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A sharp and huge load of white flowers with some sweet fruitiness. To me, very pleasant at first. At this stage I imagined it's the perfect scent to buy for someone who's doesn't have any prior experience with perfumes but likes strong flowery scents as it's sweet, fresh and "commonly acceptable" somehow but also strong enough to have an impressive sillage. Very feminine but neither sensual nor reserved, not young or old, perhaps a "mom" scent. But the sharpness and ozonic fizz got too much for my nose eventually so I cannot really recommend it. However it is one of the most impressive sillages I have got out of a fresh floral style perfume. Longevity also pretty good.Edit 9/4/16 I hadn't worn this in a month or so and when I applied it today I was finally able to detect jasmine...yay! Original review: This perfume was nothing like I expected. I thought that it would be a true jasmine scent with perhaps a bit of cedar on the dry down. Instead to me it smells like Coach Poppy perfume minus the marshmallow note. It comes across as a bit aquatic and the three notes listed didn't seem like that was all that was in here. I found an old page at Nordstrom's from when they used to sell this perfume and the actual notes are listed as follows: Citrus cocktail, orange blossom, jasmine, neo-lily, cedarwood, ambrette seeds. I definitely get lily, citrus and cedar. No jasmine or ambrette. While I like it I already own similar scents so a little bit of a let down. It IS very pretty though and I have been reaching for it often...the bottle is gorgeous btw. Remember:scents smell different on everyone so take my review with a grain of salt :) P.S. What the heck is 'neo-lily'?I really like this. No obvious notes stick out for me, just a pretty floral overall. For the 15 minutes it lasted on me! This could be one of my go-to frags for work, if only the staying power was better. Makes you feel pretty and classy, without bowling others over with your scent. Edit: Today I applied my rollerball tester of Beauty to my sweater. That's the trick-18 hours have elapsed and it is going strong! I promptly purchased the edp and look forward to floating through my days in a "Beautiful" haze!This is a beautiful perfume! Supersoft but very lasting too! White floral perfume, very well done by Labbe!

I tested it at Macy's today and liked it. It's in floral group, but I could recognize woody smell beside jasmine. Consider getting one bottle.Just got the sample of Beauty and I love it. Very pleasant floral scent, perfect for everyday wear. Not as daring as Eternity and yes, a bit soapy but very nice. A happy floral to suit any mood.First spray is flowery, heavy jasmine..a little overwhelming to be quite honest and, at first, I thought that Beauty was going to die on my skin like so many other jasmine scents have done in the past - I was prepared for the worst. But the dry down is really quite lovely - a summery, fresh, clean, pure jasmine. Not at all grapey or fecal...just a gentle floral that goes on fairly strong but dries down to soft jasmine. Very nice. Calvin Klein modelleri ve ürünleri, en uygun fiyatlar ile hepsiburada.com'da. En ucuz Calvin Klein modelleri ve kampanyalar hakkında bilgi almak için tıklayın! Dünyaca en ünlü markalardan biri olan Calvin Klein ve daha birçok markanın ürünlerine, online alışverişin önde gelen isimlerinden biri olan.. A pretty scent that is like a politer version of White Diamonds, which is what it reminds me of. Certainly not as strong! A very pronounced Jasmine in the top note mellows but is always there. It doesn't evoke a strong emotional response- I neither love it nor hate it. This is a safe gift to get for your mother-in-law.

I find the scent of mandarine which in this perfume is so overwhelming very very common in perfumery, not leaving aside supermarket scents. If I smelled this scent not knowing what it was, I could not tell if it were cheap or expensive. That scent of whatever they call mandarine is really ubiquitous in perfumery, and in my opinion is very little to do with the scent of the natural fruit, which I actually find exremely pleasant, unlike its synthetical replacement. My personal reaction to this scent which, anyway, does not seem to evolve much, is of dislike. I totally fail at grasping its slightest charm.Beauty is a real challenge to me. If I spray it on my clothes it has a clean, fresh, jasmine perfume, but if I spray it on my skin it turns out more oriental and spicy, a little masculine even. I guess it's my ph that calls in this change. It is a nice perfume overall, but I am not totally pleased, as I don t usually apply perfume on my clothes. I suppose I will have to stick with that for Beauty. ps: More suitable for classy mature women.jasmine, violet, berry, muguet, mandarin, grapefruit, rose, orris, vanilla a well-balanced white floral everyday scent. powdery, green, easy to wear. a bit soapy after 10 mins. © SWISS MADE, 2020. Calvin Klein. назад First I seem to get tuberose with sour berries, but that recedes quite quickly and a bright grassy jasmine arrives, accompanied by the resinous cedar notes. Unfortunately the cedar is too strong for me, but my skin does tend to amplify it (or perhaps I am hyperosmic to it) All wafting up from a bed of warm and pleasant dusty musk mallow. It is rather linear, but if the cedar was lighter I might have considered buying it for daytime wear, as I find it very soft, assured and feminine.

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I also meant to say CK Beauty smells very similiar to Cartier Baser Vole at a fraction of the price. Lily is at the heart with musk base. Perfection. Shop Calvin Klein Beauty Perfume for Women Online at The Fragrance Shop. Calvin Klein Beauty. The feminine, sophisticated fragrance opens with top notes of Ambrette Seeds, middle notes of Jasmine and dries down to base notes of Cedarwood I tried this fragrance at my local mall today and at first sniff I almost bought it but I decided to spray it on my wrist and walk around with it for a while. For the first 5 minutes it smelled like a beautiful floral bouquet of jasmine and lilies with a touch of soft violet,no candy sweetness just very feminine. I had high hopes but after about 10 minutes it began to morph into a sweet,linear gardenia. If I were looking for a gardenia scent this would have been a great option but I was hoping for a soft, floral jasmine and what this concoction turned into was anything but soft. Calvin Klein çanta, t-shirt, iç giyim ve daha birçok ürün seçeneği avantajlı indirim fırsatlarıyla Boyner'de! Vade farksız 12 taksit ve ücretsiz kargo Calvin Klein RevealEternity parfümü ise kendine güvenen, stilinde imza sahibi erkeklerin tercihi. Hayatta yaptiginiz seçimler bakis açinizi ve yasam..

Hard to find; I bought mine on eBay. My opinion of the scent vacillates. Sometimes I like it and find wearing it very calming somehow, and sometimes it's too "heavy"... It's definitely very floral and mature.My sister was wearing this this weekend. To me it is almost exactly like ted lapidus silk way....its really pretty and lasts longer than silk wayI rarely like florals, because some of them induces headaches for me.. But not beauty- it is well-balanced floral , elegant, clean, . I had sample of this, and when I finished it , I am starting to think that I need it. Its good for every season I think, day & night. Longevity could be better.

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  1. e and musk, almost like a white floriental hymn wafting through a Venetian garden... Just goes to show how surprised you can be by a brand that wouldn’t normally resonate. I have just finished my first bottle and will definitely buy another.
  2. A different path for this massive brand! Nice to see a bit of a change. :)
  3. Diane. Calvin klein beauty. C-17
  4. ité. Cette fleur raffinée représente l'essence de la fé
  5. Ok, I am not going to say that I am in love with one...but it is perfect for daytime, work or play. It lasts, a quick spritz over the body rather than full on the neck area. Come close and you just get a a nice fresh smell perfect for bright spring or summer days. It is quite different from what I would normally wear, but that is good...I do not always want to smell 'boringly samey' all of the time. One thing I have learnt over the many years I have been a perfume addict is, that change is important so that when you do wear your 'in love with one' perfumes you can smell it on yourself with refreshed senses which will make you feel happier.

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Was minding my own business, really enjoying the distinct musky jasmine in this scent and then my boyfriend said, that smells like air freshener >.< sigh, men... ruining our perfume experiences since the dawn of time...I really like this! I like that it's delicate but also puts a dot there with the longevity and the cedar in the end.Perfect for work,for anytime/anywhere/anyday use! It remembers me of my moms garden because she has jasmine planted and the air it's gorgeous when it blooms... ***I don't think it's for mature women only.Come on,haven't you seen mature women who don't wear heavy scents? It's all about the taste!My mom's in her 50's and she wears only light flowery scents!*** P.S. I honestly think that if you like a perfume you should wear it!!! Mature/girly/heavy/light on each person smells different! My dad likes Eden-Cacharel and he wears it! And my mother can't wear it because she thinks it's too strong for her! But on my dad smells completely different!!!White florals have always caused me trouble... Beauty is not the usual white floral-bully I fear...she is softer, more serene, voluble yet well-blended & creamy. She is more natural, toned down & polite than the majority of her sisters & I can see her being popular with the silky, flaxen-maned blonde who has it all: good job, nice house, happy family....the kind of relaxed, cool gal for whom the sun will always shine. Yummy mummies & young ladies who lunch. In testing, Beauty & I tolerated each other & at certain points I even enjoyed her company...but after a while she started to grate & cause me a slight perfume-headache. I could have sworn I inhaled the slightly super-sonic hit of tuberose, but none is listed, how strange. Those notes look so foreign, bearing no relation to the way this scent appeared to me! So Beauty is not for me, but we never really were going to be dog-walking buddies (she would have ruined her cashmere camel coat & her hair would have been blown out of place). BUT, if you adore the likes of Michael Kors Michael (sooo similar) & the start of Amarige but prefer the CK concept of pared down, creamy & cool then this will delight you.Good floral scent but forgettable. Projection and longevity are not so good. It's a versatile fragrance so you can't go wrong with this one.


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I don't know why this reminds me so much of Viva La Juicy. This one is less fruity and more floral but to my nose the resemblance it there. Beauty opens up clean, sweet, elegant and feminine. But it is rather boring, there is nothing distinctive about it. Calvin Klein Beauty in Sheer Beauty sta poklon ženski lepoti. V toaletno vodo CK One Shock in IN2U so se zaljubile ženske, ki so svobodne in ki pustijo, da jih življenje odnese po svoje Back in the late 90s there was a fragranced product set from The Healing Garden that you could buy in drugstores. The scent I had was called Gingerlily Therapy. THIS SMELLS JUST LIKE IT. I don't know what the notes for THG Gingerlily Therapy were, but I wore it during one of the happiest, most lucrative, carefree and lovestruck summers of my life in college. So finding CK Beauty is a real treat, like a trip back in time to happy days. Jasmine and lily with a deep cedar base. Smells like heaven. Wear with anything, could easily be an elegant signature.Jasmine and cedar are the only notes coming through on my skin. It's a very simple scent (but of course it will be with only 3 notes) and kinda reminds me of the of frangapanies. For me, I think it's a little mature, but I do like it, a lot!Well, I tried to reach Coty and resolve the issue but they were oddly and surprisingly unresponsive. The fact is the original design has a more intense and potent scent, which makes it a perfume. I returned the bottle without the chrome finish and got the original from a reputable source, the scent was stronger, deeper and long lasting. my conclusion is to seek the original design to get the original scent, consult before you buy and get it from a dedicated seller and not a mass wholesale, online store. I would suggest returning any bottle which is not the original design, the reward will be worth your money. The difference in scent performance, presentation, and silage is quite surprising.

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Now Beauty really deserves its name. It's an elegant, nice floral. Smells like a big bouquet of flowers, with a hint of sweetness,which is getting very pleasant after few hours. I'm not much into florals, so i'll pass it, i miss the kick in it, but it's suitable for ladies, who want something, soft, feminine and inoffensive. Good smelling perfume! Sheer Beauty by Calvin Klein Perfume. Feel cool and confident every day with Calvin Klein's Sheer Beauty fragrance for women keyvan2013 used the number one word for this scent... aromatic. You only need that one word to describe this. I love cedar and this is BIG cedar. I love the bottle, the scent, but nahhhhh really the name. Beauty does not describe this at all. It's not really "beautiful" to my nose at all. I love it, but it's more modern, unisex, and totally aromatic. Cold air, woolen scarves, fluffy mittens and gray skies are what they dumped into this bottle. Of course, that's just me. It's a bit on the harsh side. I noticed this from a person visiting my place of employment. You might see it completely different. I've noticed this scent isn't what you'd expect the person wearing it to smell like. It's popularity is a surprise to me. I would have thought a majority to run the other way since it's SO unisex. Must just be to my nose. No matter what you think or smell, if you love this scent as much as I do, then we are in agreement! Fantastic scent that I enjoy!

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Calvin Klein ürünleri ile tarzınızı oluşturmak istiyorsanız Calvin Klein giyim modelleri ve aksesuarları indirimli fiyat & kampanya fırsatlarıyla Trendyol'da. Calvin Klein, son derece kaliteli olan ürünleri ideal fiyatlardan kullanıcılarına sunuyor. İndirimli fiyatlarıyla alıcılarını mutlu eden Calvin Klein.. Jos olet jo jäsen, kirjaudu tiliisi tästä. Liityt automaattisesti jäseneksi, kun teet ensimmäisen tilauksesi Luxplus.fi-verkkokaupasta.

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CALVIN KLEIN Herren Badeshorts. Dank des besonderen Designs wechseln Sie mühelos vom Strand zum Pool und vom Sprungbrett zum Volleyballplatz. Die dynamischen und unvergleichlichen CALVIN KLEIN Badeshorts für Herren sind perfekt für Ihren nächsten Ausflug geeignet, ganz egal, wohin.. @secretcrush, I smelled the strip for this in my magazine the other day. I agree with you about the tuberose, maybe jasmine more than gardenia I think. If they had toned down some of those flowers maybe I would have liked it a little more.

I'm disappointed. I waited for the premiere of this perfume.. I'm big fan of CK Truth.. I wished to find something new, modern.. and feel again same excitation when I found Truth.. and in vain.. Beauty reveals trend of old flowers with pinch of bitter male scent.. I didn't find any beauty in Beauty. Also my boyfriend's nose said similar with my opinion about this fragrance. Not attractive for girls/women and extremaly not attractive for their boys/men :-(Crowd pleaser. Feminine. Floral. I like it. Good juice at a good price for someone who use 1 bottle of perfume. If you are a perfume junkie, nothing to hunt for here.I bought this because it got rave reviews on the internet site I purchasd it from. I checked here, too, and there seemed to be a few matches to purfumes i already own in the 'People who Like' column on the left of the screen. However, having sprayed it on me I loathe it. To me it smells cheap, like a bottle you'd pick up from a High Street chemist/beauty store. Or possiby like those body sprays on offer in the supermarket. It is cloying, heavily floral, and not much else...Yuk

I bought this for my wife, as we both are big fans of jasmine and cedar - but she was very "meh" about it, so I'm keeping it for myself - jasmine, cedar and ambrette? Only three of my favorite smells/notes - yes please :)As I search for the perfect perfume for my wedding, I came across this and ordered myself a small sample. Wow, this is awesome on my skin! Jasmine + Musk just unfolds so beautifully in this fragrance. It reminds me a lot of the way MJ Daisy wears on my skin, and I wonder how it will hold up. LOVE IT and can't wait to get a bottle, great for warm weather.It's very weird. I tried to search for the notes in CK's original website and this perfume is not listed! Do they regret it or what :) How can I say `no` to my dear CK? Its a little bit of floral and little bit of fruity little bit of spicy and a little bit of woody don't get me wrong its not a bad perfume. I kind of like it but a little bit of everything makes it mediocre.. ok lets call it humble for CK's sake ps: i think i smelled lily... overall 6 out of 10Simple, warm and soft. I disagree with the demographic they have marketed it toward, it's suitable for a far boarder demographic. This isn't a unique scent. It's anonymous and easily forgotten. The bottle is gorgeous and has some weight to it. As far as the scent is concerned, it's a warm, creamy white floral that's well blended and balanced. I was impressed by its longevity and appreciated its soft to moderate silage. Overall, I'm not sure how I feel about this perfume. I don't love it nor do I hate it. It just isn't "me". I must comment that despite this, this perfume draws the most compliments. I've had people go out of their way to ask me what I'm wearing. Both men and women. It never fails to draw compliments.well,it smelled so good when I tried it in the perfumery and it lasted for about 10 days on the sleeve of my coat and every morning i put my coat on it just made my day start so pleasantly so I decided to buy it. It`s not that I`m disappointed now or anything as I admit to be a person who gets bored of any perfume no matter how much I liked it first in a month or so or less...it`s just that after i spray it on in the morning after about an hou or so i can`t smell it at all anymore...it`s all gone... Perhaps I must blame my nosew for that but it`s just too bad... Otherwise it`s very refreshing and cheerful,i would say perfect for a spring day outwards. I can mainly smell the floral beginning,much less the woody part which is also a minus as I`m in love with woody smells. Anyway,it`s ok but I don`t think I would buy it again after this bottle`s over.

Beauty: Get Inspired Shop All Beauty Skin Care. Calvin Klein Women. Toggle pickup checkbox. Pick Up at. Calvin Klein Remove filter Brand: Calvin Klein. Clear All. Unfortunately, we were unable to find any items in the price range you selected Calvin Klein Beauty, EdP är en elegant, sofistikerad och tidlös parfym. Doften är ljuvt blomstrande och återspeglar kvinnors styrka, själ och inre skönhet. Parfym > Eau de Parfum. Varumärke. Calvin Klein. Produktserie. Beauty. Basnoter. Virginiansk ceder Unfollow calvin klein beauty to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive. calvin klein beauty: Items in search results

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Beauty is not special fragrance in my collection but is nice jasmin scent i don't get much musk at all. Is a autum winter fragrance. Is sufocating in summer !!! If you can find in a good price on TJmaxx go a head !Yes, I adopt Beauty is elegant, but it's clean,ordinary,simple during all the time & moderate sillage. Has some heaviness in the face of jasmine & ambrette, which I can't stand for. I wore it for one winter month. Office scent,something from 90s. Nothing special.This scent is pure "Beauty", in every sense of the word.. The accords, together, make for a simple, non-obtrusive blend. There are no notes which are overwhelming or conflicting. Due to the notes consisting of a mere three (3), ambrette seed (musk), jasmine and cedar, this definitely supports the adage that 'less is more'.This was a cheap buy at TJMAXX ($20 for 1 fl oz). It is classic jasmine. It is absolutely a fragrance for someone more mature. It is pretty at the dry down, but the initial spritz is a floral punch in the face.Well, you have to be a tuberose/jasmine lover to wear this. I didn't get any of the other notes. I agree about the choking and I didn't spray a lot.

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  1. e so soft and fuzzy and pretty.
  2. e is an indulgent flower and in Beauty the jas
  3. e.. Heavy at first, but its dry down is soft and smooth. Amazing one if you prefer floral notes.
  4. inity and sophistication, while capturing the spirit of a woman who is beautiful from the inside out, with an aura that radiates
  5. It's true that Beauty is excellent for mature women - it's classy, it's bold, confident and powerful. I can see a sucsessful businesswoman wearing this. Do not overspray - otherwise soon everybody it the vicinity of yours will be sneezing. Sorry, but this is nothng like Avon's Perceive - it's like comparing a kitten to a lioness. Very sophisticated and nice perfume by CK.
  6. Calvin klein swimwear'80s allure calvin klein womenswearspring collection calvin klein underwearmade to lounge. Calvin klein underwear everyday essentials calvin klein underwearstretch out calvin klein underwearnew..

This is a simple, light, clean, very pretty scent, perfect for daytime and very non-offensive. I don't understand the bad reviews. The scent doesn't change much during wear. It's very light and floral. I can't say anything negative about it. It's really very pretty.Ensimmäinen kuukausi on ilmainen. Sen jälkeen jäsenyys maksaa vain 9,95 € kuukaudessa. Alennusten ansiosta jäsenyys maksaa itsensä nopeasti takaisin! Lisäksi voit peruuttaa jäsenyyden milloin tahansa. A Calvin Klein Beauty női Eau de Parfum a kifinomult elegancia és az időtlen szépség szinonimája. Elegáns, virágos illat. Magabiztos, érett nőknek. Ideális nappali viselet. Az illat összetétele Az illat már a nyitányában az egész kompozíciónak végtelen csábító kicsengést adó, elbűvölő ámbra akkordjaival.. Lähetä viesti ilmoittajalle kirsi_kulmala. Calvin Klein - Beauty hajuvesi 30 ml Beautiful and soft frag. The main accords I would say are right. It's a good mid range strength one, not in the sweet bunch, not in the heavy bunch. I like

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  1. e & cedar union, with, I daresay, perfect sillage and longevity. And, it just makes me happy. Clean, alluring, strong in the sense of having a backbone rather than being overpowering or what others might consider masculine (not that there's anything wrong with that;).
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  3. I was given this perfume for my high school graduation. I was 18 at the time and I truly loved the scent, very flowery and long lasting! It really made me feel like a “BEAUTY” . Now that I’m 25 I smelled it again and I think that it’s too strong for me! Lol it still a good scent and I do recommend.

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calvin klein beauty. şükela: tümü | bugün. üst notaları amber çiçeği tohumu, orta notaları yasemin ve alt notaları sedir ağacı olan ck parfümü. genç kızlar için daha uygun olabilecek hafif çiçeksi hafif odunsu koku. dikkat çekici ya da vurucu olmaktan uzak ama hoş bir parfüm I am not a big fan of CK house and I am not really into white florals, but the minute I came across this scent, I knew it was a masterpeice. Very sophisticated and elegant. Simple, but absolutely not boring! I feel like a prim and proper lady when I wear it:) Definitely a modern classic! Staying power is great, I can still smell at the end of the day. A must in my collection!At first, Beauty reminded me of baby products: baby wipes, diapers, and toys. I think it morphs into something more mature with the weather. It was my sole perfume during a visit to San Francisco, and the foggy sea breeze brought out the soft floral woodsy notes. I am happy to say I love it now, but it took a while to adapt to this one. I am happy to have this in my collection.

Very good perfume. It is one that I would wear on days when I feel secure and beautiful. I think it can be worn by a woman in her 20's too. For me this is not an old lady scent. It is for woman who knows what she wants and knows her worth!I'm not getting "clean" from Beauty at all. I get thick, waxy jasmine. It's a tiny bit sweet too. It's exactly the kind of floral I like, but gives my BFF migraines. This is more or less a jasmine soliflore with an uninteresting, one dimensional detergent-musk drdown. It's very, very pretty and very one dimensional.

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I expected more from Calvin Klein this perfume is very plain and is nothing as like euphoria but one thing Diane Kruger looks amazing!!!!!!!!!For older women, don't wear this. Shame on you. The perfume, I believe is more complex than what being described here. Yes, I can detect the pepper and jasmine, but they both not attractive enough for me. The perfume start with flat notes of floral and spice, nothing special. Not suit my age, I plan to give it to my mom. A simple perfume, comfort and kinda common scent, nothing special and classy. I don't remember the smell after few minutes and I have to sniff it back on paper strip. The bottle remind me of Idole by Armani. After few hour, the perfume turn to soapy kinda smell, so a big no-no to this perfume.

Fresh, girly, I agree with other comments, it s not only for 40+ women, it goes great with all ages. Creamy, fresh, lifts your mood. I feel the notes are carefully created.This wasn't love at first sniff for me,but I have so beautiful memories with this perfume that I cannot love it.It's so simple and pleasant and I also think it's vintage.I simply love it,it's the best floral for me. Calvin klein underwearblickpunkt calvin klein underwearmoderne spitze calvin klein UNDERWEAR3 stück für 60 chf. Calvin klein jeans kleider-träume calvin klein performancemodernes mesh calvin klein jeansfrühlings-denim I'm shocked by its longevity, it really is beauty on a bottle! Its sad, but we didnt find eachother ..

I'm in my mid 20's and wear Beauty often... I was given this as a gift when it first came out and I'm onto my third bottle now. It's my go-to scent for important work days and events when I need to make an impression. No, it's not exciting... but it is nice, feminine, and fairly long lasting without being overpowering or smelling cheap at all.Another clean floral fragrance, maybe a little heavier on the soapy side, but it's cute and suits well the work/office atmosphere. I remember from some time ago it had kind of a sweet undertone, that's why it was on my wishlist, but now I don't think it's that special.Powdery, linear, VERY "jasminey" fragrance. Smells beautifully, truly, and the name fits it perfectly. It's as if it were beauty in a bottle. Despite it being marketed towards older women, I think it's actually nicer for younger ones. It is very "perfumey" and 90s, and can be overwhelming if one sprays too much so I don't reach it for often. It is also something I'd only wear in spring and during the daytime, but that's just me and I agree on its versatility. I still think it is one of CK's best creations, though, even if it's nothing complex or out there. It is a simple beautiful fragrance that I can appreciate, even if it is not necessarily what I want to smell like. I agree that is bridal, but also work appropriate. Somewhat luminous (but also sharp) and decently long-lasting. Good sillage. Calvin klein accessoriesnew in: bags calvin klein accessoriesmonogram hardware calvin klein accessoriesneon now. Calvin klein. CK Performance I LOVE IT!!!!! As it's as simple as a jasmine I just bought it yesterday...maybe because I was used to more complex fragrances..regardless I now know that jasmine is my flower essence in a perfume! This perfume is heavenly! I highly recommend it..it's not a strong scent but men will surely appreciate you being around! I think it's rather sexy..it's very femminine! 10/10 Thumbs up! Thank you Mr. Klein!!!!

my friend uses a jasmine oil and candles for the room and she likes this perfume too. on my skin this smells exactly the same as the oil. just jasmine and kind of "granny". nothing sexy in itThe best I can do is - it's nice. I pretty much agree with Beccaru's review, it's spot on. We've all smelled scents like this one before, nothing new here. This is also a suitable gift exactly because it lacks character so while most people won't go crazy about it...they also won't think this is horrible or offensive. It's quite "safe", something to reach for in everyday occasions. The second reason is the bottle. If you buy the 100ml one it's this huge, elegant piece you'd be happy to display.

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  1. If you're a fan of Balmains "Ivoire", Elizabeth Ardens "5th avenue" or Van Cleef & Arpels "Un air de First" - You may want to check this one out. It has that same sort of vibe. Classy,clean white floral. Chique, sophisticated, grown up, classy and elegant.
  2. When I first tested this fragrance, I felt almost sure it would be part of my collection. It is a beautiful floral with a slightly fruity and toffee-like opening. On the contrary to many reviewers I find this scent rather deep (or maybe saturated and rich are the right words). It has a heart of creamy white flowers. I find it hard to believe that lily is the only white flower here, to my nose there definitely is hyacinth and maybe gardenia too. I find it both creamy and green and it has strong similarities to Anaïs Anaïs and Marc Jacobs for women. There cedar note is noticeable but very subtle and not the least sharp. Why haven't I added this lovely, deep floral to my collection? I think the answer is that it is almost too safe. It's a quite generic and linear scent with no surprises at all - neither bad nor good. It is just pleasant and beautiful. This kind of scent would suit any age and be appropriate for any occasion and any season. In 3 words: DEEP - SAFE - CREAMY
  3. but this is like a Jas

I just yanked this one out of my perfume arsenal box. You know the box I am talking about. It's the one filled with the "I am kind of simple and boring yet my owner won't throw me away" box. I rifled through my poor collection of wanna be's and decided to grab this one. Funny how your taste can change. This really is a super clean jasmine scent that is very well done. I tucked it away because it was rather simple and safe and I wanted something at the time that was different. But now that this has had time to sit and I have had time to experiment in many various scents I feel like I gave Beauty an unfair shake. Perhaps it's because 2010 has come and gone just like the popularity of this when it first came out. I don't smell it anymore. It's no longer boring and simple. In today's 89 degree heat it's refreshing to my nose. I always got Tuberose in this even though Jasmine is listed. I guess it's because it's a clean Jasmine and not that skanky kind. For such a cheapo she's got great silage and lasting power. Glad I did not chuck this one. Note to self: Go through reject box and give them another chance. This isn't your usual Calvin Klein fragrance. Where his fragrances are relatively safe...not really masterpeices (in my opinion) but pleasant nonetheless... this one feels like he's gone back to the old school. The way perfumes were made in the 80's. It's like a Boquet. This is a somewhat heady floral perfume, jasmine lots...can definately smell tuberose in here, it's kind of like a modern classic waiting to happen. I mean it's not an overwhelming beauty but it's different than what I had expected. There's an element of spice to it, an element of elegance, it's not youthful or fresh, it's quite thick and full of flowers. The bottle is awesome, I love the simplicity of CK's bottles, and this is probably the nicest one so far. I have the 50ml and it's dinky and cute. This won't be to everyone's taste but at least it's something different from what he ususally does. Overall I'd describe it as a verging on heady, slightly spicy jasmine blend, something to wear when you dress up a little bit.I mainly dislike this perfume because it brings back memories of grade 8. Anyway not that great smelling either. Also i remember applying a lot and i like to only spritz in the morning.

Smelled this on paper and I like it. It is what is says it is a simple, modern, sophisticated floral. I think this perfume is well balanced, well blended, not sharp or overly sweet. For a woman that is career oriented, stable, confident and knows what she wants in her life. Someone who thinks things through and is less likely to take risks. This is for the 30 and up group IMO. Calvin Klein is launching a new fragrance for women, Beauty, which arrives on the market in October 2010. The fragrance was created to support Calvin Klein's clothes collection, with elegant fragrance composition which does not have plans to be seductive, like for example Euphoria and Obsession Парфюмната вода Calvin Klein Beauty улавя духа на съвършената вътрешна красота и пробужда безгранична женственост. Тя е вдъхновена от нежното цвете кала, което сияе и омагьосва с изтънчения си цвят и елегантност

Maybe I'm not as sophisticated as others are when it comes to perfume because I do find this scent unique -- not run-of-the-mill or ordinary as some have commented. It's a fragrance full of glorious contradictions -- warm yet fresh and comforting but also a bit sexy. It's a beauty for all ages and one of my favorites. Calvin Klein. Select the department you want to search in. Calvin Klein All Departments Audible Books & Originals Alexa Skills Amazon Devices Amazon Warehouse Appliances Apps & Games Arts, Crafts & Sewing Automotive Parts & Accessories Baby Beauty & Personal Care Books CDs & Vinyl..

Health & Beauty. Hotels & Resorts. Calvin Klein vector logo - Free to download in EPS, SVG, PNG and JPG file formats. Calvin Klein logo License: Please read our Terms of Use Save calvin klein beauty to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Unfollow calvin klein beauty to stop getting updates on your eBay feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive Calvin klein accessoriesnuovi arrivi: borse calvin klein accessoriesmonogrammi in metallo Calvin klein jeanstoni neutri calvin klein performancecamo: edizione limitata calvin klein menswearcollezione..

Kids. Beauty Toggle. Calvin Klein. Scoop Neck Swimsuit-Intense Power. Calvin Klein. Swimming Trunks. Only R1,499.00. Add to Wish List I just wanted to let raluu know that in the U.S. Calvin Klein Beauty is in TJMaxx and probably Marshall's too. I just saw it at my local TJMaxx an hour ago.

الصوره الأخيره للأعلان تتكلم عن العطر وماقدر أوصف أكثر :)II just bought this after a debate about which fall fragrance to buy...and this wasn't even in my choices list lol. This ius very elegant and understated yet pretty. I swear I smell sandalwood instead of cedar. Could be unisex but is not masculine or cologne like. Anyway I decided this fits what I'm looking for in a fall scent, woody, floral ambrett( resin). I get yellow and white flowers for most of the wearing with woody undertones toward the end. I do like a lot of CKs fragrances. Some of the reviews say it smells synthetic but not on me. Yay! I needed a wearable fall scent. I think this would be lovely to mix with rose or vanilla also. Maybe Vega Wants Vanilla Rose perfume

Calvin Klein komentari na parfeme, Calvin, Calvin Klein, CK2, Crave, Downtown, Man, Beauty, Sheer Beauty, Sheer Beauty Essence, Calvin Američka dizajnerska kuća koju je osnovao Calvin Klein krajem 1960-tih. Postao je svetski poznat zahvaljujući svojim farmerkama i casual kolekcijama.. I must have a weird nose because this smells like a more serious version of Britney Spears Curious which I like. I know curious is much sweeter when first sprayed but when it dries it reminds me of this one and Ralph Lauren in the blue bottle with the silver lid. They seem to have the same Lilly, musky jasmine smell. If you like Pure Poison or Jennifer Anistons Lolavie this one is a smoother more sophisticated white floral. I like it but it is always so super expensive when I see it. My husband just got me Coco Chanel and spent an absolute fortune on it which I love so I won't be able to get this one at the moment. This one would bore some people especially if you don't like smooth white florals or find them too old fashioned. If you like Amarige by Givenchy but find it doesn't last or is a bit dated then try this.

Calvin Klein Beauty bei online Parfümerie notino.de. Calvin Klein Parfum aus der Reihe Beauty lieferbar innnerhalb von 2-3 Werktagen. Calvin Klein Beauty. Mehr Weniger. Sie haben ausgewählt Beauty is a 90's throwback scent. The top and middle are identical to Nicole Miller Nicole Miller. After a couple of hours, I get a smoky cedar drydown. That's about it. I'm not excited......

Osta Calvin Klein CK One Summer Limited Edition EdT, 100

Timeless ELEGANCE For some reason I feel quite saddened by the many negative reviews of this perfume. Perhaps because I find this scent both cheerful & comforting. As I deeply inhale the freshly sprayed perfume, my initial thoughts are of newly washed white towels and linen. It refreshes my senses with its crisp clean smell. It is possibly the vague amber or musk that accompanies the fresh scents that warmly lingers making it less cold and more alluring. The following floral scent that breaks through is a beautiful gentle jasmine (a less extreme jasmine than Eternity moment). I found my nose drawn to my wrist again and again as it's beautiful delicate scent danced with my pulse. Finally the woody backnotes appeared. The chart above describes it as cedarwood. I have no idea what cedarwood smells like, but this was not too dissimilar to sandalwood... again a comforting scent that warms the white and green notes like the spring sun coming out to warm the meadow blossom. So contrary to many, I LOVE this scent. It is beautiful. It is fresh yet alluring. It is as elegant & timeless as egyptian white cotton yet pretty as a meadow flower. I would recommend this as a fragrance to wear during the spring months. Not worn as a special evening smell but as a daily daytime luxury :)i've got the coffret today. nice and elegant jasmine scent but it's too soft to my nose. it stays long on my tshirt if i sniff it but i can barely smell it because it's too weak.this is BEAUTY .very Beautiful fragrance, if you like fruity tropical and such ,then this is NOT for you. this is a mature light Beauty with alot of personality, it reminds me of a softer "intimatly yours" by beckhamI had a test sample of this and gave it away to my mother i law. It smells nice but for me to much of a elderly women scent.

Explore the official CALVIN KLEIN website and discover the latest women's nightwear collection. Get 10% off your next order & enjoy free 120-day returns Calvin Klein BEAUTY събужда безпределна женственост и изтънченост, улавяйки духа на съвършената вътрешна красота, на сияеща аура. Жената превъплъщение на този уникален аромат е истинска и пряма, тя е съвършена и вдъхновяваща. В композицията вечен жасмин.. Well fancy that I do like a perfume with cedar. This is lovely nice clean and safe smelling, a good office friendly scent. I'm really amazed that a perfume containing so few scents can feel so well rounded. No linear juice here.

Linda Juhola - Page 292 of 2158 - Fashion Blog

Parfém Calvin Klein Beauty je zvodnou novinkou roku 2010 od Calvina Kleina. Elegancia, sofistikovanosť, večnosť a predovšetkým krása vyjadruje novú vôňu CK Beauty. Parfém CK Beauty je určený pre prirodzené ženy, ktoré vyhľadávajú modely značky Calvin Klein a dokážu si túto módu.. It's not like this scent hasn't been done before, but admist the fruity floral releases over this past year, Calvin Klein's new floral scent is rather refreshing to say the least. Beauty is a cross between my very favourite Burberry Weekend and Michael Kors EDP. It's a rather bold, sparkling and Summery interpretation of a white floral scent, being mostly jasmine, lily and tuberose with a rich cedary base. The floral blend, although very clean smelling, is quite heavenly. It's somewhat elegant and innocent like the advertising suggests, however for some it is far too distant from those heavier scents like Euphoria and Secret Obsession which have been big sellers in the past. Beauty is a pretty scent, however unfortunately lacking in depth and distinction. I do like this fragrance, but I did hope for more. I quite like its floral freshness, yet every now and then I sense something that smells like a floral-scented bathroom diffuser. The longevity of Beauty is great, well worth the big bucks, however the sillage can in some ways be too strong. Seeming that I'd prefer this kind of scent in the Summer, its heaviness would probably make me ill under such hot conditions.I like this perfume. It has a nice fresh clean scent yet remains feminine and charming. However, despite the great bottle design and the impressive name, I think the main problem of this perfume is that it does not have a strong character. It wants to be an icon perfume yet fails, something about the scent not very distinctive.A lot of likes and dislikes... This has been one of MY favourite fragrances for the past three years. Yesterday however in the store (in Antwerp, Belgium) all the Beauty products (scents and bodylotion) were on sale, 50 % off! It seemed strange to me so I asked the saleslady why. She told me that Beauty was going to be discontinued and they were selling all their stock. I hope this is not true, maybe they are only changing their packaging… because if they discontinue Beauty I will be very, very disappointed.

Lovely clean elegant florals! Creamy perfect white boquet! Such a beautiful fume! It's very wearable at any age I see it's marketed towards the 40age group but I'm in love and 29! Easy modern and chic! Lasting power is great on me 7hrs+ silage is arms length it's enough so people who hug you or talk to you in close proximity are aware of the creamy yummy floral delight! 87 Angebote vergleichen. Calvin Klein Beauty Eau de Parfum. 2 Produktmeinungen Expertenmeinung. Redakteurin Stefanie Peltzer - 23.08.18 Calvin Klein Beauty Eau de Parfum ist ein alltagstauglicher Duft, der mit seinem blumigen Charakter überzeugt

Beauty has a strange opening of pepper, which then develops into a sour spiciness. It must be the sinthetic jasmine which reacts with the cedarwood in the composition. It is not for me. It reminds me a lot of Truth, always by CK. The problem between me and these fragrances is that there is no depth. They don't develop into anything, and the acrid note you smell at the beginning will still be with you in the drydown. Boring.i may have already written about this..i too think that something is off in this one.i really wanted to love it..as I love everything else he has..but this one is not a success..you are lucky if it agreed with your skin's oils..not with mine.Has Beauty been reformulated? I went to buy a bottle of it and when I sprayed it on my wrist the smell was gone in 10 minutes :( . I had to fight hard to get a refund. I used to had the EDP and with a couple of spritzes I had enough. So sad that oe of my favorites is not the same anymore.

Como describirlo bueno dire que cuando lo probe UFFF me senti en el cielo ....me gusta, pero lamentablemente no tiene buena fijacion en mi piel.To take advantage of all HSN.com has to offer, please upgrade your browser to a newer version. You may get the latest here: browsehappy.com.why all the bad critics? This perfume is gentle,non-offending,soft and feminine perfect for spring.it's not mind blowing but why should it be? I don't want always to smell like a drama queen and suffocate people around me.This perfume it's the opposite of that.It's light and alluring.Hate me or not alien does not smells good to me. I tried to give it a chance. I blind bought it and this. This on the other hand is a beautiful Jasmine. It does not smell grapey or syrupy to me. It is not cloying. This is so beautiful and pleasing. Alien is way too much grape. And I hate anything grape flavored.

Recieved this today. This is an instant "LIKE" for me. A standard floral with a touch of cedar...not remarkable, but very calming and safe. I just got a 1 oz spray...so...that will be enough for me. Easy going scent...safe...good for everyday...This is actually my mothers perfume, but since she's not opposed to sharing, I have been spraying it on myself from then and then, and I can't say I'm disappointed. It's very clean and simple, but at the same time noticeable. I guess the fragrance really suit it's name - if it were a woman, it would not be someone who put on a lot of makeup and daring clothes, it would just be a natural beauty with dewy skin, pink cheeks and clothes in light fabrics with inviting and soft shapes. But she would not be bold enough to approach the guy she has a crush on... instead she keeps in the shade, watching the others dance while she takes sips of her green tea. Kind of sad, but like some others mentioned, this is not a perfume you would wear to make yourself stand out. It's a soft and easygoing day perfume, meant for people who want to smell pleasant, but nothing more. Great for me though, as I am shy and don't want to be the center of attention, but still a bit too plain for a night out with the girls. Good thing for my mom she's married, LOL.This is so lovely, what I have wanted for a long time. I wore a sample today and immediatly went online to buy a bottle, however, I was also busy with other things and didn't order anything right away. The smell, sadly only lasted about 2 hours max with 6 sprays so I most likely won't buy it. Brief but so nice. Update; Well, months after the above review, I bought a bottle today. It's so cheap for the Beauty!Online shops offers:Notino DE 2 items for 15.85 - 18.65 EURallbeauty.com DE 2 items for 23.10 - 31.50 EURFragranceX.com 1 product for 24.98 USDFragranceX.com EUR 1 product for 27.65 EURParfumdreams DE 3 items for 38.95 - 69.95 EURFlaconi DE 2 items for 43.95 - 51.95 EURView products...For a floral perfume with no sugar or caramel, this is rather sweet. It's a true floral sweetness. It must be the Ambrette.

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