääministeri Marin irtisanoutui THL:n esittämistä näkemyksistä koronaviruksen leviämisen suhteen: Epidemian hoidosta on tullut selvästi poliittisempaa The Hs 129B-2 was similar to the B-1, but with tropical equipment. Even before the disastrous debut of the B-1 in North Africa in November 1942 Henschel had been working on producing a tropicalised version of the aircraft. This involved fitting BMW air-filters and a new oil filter. Tests with one of the B-0s in March-May 1942 proved that the equipment wordked, and in May it was decided to end production of the Hs 129B-1 after the 50th machine had been completed, and switch to the B-2, complete with the new filters. Just bought one of these from Hobby Lobby for the $129 plus free ground shipping. What a deal ! Almost as good as the Bristol Beaufighter for $99 (I wonder if that will happen again ? The Hs 129 B-3 was a german luftwaffe ground attack aircraft first builded in 1943. It wasn't produced that much (only about 35) but the ones that were made were fairly succesful on the Eastern front in..

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■With this kit, you can choose to assembly either the Ki-45 Kai Ko version or the Ki-45 Kai Hei (made in the Army aerial arsenal) version.The Hs 129, feared as the "flying can opener" by the Allied soldiers, will finally be released as an impressive SWS kit in 1/32 scale! Gallery: Diorama Tankhunter - Henschel Hs 129 B-3 (1:48), built by Christian Jakl. For most people the Hs 129 is and was the ugliest aircraft ever built. I don't agree with that

The Henschel Hs 129 was a World War II ground-attack aircraft fielded by the German Luftwaffe. Its nickname, the Panzerknacker (tank cracker), is a deliberate pun—in German, it also means safe cracker » SOURCES « Henschel Hs 129 (Spotlight ON) Hardcover - by Krzysztof Wolowski (Author, Illustrator) amazon.com (affiliate link): amzn.to/2MzysTK LUFTWAFFE GROUND ATTACK UNITS 1937-1945.. 2 х Gnome Rhone Baumuster 14MEngine. RadialType. airCooling system. Speed of destruction. 630 km/hStructural. 295 km/hGear. Offensive armament. 2 x 20 mm MG 151 cannonWeapon 1. 500 roundsAmmunition. 750 shots/minFire rate

Henschel Hs 129 B Samolot szturmowy V poziom 1. Pilot. Opancerzony samolot szturmowy oblatany w maju 1939 During 1942 Sch.G 1 was used to fight the Soviet offensive around Kharkov (May), to support the advance towards Stalingrad (July), and to resist the Soviet counter-attack at Stalingrad. According to figures from the unit between May and 17 August the Hs.129 squadrons had flown 2,500 operational missions. If this is the case then the Russian winter had a dramatic impact for the rest of the year, for the II./Sch.G 1 recorded 3,138 Hs 129 sorties during 1942 for the loss of 20 aircraft (in the same period it flew 1,532 Hs 123 sorties, losing 5 aircraft, and 1,939 Bf 109 sorties, losing 16).The most distinctive feature of the aircraft was its very slim fuselage with a triangular cross-section, wide at the bottom and narrow at the top, with the armoured cockpit close to the front of the aircraft.

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Two more prototypes were built, both of which were delayed by shortages of key equipment. In the case of the V2 one propeller mechanism caused the first delay, but then an entire engine was taken to repair the V1, and the V2 didn't make its maiden flight until 30 November 1939. Even after both of the first prototypes were flying the test programme suffered from the unreliability of the engines. At the same time the weight of the aircraft was increasing, and its performance falling. The aircraft was particularly difficult to pull out of a dive, and on 5 January 1940 the V2 was destroyed when it failed to pull out of a dive.The plane is very heavy, which makes it nearly impossible to take out fighters (unless the fighters come to the Hs 129 B-2, see below), even most medium bombers are more maneuverable, however the plane is heavily armoured, so it can last a while even under heavy fire, even to such a degree that some planes run out of ammunition before taking out a Henschel. That combined with the heavy armament makes it ideal to attack B-17 formations, even though it requires time and effort to climb and match the speed of the formation. The armour around the cockpit makes it nearly immune to 7.92 mm rounds and could also fly with one engine, albeit with great difficulty. The planes incredibly stable flight behaviour makes aiming even for joystick pilots very easy and accurate thus not wasting too much ammunition. "The German Henschel Hs-129 was a single-seater twin-engine attack aircraft built for combat with tanks. Henschel Hs 129 was a sturdy, two-engine ground attack aircraft, somewhat comparable to the Soviet Il-2 Shturmovik. It had a very heavily armored cockpit, including 75mm glass panes, designed to..

Henschel Hs 129B-3 : Appareil équipé d'un canon antichar PAK-40 de 75 mm. 25 exemplaires. Henschel Hs 129C : Projet d'une version équipée de moteurs italiens, des Isotta-Fraschini Delta de.. The Hs 129 B-2, however, does have major drawbacks. Its engines are weak which results in poor top speed, acceleration and climb rate. This, combined with the armour of nearly one-ton weight, makes it perform poorly in air combat and very vulnerable to attacks of enemy fighters. This, however, goes so far that sometimes enemy pilots underestimate the Hs 129 and overshoot it after a tight turn, which gives the Hs 129B-2 pilot a moderate chance of defending itself. B-2 Engine: Two Gnôme-Rhone twin-row radial engines Power: 750hp each Crew: 1 Wing span: 46ft 7in Length: 32ft 0in Height: 10ft 8in Empty Weight: 8,162lb Loaded weight: 11,266lb Max Speed: 253mph at 12,565ft (without kits) Service Ceiling: 29,530ft Range: 348 miles Armament: Two 20mm cannon and two MG 17 machine guns

The first few aircraft arrived before these changes were complete. On 3 January the Ergänzungs-Schlachtgruppe of Lehrgeschwader 2 received two B-0s and three B-1s. Three days later the unit suffered its first fatal crash, when a B-0 was lost. The Hs 129B-0 proved that the new engine worked, although the aircraft was still somewhat underpowered. It would always have a very long take-off run, and a poor climb rate, but as it was intended for very low level operations this wasn't a major problem. The visibility problems were solved on the B-1, which had a new canopy design.  The production Hs 192B-1 series went into service first with 4./SchG 1 at Lippstadt in April 1942 and also became operational on the Eastern front, where the type was to be used most widely, although it served also in North North Africa, Italy and in France after the D-Day landings. Sub-variants of the M 129B-1 series included the Hs 129B-1/R1 with additional offensive armament in the form of two 110 lbs (50 kg) bombs or 96 anti-personnel bombs; the Hs 129B-1/R2 with a 30-mm MK 101 cannon beneath the fuselage; the Hs 129B-1/R3 with four extra MG 17 machine-guns; the Hs 129B-1/R4 with an ability to carry one 551 lbs (250 kg) bomb instead of the Hs 129B-1/R1's bombload; and the Hs 129B-1/R5 which incorporated an Rb 50/30 camera installation for reconnaissance duties. The Henschel Hs 129 was a World War II ground-attack aircraft fielded by the German Luftwaffe. The aircraft saw combat in Tunisia and on the Eastern Front

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The B-1 and later models of the Hs 129 were assembled at Henschel's plant in Berlin, but the components were made at factories in occupied France. This results in some delays in 1941-42 as production got underway, and effectively ended production of the aircraft in the second half of 1944 as the Allied armies captured the factories. Tests with the first three B-3s began in August 1944. Problems with the shell-case ejection meant that the gun was only cleared for limited operation use. A small number of B-3s were then issued to 13.(Pz)/SG 9 for service tests. These revealed problems with the reloading mechanism in front line conditions, and a specialist team spend all of November attempting to fix this problem. By then it had become clear that prolonged use of the BK 7.5 caused damage to the airframe. This hadn’t happened with the test aircraft, and differences between these aircraft and standard production aircraft were one of the possible causes, along with possible problems with faulty ammo. The experts were unable to come to any firm conclusions before in January 1945 the unit was forced to destroy all of its aircraft. Early in the year the role of the Hs 129 was changed. It was now to operate behind the German lines, attacking Soviet tanks that had broken through the front line. All three units came under the command of Oberstleutnant  Otto Weiss, before in mid-April 4./Sch.G 2 returned from North Africa, and its commander, Hauptmann Bruno Meyer, took over as Führer der Panzerjäger. By the summer of 1943 he had command of five Hs 129 staffeln, after 8./Sch.G 2 followed 4./ back from North Africa. In October the Hs 129 units came together to form IV./SG 9.

By all accounts, performance results of the system proved sublime, with the Hs 129 accounting for the destruction of hundreds of Soviet tanks, particularly at the Battle of Kursk in 1943. The Hs 129 proved to be a viable asset in the close-support role, capable of engaging even the most stubborn of Allied armor with an array of cannons, machine guns and bombs. Henschel Hs 129 'Panzerknacker(기갑 파괴자)'. 1. 제원2. 개요3. 튜토리얼에서도 써볼수 있는데 멀티에서 쓸때보다 Hs 129가 훨씬 많이 날아와 적 차량들을 박살내기 때문에 이 정도 성능을 기대하고.. As with the B-1 the B-2 could carry the 30mm Mk 101 or 103 cannon or four MG 17 machine guns under the fuselage. The vast majority of Hs 129s produced would be B-2s. This didn't end the Hs 129's involvement in the fighting in North Africa. In October 1942 5./Sch.G 1 had returned to Germany from the Eastern Front to receive new Hs 129 B-2s (with tropical air and oil filters). The squadron then moved to Prussia in preparation for a return to the front, but the ever worsening situation in North Africa soon led to a change of plans. Bad weather slowed down the move, but the first aircraft reached North Africa on 29 November. The staffel began operations on the following day. This time the Hs 129 was more successful, and the staffel didn't suffer its first loss until 22 December. Three more aircraft were lost on 28 December, all to Allied fighters, and senior officers in Luftflotte 2 were beginning to worry about the cost of using the Hs 129 in an area where the Allies had air superiority.

henschel The Hs 129B-1 and B-2 were the major production variants, the latter fitted to carry a drop-tank. There is no doubt that the Henschel Hs 129 and the A10 Thunderbolt II were both designed with the.. Henschel Hs-129. By Luftwaffe in Action · Updated about a week ago. Henschel Hs-126. 53 photos. Blohm & Voss BV-138 By the summer of 1940 Henschel had received an order for 12 A-1 production aircraft, later increased to 16. Work on these machines began in June 1940, but they would never be completed as A-series aircraft. In September 1940 it was decided to abandon the A-1, and attempt to fit captured Gnome & Rhône engines to the almost-complete airframes, to produce the B-0.The new arrangements came into force on 13 January 1942. After a period of training it was ready to take part in the German spring offensive of 1942, which was aimed at the oil fields of the Caucasus. 4./Sch.G 1, with fifteen aircraft, was the first to be deployed to the front, leaving Germany on 26 April to take part in the advance into the Crimea, intended to protect the flank of the main thrust. 5./Sch.G 1 followed in mid May, moving to the main part of the front. The two stafflen was used to fly close support missions, attacking Russian positions just in front of the German lines. The new aircraft proved to be robust in combat, able to survive quite heavy damage, but its poor dust filters were a problem, reducing the number of serviceable aircraft.

Henschel Hs-129: fue un avión cazatanques alemán que participó en la Segunda Guerra Mundial en el frente soviético y el norte de África. El Henschel Hs 129 fue el único avión diseñado durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial con el fin específico y exclusivo de luchar contra los carros de combates.. The Hs 129's deployment to North Africa was a near total disaster. The Gnome & Rhone engines were not suitable for use in the desert. Their poor dust filter and tendency to over-heat had caused problems in Russia, but in North Africa they combined to virtually destroy the unitThe aircraft was of standard stressed-skin construction. The wing was built in three sections - the centre section, which was integrated into the fuselage, and the two outer panels which were bolted on. Save henschel hs 129 to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Unfollow henschel hs 129 to stop getting updates on your eBay feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items.. Das Thema. Henschel HS 129. Typ Entwickler Hersteller Leitender Konstrukteur Erstflug Einsatzzeitraum von - bis Stückzahl Einsatzländer

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  3. Henschel steht für hohe Betriebssicherheit, weil wir alles selbst entwickeln und produzieren, was für die Präzision made by henschel. Weltweit, in den unterschiedlichsten Sparten und unter..
  4. The staffel's first operation was flown on 17 November 1942, and was a relative success, but then the aircraft were caught in two sandstorms, which did terrible damage to the engines. After the first storm the aircraft's already long take-off run had doubled in length, and after the second they could barely take off. Only once their weapons and ammo had been removed could they be ferried west to keep up with Rommel's retreating army. On 31 December the staffel's seven surviving aircraft reached Castel Benito near Tripoli, and only ten days none of them were operational. Three were then destroyed in an Allied air raid on 13 January, and three more could not be repaired. The surviving aircraft managed to limp back to Tunis, while the staffel's personnel returned to Germany, before heading off to the Eastern Front. 
  5. During the spring and early summer of 1943 the Hs 129 was used in the fighting in the Kuban bridgehead. They were then withdrawn and brought up to full strength in preparation for the battle of Kursk. This saw the debut of the 30mm MK 103, with its faster rate of fire, but as with other new weapons introduced at Kursk the MK 103 had a disappointing debut, suffering from frequent jams. Despite this problem the Hs 129 proved its worth at Kursk, destroyed large numbers of Soviet tanks. The problem was that with only five staffeln equipped with the type there were never enough aircraft to make any real difference to the outcome of the battle. The same was true during the retreat through the Ukraine that ended the year. The situation was made worse by the ever increasing strength of Soviet anti-aircraft guns and fighter forces, which meant that the slow Hs 129 suffered ever-increasing losses.
  6. As with the B-1 the B-2 could carry the 30mm Mk 101 or 103 cannon or four MG 17 machine guns under the fuselage. The cannon armed aircraft would become increasingly common during 1943, and would turn the Hs 129 from a ground-attack aircraft into a potent anti-tank weapon. The vast majority of Hs 129s produced would be B-2s.
  7. Henschel Hs 129 The Henschel Hs 129 was a German attack aircraft land of World War II deployed by the Luftwaffe. His nickname was Panzerknacker (the break-tanks)

The Henschel Hs 129 was a twin-engined monoplane, with thick low mounted wings. On the Hs 129B (the only version to enter service) they had a straight leading edge and tapering trailing edge. The cockpit was built as an armoured trough, with a single curved class windscreen and clear Perspex sides and roof. This gave the pilot excellent visibility, although the aircraft has never quite escaped from the poor reputation justifiably attached to the prototypes and Hs 129A. The main fuel tank, ammo containers, carburettors, oil coolers and engines were also given some armour protection. The Hs 129C was to have been armed with two MK 103 cannon, mounted side-by-side in remote controlled mountings with a limited range of movement. It was to have been powered by new engines, either the 840hp Isotta-Fraschini Delta IV inverted V-12 or the 820hp Gnôme-Rhône 14M38. In the summer of 1943 the RLM ordered 600-700 C-1s, with production to start in April 1944, and in August 1943 the only C-1 made its maiden flight, powered by the 14M38. The Gnôme-Rhône engines were soon dismissed because they were prone to overheating, while access to the Italian Isotta-Fraschini engines was lost after the Allied invasion of Italy. Work on the C-1 series was officially abandoned in March 1944. The B-1 could also carry an optional bomb rack, which could carry one 250kg bomb, four 50kg bombs or ninety-six 2k SD 2 anti-personnel bombs. The Hs 129 started its career in Rumanian service with a strike flown in the early hours of August 15 With these opening moves, the life of the Henschel Hs 129 in Rumanian service quickly fell into a..

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129 B-2 (ВВС Румынии)III Hs 129 B-3III Me 264III Do 217 K-1IV Do 217 M-1IV He 177 A-5IV Ju Panzerjäger Tiger (P) FerdinandIV Waffenträger Krupp-Steyr mit Pak 43IV Hanomag-Henschel JPz.. Serial production of the Hs-129B-1 began in 1941, and May of the following year saw the launch of the modified Hs-129B-2, which had a modified fuel system (along with several other minor changes).

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  1. The Hs 129 B-2 is a rank III German attacker with a battle rating of 3.7 (AB), 3.3 (RB), and 2.7 (SB). This attacker has been in the game since the start of the Open Beta Test prior to Update 1.29.
  2. Henschel Hs 129B-2 1:72. by Luca Cinacchio on Plastic Models World. Henschel Hs 129B-2 1:72. by Harald Kaufmann on IPMS Deutschland
  3. Work on the Hs 129B-0 began in September 1940. They were powered by a pair of Gnône-Rhône 14M radial engines, which came in pairs that operated in opposite directions. The B-0 used the 14M4 (port) and 14M5 (starboard) engines, which were rated at 700hp for takeoff and 650hp at 13,100ft. At first the 14M engines were a little unreliable, and prone to overheating. Most of these flaws were eventually ironed out, although it took some time to find a good dust and sand filter, and they continued to run hot.
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Henschel Hs 129 book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. We'd love your help. Let us know what's wrong with this preview of Henschel Hs 129 by Petr Stachura Henschel produced the only original design, for a twin engined single seat monoplane. On October 1937, after examining both designs, the RLM decided to award both companies development contracts. The Hs 129A-0 was the first pre-production series of the aircraft. It was similar to the prototype, but had the 20mm MG FF cannon replaced by two belt-fed MG 151/20 cannons, which were much more effective. It retained the two 7.9mm MG 17 machine guns of the prototypes. It was powered by two Argus As 410A-1 engines, which finally provided the 465hp promised for the A-0 engines.

28.3.2014. Tags: Henschel-HS-129. Customer reviews. Add a review of: Henschel Hs 129B-2 Italeri/Dream. Positive Hard to say Negative The Henschel Hs 129 was a World War II ground-attack aircraft fielded by the German Luftwaffe. The aircraft saw combat in Tunisia and on the Eastern Front. A key requirement of the original.. Hs 129 - Deutsches Erdkampfunterstützungsflugzeug Henschel Hs 129. Eine Henschel Hs 129B-2/R2 vom Schlachtgeschwader 9 an der Ostfront im Frühjahr 1943, aber immer noch mit..

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  1. The Henschel Hs 129 was a World War II ground-attack aircraft fielded by the German Luftwaffe. Henschel Hs 129. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search
  2. The Henschel Hs 129 was the only aircraft of World War II that was designed specifically for destroying armour. It was a completely conventional aircraft with a slender triangular slim fuselage
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  4. The V3 didn't make its maiden flight until 2 April 1940. It was used to test the improved Argus As 410A-1 engine, which was still unreliable. This aircraft was damaged in June 1940, and was out of service until March 1941, leaving the V1 as the only flying prototype.
  5. Hs.129B-2. Штурмовик. Hs 129 B-2 (Румыния). Штурмовик

Series production of the B-1 finally began late in 1941, and the first three B-1s reached a service unit in January 1942, alongside two B-0s. The main changes between the B-0 and B-1 came in the cockpit and canopy.The standard armament of the Hs 129 saw it carry two 20mm cannon and two machine guns, mounted on the side of the fuselage. It could also carry a number of different bomb loads, and was later used with a wide range of anti-tank guns. On most aircraft the guns were the MG 151/20 cannon and the MG 17 machine gun. Both guns were mounted some way behind the pilot, with the cannon on top and the machine gun close to the wing root. The Henschel Hs 129 fighter-bomber was built to a 1937 German specification for a twin-engine close-support aircraft with considerable armor protection for pilot and crew and the ability to field twin 20mm.. Le Henschel Hs-129 étaient l'unique avion conçu pendant la Seconde Guerre Mondiale pour combattre les chars de combat et autres tanks. Il y avait d'autres avions effectuant ces missions comme le.. A Henschel Hs 129B-2/R2 of Schlachtgeschwader 9 on the Eastern Front, spring 1943 but still in winter colours. In May 1944 this Hs 129B-2 was fitted at Travemunde with a mockup of a 75mm BK 7.5 (Pa..

Hs 129 - Weltkrieg Henschel Hs 129B-3/W

Henschel Hs 129 Henschel Hs 129B Typ: Erdkampfflugzeug Entwurfsland: Deutsches Reich NS Deutsches Reich Hersteller: Henschel Flugzeug-Werke AG Erstfl Describe how the aircraft behaves in the air. Speed, manoeuvrability, acceleration and allowable loads - these are the most important characteristics of the vehicle. Hanomag-Henschel F 55 Kofferwagen

11. Henschel Hs 129B-2 (code: +TQ, W/Nr.141537) by Oberleutnant Bartel of the 13 (Pz)/SG 9. destroyed by own personnel. Wagrowitz (Torndorf) airfield Poznan region 22 January 1945 We are talking about the Henschel Hs-129, a twin-engine ground-attack airplane used in Africa and Hs-129 is a twin that set the beginning of the flying tank idea, with a concept that we can still see..

SimplePlanes Henschel Hs 129 B-3 Duc

  1. But for some reason the Luftwaffe decided to skip over this gun for the Hs 129, and install a gigantic 75 mm Bordkanone gun from the Panzer IV (Pak 40). The resulting system was able to knock out any tank in the world, but the weight slowed the already poor performance of the plane to barely flyable in this new Hs 129 B-3 version.
  2. Hs_129B2, hs_129B3Wa, iar_80, iar_81A, ju_52_3MG4E, ju_52_3MG5E, ju_87B2, ju_87D3, ju_87G1, ju_87G2RUDEL, ju_88A4, MC_202, me_262A1A, me_262A2A, me_321, me_32
  3. g at 0.5 to 1.0 km interval from the same direction, the Hs 129 B-2 can easily achieve triple or even quadruple air victories before needing to turn around for reloading.

The Henschel Hs 129 was mounted with powerful ground-attack weapons to 3. The Hs 129 was designed to be a compactly-sized ground-attack aircraft. In particular, the B and later versions had a.. Help - F.A.Q. - Contact Us - Search - Recent - About Us -  Subscribe in a reader - Join our Google Group - Cookies The V3 prototype was given the new engines at the start of 1941, and began flight tests in March. The sixteen A-1 airframes were then given their new engines in December 1941-January 1942.

henschel hs 129 eBa

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