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In that scene in Kimi No Na Wa, they only show her enter his place but nothing after. We’re going to have to assume that after all that she’s been through, she has a certain conviction to stand up to her father and make him listen to her. Their relationship has been very formal but this moment is emotional for Mitsuha and perhaps connects with her father at an emotional level. Besides, in the sky, the comet has already split into two. Mitsuha (as Taki) has already mentioned this to her dad early on. Now he sees proof. He orders for the evacuation of the town. your.name.2160p.HDR.BluRay.Remux.FLAC5.1.H265-CTR.[2CE04B17].mkv (Kimi no Na wa) (English Dubbed Dual Audio). [Cleo] Kimi no Na wa. | Your Name

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회원님들이 남기시는 댓글은 제작자님들에게 큰 힘이 됩니다. 너의 이름은. (your name., 2016) 감사합니다. http://subscene.com/subtitles/kimi-no-na-wa-your-name/korean/1620152 http.. Watch the trailer for Your Name. We open with a meteor shower, on that day when the stars came falling, like a dream a shared dream. In the remote mountain town of Itomori.. Si tienes problemas al cargar la pelicula, prueba cambiar el servidor haciendo click en los botones de arriba.

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Your Name. 26 августа 2016. Студия. CoMix Wave Vera Kall, de diecinueve años, vuelve a casa en bicicleta durante la noche. Llega a una granja, deja su bicicleta y se desliza silenciosamente […] Animation, drama, romance. High schoolers Mitsuha and Taki are complete strangers living separate lives. But one night, they suddenly switch places. Mitsuha wakes up in Taki's body, and he in hers. This bizarre occurrence continues to happen randomly.. BD 720p. Ориг. название: Call Me by Your Name. Режиссер: Лука Гуаданьино. Похожее кино. Идеаль / L'idéal (2016). Храбрые перцем (2010)

Your Name (2016). 11863. Close. Title: Your Name (aka. Kimi no na wa.) Rating: PG Directed by: Makoto Shinkai Written by: Makoto Shinkai Based on the novel by: Makoto Shinkai Starring.. Days later, and after multiple switches, the two realize that they aren’t dreaming but are actually switching. They set a bunch of rules so that their lives are not drastically affected. They decide to put in a report of the day in their smartphones for each other to read. The two of them continue experiencing many switches over a period of time. They begin to get close and understand each other.

Your Name (Japanese: 君の名は。 Hepburn: Kimi no Na wa.) is a 2016 Japanese animated film Your Name was animated by CoMix Wave Films, and distributed by Toho. It premiered at the Anime.. After you've finished watching, please share your thoughts on the comment section below

Nonton film Dunia21 Your Name. (2016) streaming dan download movie subtitle indonesia kualitas HD Nonton Film Your Name. (2016) Subtitle Indonesia Streaming Movie DownloadDownload Film.. You may have to fortify your illogicality tolerance when viewing the anime adventure "Your Name." But this body-swap romance by the exciting and talented filmmaker Makoto Shinkai is nonetheless exquisite, beautiful and entertaining.

Around a thousand years ago, a meteorite strikes creating a huge crater. This lead to the formation of a lake over the years. The fictional town of Itomori is situated near this lake. This town is drawn so beautifully, you’d want to go there for a nice long holiday. Our female lead, Mitsuha, lives in this town with her sister (Yotsuha) and grandmother (Hitoha Miyamizu). She is from a family of shrine maidens. There is a family shrine that her mother’s side has taken care of for generations. When Mitsuha and her sister are very young, their mother passes away. Their father, Toshiki, has ambitions that are in the direction of town administration. He feels no connect towards the shrine and as a result, separates from the family. Years pass and he becomes the mayor of the town. Mitsuha hangs out with her two friends Teshi and Sayaka. There is a light hint of a mutual liking between Teshi and Sayaka that is shown in Kimi No Na Wa and confirmed towards the end of the movie. This is not too relevant. Your Name. (2016) [BluRay.1080p.FLAC.ITA.JAP.Sub.Ita.v2] by stress.mkv » video movie hd. YourName2016Hdrip720pHCEngSubAACX264GamesOfBali » video movie hd

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Anime movies Your Name. English Dubbed online for free in HD. (Kimi no na wa.) Mitsuha is the daughter of the mayor of a small mountain town. She's a straightforward high school girl who lives.. Animación., drama., romance. Director: Makoto Shinkai. Starring: Animation. Taki y Mitsuha descubren un día que durante el sueño sus cuerpos se intercambian, y comienzan a comunicarse por medio de notas Аниме, мультфильмы, фэнтези. Режиссер: Макото Синкай. В ролях: Канон Тани, Саяка Охара, Аои Юки и др. Язык: RU

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  2. Romance, drama, fantasy. Director: Makoto Shinkai. Starring: Etsuko Ichihara, Ryûnosuke Kamiki, Masami Nagasawa and others. Mitsuha is the daughter of the mayor of a small mountain town. She's a straightforward high school girl who lives with her sister and her grandmother and has no qualms..
  3. Directed by Makoto Shinkai. Your Name 2016. You can also suggest completely new similar titles to Your Name in the search box below. 8.2 118

Senin Adın - Your Name filminin konusu, Şehir çocuğu olan Taki ve kasaba kızı olan Mitsuha, lisede okumaktadırlar ve birbirlerini hiç tanımazlar. Ancak aynı rüyalara ve isteklere sahiptirler Back in the past, Mitsuha now knows the dangers of the comet. But she begins to forget Taki. When she sees her hand, she realizes that Taki has written “I love you” and not his name. She joins Teshi to plant the bomb in the sub-station. The explosion causes people to worry. Sayaka makes the false announcement of the forest fires. But she is soon caught. Teshi is caught too. Mitsuha runs to her father’s place to try to convince him.

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  1. Your Name est un film réalisé par Makoto Shinkai avec les voix de Yoann Borg, Alice Orsat. Ce dernier a été publié en juin 2016 au Japon, deux mois avant la sortie du film en salles
  2. Your Name is a genuine delight of a movie, an emotional adventure that crosses multiple genres. While Your Name's story is dubious, it doesn't disappoint. One of the standout features from London..
  3. Your Name | Kimi no Na wa. | 君の名は。 Год выхода: 2016. Страна: Япония
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  5. Back where Taki is (3 years in the future), we still see two lakes because the comet does strike. He is in Timeline 2 now because his last switch has made the difference. But Taki has no more memories of what he’s doing there. He just makes his way back home.

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The plan is set in motion. Mitsuha (as Taki) goes to meet her dad. She fails to convince him. He thinks that his daughter has gone mad. Mitsuha (as Taki) meets Teshi and Sayaka and tells them that she couldn’t convince her dad. She tells them to continue with the plan and heads to the shrine. Taki realizes that if he is in Mitsuha’s body, she would be in his body in the shrine. Título original: Kimi no na wa Año: 2016 Duración: 106 min. País: Japón Japón Dirección: Makoto Your Name es una película en que 2 personajes Taki y Mitsuha descubren un día que durante el..

Director: Makoto Shinkai. Starring: Cherami Leigh, Stephanie Sheh, Ben Diskin While Your Name's story is dubious, it doesn't disappoint. One of the standout features from London Film Festival, and one of the best animated features this year. Kimi No Na Wa is the 2016 Japanese anime blockbuster from Makoto Shinkai. This movie is an absolute Come back. Read further. Here's the Japanese anime film Your Name or Kimi No Na Wa.. تدور احداث فيلم Your Name 2016 Kimi no na wa حول بعد شهر واحد من ســقوط مُذنَّب للمرَّة الاولى بعد الفسنة في اليابان. توجد فتاة تدعى [ميتسـوها].. Close. Released year. 2016. More. Released year. 2016. Close. Duration

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  1. The next day, Mitsuha goes about her day when everyone is constantly telling her how weird she was acting the previous day. Mitsuha remembers her previous day as a hazy dream. She discovers a “who are you?” written in her notebook. Her teacher is explaining the concept of Tasogare-doki/Kataware-doki. We’ll get to this later. She goes back home and knits with her grandmother. Taki too wakes up to a day where everyone’s telling him he was odd the previous day. At work, the other guys are angry that Taki made a move on Okudera.
  2. Narra la historia de un ladrón, quien tras golpear brutalmente a una señora mayor para arrebatarle la cartera, intenta redimir el daño que hizo. […]
  3. Camboya, 17 de abril de 1975. Todo el país cae bajo la tiranía del Angkar, el partido comunista de los jemeres rojos. Las ciudades […]
  4. — Your Name 君の名は。 (2016) Dir. Makoto Shinkai. cinematic-art. If time can really be turned back, give me one last chance. Your Name (2016) dir. Makoto Shinkai
  5. Your Name review by Luke Ryan Baldock, October 2016. Your Name's three LFF screenings are already Sold Out, but it will be released on 18th November in the UK

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Tagged with anime, screenshot, yourname, kiminonawa; Shared by CiEmPank. Your Name. 2016 / Kimi No Nawa (Screenshots) It's both gorgeous enough and emotionally engaging enough to be worth seeking out. Your Name, or Kimi no Na wa. (君の名は。) is a 2016 Japanese anime film directed by Makoto Shinkai. It follows two high school students swapping bodies, while living their separate lives. It is the highest-grossing anime film of all time, having overtaken Spirited Away Tralier Your Name (2016). Video Clip này được chèn từ YouTube. Bộ phim cũng trở thành một hiện tượng điện ảnh tại Nhật Bản khi có doanh thu phòng vé cao nhất Nhật Bản năm 2016, là phim có.. Your name [2016]. Dos personas que no se conocen viven sus vidas hasta que se encuentran enlazadas de una extraña manera. Mitsuha despierta en el cuerpo de Taki, y él en el cuerpo de ella

Genres:. Watch Your Name (2016) full movie English sub. Other name: Kimi no Na wa. Synopsis: Mitsuha is the daughter of the mayor of a small mountain town Release: 2016. IMDb: 8. Keywords You May Also Like. HD. Call Me By Your Name Nonton Your Name atau Kimi no Nawa (Kimi no namae) menceritakan Siswa sekolah menengah, Mitsuha Download Your Name (2016) film gratis sub indo HD bluray streaming google drive subtitle.. Your Name (2016). Common Sense Age 12+. HD. Sci-Fi & Fantasy. 1 Hour 46 Minutes. 2016. 4.8, 83 Ratings. Mitsuha and Taki are total strangers living completely different lives In the Mac version of Microsoft Word 2016, you can set your preferred username in the program's preferences area. In the Windows edition..

Two lovers transcending time and space to connect is an inspiring story no matter what country you hail from. Your Name. 2016. Available in. Direct Download. Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP Bonus: No Restrictions, Fines or Annoying ADS with any VPN Purchased İngilizce. : Your Name. Bitiş Tarihi. : 26 Ağustos 2016, Cuma. Yaş Sınırı Now it is 8 years after the comet strike. Which means 8 years have passed for Mitsuha since she’s met Taki. 5 years have passed for Taki since he’s last met Mitsuha. Mitsuha has finished up with school and has eventually found a job in Tokyo. Taki too has graduated and is looking for a job. These are the opening scenes of Kimi No Na Wa.

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Câu chuyện về phép màu và tình yêu xoay xung quanh Mitsuha và Taki. Mitsuha là một cô bé học sinh cấp 3 sống tại một vùng nông thôn nằm rúc sâu trong núi. Cha cô là thị trưởng và rất ít kh Taki (as Mitsuha) wakes up in the shrine and heads out to see that the town of Itomori is destroyed. Mitsuha doesn’t know that her switching with Taki has been happening 3 years in the future. Mitsuha (as Taki) arrives. They two start running and calling out to each other. Dusk is approaching. They can hear each other but can’t see each other. This is because they are in the same place but are 3 years apart. Here’s a note to make. You can see two lakes behind Taki (as Mitsuha) and one lake behind Mitsuha (as Taki). As the sun sets, twilight happens. They see each other.Historia de una rana con una crisis de identidad. Ribbit es una rana un poco rara: no le gusta ni saltar ni nadar. Un […]Mitsuha is burdened by her boring life and the boring town of Itomori. She and her sister are Shrine maidens and perform the ritual of the sacred Kagura dance. As a part of this, they make kuchikamizake. This is where they chew on rice and spit it out into a container and let that ferment to become alcohol. This sake, once formed, is then offered at the shrine to the god. Mitsuha is embarrassed when other school mates see her doing the ritual. At one point she even wishes to be born a Tokyo boy in her next life. Makoto Shinkai's new film, Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.) premiered in Japan August, 2016 and is popular among all ages. Famous landmarks were used throughout the movie because the audience..

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Tras la destrucción de su nave, el joven Willy se separa de sus padres con quienes viajó por el espacio. Su cápsula de rescate […] Мультфильм, фэнтези, драма. Режиссер: Макото Синкай. В ролях: Рюносукэ Камики, Монэ Камисираиси, Рё Нарита и др. Мицуха обыкновенная девушка, она живет у подножия горы и помогает в воспитании своей младшей сестры Enitan es un joven nigeriano que fue “cedido” por sus padres a una familia británica blanca con la esperanza de darle un futuro mejor. […] Open Your Personal my Social Security Account. Open an account today to view estimates of the retirement, disability, and survivors benefits you and your growing family may be eligible for in the.. After this, they don’t switch again. Taki wants to know why. He uses his memory and generic image references to draw out the scenery of Mitsuha’s town. He doesn’t know the name. He decides to go on a quest to find this town. Tsukasa and Okudera decide to join him, they think he’s going to meet an online friend. They go hunting but aren’t able to find much. At a diner, someone finally recognizes the drawing of the time and say it is Itomori. It is disclosed that this town was destroyed 3 years ago by a comet fragment. This is the first time we, the audience, are told that the body switching between Taki and Mitsuha was happening 3 years apart. Taki is unable to understand how this can be. The crater caused by the comet has caused another lake to form. He pulls out his phone and sees the messages are disappearing. I’ll talk more on the disappearing messages later. They begin to read up on the town and locate a book that has the names of all the people who died. Taki sees the names of Teshi, Sayaka and Mitsuha. This is also where were shown that Taki has been wearing the thread, from the train, as a sign of good luck. He has no memories of how he got it or who gave it to him.

Your Name is a genuine delight of a movie, an emotional adventure that crosses multiple genres. Shinaki seamlessly blends romance with science fiction to incredible effect. Kimi.no.na.wa.A.K.A.Your.Name.2016.JAPANESE.720p.10bit.BluRay.6CH.x265.HEVC-PSA. Tags: 2016 animation BluRay drama Fantasy Hevc Hevc PSA Movie x265 x265 Hevc

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A lot of readers are keen to know what the phrase Kimi No Na Wa translates to. Now, I don’t know Japanese but I could find out a few things from a couple of friends. Native Japanese speakers, please correct me if I’m wrong. “Kimi No” translates to “Your” and it is informal. “Na Wa” translates to “Name What”. So “Kimi No Na Wa” is basically a question which means “What Is Your Name?” or a short representation of the question being “Your Name?”. While in English it’s not grammatically correct to ask “Your Name?”, this form in many Asian languages is perfectly fine.Un joven autor toma posesión de un manuscrito enviado por el escritor aclamado por la crítica, Germund Rein, poco antes de suicidarse.When they cross the river to visit the place of the god Musubi, Mitsua’s grandmother says, “Beyond this point is ‘kakuriyo’. It means the underworld. In exchange for returning to this world, you must leave behind what is most important to you. The kuchikamisake.” Taki (in Mitsuha’s body) asks, “The kuchikamisake?”. Grandmother replies, “You’ll offer it inside the god’s body. It is half of you.” When Taki crosses the river again three years later, he remembers that the other side of the river is the ‘underworld’. What will he leave behind that is most important to him? His memory of Mitsua. Likewise for Mitsua, when she wakes across the river in Taki’s body three years in her future. When she leaves the ‘underworld’, she also has to leave behind what is most important to her, her memory of Taki. Their connection has been severed. They don’t realize it but they tear up right after the trip to the Shrine. Call Me by Your Name. Trailer. Rating: 8.20

Director: Makoto Shinkai, Ben Diskin, Cherami Leigh and others Add your name to tell Bernie you're in! Add Your Name! Mobile alerts from Friends of Bernie Sanders. Periodic messages A Wind Named Amnesia (English Dub) Post Apocalyptic Anime. Wisunexo. 1:46. YOUR NAME English Trailer (2016) Anime Movie-dbtN9HOOqhk. Thitgangonhk Notice: While Javascript is not essential for this website, your interaction with the content will be limited. Please turn Javascript on for the full experience Your Name (2016). دراما ئه‌نیمه‌یشن خه‌یاڵی

Han pasado diez años desde que los dragones se mudaron al Mundo Oculto, y aunque Toothless ya no vive en New Berk, Hiccup continúa […] Your Name (2016). Animation, Drama, Fantasy. Ryûnosuke Kamiki, Mone Kamishiraishi, Ryô Narita, Aoi Yûki Now we go back to the point the teacher was trying to make earlier on during class. Twilight, it’s not a day or night. The time is when the world blurs and one might encounter something supernatural. This is a belief which some communities have. Kimi No Na Wa uses this element in this scene to take Taki and Mitsuha to a place independent of time. They also switch back into their original bodies. In the background, you don’t see any specific details on the number of lakes. This is because it is neither one nor two – a place independent of time.

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To say this film involves bending time doesn't even really begin to describe it, but it all makes sense in this universe, and it's a bold and beautiful wonder to behold. It's bold and stunning with great characters and original storytelling. He is a boy studying and living in Tokyo. He runs into a girl, Mitsuha, on a train one day and she hands him a red thread. The thread binds him to her. He wears it as a good luck charm. The following day he observes the comet. The destruction of the town is a news channel report to him. At this point, he has no knowledge of the town or the inhabitants. 3 years after meeting the girl on the train he magically begins to switch bodies with Mitsuha. Now, Taki doesn’t know he’s switching bodies with the same girl from the train. Taki also doesn’t know that he’s switching bodies with Mitsuha from 3 years in the past. He understands that he’s in a small town when he’s switching bodies but never bothers to find the name of the town he is in. All he knows is that the switching is for real. One fine day the switching abruptly stops. This is because back in the past, the comet has killed Mitsuha, Taki doesn’t know this. But he still has the thread and this continues to bind Taki to Mitsuha. He decides to go looking for Mitsuha.

One of the days of the switch, Mitsuha (as Taki) goes to the family shrine with Yotsuha and her grandmother. There they go to offer the kuchikamizake in the shrine. Her grandmother senses that who is with them is not Mitsuha. She asks her “you are dreaming right?”. The scene is cut and moves to the next day when Taki wakes up in his own body. He has tears rolling from his eyes but doesn’t know why. He looks at his phone to see that Mitsuha has set up a date with Okudera. He runs to the date. It turns out terrible because Okudera likes Taki when Mitsuha is in him. She mentions to Taki that she feels he initially had a crush on her but now likes someone else. Taki denies it. After the date, he tries to reach Mitsuha but the phone is not reachable. Remember, Mitsuha is long dead.During the events of Mitsuha’s switching, there is a comet that is passing by. Is the comet causing this rift in timelines to happen? While in movies like Coherence it is shown to affect timelimes, in Kimi No Na Wa, the switching is shown to be something native to the Miyamizu family and the thread controls flow of time. A town’s festival is on the same day as the Comet’s closest proximity to Earth. Mitsuha cuts her hair as she feels her relationship with Taki has come to an end. She’s dressed in a kimono and meets with Teshi and Sayaka. They are surprised to see her with short hair. They head to a vantage point to see the comet clearly. Unfortunately, the comet splits and one fragment drops into Earth. It happens strike and kill hundreds of people in the town. Mitsuha, Teshi and Sayaka die too. The school is left unharmed and so is the shrine. This is how it ends for Mitsuha in Timeline 1. She dies. (Your Name) (2016). 13 subtitles downloaded 38727 times. (Your Name) 2016 english subtitles (BrRip.MkvCage). 65/45 2016 , Romance, Animation, Drama. 106 minutes

We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Your Name is one of the top rated, best selling anime movies of ALL time. Making more than 200 million in sales (dollars). Featured image source: Your Name Wallpaper فيلم Your Name مترجم مشاهدة اون لاين وتحميل مباشر. الاسم الاصلي للفيلم Kimi no na wa. 2016 Your Name. مترجم للمخرج ماكوتو شينكاي جودة HD اون لاين وتحميل مباشر

Around this time of Mitsuha’s life, she magically starts to switch bodies with a boy named Taki Tachibana who lives in Tokyo. While initially she thinks that they are mere dreams, she soon realizes that the switches are for real. When she is in his body in Tokyo, he is in her body in Itomori. A very important, and the central crux of Kimi No Na Wa, is that Mitsuha is switching with Taki from 3 years in the future. So when she switches, she is in Tokyo and 3 years in the future. But this is something that she doesn’t realize. She assumes that she’s switching with Taki in the same timeline. I’ll get to the details of Taki’s timeline and the switching a little later. Over the many switches, Mitsuha falls in love with Taki. She decides to go to Tokyo to meet him. She reaches Tokyo and looks for him. His phone seems to be not-reachable. She stumbles on to him in a train. This Taki she meets is still 3 years before he experiences any body-switching with Mitsuha. As a result, he has no clue who Mitsuha is. Upset, Mitsuha leaves the train. Taki asks for her name and she tells him her name and hands him her red thread. The red thread now binds the two of them.La película se sitúa durante el período de crisis del FMI (que tuvo lugar del 3 de diciembre de 1997 al 3 de agosto […]

The Ottoman Lieutenant AKA Osmanlı Subayı (2016) Sinhala Subtitles | ඔබට මා, ආදරය කල imdb දර්ශකයේ 8.5 ක් වගේ ඉහළ අගයක් හිමි කර ගත්ත Your Name/ Kimi no na wa 2016 ජපන්.. This concept could be used for stock shenanigans worthy of a John Green novel, but Shinkai unleashes a twist early on so clever and cerebral that J.J. Abrams and Christopher Nolan will kick themselves for not thinking of it first. Un padre y su hija se han asegurado un contrato para hacerse con un gran depósito de gemas escondidas en las profundidades de un […]

On the last day of the switch, they wake up crying. Neither of them understands why they are crying. This is because their link has been severed as the comet is going to end Mitsuha’s life. This is their last natural switch. سلام دانلود » فيلم » 250 فیلم برتر » دانلود انیمیشن Your Name 2016. خلاصه داستان : انیمه اسم شما 2016، که پرفروش ترین انیمه تاریخ سینمای ژاپن می باشد، داستان یک.. Don't miss Japan's #1 film of 2016! Experience the beauty, passion, and fantastical story of Makoto Shinkai's Makoto Shinkai could be the next big name in anime a blend of gorgeous, realistic.. La película nos presenta a dos jóvenes, Mitsuha y Taki. La primera es una estudiante de instituto que vive en un pequeño pueblo rural en las montañas. Su padre es el alcalde y no pasa mucho tiempo en casa, y vive junto a su hermana pequeña y su abuela. Mitsuha es una persona honesta, pero no le gustan las costumbres religiosas de su familia ni que su padre participe en la campaña electoral. Lamenta que su vida se vea confinada en el pueblo y sueña con el estilo de vida de Tokyo. Taki es un estudiante de instituto que vive en Tokyo. Pasa el tiempo con sus amigos y trabaja en un restaurante italiano, y se interesa por la arquitectura y las artes. Un día, Mitsuha tiene un sueño en el que se convierte en un joven. Taki también tiene un sueño en el que es una estudiante en un pueblo de las montañas que nunca ha conocido. ¿Cuál es el secreto que se esconde tras estos sueños?The grandmother teaches Mitsuha and Yotsuha the art of knitting yarn into a special kind of thread. She explains how this is connected to the Red String of Fate. A belief where an imaginary thread connects and binds two people. No matter how life unfolds, the string brings the two together. She also explains how the thread also represents the very flow of time. While this part is very metaphorical, the long-story-short is that the red thread that Mitsuha is shown wearing throughout Kimi No Na Wa, has the power to bind her to another – the other being Taki.

Remember, Taki has had the thread all this while for 3 years. This has helped in keeping them from forgetting each other after every switch. Had it not been for the thread, the memo on his phone may also have gotten erased soon after each switch ended. The thread helped to prolong every memory over a longer period of time, maybe weeks. Mitsuha’s grandmother remembers her switches as a fuzzy dream. She probably never gave anybody a thread and as a result, the connection was never strong enough to remember. Had Mitsuha not come to Tokyo to meet Taki and give him the thread, their switches would have remained hazy memories and nothing more. See that lovely little predestination paradox there? Her action of handing Taki the thread helps her remember her switches more clearly in the past. This helps her find Taki to give him the thread.Empujado hacia una nueva aventura, un sumamente desafortunado Jack Sparrow descubre que los vientos de los malos augurios soplan incluso más fuerte cuando los […]

Your Name.-2016. Added by hd movies. Also Known As: Твое имя, Your Name., Ten Cau La Gi?, Ni De Ming Zi, Numele Tau, Teu nome, Neoui Ileum-eun Plot hiccups aside, it's a visually impressive experience with endearing characters and a unique story.

Kimi No Na Wa is the 2016 Japanese anime blockbuster from Makoto Shinkai. This movie is an absolute visual treat. You get taken into a whole new world because of sceneries and landscapes in the film. Sometimes, anime end up being a little slow paced. Not this one. There is a lot going on in this film and you really need to pay attention to the details. If you haven’t watched it yet, stop everything and go watch. Come back. Read further. Here’s the Japanese anime film Your Name or Kimi No Na Wa explained, spoilers ahead.Unable to explain himself he asks Tsukasa and Okudera to head back to Tokyo. Taki makes his way to the location where he remembers the Shrine to be. One part of Taki’s mind is telling him that he was just remembering a dream of the comet and the news connected to Itomori. The other part is telling him that there is a reality to all of this. He treks and finds the shrine. He realizes that it was no dream. He heads to the shrine and enters. He sees the kuchikamizake inside. While his memories of leaving the sake are only days old, the actual event happened 3 years ago. That explains the mould on the containers. Taki sips Mitsuha’s sake. He tries to get up. He slips and falls to the ground. He also slips and falls through time. Here. he sees the whole story of Mitsuha. Her birth, her mother, her father, her grandmother, her switching, her trip to Tokyo to meet Taki, Taki receiving the red thread on the train, the comet, her death.Toby es un perro que se pregunta el sentido de su vida cuando, sorprendido, se da cuenta de que se ha reencarnado en un […] Your name is.. your name is.. there's where they trail off. Time and space and the unwanted oblivion, again between them. Answered Oct 26, 2016 · Author has 85 answers and 139k answer views The comet strikes, the town is destroyed. But since everyone has evacuated, the news reports this now. Timeline 2 has no deaths.

Your Name is an anime movie, which was and is and will be famous in Japan, and other countries too. It topped the charts and still remains a legend in the anime world. A lot of people are watching it again This is your only warning, read at your own risk! Kimi no Na wa. (君の名は。, Your name) is a 2016 The film is inspired by a novel of the same name written by Shinkai. Masayoshi Tanaka is the.. Animation, drama, fantasy. Director: Makoto Shinkai. Starring: Aoi Yuki, Etsuko Ichihara, Kaito Ishikawa and others. ဒီကာတြန္းကားေလးကေတာ့ဂ်ပန္နိင္ငံမွာဝင္ေငြစံခ်ိန္ ခ်ိဳးခဲ့တဲ့ဇတ္ကားေကာင္းေလးတစ္ကားပါ Share this Rating. Title: Твое имя (2016). At the end of the film, as both the lead characters simultaneously says Your name..., the title of the film appears Erin Bell trabajó en su juventud como policía encubierta en una peligrosa banda del desierto de California. Su incursión en el mundo de la […]

Teshi and Mitsuha (as Taki) make an evacuation plan. They plan to place a homemade bomb at the electric sub-station. They also plan to hack into the town’s PA system from the school. Sayaka is part of the broadcasting club at school so she will make a false announcement saying that an explosion has started a forest fire. And this fire is spreading to town so the town’s residents need to clear to the school. The reason for the fake announcement is that no one would believe an information that the comet is going to split and destroy Itomori. Mitsuha (as Taki) is also to go and get her dad to help evacuate the town.Finally, the two converse in person. They have their moment to express their feelings. Mitsuha calls Taki a pervert when he mentions drinking her sake. Remember this sake is made from her saliva. The act of drinking her “sacred” sake looks to be indicative stealing a kiss. Of course, he does it to save her and Mitsuha eventually laughs it off. Taki gives back Mitsuha the red thread for her to keep. He suggests that they should write each other’s names on their hands so they don’t forget one another. Taki writes. Mitsuha begins to write but twilight ends. Taki is back in his time. He forgets Mitsuha’s name before he can write it on his hand. This is because he returns her thread. So this time the effects of the switch end instantly. Your Name izle, Senin Adın - izle, 720p izle, 1080p hd izle, filmin bilgileri, konusu, oyuncuları, tüm serileri bu sayfada.. Your Name (2016). Senin Adın. Film Bilgileri Learn on your schedule. The world's largest selection of courses. Go at your own pace. Enjoy lifetime access to courses on Udemy's website and app Your name 2016 Brrip MkvCage Improval (Writed By: makoto77). Kimi.No.Na.Wa.2016.Semua.BluRay.720p.1080p.480p-toothless (Writed By: toothless)

Fitoor gira en torno a Noor, un muchacho pobre pero muy talentoso que vive en Cachemira y que es contratado como encargado de cuidar […]What we need to understand here is that the Miyamizu family (the women) have a history of magically switching bodies with other people. However, they remember them as dreams and nothing more came out of it. A page for describing YMMV: Your Name. Accidental Innuendo: When searching for Taki in Tokyo, Mitsuha says that I'll know that you were the one who Following. YMMV / Your Name. Go To Your Name. (Kimi no Na wa.) - Un film di Makoto Shinkai. Uno scambio di anime e corpi che Your Name. è disponibile a Noleggio e in Digital Download su TROVA STREAMING e in DVD e Blu-Ray su..

Throughout, there is the nagging sense that the whole thing will unravel if any one thread gets tugged too hard, but when both the heart and the sky are on fire, why lean in and go squinting at flaws? Your Name was distributed by Toho. It premiered at the Anime Expo 2016 convention in Los Angeles, California on July 3, 2016, and in Japan on August 26, 2016

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