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Lumira similarly provides an easy data connectivity and import feature and lets the users clean up or format the data using the prepare tab. Also, Lumira supports a bunch of data sources including Excel, CSV, SAP HANA, SAP Business Objects Universe, JDBC and ODBC SQL Queries, IBM DB2, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Apache Hadoop, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Netezza,,GreenPlum, SAP Hana, SAP ERP, SAP R/3 and Teradata.Tree Maps in Lumira include an explanatory legend which makes it easier to identify the range (low to high) of values for the various colors. This is a useful feature for the users and makes the chart much more intuitive especially when both size and color is used to represent two different measures. Similarly the axis label colors in lumira charts correspond to the chart series color thus making it easier for the user to read and interpret chart information. However, Qlik Sense is very flexible with respect to formatting and layout giving us the option to modify chart colors, legend and position/alignment unlike Lumira.

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Descubre más de 75 grupos de Qlik Sense con 12432 miembros cerca de ti y conoce personas con tus mismos intereses Although Qlik Sense does not offer automatic reporting, it does offer NPrinting as an add-on feature. NPrinting is Qlik’s reporting and distribution solution. This is an unsupported hack of Qlik Sense. If something else does not work in the editor, you should refresh the browser — which will completely remove any effects of the bookmark — before suspecting.. Since 2001, Sense-lang has been providing a free, very unique and user-friendly typing course. Our learning method has been proven to help millions of people around the world learn, practice, and..

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There are many reasons why you might want to connect to your Qlik Sense repository. For example, you may want to create a Qlik Sense application that lists all the applications and objects.. Field Formatting ‘ON THE FLY’: When it comes to formatting the fields in both the tools, Lumira lets you format the fields (converting to date, text or number) in the “Prepare” tab after which, the fields can be used for visualization. Qlik Sense lets you format the fields while creating charts in the “Edit” tab. The formatting options are many and easy to control. A single click can convert the values to money (which is by default “$”) or number, that provides further formatting for the decimal places. However there are a few things that still need to be worked on. For instance, the option of formatting it into percentage does not convert the value to percentage, but just prefixes the “%” sign to the value.

Installing Qlik Sense Desktop. and prerequisites - video 1. Create your first app. Sharing Qlik Sense Desktop Apps (1.x). Using Data Story Telling. Working with Visualizations 大塚商会からQlik製品をご契約いただくとアシスト研修講師監修の『Qlik関数大全』を購入できます。 Qlik Senseはモバイルファーストで開発されたBI製品です。 モバイルデバイスから単に情報の参照をするだけではなく、例えばiPad上で開発作業も可能な設計が..

利用人数やライセンスの種類により価格が異なります。個別にお問い合わせください。 Business Intelligence software by Sisense, the industry leader in BI for complex data - easily prepare, analyze & explore growing data from multiple sources せっかく分析ができる環境が整備されていても、データ自体が正確でなければ意味がありません。Qlik Senseはデータ統制のために、管理者権限によるデータソースや分析値の統一などの機能を提供します。また、分析レポートやデータが外部に漏れないよう、ユーザーごとに詳細に設定できるセキュリティ機能により安全性を確保しています。

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I want to create a stock and sales chart in Qlik Sense based on data from a MS SQL database. I manage to do the easy part and list the product code, name, price and stock but I cant manage to.. Interactivity provided by Qlik Sense in selecting data is worth mentioning. If the dataset is huge and is difficult to fit into a chart on the desktop, scrollable chart will be displayed with the capability to skim through the content and zoom into the area of interest. While analyzing the data, there are different ways to make selections including lasso select, free hand drawing to select several data points, range selection and legend value selection. While trying to select data on my touch screen system, it allowed me to select the data set that I was interested in by swiping. Lasso selection is disabled at that time so as not to interrupt the swiping action and avoid any accidental selection. This is a well thought out feature that would definitely be useful for any user on a touch device. Qlik Sense can be used for all sorts of goals. For example in business that goal might be to make more profit, whereas for the personal user that goal might be to find where they are spending all their money

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  1. Along with this , you should  explore more on other skills required for a complete data scientist .  If you are looking for machine learning , go for Introduction to Machine Learning .
  2. Qlik ® , Qlik ® Sense, QlikView ® , QlikTech ® , Qlik ® Cloud, Qlik ® DataMarket, Qlik ® Analytics Platform and the QlikTech logos are trademarks of QlikTech International. AB which have been..
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‘Simplified’ Self-Service: Both Lumira and Qlik Sense offer a fresh modern user interface with an easy and intuitive drag and drop feature for visualizing and exploring data within minutes. Самые новые твиты от Qlik Sense (@QlikSense): Please follow @Qlik for updates on #QlikSense 誰でも自由にデータ分析ができるようになるBI(ビジネスインテリジェンス)ツール「Qlik Sense(クリックセンス)」。必要な時に必要なデータを使って簡単に分析できます。

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  1. 中古タイヤの在庫状況や売れ筋を、きめ細かく把握できるBIツールを導入。サーバーの障害対策やセキュリティも強化
  2. 「Qlik Sense、QlikViewでは、どちらが自社に合うか分からない」「ほかのBI製品も含め、どれがよいか比較検討したい」「Qlikシリーズ製品の違いをもっと詳しく聞きたい」など、BI製品について、お気軽に大塚商会にご相談ください。実績・経験から導き出されたプランをお客様の規模・ご予算・ご要望に合わせてご提案します。
  3. Qlik Sense is a platform for modern, self-service analytics, driving discovery and data literacy for all Qlik Sense brings together our associative engine with a new cognitive engine that adds AI insight..
  4. ビジネススキルアップや業務に役立つさまざまなサービスをご用意しています。
  5. Qlik Sense is a self-service data visualization and data discovery solution providing immediate analysis results. Qlik Sense is used quite broadly by customers. Most respondents (91 percent) use the..

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  1. In this short video you will learn how to install QlikMaps for Qlik Sense Server. Related RSS Feeds. How To - QlikMaps for Qlik Sense. Channels are a simple, beautiful way to showcase and watch..
  2. 瞬時にデータを表示、直感的な操作 「インメモリー技術」と「連想技術」
  3. 58 Qlik Sense Distinct Keyword - Finding Unique Values in Qlik Sense. Do you want to become an awesome Qlik Sense Data Architect? Enroll in our Qlik Sense Data Architect Masterclass for just..
  4. Enterprise support is recommended for organizations that have numerous users or a complex data environment. It offers 24/7 support availability for critical issues. In addition to everything from the Basic level, the Enterprise support level includes:

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The human sense organs contain receptors that relay information through sensory neurons to the appropriate places within the nervous system. Each sense organ contains different receptors Before we go deep to answer this question . I will ask a question to you ,”Do you know about best data visualization tools ? “I think you should first take a look at basics of data visualization tools . Qlik sense is also one of the best data visualization tool . Data Analyst love Qlik Senses because of its Drag and drop feature . It is designed in the way that user at any level can use this . I mean Manager , Analyst,Developer even an end user can use Qlik Sense to make decisions. With Qlik Sense Desktop, making business decisions is faster, easier, and more collaborative than Part of the Qlik Sense family of products, Sense Desktop analytics software helps you quickly create.. Qlik Sense Enterprise less than version 3.2 (it seems in some case it helps even in latest versions In some environments, where IPv6 is turned off on the NIC, Qlik Sense will try to bind to IPv6 and fail QlikView/Qlik Sense Consultant. Catalyst IT Solutions. The role involves developing QlikView and Qlik Sense dashboards, including modelling of source data, designing/developing and testing scripts..

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Qlik®, QlikView®, Qlik® Sense, QlikTech®, and the QlikTech logos are trademarks of QlikTech International AB which have been registered in multiple countries Перевод слова sense, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция a sense of colour — понимание колорита, умение подбирать цвета a keen sense of humour — тонкое.. 6. Your chart object is ready. You may publish it . There is a again a fundamental of stream . Here you can give the previlages to other user . They can only view you chart if you give the permission.If you need to learn Qlik Sense , First thing you have to do is download desktop version of Qlik Sense  .When you go for download you have to fill a Registration form and go for email verification . Install the set up of Qlik Sense Desktop .Its really simple just like  to install a setup of ordinary application . Congratulation on your setup . Earn SENSE tokens by inviting friends and participating in conversations. Connect Securely. No spies and no hackers in this app - just you and your friends, chatting safely in encrypted groups

‘INTUITIVE VS COOL’ Visualizations: Both Lumira and Qlik Sense generate stunning and visually appealing charts. However, a few notable differences in the two are worth mentioning for making an informed decision of which tool to use to ensure that the right information is conveyed to the user. Demand for Qlik Sense helped Qlik increase license revenues 20% (in constant currencies) in 2015, said CEO Lars Bjork, up from 13% in 2014. The company is expecting even faster growth as it moves.. Lunasta. Kieli. Suomi. English. Kirjaudu ulos Qlik - 211 S Gulph Road, Suite 500, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania 19406 - rated 4.6 based on 166 reviews This is a collection of great Data Analytics.. Both Qlik Sense and Lumira have a great storyboard feature that lets you include content such as text, images and annotations that allows you to bring your story to life. Lumira’s storyboarding option lets you organize your visualizations into board, infographics or a report. Storyboards in Qliksense additionally allows you to enhance the visualizations with various charting effects to highlight the content such as the highest values and lowest value.

element61 and Qlik invite you to try and evaluate Qlik Sense — a functionally rich business discovery and self-service visualization software tool. Quickly combine your data to create rich, interactive visual.. Lumira allows us to add multiple dimensions/measures while creating charts, unlike Qlik Sense which restricts the number of dimensions/measures that can be added. You can either have multiple dimensions and a single measure, or a single dimension and multiple measures while creating charts. ySense is an online community with multiple earning options. Start earning with paid online surveys, cash offers, & Appen tasks. Sign up today Qlik Sense Cloud provides powerful insight into your SurveyMonkey activity by giving you a complete picture of your surveys. Qlik Sense Cloud Business is based on a subscription license model

Muita hyviä linkkejä. Selkosanomat. InfoFinland.fi - Suomi sinun kielelläsi. Ateneumin selkokielinen ääniopas Urban imagination and social innovation through design & science..

QlikView - Overview - QlikView is a leading Business Discovery Platform. It is unique in many ways as compared to the traditional BI platforms. As a data analysis tool, it always mai.. Before signing off, it is important to understand that every self-service tool is bound to produce fantastic results, provided you are the captain and the tool is your ship. By this I mean it’s important to understand the tool and its features; but your ability to leverage the tool to get the best possible outcome is equally important for driving your business decisions in the right path.Qlik Senseを初めてご覧になる方向けの製品紹介動画です。セルフサービスBIのコンセプトや、Qlik Senseならではのデータ・ビジュアライゼーションや連想技術、ガバナンスについて分かりやすくご紹介しています。 This Qlik sense Tutorial will give you complete practical approach to Qlik Sense . Once you launch Qlik sense desktop app you get Qlik Sense Hub as It is shown in below image

  1. CLI helper tool for Qlik Sense developers to allow write script locally and update in remote app. Validate, package and deploy your Qlik Sense Visualization Extension projects with ease
  2. Download Talend Open Studio software or test drive our enterprise products. Get started today with over 900 connectors and components to integrate anything
  3. Qlik Sense es una plataforma de analítica de datos moderna. Nuestro exclusivo motor de analítica y la IA capacitan a cualquier usuario para encontrar conocimientos ocultos que no se podrían ver con..
  4. Qlik Sense Tutorial for beginners - Getting started - Part-1-of-10 Qlik official webiste - qlik.com Download Qlik Sense for Free - www.qlik.com/us/try-or-buy/download-qlik-sense Qlik Sense..
  5. Blog Home » Qlik Sense Tutorials » QMC - Qlik Management Console For Qlik Sense. A Qlik Sense app is a task and purpose-specific document whose author or owner's name is stored in this..

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  1. Basic support is recommended for single-server installations for individual use. The support team is available during business hours. The Basic level includes:
  2. Qlik Sense は「Professional」 / 「Analyzer」 / 「Analyzer Capacity」の三つのユーザーライセンスで構成されています。サーバーライセンスは不要です。利用できるアプリ数に制限はありません。
  3. In this Qlik Sense tutorial , My main focus area is describe the flow of visualization end to end. I mean from Qlik server to your portal because you can easily get syntax and general lessons on Qlik Community .  So there is no need to copy that in new words . In case you want to explore more on Qlik Sense Tutorial , You may refer Qlik sense official Tutorial.
  4. ary Steve Dark. 12th and 13th May 9:30 BST

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Implementing Qlik Sense book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Qlik Sense helps organizations in making informed decisions based on the data they have Popular. Hisense U7B. It's time to rethink TV with Laser TV. View all of our TVs

Qlik Sense Mobile delivers the all the power of Qlik Sense on Android. It offers full access to Qlik Sense Enterprise environments, including exploration, creation, and collaboration Desenvolvedor Qlik Sense. Potencialize suas análises! Aprenda a desenvolver aplicações no QlikSense. Você está interessado em aprender como desenvolver aplicações no Qlik Sense Once you launch Qlik sense desktop app you get Qlik Sense Hub as It is shown in below image . It contains all app in qlik sense .

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I hope , This Qlik sense tutorial may help you to build your first app with Qlik sense .In case you want to certify yourself with Qlik sense . There is some thing positive for you , go for qlik sense certification.Filters and Selections: Filters cannot be added locally to specific visualizations in a sheet in Qlik Sense unlike Lumira. ‘Clear all selections’ option in Qlik Sense is missing in Lumira – Lumira requires the user to manually deselect the controls for visualizing the data without any filters.大塚商会では、BIの導入支援から導入後のサポートまで、全てワンストップでサポートします。また導入後の原因不明のトラブルや、複数機器にまたがるトラブル、土日のトラブルであっても一つの窓口で対応。幅広いメーカーとの取引がある大塚商会だからこそ、ご希望に応じて特定製品の導入にとどまらず、関連製品やソリューションなどお客様のオフィスの真の課題を解決するご提案も可能です。Then, there’s the Qlik Sense Enterprise, a multi-cloud edition, that includes unlimited shared and managed spaces, total cloud storage starting at 500 GB, in-memory app size limit starting at 2.5 GB and at least 100 scheduled data reloads per day. Qlik Sense Enterprise is broken down into Professional User and Analyzer User. Professional User costs $70 per user, per month and Analyzer User costs $40 per user, per month (billed annually).Disclosure: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, We will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking through the link.Read the FULL earnings disclosure here for more information

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Suppose you have a web Portal for school . In the Dash Board of portal under parents , You want to show a chart of their child performance status in past three months . Here you can use Qlik Sense , The only thing you have to do is to create chart on qlik server and make the connection of your web server to Qlik Sense Server . Now using the chart Id in Qlik Sense server , You can directly load the chart where ever you want . Qlik Sense is a smart analytics tool to generate personalized reports and dashboards instantly. It allows easy navigation through a huge amount of data and collects detailed information

84 Qlik Sense Developer jobs available on Indeed.com. At least Qlik Sense Business Analyst and Qlik Sense Data Architect (v 3.2 or higher); Qlik Sense System Administrator certification a plus Qlik Sense. 1.8K likes. A next generation, self-service data visualization and analytics application. Related Pages. Qlik. Software company. QlikView & QlikSense OnlineTrainings

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Qlik Developer - QlikView - Qlik Sense - BI Developer Our client, a large national organisation, are looking for an experienced Business Intelligence Developer specialising in vi.. Qlik Sense’s SaaS solution is ready to use as you log into your account. There is no download or installation of software needed.Associative Relationship Of Tables: In Lumira, the pre-requisite for joining two data sets is the presence of a key field having unique rows on which the merge can be performed or by creating composite keys which satisfy the same unique condition. This ends up being a challenge for most types of datasets. Qlik Sense makes the associations/joins between tables based on common field names and especially when there is more than one common field between two or more tables, synthetic keys are automatically created. The “Data Model Viewer” in the “Navigation” tab provides a comprehensive view of the loaded datamodels by source table and internal table view structure. This feature is essential and very useful for understanding the association of related datasets in order to make sure that the joins are done logically when there are multiple datasources involved.

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Qlik Sense utilizes Web Sockets for communication. Some Enterprise Proxy applications are yet to support Web Sockets. Verify with 3rd party vendors or infrastructure / network teams if all software.. Qlik Sense Uygulama Videoları. You are here Qlik Sense November 2018 ile Gelen Yenilikler Qlik Sense ile Hızlı ve Basit Veri Hazırlam 製品の選定やお見積りなど、100万社ものお客様に支えられた多数の実績でお客様のお悩みにお応えします。まずはお気軽にご相談ください。Now you can enter in an existing App or create new using this screen by the above button . One you are Inside an App , You can create or view Qlik Sheets . Just have look in below screen-Qlik SenseとQlikViewのQlikシリーズは、「インメモリー技術(注1)」や「連想技術(注2)」を搭載していますので、必要に応じてさまざまな角度から高速で分析をすることができます。QlikViewは、分析した結果からさらに深く追求する追求型の分析ツールで、Qlik Senseは、だれでも、どこでも手軽にチャートを作成・共有できる「セルフサービス型」のデータ分析ツールです。デバイスにあわせて自動的に表示が最適化されるため、どんなデバイスでも分析しやすいのが特長です。

Qlik®, QlikView®, Qlik® Sense, QlikTech®, and the QlikTech logos are trademarks of QlikTech International AB which have been registered in multiple countries Qlik Sense is data analysis software that produces visualizations from spreadsheets. Qlik Sense gives users access to a secure, cloud-based unified hub that simplifies finding and sharing analytics..

各社それぞれの課題や状況に合わせて、ITの活用による解決方法をご提案しています。BI/ETLツールを導入した事例をご紹介します。 Search for Qlik Sense freelancers. Refine your freelance experts search by skill, location and price. Developing QlikView, Qlik Sense application.I have been working with Qlikview for 4 years and Qlik.. データの容易な分析と、ビジネス上の決定の高速化を可能にする、無料のデータ ビジュアライゼーションおよびデータ ディスカバリー(解の探索)ツールのQlik Senseを無料でお試しください。

Qlik Sense hayal edebileceğinizden çok daha güçlü... Kolay ve hızlı kullanım. Güvenilir ve mükemmel sonuç. Sürükle - bırak, görselleştir. Üstelik siz nerede iseniz tüm verileriniz de Qlik Sense ile orada With Add Sense you can quickly insert Qlik Sense data into your spreadsheets. A Qlik Sense server installation is required for this add-in to work. No external services or accounts are used Signup Login. Qlik_Sense. 9posts. 6followers

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エンドユーザー自身が必要な時に、必要なデータでの分析を実現するセルフサービス型のBIツール「Qlik Sense」。QlikViewで培った高度な分析技術と直感的なユーザーインターフェイスを提供します。従来自分自身ではデータ分析ができなかったユーザー層にまで、BIのパワーを解放します。AboutQlik was founded in Sweden in 1993. Its original name derived from Quik, a marketing acronym standing for “Quality, Understanding, Interaction, Knowledge.” Shop from 500+ luxury labels, emerging designers and streetwear brands for both men and women. Gucci, Off-White, Acne Studios, and more. Shipping globally Qlik Sense rend la création de dashboards simple et intuitive. Avec Qlik Sense, les utilisateurs peuvent désormais créer eux même les tableaux de bord sans aucune compétence informatique

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Qlik Sense - 328224 Practice Tests 2019, Qlik Sense technical Practice questions, Qlik Sense tutorials practice questions and explanations The sensing organs associated with each sense send information to the brain to help us understand and perceive the world around us. People also have other senses in addition to the basic five Measures and Dimensions: While Lumira creates both measures and dimensions automatically from every column in the dataset, Qlik Sense requires the user to specify the fields to be either measure or dimension while creating the chart in the “Edit” tab. “Master Items” in QlikSense is an interesting feature that lets you add custom dimensions/measures and also complete visualization objects which can be added or reused whenever needed. Global changes to visualizations, dimensions or measures can be easily done using the master items instead of having to repeat it for every sheet. In this first qliksense tutorial video of #QlikSenseCloud I have talked about the how you can get it both qliksense cloud and #qliksense desktop version

Welcome to the stage. Sense ecosystem™. Vr pleasure set lite. The hand job, reimagined QlikTech International AB Qlik Sense 2.0. Qlik Sense, introduced in 2014, is a do-it-yourself BI and visualization While Qlik Sense 1.0 was clearly a work in progress, Qlik Sense 1.1 and now 2.0.. Qlik Sense is made for all kinds of users (from the least tech-savvy executive to the data expert) in all types of organizations. Qlik Sense has been used in finance, IT, engineering support services, HR and more. Qlik Sense has two main editions. First, there’s the Qlik Sense Business edition that costs $30 per user, per month (billed annually). It includes many of Qlik Sense features in addition to up to 5 shared spaces, up to 50 data reloads per day, 250 GB cloud storage and 1.25 GB in-memory app size limit.

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Qlik Sense from QlikView is the newest entry in this ‘Self-service data discovery” space. Having worked with Lumira for the past few months, I was curious to explore this new tool. In this blog, I will be highlighting some of the features that both the tools have to offer and a few observations that I gathered during my initial exploration. QlikSense Tutorial: In this tutorial, you will learn What is Qlik Sense, Architecture, features & editions of Qliksense and it will give you complete practical approach to Qlik Sense The moral sense test. How do you decide between right and wrong? ABOUT. The Moral Sense Test is for the curious- help us determine the principles we use to decide that one action is.. Once are logged into the Hub ,Create an app . You may load the data as per your requirement . Here there may be many option for you to load the data . You can load data in many format like existing databases ( SQL based or NoSql Based ), Excel format etc. After loading the data you can edit or delete the column which you don’t need. 595 in-depth Qlik Sense reviews and ratings of pros/cons, pricing, features and more. Compare Qlik Sense to alternative Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

基幹業務システム「SMILE V」に蓄積された各種データを、多彩なグラフにして表現できます。直感的な操作でデータを探索・分析し、意思決定のスピードアップが図れます。Qlik Sense has many dynamic features that are flexible enough for all types of users. Some of its best features are listed below: QlikView 認定資格取得者(Developer 52名、System Administrator 11名)Qlik Sense 認定資格取得者(Data Architect 1名、System Administrator 5名)を含む、全国約50名のQlik技術者.. Qlik Sense is a leading platform for business intelligence (BI) solutions. Qlik Sense helps organizations in making informed decisions based on the data they have. This book will teach you how to effectively.. Introducing Qlik Sense Cloud - Introducing Qlik Sense Cloud Learn about Qlik Sense Cloud. Create and interact with Qlik Sense apps whenever the need arises

Qlik Sense is an analytic tool that generates custom reports for businesses. It is all packaged in a highly-detailed and user-friendly dashboard that users can easily use and explore huge amounts of.. Now based in Radnor, PA, Qlik has offices around the world, with over 1,700 partners in more than 100 countries. Qlik Sense Training, Learn Qlik Sense with Online Practices, in-class Seminars, and Certifications Below listed Qlik Sense education partners provide Course Material, Classes Curriculum, Tutorial..

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Qlik Sense et QlikView sont deux solutions bien connues de data visualisation. Listé parmi les leaders de son secteur par le Gartner, Qlik propose des versions gratuites, mais bridées de ses solutions Qlik Sense 2.2 and Qlik Enterprise 3.0 are scheduled to be launched fiscal 2016. In addition, the company has decided on an annual release schedule for updated versions of the new QlikView.. Qlik Senseの豊富な機能の実現には、「インメモリー」と「連想技術」が欠かせません。大量の明細データを事前集計なしでそのままメモリーに読み込むインメモリー技術と、QlikView、Qlik Senseの開発元であるQlikTech社が独自に開発した連想技術。これらの技術があるからこそ、エンドユーザー自身が自由に分析できる環境の提供を可能にしています。

I am using Qlik sense and I need help with mapping or something related to mapping in 2 tables. I have loaded 2 tables in to qlik sense. There is common columns which connects two tables Qlik Sense Enterprise Server is a self-service business intelligence (BI) tool that delivers the best collection of user access roles among the BI tools we tested, and also demonstrates a promising start..

Qlik Sense Pricing Qlik Sense Reviews Qlik Sense Alternatives Qlik Sense Integrations. Cons Qlik Sense is still a new product and not very mature yet, as it has only been released a year and a half ago 時流の変化に合わせ基幹業務システムを整備。情報をリアルタイムに共有・分析し、営業の効率化と的確な経営判断を実現

Qlik Sense is self service analytics. It gives individual users the power to create personalized , interactive data visualizations, reports and dashboards from multiple data sources with drag-drop ease Qlik Sense: For the independents. Not every company or business has access to specialists who can take full advantage of QlikView, especially with the rise of small and medium enterprises

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