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Basic income is an idea to provide residents of a country with regular unconditional fixed amount of money. This can either be from the government or The unemployment rate in Finland, a country with 5.5 million people, stands at 8.1%. Currently, a jobless person may refuse a low-income or short-term.. Guardian columnist Aditya Chakrabortty's film about Finland's basic income trial. While UBI tends often to be associated with progressive politics, Finland's trial was launched - at a cost of around €20m (£17.7m) - by a centre-right, austerity-focused government interested primarily in spending less on..

A non-resident company is taxed only on income that is received in India, or that accrues or arises, or is deemed to accrue or arise, in India. The corporate income-tax (CIT) rate applicable to an Indian company and a foreign company for the tax year 2020-21 is as follow Several countries have experimented with a universal basic income, including Finland, Canada, Kenya and the Netherlands. And now Finland has killed the plan (via The Guardian). Since January 2017, a random sample of 2,000 unemployed people aged 25 to 58 have been paid a monthly €560.. Finland, the world's happiest country last year, according to the United Nations, is exploring alternatives to its social security model.Credit...Janne Körkkö for The New York Times Finland's well-publicised, government-backed basic income trials began in January 2017. As they approach their scheduled end, we caught up with social policy expert Green European Journal: Why do you think that the basic income debate has received so much attention in the last few years Off Guardian. Next in Coronavirus Tyranny: Forced Vaccinations and 'Digital Certificates'. Ron Paul. Jaap-Henk Hoepman. Spain To Roll Out Permanent Universal Basic Income 'Soon'. Forbes

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  1. For me, a basic income means simplifying the social security system, Finland's Prime Minister Juha Sipilä said last week. Though it would not be According to Bloomberg, the basic income proposal, put forth by the Finnish Social Insurance Institution, known as KELA, would see every adult citizen..
  2. A Basic Income (universal basic income or citizen's income) could contribute to the means for living a dignified ecologically- and socially-aligned life characterized by well-being, freedom, and equality. After laying out key definitions, I reflect on moral and ethical issues regarding Basic Income's..
  3. The classic definition of basic income is a periodic cash payment unconditionally delivered to all individuals, without means testing or work requirements. Finland's experiment does not meet some of these points. For one, it is only available to unemployed persons
  4. Income refers to an increase in economic benefit during the accounting period in the form of an increase in asset or a decrease in liability that results in increase in equity, other than contribution from owners. Income encompasses revenues and gains
  5. ^ A basic income for everyone? Yes, Finland shows it really can work. ^ a b Borgerlønn (Civita-notat). ^ 34 MEPs call for support for the ECI for UBI Arkivert 27. april «Interview: No one in the parliament had heard about basic income before» (engelsk). Basicincome.org. Besøkt 3. februar 2017
  6. Income inequality is a wide gap between the money earned by the richest people in an economy when compared to the poorest. The U.S. Census Bureau measures income inequality using household income. It compares it by quintile, which is the population divided into fifths

Finland's landmark experiment with basic income — the idea that the government should give citizens a regular infusion of free cash with no strings Finland's trial wasn't an experiment in full universal basic income: The government didn't give free money to everybody, just to 2,000 unemployed people Finland's basic income program that drew international attention is coming to an end, the Finnish government announced Tuesday. A study published in February by the think tank Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development said the country's income tax must increase by almost 30.. An experiment with a state-sponsored basic income didn't encourage the unemployed to look for work. But it did increase their sense of well-being. The first results of Finland's two-year experiment with a universal basic income are in, and if they're confirmed by further research, they will probably hurt the.. What this underlines is how debased Britain’s welfare politics have become compared with much of the rest of Europe. Blame Tory austerity, or New Labour’s workfare, or Thatcherism’s trite exhortations to get on your bike – but we have ended up with a system shot through by two toxic beliefs.

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  1. Basic Income America has 2,220 members. A group to discuss the ramifications of implementing a basic income program in the United States. The coronavirus crisis has put insecurity at the heart of tens of millions of lives, says Guardian columnist John Harris
  2. For someone receiving a basic income, there are no repercussions if they work a few days or a couple of weeks, Marjukka Turunen, of Kela's legal affairs unit (Finland's social security), told the Guardian. Finland's basic income program has some economists pretty excited
  3. 1980: The basic income idea is introduced to Finland in the book Finland in the 1980s, by Osmo ^ Perkiio, Johanna Finland: the opposition leader proposes basic income pilots Basic Income Earth Network, www.basicincome.org (retrieved The Guardian | Comment is free. Retrieved 4 July 2014
  4. ..from basic income, a KELA official told the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, according to Britain's Guardian. The average private sector income in Finland was 3,500 euros per month in 2017 Other European countries have considered offering citizens basic income, although to date..
  5. Basic income: Finland's final verdict Social Europe06:43 7-May-20. After 'Encouraging' Results From Finnish UBI Experiment, Experts Say It's Time For Such A Bold Idea Scoop05:25 Why universal basic income could help us fight the next wave of economic shocks The Guardian12:00 3-May-20
  6. Finland has just completed a major basic income experiment where 2000 unemployed people were given €560 (£490) a month Finland's landmark experiment with basic income - the idea that the government should give citizens a regular infusion of free.
  7. On the other side of the globe, Finland is ending its basic income experiment. While the project is praised internationally for being at the cutting edge of social welfare, back in Finland, decision makers are quietly pulling the brakes, making a U-turn that is taking the project in a whole new direction

Money for nothing: is Finland's universal basic income trial too good

If everyone received a basic income, Groot argues, they'd have a better chance of learning to manage their money more wisely. Senator Bernie Sanders has said that he is absolutely sympathetic to rolling out a basic income, and Finland is contemplating introducing it for 10,000 residents sometime.. An income statement is one of the three major financial statements that reports a company's financial performance over a specific accounting period. Income Statement Example. Reading Standard Statements. Uses of Income Statements. The Bottom Line Go to Finland for answers on universal basic income, by all means. But be prepared to come back with even more questions about why Britain abuses its poor. Finland offers monthly universal basic income to trial group of unemployed citizens for two years to benefit country's economy. Universal basic income (UBI)—an unconditional weekly or monthly cash payment provided to every human being, without the requirement to work—is an emerging concept.. And now Finland has killed the plan... (via The Guardian). While proposals for universal basic income programs vary, the most common one is a system in which the federal government sends out regular checks to everyone, regardless of their earnings or employment

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Finland's experiment is a variation on the idea of a universal basic income: an unconditional income paid by the government to all citizens, whether or not they're in The basic income is a big idea with a pedigree. It owes its roots to Thomas Paine, the 18th-century radical, who in 1797 proposed paying all.. neuvoo™ 【 Online Salary and Tax Calculator 】 provides your income after tax if you work in Finland. We calculate how much your payroll will be after tax deductions in any region. Find your net pay for any salary IAS 12 Income Taxes implements a so-called 'comprehensive balance sheet method' of accounting for income taxes which recognises both the current tax consequences of transactions and events and the future tax consequences of the future recovery or settlement of the carrying amount of an entity's.. However, that universal basic income is still a startlingly good idea simply because it's better than any of the various welfare systems we have at A final proposal won't be presented until November 2016, but if all goes to schedule, Finland will scrap all existing benefits and instead hand out 800 euros per.. Even though the basic concept has entered the public consciousness, the effects of highly concentrated wealth are hotly debated and poorly understood by observers. Research attributes advantages and disadvantages to pronounced levels of economic inequality

Universal basic income: Levelling the playing field. As inequality grows, welfare costs soar and technological disruption escalates, many people are growing One of the most interesting initiatives is in Finland and basic income will be rolled out on a national scale if the experiment proves effective Finland has decided to end its experiment with a universal basic income, in which people are paid an unconditional salary by the state instead of benefits. The idea of a universal basic income has high-profile champions such as Richard Branson.. Income tax is considered as an expense for the business or individual because there is an outflow of cash due to the tax payout. Through income tax returns that are filed by businesses and individuals alike, the tax liabilities are determined. This tax money is used by the government for funding the.. Multi-Life - Employer - Supplemental Income Protection Program The individual(s) responsible for the enrollment and billing administration of the Supplemental Multi-Life - Wholesaler The Guardian representative who works with the brokers to sell Guardian Supplemental Individual Disability Income.. Earned Income Credit (EITC). Child Tax Credit

If the guardian already lives in Finland: Pay slips and bank statements of the guardian from the past six months for all Finnish bank accounts the guardian can use. Clarification of other possible income or funds which can be transferred to Finland and will be used to support you Treating the poor as criminals in the making places welfare as an adjunct to the criminal justice system. It means declaring dying people as fit for work. It leaves disabled people living in mortal fear of their next Esa or Pip assessment; jobless people being sanctioned for no good reason. News; News & Events. FINLAND: Basic Income experiment authorized by Parliament. Finland's Ministry of Social Affairs and Health drafted the legislative proposal for the experiment in August, and submitted the proposal to Parliament after hearing public opinions on the draft proposal (The Guardian) -- In a speck of a village deep in the Finnish countryside, a man gets money for free. Each month, almost €560 (£500) is dropped into his bank account, with no Last Christmas, Järvinen was selected by the state as one of 2,000 unemployed people for a trial of universal basic income The primary goal of the basic income experiment is related to promoting employment, said the health and social affairs ministry, adding that it also aimed to simplify the complicated Amid a growing debate on the subject, Finland now wants to be the first European country to test the idea nationwide

Basic income is unconditional. Now, they are pursuing conditionality. The demise of the project in Finland does not signal an end of interest in the idea. Silicon Valley technologists have suggested that basic income could enable humanity to exploit the labor-saving promise of robots absent the fear.. News; News & Events. FINLAND: Basic Income experiment authorized by Parliament. Finland's Ministry of Social Affairs and Health drafted the legislative proposal for the experiment in August, and submitted the proposal to Parliament after hearing public opinions on the draft proposal It sounds simple. It is simple. But to this visitor from Austerity Britain, with its inglorious panoply of welfare scandals stretching from universal credit to Concentrix to Atos, it was almost fantastical. Not in Finland, where they're experimenting with giving unemployed people a basic income, with the hope that it would provide a stronger incentive to While the concept of a basic income isn't new, it's gained traction in recent years as policy makers grapple with alleviating poverty, growing inequality.. The Social Insurance Institution of Finland, known as Kela, will be responsible for carrying out the experiment that would start in 2017. The level of the lowest basic income to be tested will correspond with the level of labour market subsidy and basic daily allowance

Income inequality has increased more rapidly in North America, China, India and Russia than anywhere else notes the World Inequality Report 2018 produced by the World Inequality Lab Meanwhile, in the United States, the bottom 50% income share decreased from more than 20% in 1980 to 13% in 2016 But Finland doesn't actually exist so nothing lost. Let's try a few facts... The Finnish Government are not scrapping a universal basic income scheme. trial-cancelled[/QUOTE] That article says basically the same thing as the Guardian article I quoted upthread - that the Finnish government has turned.. Basic income pilots are smaller-scale preliminary experiments which are carried out on selected members of the relevant population to assess the feasibility.. Find information on coronavirus, including guidance, support, announcements and statistics This explanation of accounting basics will introduce you to some basic accounting principles, accounting concepts, and accounting terminology. Once you become familiar with some of these terms and concepts, you will feel comfortable navigating through the explanations, quizzes, quick tests, and..

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The Guardian Environment Reporter. I went to an information session and applied, and they randomly selected two control groups - one group to receive basic income payments, and another that wouldn't, but both groups would still be required to fill out surveys regarding their quality of life with or.. Finland is about to launch an experiment in which a randomly selected group of 2,000-3,000 citizens already on unemployment benefits will begin to receive a monthly basic income of 560 euros (approx. $600). That basic income will replace their existing benefits. The amount is the same as the current.. Canada's largest online retailer. Free Shipping on eligible orders. Easy Returns. Shop now for Electronics, Books, Apparel & much more. Try Prime for free Finland is piloting a new scheme that could see every single citizen in the country receive an unconditional income, no questions asked. Economist.com reports: JUHA JARVINEN, an unemployed young father in a village near Jurva, western Finland, brims with ideas for earning a living Trials suggest it can liberate jobless people, says the Guardian columnist Aditya Chakrabortty

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Guardian's Group Long Term and Short Term Disability Insurance is underwritten and issued by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, NY. This policy provides disability income insurance only. It does NOT provide basic hospital, basic medical or major medical insurance as.. Moreover, I also fear that a basic income will lead to an ever-expanding burden of government Finland's goals have been modest and pragmatic. The government hoped that basic income would But, as reported by the U.K.-based Guardian, it's unclear whether the Finnish experiment lasted long.. Zhuangzi: Basic WritingsZhuangzi: Basic WritingsWWZhuangzi: Basic.. California has a new plan to give a monthly check to low-income residents A basic income can simplify the benefit system and improve work incentives for some. However, even when retaining some means-tested top-ups, a In Finland, a lively academic and political debate about the subject eventually led to the implementation of a two-year basic income trial, which started..

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So what accounted for his change? Certainly not the UBI money. In Finland, €560 is less than a fifth of average private-sector income. “You have to be a magician to survive on such money,” Järvinen says. Over and over, he baldly describes himself as “poor”. Finland became the first country in the world to start in January 2017 a practical experiment whereby it would pay a small sample of unemployed citizens an unconditional monthly sum. The first stage of the Finnish basic income experiment was launched in January 2017. The purpose of the two-year.. What makes municipal bonds so safe? Not only do you avoid income tax (which means a higher return compared to an equally risky investment that is taxed), but the likelihood of the borrower defaulting is very low. There have been some enormous municipality bankruptcies in recent years.. This universal basic income promises each person the freedom to decide if they want to be employed, to do volunteer work - or do nothing at all. It promises politicians the luxury of no longer worrying about unemployment. And it gives companies an elegant way to justify job cuts

Homebasic income. basic income. Civic Engagement Basic income: Amount and payment. Original Title: Kela Basicincome. Everyone living in Finland has the right to an adequate material exist- The amount of the basic income per month is 560. It is paid from ence

Finland tried a pilot scheme for a universal basic income for its unemployed people - they got a monthly payment from the state whether or not they got a job instead of the usual unemployment benefit, which would end once they found work Services that facilitate integration. Basic information about Finland. you receive income support, or. you are under 18 years old and do not have a guardian in Finland. An integration plan is a plan detailing measures that will aid your integration You are using an outdated browser that is no longer supported by Ontario.ca. Outdated browsers lack safety features that keep your information secure, and they can also be slow. Learn about the browsers we support. Vous utilisez un navigateur désuet qui n'est plus accepté par Ontario.ca. Les navigateurs.. Basic Income Tokens is an attempt at basic income. Each user who is signed up for the service receives 100 Basic Income Tokens each day. Additional Basic Income Tokens can temporarily be generated through referrals and confirming information

Finland's Basic Income Trial Boosts Happiness, but Not Employment

  1. Finland To End Its Experiment with Universal Basic Income. And maybe we'll learn that there are some benefits of providing a basic income. But, as reported by the U.K.-based Guardian, it's unclear whether the Finnish experiment lasted long enough or was comprehensive enough to teach us..
  2. The idea of basic income, sometimes called unconditional income, is essentially a form of social security. The idea behind it is that all citizens of a country receive an unconditional sum of money The Finland trial seems to settle that dispute. People are enjoying less stress and more incentive to work
  3. The basic income trial, which started at the beginning of 2017 and will continue until the end of this year, has given monthly stipends of 560 euros And maybe we'll learn that there are some benefits of providing a basic income. But, as reported by the U.K.-based Guardian, it's unclear whether the..
  4. g disability benefits. Think about all those ordinary people’s lives ripped up and ruined – and barely a penny saved.
  5. Are bond issues and prices listed online by the Fixed Income Trade Desk the..
  6. Income inequality, in economics, significant disparity in the distribution of income between individuals, groups, populations, social classes, or countries. Income inequality is a major dimension of social stratification and social class. It affects and is affected by many other forms of

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Finland basic income: 2,000 citizens getting guaranteed income of $587/month. Finland experiments with universal basic income scheme. No, there is no universal basic income there. However, there is an experiment currently ongoing in Finland. It will last for two years and the 2000 participants will.. The basic purpose of finding COGS is to calculate the true cost of merchandise sold in the period. It doesn't reflect the cost of goods that are purchased in the period and not being sold or just kept in inventory. It helps management and investors monitor the performance of the business

Subject: RE: Finland basic income trial. Date: 4/29/2018 8:11:38 AM. lolyes, they experienced EXACTLY what I told them they would if they tried It also argued that basic income would increase income inequality and raise Finland's poverty rate from 11.4% to 14.1%. In contrast, the OECD said.. finland basic income trial. Finland's two-year basic income trial did not spur the unemployed to work or earn more: government. 2,000 unemployed Finns became the first Europeans to enjoy a guaranteed basic income, a monthly paycheque from the state, regardless of whether they found.. Finland gives 2,000 unemployed citizens a check for around $685 each month, no strings attached. Learn more about this story at www.newsy.com/79114/ Find.. What is universal basic income? Who is experimenting? 1. Finland: Early next year, the Finnish government will launch an experiment in which a randomly selected group of ~3,000 citizens already on unemployment benefits will begin to receive a monthly basic income of 560 euros (approx Two years after Finland launched a basic-income trial for unemployed residents, many of the recipients remained jobless. They were interested in the question that basically boiled down to: If you replaced conditional unemployment benefits with unconditional unemployment benefits, do you..

HELSINKI (Sputnik) - The Finnish authorities decided not to prolong the social experiment with the universal basic income, in which people receive unconditional monthly payment from the government, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) said on Tuesday Finland is the first country to complete a nation-wide experiment on universal basic income. With the first results in, Finnish finance minister Petteri Orpo told One of the main goals of the experiment was to see whether job-seekers felt more encouraged to look for a job with a universal basic income The preliminary findings from Finland's basic income experiment are out and they show mixed results. Both advocates and critics of the idea of a universal basic income will find cause for consternation and celebration Finland has decided not to extend its trial in universal basic income, the The government rejected a request from Kela, the country's social security agency, for additional funding to expand the innovative two-year pilot program, meaning it will come to an end in January 2019, the Guardian reports I visit Finland’s equivalent of Iain Duncan Smith, the social affairs minister Pirkko Mattila. A recent escapee from the populist True Finns, she carries no discernible hippy tendencies – not a whiff of joss stick. Yet she seems genuinely bemused that there could be any political resistance to handing poor people some money to sit at home. “I personally believe that in Finland citizens really want to work,” she says.

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OffGuardian was launched in February 2015 and takes its name from the fact its founders had all been censored on and/or banned from the Guardian's 'Comment is Free' sections. Our editors & admins are based around the globe in North America, Britain, and Southern and Eastern Europe.. Finland has become the first European country to implement a basic income. In a small experiment, 2,000 of the around 213,000 people in the country who are currently unemployed have been selected to receive 560 euros (about $587) a month as part of their benefits package, according to the Guardian Basic income is unconditional. Now, they are pursuing conditionality. David Whitley summed up Finland's decision in the Orlando Sentinel. There is a fear that with basic income they would just stay at home and play computer games, Heikki Hiilamo, a professor at the University of Helsinki, told..

Finland Abandons Universal Basic Income Experiment After Two Year

Basic income is figuring more in policy debates, but we don't have a big evidence base about what we can expect to actually happen, says Luke O'Malley Some of the findings, such as trust in institutions may not be replicated in other countries. Finland is a Nordic country with a relatively robust welfare.. Government hopes two-year social experiment will cut red tape, reduce poverty and boost employment

The Income Statement which is often referred to as a Profit and Loss Statement or P&L Statement, is probably the most commonly used financial statement and is also one of the easiest of It is also the first one you need to build because the rest of the basic financial statements are partially built off of it Government rejects request for funds to expand scheme and plans stricter benefits rules The results are in for half of Finland's much-watched basic income experiment, and they're mixed Income is money flowing to you - incoming cash or payments. Expenditures are money flowing away from you - payments which you make; expenses. As personal finance site Money Ning explains, the 50/20/30 rule is a basic, broad guideline aimed at helping you budget for different financial goals Finland is implementing partial basic income because a report last year (pdf) found that a universal program would be too expensive. However, other countries are testing the idea. The Economic Security Project, a coalition of technologists, investors, and activists in the U.S., announced last month that it's..

  1. Finland's trial with a universal basic income, in which payments were given to 2,000 unemployed people, will come to an end this year. Y Combinator Research, based in Oakland, California, started a test of a basic income last year and is raising funds to expand the research project
  2. For the next two years, Finland's government will distribute a universal basic income to 2,000 citizens, allotting $590 per person each month regardless of employment status and then tracking the success of the program as a means of combating poverty. What do you think
  3. The basic income experiment in Finland has gained unprecedented attention around the world. The concept of basic income gathered interest from legislators and governments in the United States and Canada in the 1970s resulting in local experiments, but the experiment in Finland was the first..
  4. Finland plans to give every citizen a basic income of 800 euros a month. What does this mean? If you are exist, you have a basic income, and there is no funding necessary. Your existence shows us, that you have all those goods your body needs to stay alive
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Breaking news and analysis on politics, business, world national news, entertainment more. In-depth DC, Virginia, Maryland news coverage including traffic, weather, crime, education, restaurant reviews and more If that was the philosophy of the Finns, they would never have got this experiment off the ground, and Järvinen would not now be dreaming up dozens of schemes. (Newser) - It looks like universal basic income won't get the green light in Finland. As the money isn't cut off when a person takes a job, designers hoped the trial would encourage participants to find temporary work, even though that wasn't a requirement, per the Guardian

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Finland. (e) To ensure that all segments of society, in particular parents and children, are informed, have access to education and are supported in the use of basic knowledge of child health and nutrition, the advantages of breastfeeding, hygiene and environmental sanitation and the prevention of accident Finland has started a radical experiment: It's giving 2,000 citizens a guaranteed income, with funds that keep flowing whether participants work or not. The program, which kicks off this month, is one of the first efforts to test a universal basic income. Participants will receive €560 ($587) a month.. His liberation came in the lack of conditions attached to the money. If they so wish, Finns on UBI can bank the cash and do nothing else. But, in Järvinen’s case at least, the sum has removed the fear of utter destitution, freeing him to do work he finds meaningful.

Giving jobless people in Finland a basic income for two years did not lead them to find work, researchers said. When it launched the pilot scheme back in 2017, Finland became the first European country to test out the idea of an unconditional basic income Finland have become the first European nation to trial a system of paying a basic income (worth €560 a month) to unemployed people. Another argument may be that it would be a more effective policy in the UK due to the relatively high level of income inequality that exists between those without jobs..

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  1. The package includes a CAD 267.6 million benefit to cover 75% for fish harvesters who expect an income drop of 25% this season. The number of coronavirus infections in the country surpassed 73,400 and the death toll reached 5,472
  2. Finland has just completed a major basic income experiment where 2,000 unemployed people were given €560 (£490) a month for two years The basic income was paid with no strings attached. Recipients weren't required to seek or accept jobs but still received the payment if they found a job
  3. Universal basic income (UBI) is a policy in which all citizens of a country regularly receive an unconditional sum of money, either from a government or some other public Today, experiments with UBI are spreading across the world, from Finland and the Netherlands to Canada and France
  4. Kela's basic income proposal includes a trial period in which the payment delivered to citizens is only 550 euros, while existing benefits such as housing and income support would not be Unemployment has steadily increased in Finland over the past decade and citizens are eager for innovative solutions
  5. Ask Finland, a highly progressive Scandinavian country that has an ongoing guaranteed income experiment, but is abandoning it. In Finland's case, they were literally paying others not to work. Meanwhile, as working Finns figured out, such a system would lead to massive tax increases
  6. Finland. 249.2. Lower middle income
  7. Sorry, basic income. Finland is simply just not that into you. With eight months still left in its two-year-long trial of universal basic income, the nation's government has told Kela, the Finnish social security agency, it will not expand the project, The Guardian reports

Finland's Basic Income Experiment Kind of Works, but Not Fortun

The Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a proposed blanket handout paid to all. This is regardless of their age How does it work in Finland? Finland has been giving 2,000 of its citizens an unconditional 'GUARDIAN ANGEL'. Hero teen dives into canal to save drowning 15-month-old toddler. Live Blog At Guardian, we share one Vision - to create value for our customers and society, and to constantly innovate to improve the value we create. Guardian Industries. Toggle Menu. Navigation Universal Basic Income is set to be trialled as a pilot scheme by Fife Council in an as yet undisclosed location within the Kingdom. Guaranteed Income, Curiosity, First World, Experiment, Finland, Product Launch, Articles, Bees. Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

Yet hardly anyone knows what it might actually look like. For all the fuss, Finland is the first European country to launch a major dry run. It is not the purists’ UBI – which would give everyone, even billionaires, a monthly sum. Nor will Finland publish any results until the two-year pilot is over at the end of 2018. In the meantime, we rely on the testimony of participants such as Järvinen. Which is why I have to fly to Helsinki, then drive the five hours to meet him. Become a patron of Off-Guardian.org today: Read posts by Off-Guardian.org and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world's OffGuardian is an independent news and analysis outlet. As well as monitoring the increasing bias of the Guardian and other mainstream media, we..

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