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In April 1963, The UN announced that its new foundation would be producing a series of six movies, each of which would air simultaneously on all three US television networks without, thanks to an investment of $4 million from the Xerox Corporation, the need for commercial breaks. The song "One More Sleep 'Til Christmas" ends with Kermit staring wistfully at the sky as a shooting star streaks by. In the DVD's audio commentary, Brian Henson said this was a nod to The Muppet Movie, wherein a shooting star flies over Kermit. It has since become a recurring element to frame Kermit with a shooting star, as seen in Muppet Treasure Island, Kermit's Swamp Years, It's A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie, and The Muppets.It turns out that if there's one thing Uncle Ebenezer, sorry, Uncle Daniel, hates more than the Andrew Sisters, its Commies, and the last thing he's going to stand for is some Eastern Bloc Johnny Foreigner, "whose name, even  if I knew what it was, is probably unpronounceable", swapping roles and countries with a homegrown academic in order to poison the minds of impressionable young Americans with his own insidious brand of 18th century European literature. Scrooge's Christmas morning transformation, isn't particularly joyous, albeit there is an added scene in this version that has Scrooge being re-united with Isabelle, the beloved fiancé who jilted him in his distant past and who, in this adaptation at least, never married but, instead, devoted herself to working amongst the poor and the destitute of the Lost Villages Museum, where the scene was shot.Walt Disney PicturesA Christmas Carol (2009)Cast: Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman, Robin Wright, Cary ElwesDirector: Robert Zemeckis (The Polar Express)Why it's worth watching: It's an interesting experiment, and worth seeing for that reason alone. But when you combine Jim Carrey's maniacal mugging with Robert Zemeckis' devotion to motion-capture and digital animation (and very little else) you're bound to get a big, flashy, creepy take on Dickens' classic tale -- and one that can also be obvious, loud, and lacking in legitimate heart. While Carrey can often be hilarious, he's just not right for Scrooge. But what do I know? In 50 years this could be considered the best rendition of them all. (It won't.)

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MGM's determination to make this a "family friendly" film meant that they took certain liberties with the original storyline as they attempted to tone down what they saw as the unsuitable elements of the Dickens narrative. Suddenly, the "Spirit of the Future" turns up, causing poor old Scrooge to, apparently, suffer a heart attack, before beckoning him to follow to a churchyard, where Scrooge sees his own name writ large upon a gravestone.

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For many years, this, the only recording of The Stingiest Man in Town, was believed to have suffered the fate of so many early TV shows, and was thought to have been lost or destroyed - hence its "Holy Grail" status amongst aficionados.Marley tells him that he is going to "get three visits" and, no sooner has he high fived Scrooge (okay I made that bit up) and left - dragging the chains of all the "bad stuff" he "did in life" - than the first spirit turns up on his TV screen in the form of his old departed dad, played by Warren Mitchell, who punches his way out of the television set and introduces himself as the Ghost of Christmas Past, adding "it's a bummer of a job, but when was I ever lucky"?This is an ongoing project and, eventually, it is my intention to have a review of every film version of A Christmas Carol, so please be sure to check back regularly for updates and new reviews.This opening sequence, which takes place at an undertaker's, is as gripping as it is terrifying, and it ends with Scrooge retrieving and pocketing the pennies from off Marley's dead eyes, observing to the shocked undertaker's boy that, "tuppence is tuppence".As the credits fade, the words "London, December 1843" appear on the screen, and we watch as an agitated, elderly gentleman ascends a creepy staircase in a large, creepy mansion and enters a sparsely furnished room to be met by a man whom he calls "George", but about whom we are destined to learn nothing more.

But then, this highlights the problem with this version - it is a genuine master class in miscasting.Sadly, the build up to Marley's appearance is creepier than Marley himself, in this version played by Bernard Lloyd, although, thanks to excellent special effects, his jaw drop when he removes the bandage that binds it, is a particularly impressive one.But, all good things must come to the end, and so too must this outing of Scrooge. So, it's with a heavy heart that you bid a tearful farewell to sixty minutes of your life that you're never going to get back, as you watch Tiny Tim struggle to his feet and bring the festivities to a close with a rousing "God Bless us, Everyone!"Edith Evans appears as the Ghost of Christmas Past - evidently having forgotten to change out of her Lady Bracknell or Miss Western costumes from previous movies - and playing the spirit as such a sweet old dear that your first thought is that it's the woman from the Gainsborough films topping up her pension in her dotage.So, without knowing why it's happening, which, after all, was the reason for Marley's appearance in the first place, poor old Daniel finds himself on board a ship on a foggy night and, without so much as a by or leave - nor, for that matter, a word of explanation - he comes face to face with crooner Steve Lawrence, dressed as an infantryman with the World War One American Expeditionary Force (AEF).

This scene also provides the makers with the opportunity to straddle the boundary between silent films and talkies by taking, what appears to be, a nostalgic trip down memory lane and including a slapstick routine that features two jovial wine waiters over imbibing, jellies wobbling in unison with the quivering folds of flesh on a fat chef's face, and, that staple of slapstick humour, a kitchen boy getting slapped round the face with a soggy napkin. Well, you could give him a dodgy beard, and an even dodgier bow tie. You could stick him on a set that wouldn't be out of place in a Victorian children's nursery. For good measure, you could call it Charles Dickens The Christmas Carol. In the final Christmas feast scene, sharp-eyed viewers may have noticed that Scrooge's nephew Fred is present, but his wife Clara is not. In the DVD commentary, Henson shared that he received letters demanding to know what happened to Fred's better half. The simple answer is that the actress playing her (Robin Weaver) wasn't available to shoot that day. It's not meant as some hint that he's on the same rocky, loveless road his uncle once trod.

I must say that so much screen time is given to Scrooge's back story that the other two ghosts did seem somewhat rushed, although there is a leveling of old scores when Scrooge's grave gets peed on in the future sequence!But, not so fast. For, no sooner has the ghost appeared - looking not unlike a black-clad Miss Haversham - than she launches into a mournful dirge about what the future has in store. This is followed by three characters - Mrs. Dilber, Old Joe, and the Undertaker - entering the room to launch into another musical number that is reminiscent of "I'm Reviewing The Situation" from Oliver. They then drop in on his nephew Fred's Christmas, before we, and Scrooge, notice that the ghost has aged visibly, and, before we know it, the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come has whizzed Scrooge into his future.This re-telling is narrated by Michael Redgrave in a tone that is so spookily reminiscent of the old Pathé news reels, reporting on the devastation of the London Blitz, that your first reaction on hearing the introduction is to dive for cover and await the wail of the all clear siren.

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  1. Random Movies on M4uFree.TV. Adults in the R. HD - 5.7. M4uFree 123 Movies, Free Movie, Best Movies, Watch Movie Online , Watch The Muppet Christmas Carol 1992 movie online, Free movie..
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  3. I don't wish to denigrate the lad's singing, but it's the sort of voice that not even a mother could love; and there really should have been a public health warning before he opened his mouth and launched into what must surely be the Holy Wail of Tiny Tim portrayals.
  4. Then, the opening credits roll and, having been informed that we're about to have the honour of being introduced to "Anthony Walters as Tiny Tim", we find ourselves inside Scrooge's counting house, where Bob Cratchit informs us that 7 years have elapsed since the death of Marley. Wow, you think, that was a long opening credit sequence.

Carole proceeds to count on her fingers, as she mulls the equation over and attempts a quick mental calculation, before eventually having a stab at, "1936, sir?"We then fast forward, via the filming of various scenes in the musical, to arrive at the closing number. Suddenly, the Ghost of Christmas Past appears and whizzes Kelsey Grammer back to the bed in which we first encountered him at the beginning of the advert.The predicament is not helped by the fact that old Jacob insists on repeating as many of the lines from the book as the intertitleist's nimble fingers can type, which uses up almost two more minutes of precious running time.And thus are we thrust headlong into what can only be described as an extended, 3D theme park ride, that consists of a series of rollercoaster-like chases, during which Scrooge is pursued through the streets by a horse drawn hearse; is reduced to a mouse-sized figure, and is sent tumbling through drain pipes and sewer pipes; as well as over rooftops and washing lines - all of which was done, as far as I can tell, for no other reason than to show off the 3D.

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The scene at the Cratchit family's hovel, however, is genuinely heart-warming, and the house itself looks distinctly hovelly. They're also a lovely family, just the sort of family in whose company it would be a delight to spend Christmas, if only for the chance it would afford to sit next to Richard E. Grant at the table. 'Christmas Carol The Movie CD' is a marvellous collection of songs to get you in the mood for Christmas taken from the animated version of Dicken's Christmas Carol A selection of videos on the life, locations and works of Charles Dickens. A round-up of some interesting videos to enhance your knowledge of him.

Spent most of my life in various parts of Illinois, including attending college in Evanston. I have been a life long lover of pop culture, especially television, turned that passion into writing about all things entertainment related. When I'm not writing about pop culture, I can be found channeling Gordon Ramsay by kicking people out the kitchen.Oh! All right then, it was Ebenezer Scrooge, and despite the fact that the film is black and white, silent, and, to say the least, dated, it does have a terrific atmosphere.Banned by the BBC, after their previous production of Peter Pan went disastrously wrong, the members of the Society decide not to take the ban lying down; and thus, as Derek Jacobi pronounces the passing funeral of his dead partner, Jacob Marley, to be "humbug", two members of the Society descend, Tom Cruise like, from above, and manhandle him off the set, whilst other members take over the funeral procession, and a further group of "players" storm the gallery and rough up the production crew.

Marley's arrival is, to say the least, dramatic; and his ghost is genuinely terrifying - ask Maureen of Wisconsin's daughter if you don't believe me.The ghost and Scrooge simply discuss Scrooge's school days, as opposed to actually visiting them; but we then get a festive treat of dancing, swirling and twirling through Fezziwig's feast, before Vic Damone treats us to one of the most excruciating younger Scrooge's never committed to celluloid, and demonstrates his love for his sweetheart, Betty in this version, by, quite literally, building a wall of gold between them, although in the next song he claims he's "built a wall of gold around us."

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  1. I have to say, Sir Derek Jacobi gives us an excellent portrayal of Ebenezer Scrooge in this 2017 BBC adaptation of A Christmas Carol.
  2. Scrooge Mc Duck takes on the role of the miserly money lender, upon whom, incidentally, he was originally based, and presents us with the only Christmas bill you'll ever been delighted to see!
  3. A Christmas Carol, Part One The Counting House in London, 1843. Christmas Eve is cold and bleak and we are at Scrooge and Marley's Counting house, Marley has now been dead seven years
  4. Ole Ebenezer owns the local saloon, along with half the town, but is greedy for more and so we first encounter him playing cards on Christmas Eve and cheating short-sighted Sam Benson, played by Rick Shcroder (the artist formerly, and latterly, known as Ricky Shcroder), out of his money and land.

Drama, family, holiday. Director: Arthur Allan Seidelman. Starring: Kelsey Grammer, Jesse L. Martin, Jane Krakowski and others. Miser Ebenezer Scrooge is awakened on Christmas Eve by spirits who reveal to him his own miserable existence, what opportunities he wasted in his youth.. It is one of those films that is compulsive viewing, sometimes for the wrong reasons, and the storyline, whilst not deliberately setting out to be so, is riddled with unintentional comic moments.'Tis the season to be jolly, joyous, and watch The Muppet Christmas Carol. Maybe you know every word to this charming Muppet musical. Perhaps you count it as your favorite adaptation of Charles Dickens's tale of Ebenezer Scrooge. But do you know all the secrets behind this holiday classic's creation?Scrooge now finds himself back in bed, where he is woken by Sam's dulcet tones drifting up from the street below. With the ever faithful Erica at his side, Sam wants satisfaction, as in the dueling kind, and so he challenges Scrooge to a showdown at "High Noon" the next day, adding that they'll settle this "the cowboy way." Unfortunately, Scrooge has sloshed back another bottle of whisky and, in his drunken state, he mistakes Sam for the next ghost and accepts.

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As the serene strains of Tim's angelic voice drift from the Dolby speakers of your screen, you feel your heart filling with sadness at the thought of what the future has in store for the poor boy; and you wish that the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come would spirit him to the second decade of the 21st century, and set him down in a suburban bedroom, the walls of which are adorned with pristine Star Trek: The Next Generation posters.As Scrooge backs away from these visions of the things that have been, crying "no more, no more", you find yourself in the rare position of actually agreeing wholeheartedly with the old curmudgeon, and crying out in unison.

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So, in order to right this wrong, we are spirited into a scene in which "Topper, who is in love with Mrs. Fred's sister," tries to woo her by the fireside, only to have his passion extinguished by Mr and Mrs. Fred, who come barging into the room, without knocking, I couldn't help but notice, and proceed to inform the love-struck couple to cease with their shenanigans, as lunch is about to be served and the last thing they want is Topper slobbering over the vol au vents.Indeed, the only thing missing from this overlong, and unnecessary scene, is the bit in which mini-Scrooge falls through a crack in the floor of Poet's Corner, in Westminster Abbey, to encounter Charles Dickens, revolving at break-neck speed in his grave!

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The sets really do capture the flavour of Victorian London, although I suspect there would have been a little less singing and dancing in the more poverty stricken parts of the 19th century Metropolis.I have to say that the appearance of Marley's ghost begins with a rather nice touch that sees Scrooge look back at the photo on the wall, only to discover that Marley has disappeared.

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And there, dear reader, I shall leave you in suspense! I bet you can't guess which "world-renowned" character they are going to bring to life?We do get a full blown and, it must be said, splendidly rotund Ghost of Christmas Present, but this is followed by a BAFTA-worthy piece of shadow puppetry to depict the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come."Will Tiny Tim live," Scrooge enquires of the Spirit, and it's all you can do to stop yourself shouting at the screen "Please God no."

Even Scrooge, played here by Taylor Holmes, seems somewhat embarrassed by it all and he repents his past transgressions with such little resistance and speed that the ghosts must have been left wondering if it had been worth the effort of appearing to him! Watch The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol online free with HQ / high quailty. Stream movie The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol.At Christmas, Grouchy Smurf behaves badly to everyone and it takes the Ghosts.. In this version the two "portly gentlemen" have been replaced by a lady - who is all dolled up in the only Victorian outfit that "Audrey's Costume Castle And Dancewear", of Ottawa, Ontario, had left in the storeroom after clothing the rest of the cast - who has dropped by to collect on behalf of the poor, and who delivers her lines with so little passion as to make you think the poor would rather die than have to sit through another appeal on their behalf. And, sure enough in comes Robert Weede, as said ghost, looking as though he got caught up in the net curtains on his way in and one of them has wrapped itself around him. Alastair Sim, provides the voiceover for Ebenezer Scrooge and does an adequate, though not particularly riveting job.

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  1. A Christmas Carol Fanart. Released: 2009 - ID: 17979. We currently have 2 images in this section. Movie Thumbs. Please to make requests
  2. We get an unfamiliar "bugger it" from Scrooge, when he drops his keys on arriving at the front door; and a familiar, though exceedingly creepy, face of Marley, with his eyes closed, on the doorknocker when Scrooge, eventually, finds said keys and scrambles back to his feet. In this version, Scrooge even extends a curious, though cautious, hand to touch the face and, even though you instinctively know what's going to happen, you still jump out of your skin when it does happen.
  3. Scrooge Mc Duck, the Scrooge Mc Duck, appearing as one of literature's most famous skinflints. What could possibly go wrong?

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  1. Nick Murphy’s “A Christmas Carol” is not your community theater’s version of the Charles Dickens classic story, and it definitely has more images of death than "The Muppets Christmas Carol." Instead, this FX Original Movie (airing in its entirety Thursday, December 19) is the dark and gritty version of a holiday story that was already about a man’s cruelty. Whereas some stories seem to pull back on Ebenezer Scrooge’s destructive selfishness, this one goes all-in, and it makes for approximately three joyless hours of watching an adaptation try to justify its edginess.
  2. Scrooge then goes to work in a shoe factory - a nod, I presume, to the fact that Charles Dickens, when his father was incarcerated in the Marshalsea Prison, had been sent to work at a blacking factory - before, by way of a career path that is not actually explained, he ends up working at Fezziwig's bank, where we are treated to a number which could have come straight from Oliver, entitled, "Mr. Fezziwig's Annual Christmas Ball" and which features a jolly refrain that goes, "Rat ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta - OH!", and which seems to just go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.
  3. RHI EntertainmentA Christmas Carol (1999)Cast: Patrick Stewart, Joel Grey, Richard E. GrantDirector: David Jones (Betrayal)Why it's worth watching: This one, which originally aired on TNT and followed an epic run of one-man stage performances by Patrick Stewart, boasts a gloomy look and a few interesting deviations from earlier adaptations. But it's mostly worth watching for one simple reason: Stewart as Ebenezer Scrooge. Enough said.

No sooner has she shimmied back down the pole and scurried off into the bright day, than who should go walking past but Jesse L. Martin, who is attempting to drum up - or, to be more precise, ring up - an audience for a Christmas Charity Show, which is to be staged at the Gaiety Theatre. The result is that, no sooner has Jacob's revenant shuffled off with his mortal coil, than the Ghost of Christmas Past flickers onto the screen and quickly tells the old skinflint to, "behold the girl who would not marry you because your heart was obsessed by love of Gold, engrossed [by] the passion for gain!"I have, you see, been watching the many film versions there have been of the Charles Dickens classic in an endeavour to find the best movie adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

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In what has been described as "the Holy Grail of lost Dickensian television adaptations" - well, that's what it says on the sleeve of the DVD - Basil Rathbone doffs his deer-stalker, and dons the garb of literature's most infamous misanthropic miser to give us his portrayal of Ebenezer Scrooge.All these questions were swirling around inside my fevered mind as, with tremulous hand, I inserted the shiny, metallic disc into the strange little machine that - so the exceedingly eccentric gentleman, with the wild hair and the bulbous eyes, whom I had met by the town hall clock, had assured me - would make pictures come to life.

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Just when you think it can't get any worse for poor old Scrooge, nor for the viewer, the ghost of Christmas Present trots into his bedroom, riding a horse and dressed in a red tunic and white pith helmet that gives him an uncanny resemblance to an extra from Zulu. He's even brought a spare horse for Scrooge, who is more terrified by the prospect of the horses doing horsey things on his floor than by the fact he's got a spectral émigré from Rorke's Drift standing at the foot of his bed.As the credits of the hijacked production begin to roll, an inept news ticker operator attempts to inform us that we are watching "A Christmas Carl", then "A Christmas Carlol", followed by "A Christmas Caroool", before opting for the much simpler, "Scrooge". We get a series of blandly forgettable exchanges between Scrooge and Bob Cratchit, and between Scrooge and Mrs Dilber, before the pace picks up with the arrival of John Heawood as "'arry 'awkins, rag picker at you service", and the Four Lads return to join him in a foot stomping number entitled "The Stingiest Man in Town."

Jane Krakowski returns as the Ghost of Christmas Past, and proceeds to use the posts of Scrooge's bed to treat the old curmudgeon to a pole dance that is so erotic, even Kelsey Grammer struggles to keep his eyes scrunched up during the performance. Indeed, you fully expect him to thrust a folded £1 note into the cleavage of the elfish, fairy costume that is loosely draped around her.I must say that, despite the fact that the film is silent, and it is evidently rushed, it does have a certain atmosphere to it, and the characters, especially Russell Thorndike as Scrooge, do remain true to how you expect the characters to look, and I have to say that I did enjoy it.

Admittedly the huge amounts of cash that the reformed Scrooge goes around cheerily dispensing amongst the poor, dispossessed folk of the Brunswick Estate (£50,000 to the Cratchits alone!) leaves you wondering about the rate of interest he must have been charging, especially since, as far as I could make out, he only has three customers. All Critics (201) | Top Critics (47) | Fresh (105) | Rotten (96) Another minor miracle occurs when Bob hangs Tim's crutch on a hook by the fireside, only to have Tim come hobbling in a few seconds later with said crutch tucked under his arm. Tim then sits down at the table to tuck into his Christmas meal and, lo and behold, the crutch is back on its hook by the fireside. Darned clever these spirits.Suddenly, the computer wizardry comes into its own again, as we see the ghost age dramatically and alarmingly, just as he does in the book, and we watch as the two children lurch forward as criminally-inclined adults, who taunt Scrooge with his own words about prisons and workhouses. It's fantastically done.

At Mental Floss, we only write about the products we love and want to share with our readers, so all products are chosen independently by our editors. Mental Floss has affiliate relationships with certain retailers and may receive a percentage of any sale made from the links on this page. Prices and availability are accurate as of the time of publication.But, wait. Who could this be hobbling towards him through the snow, struggling to keep his crutch from slipping on the unforgiving ice? Yes, it's Anthony Walters, being introduced as Tiny Tim. And, my oh my, does he make a good Tiny Tim.And so, Christmas Morning arrives, Scrooge wakes up, determined to make amends and change for the better; and you feel your heart lift at the thought that the nightmare is almost over.

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Moseying on back to his living quarters, located above the saloon, Scrooge encounters a group of jovial carol singers and threatens to "send you all away to a manger, the whole blasted bunch of you." Shocking as this might seem, it pales in comparison to a later scene when he throws the entire contents of his chamber pot over them from his balcony. As the fog swirls around the screen, a solitary bell begins tolling a mourning knell and the sombre funeral procession of Jacob Marley is shown edging its way through the streets.

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  1. Fred invites his uncle to come and spend Christmas day with him and his wife, only to have the invitation flung back in his face with a gruff "I'm spending tomorrow with the only person I care about, me."
  2. Thankfully, the moment passes, and Scrooge sets about paying his annual Christmas Eve visit to the local brothel where, surrounded by a bevvy of scantily clad beauties, he tucks in to a massive portion of turkey, waited on by Erica, the aforementioned daughter of his dead partner, whilst the pipe smoking Madame, Martha, bemoans the fact that he could have his pick of any of her girls but "all you do is eat." You can see her point, how would he feel if all she ever did when she visited his saloon was roger the barman?
  3. A Christmas Carol has been adapted for the screen many times. From Jim Carrey to Alastair Sim, here are the best versions of the classic Dickens tale
  4. Regizat de Nick Murphy. Sinoposis A Christmas Carol: Ebenezer Scrooge, un bătrân ursuz, disprețuiește Crăciunul. În timpul nopții de ajun este vizitat de trei
  5. A Christmas Carol (also known as Disney's A Christmas Carol) is a 2009 film adaptation of Charles Dickens' 1843 story of the same name. The film is written and directed by Robert Zemeckis, and stars..
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As this horrible vision fills the screen, we glimpse a top-hatted figure, with straggly grey hair, and wearing a top hat, leaning over the coffin.The acting is, on the whole, wooden and hammy; the dancing is, for the most part, clumsy and repetitive; the British accents are, almost all, stereotypical 'Ollywood does Cockney; and the storyline makes so many departures from Dickens's original, that you get the distinct impression that the writers set out with the conceited belief that they could improve on Dickens. Richard E. Grant, on the other hand, gives us a Bob Cratchit that is nervous and subservient, just as you imagine Bob Cratchit to be.All in all though, this version makes a good effort at re-telling the story, and its target audience - of which, given the fact is was made in 1969, I was one - would, no doubt, have loved it. "But, why is it the Holy Grail of lost Dickensian television adaptations?" I hear you ask.

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A Christmas Carol, short novel by Charles Dickens, originally published in 1843. The story, suddenly conceived and written in a few weeks, is one of the outstanding Christmas stories of modern literature But, all joking and cynicism aside, Carol For Another Christmas does have a certain nostalgic charm about it and the performances from the various actors are gripping, albeit depressing. christmas carol full movie in tamil dubbed. The Stolen Christmas | Don't Miss The End Carol, a beautiful working wife and a loving mother, is suffocated by her daily routine and lack of personal.. We learn that Eddie's former partner, Jacob Marley, has been gunned down in some sort of gangland vendetta and that Jacob's mum, a jolly West Indian lady, who Scrooge encounters singing Christmas carols on the estate, suspects that Scrooge had something to do with her son's murder.

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The Muppet Christmas Carol's sets were specially built to accommodate the Muppeteers, meaning they were elevated to leave room for them to walk around below the "London" streets. Planks and platforms were put in place for Caine and his human co-stars to walk on. In a promotional behind-the-scenes video, you can see how crucial careful foot placement was as the Muppets swarmed him singing the opening song "Scrooge." Despite this trickiness, Caine called it "very fun.""What is this place...some sort of troop transport?" he enquires, without thinking to add, "and what's it doing in my living room?"  While for some there is something disconcerting about the lifeless eyes of the otherwise life like characters, it certainly lends itself to large 3D cinemas, with rubber faced characters and grand sweeping movement. The first ten minutes or so are wonderfully atmospheric, and you can almost feel the cold emanating from the screen as you watch it. Donald Calthrop, as Bob Cratchitt, bears such an uncanny resemblance to John Leech's original illustrations in the book that it's as though he's stepped off the page and on to the film set. On March 30, 1985, near the end of their famed Purple Rain tour, Prince and the Revolution performed a concert in Syracuse, New York, which was filmed and later released on VHS. Though the audio tracks were included on an expanded edition of Purple Rain Deluxe in 2017, the concert video itself hasn’t exactly been easy to come by.

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A Christmas Carol only runs a little over 25 minutes, making it a quick view, but a necessary one for the stunning visuals. A Christmas Carol also features voice-over work by Alastair Sim, who played Scrooge in the 1951 version. A Christmas Carol also won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 1972.Left alone to "grieve" Marley's passing, Scrooge raises his meager glass of sherry, and, rather movingly, promises his deceased partner that the firm they built together "will prosper." Customer Review: A Christmas Carol. See full review. VCI Entertainment. Come Christmas there is a host of movies all on the Charles Dickens short story that is the name of this movie And then nephew Fred, played by Dominic West, arrives in the street outside and peers in through the window pane from which Bob has, thoughtfully, wiped away the frost a few scenes earlier.

And so the mayhem increases, including a scene where the entire cast and crew head out to the local convenience store to purchase the plumpest goose they can find, but are forced, instead, to settle for a packet of goujons.At first, Patrick Stewart doesn't look particularly convincing as Scrooge. For one thing, he looks younger than you expect Scrooge to be. For another, he delivers his lines in a tone that is more RADA than rasping.In all honesty, it is easy to mock the idealism behind Carol For Another Christmas. But to do so is to do so with hindsight and, in many ways, this was a brave piece of programming for Christmas 1964,when the World was genuinely looking the prospect of nuclear annihilation square in the face. Over the next 12 months more American sons would start heading off, in ever increasing numbers, to die or be maimed in a foreign country called Vietnam, and parents across the land would be asking the same question that Daniel Grudge is asking."Why?" There's a lot of dark magic in this Dickensian Yuletide.

Disney+ is the exclusive home for your favorite movies and TV shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. Start streaming today "Carole, Carole, Carole," he sighs, "did it not say on Jacob Marley's coffin that he died in 1836?"

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Although the writing is credited to Charles Dickens, it makes so many departures from the original as to be, in parts, totally unrecognisable - and it would be more accurate to credit it as "based on an original idea by Charles Dickens." Following a series of Magoo type mishaps, he dons his costume and joins his fellow cast members on stage, at which point we take our place in the auditorium as the curtain rises on our myopic matinee idol in the role of Ebenezer Scrooge. Which means that the TOTN listeners voted a fictional character, playing the role of a fictional character in a fictional play as their favourite Scrooge ever!And, in essence, that is the mood of the remainder of this re-working of the Dickens classic. Even Brendan O'Carroll who appears in the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come scene, fails to raise a smile and, as the final credits roll, you're left wondering if you should pick up the phone and call the Samaritans in order to lift the mood.As the dulcet tones drift off into the ether, Fred, wishes them all a merry Christmas and pushes open a door, over which we see the names of "Scrooge and Marley", and there he is, the wizened form of Basil Rathbone, crouched over his desk, scribbling away with his quill pen.By this time, Patrick Stewart's portrayal of Scrooge is starting to grow on you, and you sense that he was having a great time playing the part.

Now, I must observe that, when Marley undoes the bandage to let his mouth fall open, the effect isn't so much terrifying as - well, you think he's about to crack an hilarious joke.That said, this version most certainly has redeeming features. It does, for example, possess the warmth of the original Dickens story and, with its overall feel good factor, it is easy to see why this remained the most famous version on American television until Alastair Sim's adaptation began to receive widespread exposure in the 1970's. As Bob struggles to set the lad down, you can sense the collective concern that poor old Martyn Green, who plays the role of Bob, might well collapse from a coronary before Scrooge has had the chance to double his wages.And then, Basil Rathbone does something that his agent really should have advised him not to do - he sings.For, no sooner have the credits ended, than the programme's host William Lundigan, who has popped up throughout to extol the virtues of Christmas and Chrysler, returns and utters the immortal words "now, here is Joan Evans who's going to tell us something about next week's Climax."

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But, a quick visit (or should that be click) to Amazon and, a day later, the DVD's of both appeared before me and I spent the next two days watching them.Now, to begin with, let me start by saying that it is wholly fitting that this film version of such a classic Christmas story about a miser was made on what was, evidently, a very tight budget; but, if I am to be brutally honest about this offering of A Christmas Carol , I can't help but wish that Anthony D. P. Mann, the director and star of this rendition of the evergreen tale, had been visited by three spirits prior to going into production, and had been dissuaded from pursuing what has been described as his "passion project."

In what is described as "the darkest, most ghostly version of this story ever made" Jason Figgis presents us with a version of the Dickens Christmas classic that is, to put it kindly, "unique."Arriving home, he is visited by Marley's ghost, a cool, leather-jacketed, black dude, played by Ray Fearon, who tells him "Eddie, we need t' talk" and, to avoid any confusion, shows him his fatal bullet wounds to prove it's him."Oohh, goody", you can sense Scrooge thinking, "I love this bit. Watching the Cratchit's have lunch; shedding a tear for adorable Tiny Tim; joining in, unseen, with Fred's Christmas games, come on spirit let's go." Movies. Movie Reviews A-Z. December 20, 2013 at 11:58 pm. youtube.com/watch?v=cNAF0GGssbM. Merry Christmas homie The camera takes us into the counting house, where we get to assess the portrayals of two of the central characters, Scrooge and Bob Cratchit, the latter one of which is played by Richard E. Grant, which is why he was rubbing the frost from the inside of the window when we first encountered him.

Observing that they'll set a place for him anyway because "it's what Mum would have wanted," Fred puts his helmet back on and exits, just as, what appears to be the cast of extras from the Walking Dead shuffles past, performing a particularly lack-lustre Christmas conga.As the song dies away, and Mrs Dilber looks awkwardly around her, wondering if she was meant to exit stage left or stage right, the camera cuts to Scrooge, who is reclining in bed and appears to be sleeping peacefully, despite the fact that a loud baritone voice is singing about "a pair of rattling chains" that came "clanking through the gloom," before continuing with, "And while he lay there shivering, in the icy wind of fear, the ghost of Scrooge's partner, Jacob Marley, did appear."

How many students have, over the years, raced excitedly home from drama school, to burst in on their startled parents, panting, "See, mum and dad, I told you those 4 years of dressing up as a banana and handing out leaflets on the pavement outside ASDA would pay off, they're introducing me in a new film"? Rebuffing Roberts's attempts to talk him into giving him the lead role, Chris curtly informs his fellow thespian that, "I would have to be completely incapacitated to pull out now," thus setting the scene for one of the production's recurring jokes, as Robert sets out to do just that, with numerous attempts to incapacitate his rival.

Making his way upstairs, to the strains of distant voices warbling on the night breezes, he raises a clenched fist to knock on a door. But suddenly the haunting melody that accompanied his journey breaks into "Don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me" and he turns and walks away, evidently not yet ready for a Christmas Eve encounter with the three spirits of the Andrew Sisters.She takes him on a journey into his past, where we witness his father appearing in court to be declared bankrupt and then be sentenced to a term in a debtors prison - a fate which befell Dickens' own father, but which doesn't actually appear in the pages of A Christmas Carol.The programme itself was produced by the Telsun Foundation (standing for Television Series for the United Nations), an organisation which had been founded in an attempt to tackle widespread hostility towards the United Nations amongst the American people. The Ultra-Conservative John Birch Society, for example, had launched a "Get US out of UN" campaign in 1959, and many ordinary American citizens shared their view that the United Nations real purpose was to build a "One World Government (New Order)." One of the few criticisms I have of this early section of the film is that the performances from both David Warner, as Bob Cratchit, and Roger Rees, as Fred, are a little too cloying and sentimental. Indeed, you fully expect David Warner to burst in to tears at any moment as he delivers some of his lines. However, this is more than made up for by the wonderfully gruff and menacing performance given by George C. Scott.Our hopes are raised when the Ghost of Christmas Past begins to materialise, but then it doesn't quite manage it, and you get the distinct impression that the special effects budget ran out half way through the scene. Thereafter Scrooge ventures off along memory lane accompanied by nothing more than a spooky voice and what appears to be an annoying smudge on the camera lens.

Realising that he's been rumbled, Scrooge sacks his assistant, just as Bob's seriously ill son, Tiny Tim, limps into the saloon to give Scrooge a miniature horse that he's whittled for him out of wood as a Christmas present. The concert was posted on YouTube on Thursday night, May 14, and it will stay up until this Sunday, May 17, at 11:59 p.m. EST. If you never got a chance to see Prince perform live and haven’t gotten around to mining the internet for footage, this is the perfect place to start. The concert features classics like “1999,” “Little Red Corvette,” “I Would Die 4 U,” and, of course, “Purple Rain,” and Prince exhibits so much rockstar flair that you’d think he’d been performing this particular set since infancy. Minnesota Public Radio’s Andrea Swensson also hosted a Q&A with Revolution drummer Bobby Z., which you can watch here.Unfortunately, for various reasons, NBC and CBS declined to become involved and thus the first of these "Specials" Carol For Another Christmas aired on just one network, ABC, on 28th December 1964, and viewers sat down to watch the aforementioned opening sequence as the spectral voices of the Andrew Sisters drifted through the corridors of the old house that Daniel Grudge, who is evidently a man of extreme wealth, appears to share with nobody but his African-American butler.The film itself is beautifully shot and, the moment it begins, you are overwhelmed with the sensation that you have been transported back to the 19th century; so much so that you can almost feel the cold of the chilly Christmas Eve engulfing you, as the acrid smoke, swirling through the air, seems to somehow fill your nostrils as your eyes alight upon the snowy, foggy streets of Victorian London, which, given the film was actually shot in Shrewsbury, is, to say the least, somewhat confusing. Still, it must be said, Shrewsbury makes a terrific bygone London. In the first scene, we encounter Scrooge sitting menacingly at his desk, counting up his ill-gotten gains, whilst his "downtrodden clerk", Bob Cratchit, sits at a desk in an outer "dismal cell", trying desperately to warm himself by a solitary candle.

Charles Dickens first published A Christmas Carol in 1843 with John Leech as the illustrator. Over 176 years later, A Christmas Carol has become the ultimate Christmas story. Grouchy, bitter, and cold Ebenezer Scrooge acts as a cautionary tale for what happens when capitalism takes precedence over human kindness. Filmmakers often look to A Christmas Carol for adaptation inspiration, especially in terms of holiday movies. This has resulted in A Christmas Carol being one of the most adapted movies ever.Adapted for the screen by Steven Knight (“Locke,” “Serenity”), “A Christmas Carol” offers a murkier, muddier journey down a familiar story path, and exists as this weird experiment to see if the rewards in Scrooge's can manage his more adult flaws. Guy Pearce plays this iteration of the holiday hater with plenty of cold stares, transforming Scrooge’s cold indifference to the holiday into downright villainy. People have died directly because of his distaste for people, this movie will talk about, and then show us. Pearce is formidable in the iconic role, but his performance, and his take on the character, is not in the least surprising. Suddenly, nephew Fred comes mincing in through Scrooge's door to wish him the compliments of the season, only to have his good wishes typed back at him with the words, "Humbug! Christmas time is a time to pay bills and a time for finding yourself a day older."We then join Scrooge and the Spirit for a journey that is in the original text, but which isn't often attempted in film versions; as the ghost and Scrooge set off to view how Christmas is being celebrated the World over by crossing bleak moors, visiting a solitary lighthouse, arriving on a ship at sea, before ending their whistle-stop tour at a Welsh mine, where a particularly fine baritone voice brings the scene to a close, as Scrooge and the ghost look down on the miners from atop a nearby coal heap.

Edward Woodward gives a commanding performance as the Ghost of Christmas Present - at least I think he's the Ghost of Christmas Present, since he never actually identifies himself as such, and Scrooge, who has probably read the book a million times, and so knows the story inside out, doesn't bother to enquire.Hang on, you think, it's the house we left Charles Dickens reading aloud in, and the house where we first met Scrooge, not fifteen minutes since, and from which he just headed home to arrive at. This is getting surreal.Regal Coming Soon "Well, I suppose no-one will notice," sighs David Jones, adding, "I mean, it's not like there's anything called IMDb on which people, who really should get out more, will be able to highlight any of the factual errors we make; and, anyway, they'll be too gob smacked that we've got Jean-Luc Picard playing Scrooge to really care. Okay, Action!" The Ghost isn't a particularly noteworthy apparition, but its shortcomings are more than compensated for by one of the most moving scenes of the entire film, in which Bob Cratchit sits down by the bed, on which reclines the body of his deceased Tiny Tim, to whom bids him a tearful farewell. The poignancy of the scene isn't even spoiled by the fact that Ben Tibber, playing the role of Tiny Tim, evidently finds difficulty in holding his breath and keeping his eyes shut with the camera full on him, and observant viewers will notice his eyelids tremble slightly at one stage.

His nephew Fred, a policeman no less, stops off at the bar, taking a break from his beat (now that's stretching the bounds of credulity a bit, a Bobby on the beat) to invite him round for Christmas dinner the next day, an offer Scrooge declines with a gruff "no." As the song ends, the man and his daughter, whom we earlier encountered ascending the steps of the building, approach two top-hatted gentlemen, and the father informs them that they are looking for Mr. Scrooge, who, he is certain, will be sympathetic to their plight. Moments later the irrepressible, much lamented, late Frank Finlay staggers into the room, weighed down by an onerous, mangled mass of metal boxes and chains.

Scott Weinberg is a film writer and critic who has written for outlets such as Playboy, FEARnet, and Nerdist. He tweets @scotteweinberg but ignores mean people. What the film suffers from is a want of common comfort, despite its nominally redemptive, happy ending. And so, to use Tiny Tim's time honoured exclamation - oh, wait, sorry, he's not in it. God bless him wherever he was. This lavish musical production originally aired on the 23rd of December 1956 as part of the Alcoa Hour, and the fact the whole thing was done live makes it a truly impressive feat and achievement. I hope you enjoy these various renditions and, should you happen to know of, or you happen to encounter, any online versions I've not included, please let me know in order that I can add them to the page.

When we arrive at the Cratchits' house, for example, there is only one child - a rather robust Tiny Tim who, if the truth be told, isn't that tiny, and who has dispensed with his iconic crutch in favour of a hacking cough that a dose of calpol would cure in an instant. Although, Bob is doing his best and has blown a little more of the Christmas budget on a big juicy orange in order to keep the lad's vitamin C levels up, and hopefully cure that annoying cough in time for Tim to launch into another musical number about the cupboard being bare because his dad keeps giving their grocery money away to charity collectors and spending any surplus on large, juicy oranges."No Carole, 1843," chides the director, before continuing, "couldn't you have found me a child who knows that the lyrics of Good King Wenceslas weren't written until 1853?"..Smurfs: A Christmas Carol revolves around the story at Christmas, Grouchy Smurf behaves badly to Trailer Watch movie. 9,412 views. Directed by Troy Quane and written by Todd Berger, Peyo.. And so Ebenezer is persuaded to reform, and he duly awakes on Christmas morning just in time to participate in the duel that Sam challenged his old self to.Daniel then treats Fred to a terrific updating (well an updating to 1964 and the Cold War years) of Scrooge's berating of all and sundry at the beginning of the original Carol.

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