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OEM BMW E46 M3 wheel options and specs for base model, competition spec and CSL M3 models. Style Number 25.02 lbs (11.35 kg). Notes: Similar style as ZCP and CS packaged equipped models, but different specs. Where can I learn more BMW wheel styles The M3 version of the E46 3 Series was produced in coupé and convertible body styles. The E46 M3 is powered by the S54 straight-six engine and has a 0-100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration time of 5.1 seconds for the coupe, with either the manual or SMG-II transmission.[54][55] The skid pad cornering results are 0.89 g for the coupe and 0.81 g for the convertible.[56][57] The E36 M3 GTR is the road-going version of the competition machine built to compete in the 1994 ADAC German GT Cup Touring Car series.[42][43] Twenty-five Frozen Edition cars were produced, all with exterior colours of either "Frozen Black" or "Frozen Grey".[119] In 2003, the M3 GTR returned to competition at the 24 Hours Nürburgring, with two cars run by Schnitzer Motorsport. The GTR won the 24 Hours Nürburgring in 2004 and 2005,[86]) and competed in the 24 Hours Spa.[87]


In the United States, the M3 Lime Rock Park Edition was produced for the 2013 model year. A total of 200 cars were sold, all coupes painted in the "Fire Orange" colour. Performance changes included a carbon fibre front splitter and rear spoiler, the ride height lowered by 0.6 in (15 mm), a faster steering ratio, higher thresholds for the electronic stability control and a lightweight exhaust system. BMW claims the same engine power output as the regular M3, however, when marketing the lightweight Inconel-titanium BMW Motorsports Exhaust to stock M3 vehicles, BMW Claims that the system adds about 5 hp (4 kW).[citation needed] The body shape for the M3 has been changed significantly, among other things to further improve the torsional rigidity, the Cd and the driving dynamics. The suitability for racing was in the foreground, therefore sacrifices in comfort and production costs could be made. The modifications included eye-catching fender flares to allow a wider track.

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Though BMW M offered the E46 M3 only in coupe and convertible body styles, an E46 M3 Touring was strongly considered at one point. BMW produced eight official versions of the E46 M3: The standard M3 coupe and M3 convertible were offered in both ECE-spec (left-hand drive and right-hand drive).. In the United States, the Prototype Technology Group (PTG) Racing in Virginia ran the E36 M3 in the IMSA GT Championship. In the 1996 IMSA GT Championship, the M3 won 4 races in the GTS-2 class and BMW won the manufacturers championship.[53] In the 1997 IMSA GT Championship, the M3 won 8 races in the GTS-3 class, with BMW winning the manufacturers championship again and Bill Auberlen winning the drivers championship.[53] In the 1998 IMSA GT Championship, the M3 won 5 races and BMW won the manufacturers championship in the GT3 class. The same year, the M3 won 4 races in the GT2 class.[53] The M3 also competed in the 2000 American Le Mans Series taking one win in the GT class.[53] This is a future classic guys. Especially if you get a later year Competition Package (ZCP) version, with a 6-speed manual and coupe. You will not go wrong. Este BMW M3 E46 recibe el motor del que fuera su sucesor, el BMW M3 E92. De los 343 caballos de potencia pasamos a los 420, todo para aquellas personas que. El BMW M3 E46 es uno de los BMW firmados por la división deportiva M más conocidos de todos los tiempos The F80 generation of M3 was produced only as a sedan, following the company's plans to split off the BMW 4 Series coupé/convertible from the BMW 3 Series.[137] To minimise weight, the roof is made of carbon fibre and the bonnet and front quarter panels are made from aluminium.[138] The kerb weight was 1,621 kg (3,574 lb) with the manual transmission or 1,647 kg (3,631 lb) with the dual-clutch transmission.[citation needed]

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Prior to the release of the Imola Individual there was a pre-production model made which was used as the basis of the special edition, it featured the Class II front splitter and rear spoiler, special order Imola red Paint, special order Nappa + Anthracite Amaretta interior, SMG gearbox, GSM Phone Kit, headlamp washers and double-spoke polished alloy wheels.[31][32] The E46 M3 came with standard 18-inch wheels and an optional 19-inch wheel. With the later ZCP (Competition Package), a special 19-inch cross-spoke alloy wheel was offered.In September 1995, a facelift version of the coupe was introduced. Changes included the engine displacement increasing to 3.2 L (195 cu in), the manual transmission upgrading from a 5-speed to a 6-speed,[21] different wheels and clear indicator lenses. The facelift changes were applied to the sedan model in November 1995 and the convertible model in February 1996.[22] The kerb weight of the 1996 M3 coupe in European specification is 1,515 kg (3,340 lb).[23] Production ceased in October 2018, due to the extensive changes required to meet the WLTP emissions regulations.[141][142] However, the M4 model remained in production. The sportier "Evolution" model (also called "EVO2") introduced in 1988 was rated at 162 kW (220 PS; 217 hp).[13] Other changes included larger wheels (16 X 7.5 inches), thinner rear and side window glass, a lighter bootlid, a deeper front splitter and additional rear spoiler. A total of 505 cars were produced, including 40 sold in France as the "Tour de Corse".[14]

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  1. In 2012, BMW announced this edition with 40 to be built for US and 100 for Europe. Built to commemorate the 40th anniversary of BMW's M Division. Each model will come with Frozen Silver Metallic exterior paint, according to BMW, is a special matte paint that adds a metallic luster to the vehicle. The interior has black leather and palladium silver accessories in the interior.[120]
  2. E46 M3 SMG 2 Transmission. In 1996, BMW M introduced a manual transmission that was capable of shifting gears automatically without the use of a conventional clutch pedal or mechanical shifter lever. The system was called the SMG I. Derived from Formula 1 racing technology; SMG stands for..
  3. In November 1996, the engine was upgraded to the 3.2 L (195 cu in) BMW S52,[50] with the same power outputs of 179 kW (240 hp), but torque increased to 320 N⋅m (236 lbf⋅ft). The manual gearbox remained a 5-speed, despite the European versions being upgraded to a 6-speed version.
  4. The E90 and E92 versions received many positive reviews, including "the greatest all-around car in the world",[92] "the finest car on the market, period"[93] and "the best, most complete car in the world".[94]
  5. Total production of the E46 M3 was 56,133 coupes and 29,633 convertibles.[61] The cars were assembled at the BMW Regensburg factory in Germany and production was from September 2000 until August 2006, production totaled 85,766.[62]
  6. The E30 M3 used the BMW S14 four-cylinder engine, a high-revving DOHC design with a head closely based on that of the BMW S38 six-cylinder engine and the block from the BMW M10 four-cylinder engine.[10][11] In countries where the M3 was sold with a catalytic converter, the initial versions were rated at 143 kW (195 PS; 192 hp) and had a top speed of 235 km/h (146 mph).[12] In countries where a catalytic converter was not fitted, the engine generated 147 kW (200 PS; 197 hp).

The official 0–97 km/h (0–60 mph) acceleration times are 3.9 seconds with the M-DCT transmission and 4.1 seconds with the manual transmission.[133] Top speed is limited to 250 km/h (155 mph) but an optional M Driver's package raises this to 280 km/h (174 mph). The official 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration times for the coupe/sedan is 4.6 seconds with the DCT transmission (4.8 seconds with the manual transmission)[90] and 5.1 seconds for the convertible.[91] The cars were delivered to the workshop of the Frank Gardner racing team for final preparation. A bolt-in FIA-approved roll cage was a factory option. Suspension upgrades consisted of new springs, adjustable struts and rear perches. Engine upgrades consisted of AC Schnitzer camshafts, dual pickup sump, an oil restrictor in the head and a cold air snorkel into air filter box replacing the left hand fog light.

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The BMW M3 is a high-performance version of the BMW 3 Series, developed by BMW's in-house motorsport division, BMW M GmbH The engine was the European-specification S50B30, which was upgraded with larger camshafts and a higher compression ratio, resulting in peak power of 220 kW (295 hp) at 7,100 rpm.[30] It came with a choice of two body styles 2-door coupe and 2-door convertible - and received a brand new powerplant. Its all-new 3.2L naturally aspired straight-6 engine now delivered 343 hp and was mated to an also-new 6-speed manual transmission. Another novelty about the M3 Cabrio was the availability of a rally-style electrohydraulic manual gearbox with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters. Car's on-road performances were also impressive, with the M3 Cabrio doing the 0-60 mph sprint in 5.5 seconds and topping 185 mph (electronically limited to 155 mph).The facelift also saw the introduction of a 6-speed "SMG" automated manual transmission,[24] the first time an automatic transmission was available on an M3 outside the United States. The SMG transmission was praised for its fast shift times and operation in performance situations, but criticised for behaviour in everyday driving situations.[25] BMW M2 Competition (18+)

The kerb weight of the 2000 M3 coupe is 1,570 kg (3,461 lb).[58] The top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h (155 mph).[55] Find M3 Bmw E46 in Canada | Visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, or trade almost anything! New and used items, cars, real estate, jobs, services, vacation rentals and more virtually anywhere in Alberta. m3 bmw e46 in Classifieds in Alberta Bmw M3 E46 конверт из игр Forza Horizon 3, Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005, Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012, Need For Speed Undercover , Need For Speed Shift 2. Замена: Cadillac CTS. Tuning: - Performance - Body (stock + 5) - Hoods - Spoilers (+2 exclusive) - Roofs - Visuals - Rims

US sales figures include a total of 18,961 coupés, 7,760 sedans and 6,211 convertibles.[51] A GT4 version of the M3 was introduced in 2009 and competed in various races, including finishing third in the GT4 SP10 class at the 2009 24 Hours Nürburgring,[125][126][127] and winning its class at the ADAC Westfalenfahrt race at the Nürburgring in April 2009. In July 2009, BMW Motorsport released an M3 GT4 model for sale to private teams and drivers.[128] The official kerb weight was 1,430 kg (3,153 lb) and changes to the 336 kW (451 bhp) were claimed to be minimal.[129] For the 2010 24 Hours Nürburgring, the "Balance of Performance" required the M3 to not exceed a power output of 287 kW (385 bhp) and to have a minimum weight of 1,400 kg (3,086 lb).[130] Additional Information. Make: BMW. Model: E46 M3 (2001-2007). Submodel MEISTERSCHAFT T-shirts [BMW M3]

We get it all of the time - What's the best BMW M3 for for track? Should I get an E36 M3? I raced an E36M3, have driven a ton of track miles in an E46M3 (including multiple days on the 'ring), and now have enough experience in the E90M3 to know the E90M3 is more fun and easier to drive fast even.. The E46 M3 came with the S54 inline 6 engine. Let’s just stop and say its a magical engine. With a 8,000 rpm redline, and 33 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque, this care was one wonderful ride. The engine would rev happily to its redline and because the main portion of its torque was in the middle range, the E46 M3 was always eager to rev, upshift and rev some more. Add to this engine was a raspy-voiced exhaust, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), a M Differential Lock and a finely tuned suspension. The car could easily go from 0-60 in 4.8 which at its time was super-car territory – and still good in today’s age of 300 hp plus Hondas.

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Buy BMW Suspension Arms and Controls Arms at the best price from BimmerWorld, leader of BMW E46/Z4 Non-M Front Suspension Overhaul Kit - Performance Street. Meyle HD control arms, pre-pressed Powerflex bushings Improve handling and steering feel with Genuine M3-spec control arms DESIGN SPECS. The VF-Engineering M3 supercharger for the BMW E46 S54 engine is a fully upgrade-able water cooled supercharger system. Designed to provide the most consistent charge with the cooled water circulating through it from a custom molded water reservoir, an OEM front mount..

0-60 Specs. Headlines. BMW 3.0CS 0-60 Times and 1/4 Mile Times. Show Options & Info. Select a Trim Buildjournal B-Spec Tune is an E46 M3 tune that delivers gains up to 30+ horsepower with 20+ free add-on features including an exhaust backfire burble tune. The B-Spec Tune is an off-the-shelf (OTS) E46 M3 MAF-based E-Flash tune that delivers a smooth power band all the way to redline while..

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The third generation of the BMW M3, this time based on the E46 model series coupé, made its Read more of the final part of this special 3-part piece on the history of the BMW M3 by the BMW Group Press Club after the jump. 2015 BMW X6 xDrive40d M-Sport 3.0D UNREG FULL SPECS 2000 BMW M3 E46 specs. Curb weight. 1565 kilograms (3450 pounds). M3 acceleration times in kilometers per hour An overview of BMW German cars. BMW pictures, specs and information. Take the car for a drive in the country and why not stay the weekend? BMW E46 M3 The wheels were increased in size to 19 inches. BMW took the unusual approach of supplying the CSL with semi-slick tyres (Michelin Pilot Sport Cup).[69][76] These tyres provided high grip levels once warmed up on a racetrack, but poor performance on wet roads and when below their operating temperature.[77][78] A warning label was included in the CSL to inform drivers about driving in cold or wet conditions. The brakes were upgraded with larger floating rotors at the front and larger pistons at the rear. E46 M3s come in all sorts of weird and wonderful flavours. From pre-facelift '03 manuals, to Laguna Seca SMG II track weapons, to 'CSL-wannabe' coupes, the good news is that if you want an E46 M3 you're not going to struggle to find one. The difficulty is in choosing a car that appeals to you, that's..

BMW's attention to detail is simply exquisite. What normally would be treated as 'just' a vent, BMW used it as another opportunity to reduce weight. A stone chipped front bumper, just a small indication that this car is being used as BMW intended it to be. The E46 CSL also holds the M3 production.. In April 1989, the Ravaglia and Cecotto limited editions were released, both named after Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft (DTM) racing drivers. Power was increased to 158 kW (215 PS; 212 hp) with a catalytic converter.[13] Cecotto Edition production consisted of 480 cars, plus 80 cars for the Swiss market de-tuned to 155 kW (211 PS; 208 hp) to meet Swiss emissions limits. The production run for the Ravaglia Edition consisted of 25 cars.[14]

E46. BMW M2 Moto GP Replica Build. 1 day ago. BMW M3, M4 and M340i Testing During Nurburgring Industry Pool Day. 2 days ago. 0 All M3 Lightweight cars were produced in Alpine White exterior colour, with the Motorsports flag decals on the left front and right rear corners of the car. There is a fixed wing on the trunk lid. There was some carbon fibre interior trim and the badges (side molding and dash) read "BMW Motorsports International". Handling/Ride.  The E46 M3 was the first super-car M3 built. Meaning the performance and handling envelope of this car went higher then before and in its time-period matched up very well with more expensive and more powerful cars being sold. The handling alone was worth the price of admission. And the car came with 1 standard ride – there was not settings to harden or soften the dampers on this car like later BMWs. This made the E46 M3 ride so compliant on the streets but become an animal on the track.

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The M3 CRT (Carbon Racing Technology) was a special edition of the M3 sedan that was produced in 2011.[115] The CRT was powered by the same 4.4 litre version of the S65 engine as the GTS, however it retained a higher level of luxury features compared to the track-focussed GTS. The CRT used a carbon fibre bonnet (hood) and front seats to reduce weight, resulting in a kerb weight approximately 150 lb (68 kg) lower than an equivaliently specified version of the regular M3 sedan. Phil Morrisons E46 M3 with an E60 M5 V10 engine and E92 M3 manual gearbox However, the eligibility of the GTR was the subject of controversy, with some rival teams believing that the GTR was an in-house prototype vehicle rather than production model available for purchase by the general public. The ALMS homologation rules for 2001 required the M3 GTR road car to be sold on at least two continents within twelve months of the rules being issued, which BMW claimed to fulfill by stating that 10 GTR road cars were available for sale. The ALMS rules were altered for 2002, now requiring that 100 cars and 1,000 engines must be built for the car to qualify without penalties. The GTR road car was never intended for production on this scale, so BMW withdrew the GTR from competition at this point. The BMW M3 CSL (Coupe Sport Leichtbau- translates to Coupe Sport Lightweight)[67] is a limited edition version of the M3 that was produced in 2004, with production totalling to 1,383 cars.[68] It was available in two colours: Silver Grey Metallic and Black Sapphire Metallic.[69]

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  1. The bmw m3 is a sports version of the popular compact 3-series automobile made by bmw motorsport. the first m3 was based on the 1986 s e30 range In August '01, Motor Trend compared the M3 coupe with two sports-car competitors and concluded, It's ironic that the M3 can do all that it does so..
  2. ation birthed the world's most coveted high-performance vehicles: the original M1, the iconic E30 M3, and generations of intensely thrilling BMWs to follow
  3. Download 4K HD wallpapers, check out the performance specs or watch videos of the 2003 BMW M3 CSL. In 2003 BMW introduced the series version of the Concept Car which had already hit the headlines at the 2001 Frankfurt Motor Show - the BMW M3 CSL, an abbreviation standing for Coupé..
  4. Power. The E46 M3 was the first BMW M3 to have a 100/per liter ratio to the engine. Having a 333 hp engine that revs freely to 7,900 RPM does alot to the car characters and this made the E46 M3 a joy to drive and up-shift.
  5. BMW Differential Info. Gear Ratios (E46, E90... ) E46fanatics.com. BMW Parts Catalog

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Sticky: Technical Specs for Every M3 Model/Edition Ever (Up to E90/E92/E93) ( 1 2 3). Jason. BMW M Performance Seats - Lowering Them BMW E46. Body parts from fiberglass, carbon fiber and kevlar for BMW E46 Coupe. SPEC BMW M3 E46 для GTA San Andreas.Адаптації:1) Оптика (vehiclelights128)2) Поворотники (rightflash, leftflash)3) Задній Хід (shader_rear) BMW M8 COMPETITION для GTA 4.Особливості:- Екстер'єр високої якості;- Інтер'єр хорошої якості;- Робоча оптика;- Підтримує основні ігрові..


The available transmissions were a Getrag 420G 6-speed manual transmission or a SMG-II 6-speed automated manual transmission, which was based on the Getrag 420G.[59] The SMG-II used an electrohydraulically actuated clutch and gearshifts could be selected via the gear knob or paddles mounted on the steering wheel. The SMG-II was praised for its fast shift times and racetrack performance, but some people found its shifts to be delayed and lurching in stop-start traffic.[60] All M3 GTs only came in one single colour, British Racing Green. Other changes include a deeper and adjustable front splitter, higher rear double wing, aluminum doors, wheels measuring 17 x 7.5 inches at the front and 17 x 8.5 inches at the rear, stiffer front suspension, a cross-brace and a strut brace. The M3 GT is approximately 30 kg (66 lb) lighter than the regular M3 and has a derestricted top speed of 275 km/h (171 mph).[citation needed] Sponsored by BMW For 45 years, the BMW 3 Series has been a fixture of the automotive landscape. Through seven generations, the rear-drive sports BMW will expand into diesel for its sub-M 3 Series range, with the reveal of the M340d xDrive ahead of its in-person debut at the Geneva motor show

In endurance racing, the BMW Motorsport/Schnitzer Motorsport M3 GT2 won the 2010 24 Hours of Nürburgring, driven by Jörg Müller, Augusto Farfus, Pedro Lamy, and Uwe Alzen. The M3 also qualified 2nd at the 2010 24 Hours of Spa and led the race until being forced to retire in the final hour due to suspension failure. The M3 won the GT2 category in the ILMC 2010 1000 km of Zhuhai in China. BMW M3 E92 Drift Roots BMW have announced that an M3 version of the G20 3 Series is due to begin sales in 2021, powered by the BMW S58 turbocharged straight-six engine that debuted in the G01 X3 M.[143][144] All-wheel drive (xDrive) has been announced as being optional on the new M3,[145] which would represent the first time that an M3 has used a drivetrain layout other than rear-wheel drive.[146] A manual gearbox will be available only with rear wheel drive. [147] But what about the E46 M3 generation? Is that turning into a future classic? If we were to judge by recent sale prices, yes. Take for example this Additional exterior mods include a European-spec front bumper and brake ducts. A BMW Inspection II was reportedly conducted at 14k miles in 2017, and the.. We are lovers of BMW Sports Cars from the past and present. Our website is dedicated to some of the most beloved and iconic sport cars that BMW has built.

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The M3 was previewed at the 1999 International Motor Show Germany[64] as a concept,[65] resembling the final production version very closely. The final production version was first introduced in October 2000 at the Geneva Motor Show,[66] it appeared worldwide with the new 3.2 L S54 M-tuned inline-6 engine. A sedan version was introduced in 2008 and was only the second generation (along with the E36) of M3 to be produced in a 4-door body style.[102] The sedan has the same drivetrain and similar external styling as the coupe, however the lack of a carbon-fibre roof contributes to a weight increase of 10 kg (22 lb) compared to an identically equipped coupé.[citation needed]

Powertrain changes included the removal of the top speed limiter and a shorter differential ratio (3.23 compared to 3.15). Suspension upgrades consisted of shorter springs from the European-specification M3. Before being sold, the M3 Lightweights were sent to Prototype Technology Group Racing in Virginia for final preparation, which included the front and rear Motorsport flag decals, and "trunk kit".[37] In the trunk there was dual-pickup oil pump (from the European-specification M3), front strut bar, lower cross-brace, spacer blocks to raise the rear wing, and an adjustable front splitter. Each owner was given a 1-page legal document to sign acknowledging that any installation of trunk items voided the new car warranty. SPEC E46 RACING. FREE SHIPPING on orders OVER $199. On qualifying products. Some exclusions apply. All of our Spec E46 products meet the Rules and Regulations for this class. As with all HARD Motorsport products, every part is designed and engineered for a zero-hassle..

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The introduction of the E36 M3 coincided with BMW's withdrawal from the Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft (DTM), resulting BMW focussing instead on the 318i and 320i models in the Super Tourenwagen Cup. Nonetheless, the E36 M3 competed in many motorsport events. In 1993, the E36 M3 GTR won the German ADAC GT Cup, driven by Johnny Cecotto.[52] The M3 GT competed in the European FIA GT Championship. The E46 BMW interior was the last generation with an analog feel. This car still had a manual oil dipstick you can use. Moving forward all BMWs including the M’s had oil read thru the computer on the dash. The E46 M3’s interior is open and fresh. With very few buttons or doo-dads that has burdened future BMWs like damper controls, steering settings, etc. Later models in the E46 M3 came with a navigation screen but most had the basic BMW radio system. can get thru the very accomplished Spec E46 race Chad Morehead https://www.moreheadspeedworks.com/p...w-e30-e36-e46/ Both will solve www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/show...94#61319122700 Here it is in person, it slides into the side of the CMC

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  1. BMW E46 M3 Drift. BMW M5 E28 European Specs
  2. To keep the car competitive in racing following year-to-year homologation rules changes, homologation specials were produced and sold in limited volumes. These include the Evo 1, Evo 2, and Sport Evolution, with upgrades including weight reduction, improved aerodynamics, taller front wheel arches (to allow 18-inch wheels to be used in DTM racing), bigger brake ducts and more power. With the introduction of the 2.5 L evolution engine into racing in 1990, power increased to approximately 283 kW (380 hp).[20]
  3. In 1986, BMW produced an "M3 Pickup" prototype pickup truck, based on the convertible model. The M3 Pickup used the narrower body of regular E30 models and was originally powered by the 2.0 litre version of the S14 engine from the Italian-specification M3. It was used as a transporter for roughly 26 years before it was officially retired in 2012.[16][17]
  4. 2000 BMW M3 specs, specifications, laptimes, acceleration times, pictures, photos, engine data, top speed. i have a maserati coupe 4.2 (this car) and it beats the crap out of the m3 e46 (i've had 2)to 200km/h who enters these times anyway
  5. bmw e-46 m3 csl : puissante, design incroyable et épuré, fiable, exceptionnelle en son comportement, joueuse à souhait, une voiture au son enivrant, se pilote comme sur un circuit... bref une voiture exceptionnelle pour ceux et celles qui recherchent des performances pures et dures tout en se..
  6. BMW learned from this and when they built and launched the E46 M3, they made sure they remedied many of the complaints from US buyers. First the USA market got the same BMW M3 as the European market. That met a car with the same engine, same specs, etc. And this was met with the S54 engine, which is a beautiful naturally aspirated inline-six engine that produced 333 hp at a staggering 7,900 RPM. We will get more to that engine later.

Dane techniczne BMW Seria 3 E46 M3 Coupe 3.2 i 24V 343KM 252kW 2000-2006 - wyczerpujące informacje (wymiary, osiągi, spalanie) na temat wersji nadwoziowych i silników wszystkich modeli Poznaj historię auta przed zakupem! Sprawdź. Aktualnie przeglądasz BMW Seria 3 E46 M3 Coupe The official kerb weights of the 1986 M3 coupe was 1,165 kg (2,568 lb) and the 1988 M3 convertible was 1,360 kg (2,998 lb).[6][7] The kerb weight for the US specification M3 was 1,240.6 kg (2,735 lb).[8]

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BMW M3 E46 GTR GT2. This is chassis no GT002 - built and raced by PTG North America and laterly by Strakka Racing. Fully known history from new and has Lightweight Raychem loom with mostly mil spec connectors. Motec M880 ecu with pretty much all options enabled. Bosch Motorsport ABS In the United States, Rahal Letterman Racing entered two factory-backed E92 M3s in the 2009 American Le Mans Series season, competing in the GT2 category. In 2011, the BMW achieved a 1-2 finish in the 12 Hours of Sebring. In the 2011 American Le Mans Series GT class, BMW Team RLL swept all categories, winning the GT manufacturer, team and driver championships. In 2012, the M3 won the GT class at the 12 Hours of Sebring. The #79 M3 GT2 that competed at Le Mans became the 17th BMW Art Car after it was decorated by Jeff Koons.[131] The M3 GT2 was succeeded by the BMW Z4 GTE in 2013. The E46 BMW M3 is a legend in its own time. Just over a decade old, the E46 is considered one of the most iconic designs to ever come out of BMW, the As we mentioned before, Forgestar wheels are manufactured to spec for each individual vehicle they're ordered for, taking into account things like.. The car weighs 136 kg (300 lb) less than the regular M3, a lighter centre console and door panels, polycarbonate side and rear windows, a lack of rear seats and the removal of acoustic insulation.

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  1. Body Language. This M3 brought all the design and body cues that has now been use for every M3 to date and other Ms as well. A few to note:
  2. The GTS was significantly more expensive than the regular M3, for example the price was approximately €115,000 in the United Kingdom.[112] Production was limited to 135 cars, which sold out quickly.[113][114]
  3. Bushings. This car has many rubber bushings and at certain or miles (or both) you will need to replace the bushings or your M3 will drive like crap. Usually owners change the bushings around 60k miles or when they do the sub-frame.
  4. The GTS uses an engine enlarged to 4.4 L (269 cu in) which has a power output of 331 kW (444 hp). The sole transmission option was the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (M-DCT) and the official 0–100 km/h (0–62 mph) acceleration time for the GTS is 4.4 seconds.[111]
  5. VRS offer their BMW E46 M3 Street Version Aero Parts to help give your car an even more sporty look. Buy direct from Japan, 100% genuine parts shipped worldwide. Price. Order. M3 - E46 - BL32

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  1. The Australian-only M3 Pure model was sold as the base model, being A$12,500 cheaper than the regular M3.[139] The M3 Pure has the engine, exhaust and suspension from the Competition Package. Exterior trims include black badges, front grills, side gills and exhaust tips, while the interior trim uses a combination of leather and cloth.
  2. Fits BMW E46 M3 2001-2006 H-Style Front Bumper Lip Spoiler Body Kits Urethane. Front Bumper Lip Spoiler Splitter Body Kit For BMW F10 F30 F32 F36 F80 M3 F82 M4. Duraflex C Spec Rear Lip - 1 Piece
  3. The aerodynamics were also revised, including a carbon fibre front splitter that improved down force at high speeds by 50%,[70] and a carbon fibre rear diffuser. The front bumper had a distinct hole that is used to draw cool air into the newly designed air intake.[70] The trunk lid was redesigned to incorporate a raised lip, unlike the regular M3 where one is simply added onto a flat trunk.[70]
  4. Instead of difficult manipulations you can just buy an ESS supercharger kit (or VF) and get a lot of power. These sets are quite reliable and install on S54 stock internals. The maximum boost VT1 – 6 psi (0.4 bar) you do not even need forged pistons. It will easily provide 470 horsepower. With the help of a supercharger S54 you can get up to 600 horsepower and that’s enough for any driver. Make S54 turbo or twin turbo isn’t too favorable, it is quite expensive and easier to buy a faster Nissan GTR.
  5. BMW Motorsport returned to the DTM in 2012, and 54 "DTM Champion Edition" cars were built to commemorate the BMW M3 winning the championship.[117] The unique features of the DTM Champion Edition consisted of visual changes to associate the car with the DTM race car, such as the "Frozen Black" paint colour, stripes over the roof and boot lid, carbon flaps and gurney and matt black wheels. Interior changes included carbon fibre for some interior trim items, an "M Power" logo embroidered on the handbrake grip and a numbered plaque with Spengler's signature and the text "DTM champion 2012" above the glove box. All cars were produced with the dual-clutch transmission.
  6. The transmission was a Getrag 265 5-speed manual. European models were outfitted with a dogleg version with close ratios and a 1:1 ratio for fifth gear. North American models used a traditional shift pattern and had wider gear spacing with an overdriven fifth gear. A clutch-type limited-slip differential was standard equipment.
  7. The F80 M3 was unveiled, alongside the F82 M4 (its coupé counterpart), at the 2014 North American International Auto Show.[134]

BMW M3 E36 vs E46 vs E92 vs F80 - Ultimate Compariso

  1. The E93 convertible version was introduced shortly after the coupe and uses a power retractable hardtop. The leather seats in the convertible version are treated with a coating to reflect sunlight, in order to reduce their tendency to become uncomfortably hot with the top down.[101]
  2. Production of the E36 M3 began in September 1992[44][45] and was discontinued in August 1999.[46]
  3. Sub-frame. The first Achilles heel of the E46 M3 is the dreaded sub-frame. In a nutshell the body was bolted to the subframe and over time the body that is bolted to the frame would tear. The only way to remedy this is to re-inforce the sub-frame area with new plates. This unfortunately is a costly fix and cost a few thousands of dollars depending on the shop you go to. Every E46 M3 at some point needs this fix done, and should be done as a preventive matter (not after the fact when you see a tear).
  4. >Read - BMW M3 E46 buying guide. Cracking subframes are another well-known problem, but thankfully easily fixable if caught early. Other, less crucial suspension related issues are also fairly common amongst higher-mileage cars these days, but in general, the E46 M3 is a strong runner
  5. BMW announced the M3 GTS in November 2009 and began production in 2010. The GTS was designed as a "road-legal clubsport-oriented model" and produced only in the coupe body style. Changes over the regular M3 include an upgraded engine, reduced kerb weight, revised suspension, upgraded brakes and adjustable aerodynamics.

In 2016, a Competition Package became available for the M3 and M4. Changes included an increase in power to 331 kW (444 hp), revised tuning of the electronic differential and the electronic stability control ("DSC"), suspension upgrades and new front seats.[135][136] The official 0–100 km/h (0–62 mph) time was 4.0 seconds with the dual-clutch transmission.[136] The BMW M3 GTR was powered by a V8 as opposed to the straight 6 which powered the regular BMW M3. Only 10 street legal M3 GTR's were produced for homologation In popular culture, the E46 BMW M3 GTR makes an apearance in the video games Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Carbon Research the 2003 BMW M3 at cars.com and find specs, pricing, MPG, safety data, photos, videos, reviews and local inventory. I fell in love with the E46 M3 back in the days of high school. The styling, the handling, the aggressive fenders -- it was something to drool over at the time and age Low-end torque. In today’s age of turbo-charged BMWs, the E46 M3 is not slow but may feel like it due to the low torque configuration of the engine. To get the E46 M3 up and running you really need to rev up the engine close to 6,000 rpm and only then do you feel the full power of the S54 engine. Most people in today’s cars do not ever go past 5,000 rpms so this will take a change in driving use. Get in-depth info on the 2008 BMW M3 model year including prices, specs, reviews, pictures, safety and reliability ratings. For those who prefer to let the car handle gear selection, the dreaded SMG automated manual of the E46 has finally been discarded and replaced with a new seven-speed..

Exterior wise the biggest change was to provide a different body to the M3, to make it different from its regular brethren. BMW did this with a revised body, with flared fenders, bulge on the hood, new front bumpers, new mirrors, body panels, side vents, and in the back dual exhausts. This created what is seen today as the most beautiful and proportional BMW M3 ever made. Not as small as the E30/E36 models but not as big as the later E90 and F80 models that proceeded it. Looking at a E46 M3 is seeing a classic in the making, with proper size and proportions. We consider this the watermark of the M3 model history.The BMW M3 is a high-performance version of the BMW 3 Series, developed by BMW's in-house motorsport division, BMW M GmbH. M3 models have been produced for every generation of 3 Series since the E30 M3 was introduced in 1986. Lets first look back before we get to the BMW E46 M3. After the un-expected success of the E30 M3 (BMW never thought they would sell that many of these specially made and expensive cars in the USA), they came back with a new M3 with the next generation known as the E36 M3. BMW had some early mistakes with building and selling the BMW E36 M3 in the USA. Again, not expecting a huge wave of enthusiasts wanting the M3, they built an M3 for Europe and then a dumbed down version for the USA market. Specifically the rest of the world got the normal M-Engine for the E36 while the USA got a lower spec engine called the S52. While this engine produced a healthy 240 hp, it lagged behind the 300 plus hp engine the Europeans got. In addition, besides some front spoilers, mirrors and side panels, the E36 M3 was that different from the normal E36 coupes.

In September 1989, European M3s were upgraded to the 158 kW (215 PS; 212 hp) (as introduced on the Ravaglia special edition model), increasing the top speed to 240 km/h (149 mph).[12] The BMW M3 GTR (E46) is a road-legal homologation produced by BMW to allow the V8-powered race car to compete in the 2002 American Le Mans Series season. It had a limited production run of 10 units and was engineered as a near perfect replication of the racing M3 GTR

Racecarsdirect.com - BMW M3 E46 GTR GT

The first body style to be introduced was the coupe, which was previewed at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show[98] and introduced in production form at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show on 12 September.[99] The coupe version uses a carbon-fibre roof to reduce weight and lower the centre of gravity. In 2010, the coupe and convertible versions received a minor facelift, which included revised headlights, LED tail-lights and minor interior trim pieces.[100] Flared-Fenders. Any car that has flared fenders usually looks good and the E46 M3 was a gold standard to the M3 history. While the first e30 M3 had it, they skipped it for the e36 M3 and then due to popular demand brought it back with a vengeance for the e46 M3. 2005 BMW M3 E46. Intermediate skill required for me for finish it, it's a real hard combination between low-med-high models from each, so I spend a lot times to finish it. -real scale 1:1 with original BMW M3 F80 -super stock (no modification included) -aiming to feel and look like a real car -complete.. BMW M6 by R1 Motorsports. BMW X6M «Ярость Халка». BMW M3 E46 The E30 M3 competed in many forms of motorsport and was highly successful in touring car racing. The E30 M3 road car was homologated for Group A racing, to compete against models such as the Mercedes-Benz W201 190E. In full race trim, the 1988 M3's 2.3 L (140 cu in) naturally aspirated 2.3 L engine was rated at approximately 224 kW (300 hp).[19] The E30 M3 won the 24 Hours Nürburgring five times (1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1994) and the Spa 24 Hours four times (1987, 1988, 1990 and 1992), other competing against cars with significantly larger or turbocharged engines.

BMW 3 Series Cabriolet (E46) specs & photos - 2000, 2001

Tons of awesome BMW E46 M3 GTR wallpapers to download for free. You can also upload and share your favorite BMW E46 M3 GTR wallpapers. HD wallpapers and background images With all that said about the faults of the E46 M3 the positives greatly out-weighs the negatives on this car. This car is a great driver’s car, plus it has the perfect footprint that made BMWs legendary. While this E46 M3 is not the smallest, the power to size and weight ratio is perfect. Some of the best things about owning a E46 M3:[…] whopping 3,700 lbs with the DCT transmission. This was 300 lbs heavier then the previous generation BMW E46 M3. While the hp was increased from 333 to 414 hp, the torque was slightly up from 270 to 295 lb-ft of […] E46 M3와는 달리 흡기 변경을 통해 360마력이며[10] 안티롤바, 스프링, 세미슬릭 타이어로 인해 더욱더 날카로운 코너링이 가능해졌고 E92 M3에 와서 기본이 된 M3 GTR 로드카도 한정판매되었다. 미국 르망시리즈(ALMS)에 M3 개조차를 출전시키기로 했는데, 포르쉐가 로드카 M3와 다르게 V8 엔진을 쓴.. S54 has the highest ratio of horsepower per liter among all naturally aspirated of 6-cylinder BMW engines. Nevertheless, you can get even more power if you spend a little money. For this you need to buy Evolve intake system (or other “CSL Style”), headers, performance exhaust Supersprint (or straight pipe) and AEM Infinity EMS ECU (or Evolve software). This will allow your S54 easily to show more than 370 horsepower.The next step is to buy the Schrick 288/280 camshafts lift 12.5 mm with springs. After installation of these cams, to 3,000 rpm the motor will lose power a little, but after 5,000 rpm it will be increase. With such mode your E46 M3 will show about 400 horsepower at 8,500 rpm. Even more power you can get using the Schrick camshafts 304/296 lift 14 mm, but for this VANOS system need to disable. You receive the maximum power if buy high compression pistons (CR=12.5+) and make head porting. It will maximize redline (9,000+ rpm) and develop more than 400 horsepower. To buy stroker kit for S54 is not a good idea without it you will get good power. Prices on performance parts for the E46 M3 is high, it may be cheaper to buy a BMW E92 M3.

BMW (E46) M3 Supercharger (2001-2006) - VF Engineerin

Following the introduction of the E36 M3, racing teams in the United States began pressuring BMW for a homologation version in order to compete in sports-car racing.[33][34] As a result, the 'M3 Lightweight' was introduced in 1995. The cars came without a radio (although the speakers were installed and the car pre-wired for the radio), air conditioning, leather seats, tool kit or a sunroof. The doors have aluminum skins. There is no underbonnet insulation blanket and the trunk only has carpet on the floor. The under body insulation is thinner and there is special carpeting to lower weight. Overall the changes resulted in a weight 91 kg (200 lb) less than a regular M3. The wheels are 17-inches in diameter, with a width of 7.5 inches at the front and 8.5 inches at the rear. The tyres fitted were 235/40ZR17.[35][36] Find the best offers for BMW M3 gtr e46 for sale. Your search BMW M3 gtr e46 for sale. Related ads with more general searche

But what if we told you the BMW M3 to buy is really the BMW E46 M3? Sold in the USA from 2001-2006, it is considered by us as the best BMW M3 ever made. While the 1st generation – the E30 – has a place in history, the BMW E46 M3 was able to take what was done before and take it to the greater heights. Spec E46 Catalog. > AP Racing Competition Big Brake Kit BMW M3 (E46). Competition use big brake kit for E46 m3. Add Matching Rear Stainless Brake Lines The majority of cars were produced at the BMW Regensburg factory in Germany; however, a small number of low compression right hand drive cars were assembled at BMW's plant in Rosslyn, South Africa.[47] In total, 46,525 coupés, 12,114 convertibles and 12,603 sedans were produced.[48] The sedan ceased production in December 1997, the coupé ceased production in late 1998, and the convertible ceased production in December 1999.[12] In order to race in the Australian Super Production series, fifteen M3-R's were sold by BMW Australia in 1994. With a power output of 240 kW (322 hp), the M3-R is the most powerful production E36 M3. Four of the cars were used for the race series. The remaining eleven were sold to the general public, however, buyers were required to possess a CAMS motorsport licence in order to purchase an M3-R.

BMW went back to basics with the electronics in this car, as they only offered a 1-zone climate control in the E46, when the E36 had a dual-zone climate as standard. The E46 M3 has had quite a checkered past with a few major issues plaguing the otherwise relatively spotless reliability of this oddly simple car BMW. 3 Series. E46 The North American models used the same S54 engine as in other countries (unlike the previous generation, which used lower performance engines in the United States). Due to minor differences in specification, the United States models were rated at 248 kW (333 hp) and 355 N⋅m (262 lb⋅ft), resulting in an official 0−60 mph (−97 km/h) acceleration time of 4.8 seconds for the coupe version (with either the manual and SMG transmission). As per other countries, top speed was electronically limited to 250 km/h (155 mph)[83][84]

Alibaba.com offers 329 bmw m 3 e46 products. About 7% of these are Auto Lighting System, 11% are Car Bumpers, and 1% are Spark Plugs. A wide variety of bmw m 3 e46 options are available to you, such as car fitment The engine used in the CSL had increased output over the regular S54 by 13 kW (17 hp) and 5 N⋅m (4 lbf⋅ft) over the European M3. This is due to the use of sharper profile camshafts, a bigger air intake with carbon fibre manifold, a refinement of the exhaust manifold, and slightly different exhaust valves.[69][79] The top speed was electronically limited as standard, but buyers with a current motorsport licence could order the CSL with the speed limiter removed.[79] The sole transmission available was the 6-speed SMG II automated transmission,[79] with revised software resulting in shift times of 80 milliseconds.[69] BMW M3 GTR E46 para o GTA San Andreas. Um excelente modelo alemão coupé corpo GTR. Características do modelo: - Um modelo bem definido de NFS MW 2012; - Adaptação de moda FIV 2.0.2 e APT v3.2b; - A própria sombra, conflitos, chassis_vlo; - Atento o desembarque de um jogador..

The initial model was available in a coupé body style, with a convertible body style added soon after. M3 sedans were available during the E36 (1994–1999) and E90 (2008–2012) generations. Since 2015 the M3 has been solely produced in the sedan body style, due to the coupé and convertible models being rebranded as the 4 Series range, making the high-performance variant the M4.[1][2] See the 2011 BMW M3 price range, expert review, consumer reviews, safety ratings, and listings near you. Used 2011 BMW M3 Interior. Regardless of how you decorate it (and there are numerous choices in If you want to buy a fun sports car then go for a well maintained E46 M3 or an E39 M5 © 2008-2020 SoftNews Net SRL.All rights reserved. autoevolution® and the autoevolution® logo are registered trademarks.The facelift models in late 1995 were upgraded to a 3,201 cc (195 cu in) version of the BMW S50 engine, generating 236 kW (316 hp) at 7,400 rpm and 350 N⋅m (258 lbf⋅ft) at 3,250 rpm.[27] North American models used the less powerful BMW S52 engine instead. The dry weight was 1,350 kg (2,980 lb).[citation needed] Weight reduction measures included a carbon fibre front bumper, rear bumper and rear wing.

A 2003 BMW E46 M3 just sold for $90,00

E46 M3 SMG Transmission Software. Increases shift firmness in S4/5/6 and increases launch control RPM to 3800RPM on US spec M3's.You will receive our USB to OBD.. Turner BMW E46 M3 Project Car. ** Updated 10/28/2015 **. Turner Motorsport has a strong and storied history of improving BMW M3s. We offer two sets of cams - CSL-spec patterned after the factory CSL cams or CSL-upgrade that are very aggressive. We plugged these into one of our Project M3s.. The E46 M3 intake system is a result of extensive data logging, dyno testing and design optimisation. Our aim was to develop an intake system for the S54 engine which worked with the stock ECU map and MAF sensor and produced a genuine improvement in the driving experience. The Eventuri Difference Why you'd want a BMW E46 M3. A decade after the Golf GTI had turned the sports car concept on its head and shown that a hot hatch could be as chuckable as The E36 M3 of '93 was accused of being more of a marketing tool - a tad unwieldy and overweight - but the E46 was designed to address that All E46 M3s had leather but a few came with the special option race seats, where were fabric pattern seats. Also with the ZCP (Competition Package) option, some cars could come up with Alcantara wrapped Steering wheels and brake release cover.

E46 sedan | Automotive | Pinterest | Sedans

The M3 also competed as a rally car, with Prodrive-prepared examples contesting several national championships and selected rounds of the World Rally Championship between 1987 and 1989. By the latter year, the cars, based on the regular M3, were equipped with six-speed gearboxes and produced 221 kW (300 PS; 296 hp). The M3 was not very competitive with the four-wheel drive cars on loose surfaces, but a very effective car on asphalt. Its most notable success was victory on the Tour de Corse in 1987, driven by Bernard Béguin. In 1994, BMW produced the limited-edition M3 GT as a racing homologation special for Europe,[28] in order to compete in the FIA-GT class II, IMSA GT and international long-distance races.[29] A total of 356 cars were produced, All in left-hand drive for mainland Europe. The UK received a special GT trim limited to 50 cars with only the cosmetic upgrades of the Homologation special. [12]

Specifications for all versions of BMW E46 3 Series. Information about engine technical specs, mpg consumption, acceleration, dimensions and weight. Please select a BMW E46 3 Series version from the list below to get information about engine specs, fuel consumption, dimensions and many other.. Generation. M3 Coupe (E46). Modification (Engine). 3.2i 24V (343 Hp). Start of production. 2000 year. Weight-to-power ratio. 4.4 kg/hp. Engine specs […] if you want to know all about the E46 M3, you can read our outline on the car here, but if you want the reasons you should buy the car, start reading […]

kskz3 2000 BMW Z3 Specs, Photos, Modification Info at

The BMW M3 CSL has always been more than just an ordinary sports car. Coupé, sport, lightweight construction. CSL: three letters that give every sports car fan goose bumps. The BMW M3 CSL is regarded as an icon and the crowning achievement of the third M3 series The M3 model of the E36 3 Series was released in November 1992 and was initially available as a coupé only, with a convertible version added in 1994. A sedan version was also added in December 1994, to fill in the gap caused by the lack of a BMW M5 sedan model between the end of E34 M5 production in 1995 and the launch of the E39 M5 in 1998. Other changes included four piston front brake calipers, a shorter (3.25:1) differential ratio, the driveshaft from the M5, a twin-plate clutch, non-functional rear seat, air conditioner delete, deeper front splitter and a larger rear spoiler. The cars were individually numbered with a plaque fitted to centre console near the handbrake. Compare with BMW M54, on S54 there are no big problems with engine oil consumption. But if at your M3 is high oil consumption, then a problem in valve stem seals. If the consumption is too large, then you need to buy new piston rings. Periodically there is an overheat on S54. Main reasons: air in the cooling system, a dirty radiator, a water pump, the thermostat and radiator cap. Check these details. The lifespan of S54 is quite high, it can go without problems more than 100,000-150,000 miles of mileage (200,000+ km). But as these cars bought for active driving, for today practically all of them are in awful state. After 100,000 miles of mileage (150,000 km) you need to change connecting rod bearings, timing chain and timing chain tensioner on your M3. Generally it is related to engines till 2003, newer motors haven’t such problems. If you could buy the S54 in a good state, then you shouldn’t save on service, use only high-quality engine oil, observe terms of replacement engine oil and your M3 won’t give you problems. Body style: Convertible (spider/spyder, cabrio/cabriolet, drop/open/soft top)Segment: Roadster & Convertible

The coupé version was designed by Karl John Elmitt[95] and the sedan version was designed by Hans-Bruno Starke.[citation needed] BMW upped the ante when it created the e46 M3. They listened to the critics of the e36 M3 that preceded it and improved upon it so much that the e46 M3 is now a gold standard on what you want in a modern sports coupe. Great handling coupled with great power, a compliant ride, incredible handling capabilities and endurance for everyday use and then use on the track. The E46 M3 came with it all.An "M3 CS" special edition was produced in 2018 with an upgraded engine rated at 339 kW (454 hp) and 601 N⋅m (443 lb⋅ft). The weight was reduced by 50 kg (110 lb)[citation needed] through use of a carbon fibre front spoiler, Alcantara interior parts and thinner glass for the side windows. BMW S54 Engine Specifications Overview, problems Performance tuning BMW S54 engine specs Manufacturer Munich Plant Also called BMW S54/S54B32 Production.. The suspension system was revised with stiffer springs, upgraded shock absorbers and a quicker ratio for the steering rack (14.5:1 vs 15.4:1 on the regular M3).[70][79] The electronic stability control was retuned and an "M track mode" was added, allowing higher thresholds before the system intervened.

BMW 3 Series Compact (E46) specs & photos - 2001, 2002BMW 3 Series Coupe (E46) specs & photos - 2003, 2004, 2005

Upgradeable BMW M3 GTR E46 (Race) by 379Felipe. Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted. What exactly it does? It make the m3gtre46careerstart (also know as the slow variant) performance as stock, and the upgraded ones as the bmwm3gtre46 parts Upgrades over the regular 3 Series models include engines, handling, brakes, aerodynamics, lightweight materials and various interior upgrades. Despite being released in other countries in 1992, the E36 M3 was not sold in the United States until 1995. A key difference between the "European specification" M3 (sold in the rest of the world) and the U.S. M3 is the less powerful S50B30US engine used in the U.S. M3, which was rated at 179 kW (240 hp) and 305 N⋅m (225 lb⋅ft). Other notable differences included an optional 5-speed ZF 5HP torque-converter automatic transmission,[49] suspension changes,[citation needed] and single piece brake rotors (compared with floating rotors). The changes were made in order to reduce the price of the M3, as the U.S. dealers believed the European specification M3 would be too expensive to sell well.

BMW E46 M3 S54 3.2L Transmission Assembly. Found on the CSL M3. For use with the hydraulic fluid for the SMG clutch cylinder. Bran Stage 3 BMW E46 M3 Supercharger Kit - With Engine Internals. Stage 3 - The many facets of the Stage 3 BMW E46 M3 Supercharger Kit are the result of years of research and development. That's what it takes to produce the fastest and most reliable BMW Supercharged Automobiles

Initially, the M3 was produced with a 6-speed manual transmission. In April 2008, the E90/E92/E93 M3 became the first BMW to be available with a dual-clutch transmission when the 7-speed Getrag "M-DCT" transmission was introduced as an option.[89] 459 USD. Active Autowerke BMW M3 Tuning Software. Active Autowerke's engineers have spent countless years fine tuning the E46 BMW M3 software. With on-going revisions and updates being made continuously both on our Race and Forced Induction programs, they have made possible the.. All BMW M3 E46/2S Coupe versions offered for the year 2006 with complete specs, performance and technical data in the catalogue of cars. 28.05.2015 · Motor Trend reviews the 2006 BMW M3 where consumers can find detailed information on specs, fuel economy, transmission and safety BMW M3 parts online. Buy OEM & Genuine parts with a Lifetime Warranty, Free Shipping and US spec E36 M3s powered between 1996 and 1999 received an S52B32 engine which was a modified The E46 M3 was only available in coupe and convertible models. Europe also received a special..

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