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  1. The best Star Wars Battlefront II Mods that are highly useful. The Best and Worst Heroes For Your Galactic Conquests Whether you're using them in the heat of a massive battle or one on one against another player, the heroes of Star Wars Battlefront II are the most exciting characters to control
  2. May the fourth (aka, Star Wars Day) is here, so time to search your feelings: who are the greatest Star Wars characters of all time? Back to image
  3. Forget the Force, forget Vader's overarching tragedy, forget the Death Star and lightsabers and Leia in that slave-girl bikini get-up. When it comes to what makes Star Wars the greatest fucking science-fiction story ever told, the answer is Han Solo.
  4. This vexatious, rodent-like creature constantly emits his ear-piercing giggles of glee at anything his master, Jabba the Hutt, concocts. Whether it’s sentencing people to their deaths, bargaining with bounty hunters, or straight up pretending to be asleep, Salacious lives up to his name as an obscene and indecent goblin who not only takes joy in suffering, but has to annoy others with his laugh while he does so.
  5. Why do we love him?Because he’s our wide-eyed guide to the eye-frazzling wonders of ‘The Force Awakens’, desperately trying to come across as cool and collected while permanently panicking on the inside. And also because he’s played by Peckham’s own John Boyega, a remarkable young actor who has unexpectedly muscled his way to the top through a combination of nerdy charm and quiet, steely toughness – perfect for the character of a child soldier who smashes his chains and goes rogue. We’re expecting big things from Finn in the next two movies: if he isn’t a Resistance general with his own fleet of starships by the end of episode IX, we’ll be mightily disappointed.Key quote: ‘The name's Finn. And I'm in charge.’
  6. This list of characters from the Star Wars franchise contains only those which are considered part of the official Star Wars canon. The list is divided between humans and humanoids and droids
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Why do we love him?Because the bond between Biggs and Luke represents the link between George Lucas’s own California childhood and his galaxy far, far away. Luke and Biggs are essentially ‘American Graffiti’ characters gone awol, and the decision to cut most of their scenes together, while justifiable in pacing terms, slices some of the heart out of the first movie. We urge readers to check out these deleted scenes and discover the hero who got left on the cutting room floor. See also: Deak, Windy, Camie and Fixer.Key line: ‘The rebellion is spreading, and I wanna be on the side I believe in.’ Some newer characters were excluded but perhaps would be included in future updates as their impact and relevance grows. With this list, you'll disagree. In terms of pure comedic relief, there is no better member of the Star Wars ensemble than C-3PO. Fluent in over 6 million forms of communication.. Programmed and built for etiquette and protocol by Anakin Skywalker, C-3PO became the constant companion of R2-D2, Luke Skywalker, and the Rebellion. His neurotic and cowardly personality made him the perfect comic relief character.Another interesting thing about Chewbacca is his sound. Basically he can’t speak English, his voice and sound are so… unique which is like combination of bears, lions, and walruses? But nonetheless, we audiences can still understand his emotion and what he’s trying to say. It feels really special when we humankind can communicate with such other sentient being like Chewie and sense the emotional attachment with him.

While his hubris eventually got the best of him in IV, his legacy as a fantastic character did not go down with his battlestation.We have reviewed our partners privacy policies to ensure that they comply with similar policies in order to ensure your data security.With Solo in carbonite, the creative forces behind the project wanted to fill that gap, so we’re given a surly-but-handsome gentlemen of questionable morals, with a non-human sidekick, who flies a Corellian freighter. He’s also pals with Lando.Jar Jar is easily one of the most hated characters in the entire saga, and for good reason. Even if we look past the possibly racist caricature that he represents, he manages to be an unwanted element of slapstick humor that turned off a lot of hopeful Star Wars fans with his Episode I debut.

Why do we love him?Because he’s played by the legendary John Ratzenberger, aka Cliff from ‘Cheers’, in an enormous pair of lime-green snow goggles and a pretty dashing ’tache. But it’s a tiny part, which is why almost nobody knows his name (sorry).Key line: ‘Your Highness, there's nothing more we can do tonight. The shield doors must be closed. Now who fancies a beer?’ (Okay, we added the last bit.) For quite some time, Darth Vader was seen as the most powerful figure in the Star Wars universe. He was used as an intimidation tactic by Darth Sidious when things went really south, as we saw so well in the final Only but a handful of canonical characters were able to defeat the all-powerful Darth Vader Although he only ended up speaking a line or two of dialogue in the finished film, his presence alone made him a legend. Much like Boba Fett, who did little and spoke even less, Maul maintained his status as a fan favorite for years, despite his wasteful death in the very film he debuted in.

Viimeisimmät twiitit käyttäjältä Star Wars Characters (@SWRPGCharacters). Star Wars NPC & Player Character ideas to fill your custom RPG adventures! Geared toward Fantasy Flight's EotE, AoR & FaD; but usable for any Star Wars RPG!. A Secret Rebel Base.. Maz Kanata in The Force Awakens was nothing more than a tool for exposition and seemed like a fanfiction creation for all the crossovers she apparently had with heroes of the original trilogy.Sadly, his annoying traits sour other parts of the canon, when we’re forced to swallow the fact that this child built C-3PO. Of course, there are also his supernatural skills.

Who is she?The mysterious heroine of ‘The Force Awakens’, a young orphan with a hidden past who dreams of escape from her drab, backwater existence – but when she gets the chance, isn’t sure if adventure was such a great idea after all. The mysterious heroine of ‘The Force Awakens’, a young orphan with a hidden past who dreams of escape from her drab, backwater existence – but when she gets the chance, isn’t sure if adventure was such a great idea after all.Why do we love her?Because she’s like something out of an old-fashioned British kids adventure novel: plucky, proud and a bit posh, with nerves of steel and a whip-smart mouth. Watching actress Daisy Ridley bound up those stone steps on the planet Ahch-To in the final moments of ‘The Force Awakens’, we couldn’t help but be reminded of the BBC fantasy stories we loved as kids: ‘The Owl Service’ or ‘The Secret Garden’, perhaps, with their feisty stage-school heroines. The way she ‘handles’ John Boyega’s Finn is hilarious, too – we can’t wait to see where that relationship goes.Key line: ‘You will remove these restraints and leave this cell with the door open.’“He’s the best frickin’ pilot in the galaxy,” was how Oscar Isaac described his character at a Star Wars Celebration panel in 2015. A burst of thespian hubris, perhaps – but then, we all watched The Force Awakens, and found ourselves struggling to disagree.Hear us out on this one. While DJ, played by Benicio Del Toro, didn’t get much screen time, we learned plenty about his beliefs from his words and actions. He’s a talented thief and hacker, but he also doesn’t believe in taking sides, knowing they both feed the war machine. Much like Han Solo, he serves himself first rather than a cause, but he also has a heart, giving Rose her pendant back. He’s a complicated character that deserves a little more attention.

In the very first teaser trailer for The Force Awakens, the first thing we see is Finn: fully garbed in Stormtrooper attire, sweating nervously under the hot Jakku sun, an orchestral stab of John Williams’ bespoke trailer score jolting us into excitement. Which Character From Star Wars Are You. The list of the people and creatures who make up the complete Star Wars universe have inspired our imagination like no other. These characters and the universe they inhabit inspire and scare us Let say if we have a list of top 10 female characters in movie industry, Princess Leia will definitely be on this list. Before the first Star Wars in 1977, we often have “damsel-in-distress” type of woman figure in most films. And when Star Wars came along, Princess Leia made a huge blast in society. Why’s that? In short, Princess Leia was the symbol of woman power. Which character from the Star Wars universe are you most like? We collect information on how quizzes are used so we can make them even better

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  1. Why do we love him?At least partly because of all the controversy surrounding his death, after George Lucas added a premature laser blast in order to soften Han Solo’s prickly character. But also because he’s got huge, glassy green eyes, a fantastically otherworldly, insectoid voice and is one of the more convincingly realised patrons of that most wretched hive of scum and villainy.Key line: ‘I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.’ Famous last words.
  2. g his soul-riven disbelief into the tornado; then, once he's shattered, choosing to fall despondently down that giant air duct rather than take his pop's metallic hand.
  3. Key line: ‘I am defenceless. Take your weapon. Strike me down with all of your hatred and your journey towards the Dark Side will be complete!’
  4. g it’ll be a good one.
  5. When the Celestials arrived in the Star Wars universe they began to create the galaxy, but The Mnggal-Mnggal destroyed their creations. In turn, the Celestials created the hyperspace anomaly in order to prevent the being from destroying their progects
  6. So which Star Wars character are you? In addition to those listed above, this chart provides a character reference for each of the 16 MBTI personality types, taken from across the span of all six Star Wars movies. They may be from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, but they're just like you
  7. Other than being a scavenger abandoned by her parents at a young age, we know little about Rey, including her last name. She also is a bit of a Mary Sue protagonist with no character arc in sight. Still, it’s easy to empathize with Rey’s innocence, courage, and her endless search for a connection with a parental figure.
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  1. Star Wars Character Generator. Thanks to everyone who has written me during the past few weeks expressing appreciation for my character Over a quarter-century, I have enjoyed a cordial relationship with people at TSR/WOTC. In return, I'm glad to help make the process of character..
  2. Baze lost his faith all together, while Cirrut maintained his devotion to the Force, much to the former’s disdain, yet the two remained exceptionally close.
  3. g burdened with an immense responsibility, and then finally accepting and mastering his role as a savior, Luke is a character easy to get behind.
  4. Darth and Sith name generator, Star Wars. 100,000's of combinations are possible, you're bound to find one you like. The background image above is part of the Star Wars copyright and belongs to its rightful owners. This is not an official name generator, merely one inspired by this universe
  5. Why do we love her? Jyn might be the first ‘Star Wars’ heroine for whom gender simply isn’t an issue: there’s no romantic subplot, no gold bikini and no ‘isn’t she bossy?’ jokes. She’s just hard as nails: a tight-lipped, no-nonsense ass-kicker who refuses to let her Daddy issues get in the way of seeing the mission through. Felicity Jones’s performance is brisk and restrained: this is not a character who wants you to like her. She genuinely doesn’t give a damn.
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Brawl Stars daily tier list of best brawlers for active and upcoming events based on win rates from battles played today. Daily meta of the best recommended brawlers by win rate for currently active maps Joseph Walter is a professional actor, appearing in television (How To Get Away With Murder, Billions, Quantico) film (Creed) stage (even Shakespeare!) and interactive performances (Terror Behind the Walls). Aside from being a freelance writer, he is a game designer, professional pall bearer/funeral home employee and, most obviously, a servant of the Secret Fire and wielder of the Flame of Anor. With an affinity for video games (predominantly of the retro variety, although no stranger to current hits) Power Rangers, Dragon Ball Z, plus a collection of forgotten favorites (Tekkaman Blade, anyone? …anyone?) coupled with his knack for taking the route less travelled in terms of analyses and topics, he is happy to lend his unique voice to the wacky world of Screen Rant, for better or worse. Definitely my favourite Star Wars character, he delivers great in all 6 films. In episode 1 he defeats Darth Maul and fulfills his master's dying wish to They are both such well-made characters! 3 Luke Skywalker Luke Skywalker is a fictional character appearing as the central protagonist of the original.. Trivia question: who's the uncredited actor under the mask? Paul Blake, formerly of ITV soap Crossroads.

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We need to talk about Kylo. Much of the series has been about the ongoing struggle between the dark side of the Force and the light. Usually, though, it’s characters struggling with temptations of evil, not the other way around. As the fearsome master of the Knights of Ren, Adam Driver brings extraordinary presence to a character that spends most of his time behind a mask, and cemented his status as an iconic bad guy with that awesome crossguard lightsaber.However, one encounter with Vader and a broken hyperdrive later (although it definitely wasn’t his fault), and the gambler found himself a general in the Rebel Alliance, and took part in a daring plan to rescue Han, even ending up directly responsible for the destruction of the second Death Star.The end of Return Of The Jedi, with Vader unmasked as a redeemable cherubic nice guy, is arguably a mistake - but what power the prequel trilogy has is all down to watching Anakin get ready for that helmet come Revenge Of The Sith's devastating conclusion.First appearing in Rogue One, this Rebel intelligence officer does whatever necessary to serve the cause, including gunning down informants and potentially assassinating Galen Erso. He’s been through plenty of tough trials in his life and has become hardened because of it. However, his relationship with Jyn Erso helps him realize rather than following orders all the time, he needs to follow his heart, listen to hope, and do the right thing.

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With the prequels, George Lucas’ bizarre ideas went unchecked, and often marred the films. The same can be said about his suggestions for Star Wars video games and other media. One of the most offensive of these unwanted creations is Ziro the Hutt.George Lucas had, of course, been boning up on his archetypes, and here was a classic mentor figure cut from the Merlin/Gandalf cloth - the givers of wisdom. Putting him in the hands of a classically trained British thesp who could quote Shakespeare at 'will' was assuredly building on rock. Hooded in mystery, vaguely priest-like, the strange hermit out beyond the Dune Sea gave the concept of Jedi Knights a mysticism and authority no amount of blather about "midi-chlorians" could undo.

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Why do we love him?Because he’s the real hero of the ‘Star Wars’ movies, consistently getting the others out of trouble just when things look their bleakest. From juggling turbolifts on an enemy battleship to save Anakin Skywalker’s miserable life to fixing Luke’s X-Wing stabilisers during the first Death Star run, from mending the hyperdrive on the Millennium Falcon to cutting his way out of an Ewok trap, Artoo does all the hard galaxy-saving work and gets precious little credit. It’s no surprise he was the first cast member to be confirmed for the third ‘Star Wars’ trilogy: without him the Imperial forces would be ruling the galaxy and Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie would be little more than glutinous splodges on the inside wall of a trash compactor. We’re a little concerned by his behaviour in ‘The Force Awakens’ though – did he really have to leave it so long to tell everyone that he knew where Luke was? Or was he just being dramatic?Who is she?The proud, upraised face of the Rebel Alliance: a beautiful, sarcastic, blaster-packing, man-juggling, no-bullshit-taking, Danish-pastry-haircut wearing icon of womanhood – for two movies, at least. That whole gold bikini incident may have dented her feminist credentials ever so slightly, but at least she got to throttle Jabba the Hutt for it. And she came back swinging in ‘The Force Awakens’, as a full-blown General with her own Resistance army.Shockingly (and thankfully?), Ziro met his end by another one of the worst characters in Star Wars, and we’ll be seeing her (and her counterpart) a little later on.If you think his intelligence and his scheming aren’t impressive enough, his dark power alone would be more than enough to convince you. As we mentioned above, Darth Maul was an apprentice of Darth Sidious – Emperor Palpatine. When Darth Maul decided to betray him, the Emperor easily punished the traitor himself by killing Savage Opress and made Darth Maul begging for mercy. As you can see, even a powerful and youthful figure like Darth Maul and Savage Opress can’t defeat an “old man” like Palpatine. This pretty much tells us how powerful this sinister and creepy “old man” can be.A veteran warrior, Admiral Ackbar fought in the Clone Wars and later helped lead the Alliance to victory at the Battle of Endor to destroy the second Death Star. But, above all, he said those three beautiful words that’ll forever be cemented in history, “It’s a trap!”

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Who is he?The hottest pilot in the rebel fleet, though his superior officer Luke Skywalker does tend to hog the credit.Who is he?The diminutive backwards-talking mystical muppet whose knowledge of the Force is second to none. In the original trilogy he’s a marvel of creature design: tactile, sympathetic and loveable. His CGI incarnation in ‘The Phantom Menace’ looks like a rubber troll sprung unnervingly to life, though this does improve somewhat over the next two movies.Who is he? The first character to transfer from a Star Wars TV franchise (‘The Clone Wars’) to the big screen, Saw is a cyborg Rebel extremist who takes no prisoners (or takes prisoners, then does horrible things to them) in his efforts to fight the Empire.

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Before the release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Maul’s distinct design and double-bladed lightsaber was the subject of heated discussions on not only playgrounds, but within the inner sanctums of the Star Wars fandom.He’s also prone to major temper tantrums which seem to be so common, that they’re expected among First Order personnel, who promptly leave whatever area he’s thrashing about in.

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Of course, the most iconic character was the nefarious Dr. Evazon, along with his partner, Ponda Baba. The duo became inexplicably angry at the young Luke Skywalker, proceeding to threaten his life, along with Evazon claiming to have to the death sentence in multiple systems.When he arrives in the movie - actually when the movie arrives at his table at the back of the Cantina - the saga springs to life in a way we never could have imagined. It becomes cool. Ford's rancour remained throughout the shoot, but the character grew and grew, feeding off his spiky backhanders.Who is he? A cheeky, level-headed dustbin on legs who comes complete with an Inspector Gadget-like array of convenient little nozzles and appendages. Think Henry the Hoover meets a Swiss army knife, only with personality.C-3PO, the golden protocol droid known for his prim-and-proper personality, along with his endless whining, provides excellent humor, especially when paired with his mischievous and apparently foulmouthed astro-droid counterpart, R2-D2.The master of the Black Sun crime syndicate, Xizor holds immense power in the Star Wars galaxy. So much so, that the Empire itself chooses not to stop him, forming something of a symbiotic relationship. That doesn’t stop him from having a hateful rivalry with Darth Vader, though, as they compete for the Emperor’s approval.

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Who is he?The Imperial upstart who actually dares to challenge Darth Vader’s authority, and even the existence of the Force. But not for long…Why do we love him?To be fair, it was a close call between this combo and equally smokin’ ‘Star Wars’ egg-heads Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes. In the end, Rebo’s outfit won the battle of the bands because they were so egregiously ‘updated’ for the Special Edition, transformed from giants of interstellar funk to a hideously CG-mogrified soul-blues outfit. According to online sources, their original name was Evar Orbus and his Galactic Jizz-Wailers (honestly!), so lucky escape there.Key line: ‘Lapti nek, rat a ran wim joct co jappi qaff!’Why do we love him?Because he can fight with four lightsabers at once! Which is, of course, pretty cool. Plus he pre-empts Darth Vader by having a serious lung infection which causes him to cough and splutter like an 88-year-old asthmatic, which is actually scarier than it sounds.Key line: ‘I’ll enjoy crushing you!’

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Who is he?We don’t think it’s going too far to suggest that here is the single most iconic screen villain of all time: his appearance is terrifying, his voice bone-chilling, his words pure, dripping evil. But what really turns Darth into the stuff of our childhood nightmares are his actions: from snapping necks left and right – both in person and remotely – to cutting off his own son’s hand (let’s just let that one sink in for a moment), this is a guy who really, really shouldn’t be trifled with."The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together." On paper, that reads pretty silly. Out of the mouth of Ben 'Obi-Wan' Kenobi, in the silver-haired guise of Alec Guinness (whose voice could varnish wood), it sounded like holy liturgy. For all the special effects, space cowboys, arch villains and comedy droids, it was Kenobi who gave Star Wars conviction. It was Guinness who made us believers.But Maul managed to be the highlight of Episode I, simply by virtue of being the darkest thing in a very bright, innocent movie. And of course, he had the coolest lightsaber ever. People may quibble over the specifics of how he was dispatched, but there's no question he had fulfilled his requirements to the story. Less is Maul, if you like...

The best Star Wars fonts will help you celebrate Star Wars Day right. Every Star Wars film opens with the familiar line 'A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...' written in a cool blue typeface. (Or purple or turquoise - your nostalgia mileage may vary. Screen Rant (the “Website”) is owned and operated by Valnet inc. (“us” or “we”), a corporation incorporated under the laws of Canada, having its head office at 7405 Transcanada Highway, Suite 100, Saint Laurent, Quebec H4T 1Z2.Who is he?A dark lord of the Sith, and pretty much the only truly exciting new character from the first prequel, thanks in large part to his crazy Cirque du Soleil facepaint, acid-yellow eyes and double-ended lightsaber.

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Anakin represents the riskiest proposition in the Star Wars character canon. Not only did Lucas take on demystifying Darth Vader, cinema's greatest villain, but he also decided to etch an ambitious arc - from Jake Lloyd's mechanically-minded moppet through Hayden Christensen's lovesick youth and later Dark Side apprentice - that takes on The Biggest Question: how does evil come from good?When he stepped from the shadows of a murky hologram, we knew little about Darth Maul; the inhabitants of the Star Wars galaxy - bar one - knew even less. We wouldn't discover much more: he was a force of pure malevolence, hellbent on destroying the Jedi.As the mentor of both Anakin Skywalker and his son, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi is an insanely strong Jedi Master and also a beacon of light for Anakin and Luke. This figure represents every characteristic of a typical hero and mentor figure: patience, wise, and discipline. His achievements throughout his life are definitely not for show, including defeating Darth Maul, General Grievous, and even almost kill Darth Vader if not for his love towards his student. Ultimately, he sacrificed himself so that Luke could survive, which was later proven to be a fine decision. Overall, he is truly a great man despite his “failure” with Anakin Skywalker. But hey! On side note, we have to agree that he is good-looking man with awesome outfit. In honor of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (in theaters Thursday night), which wraps up the long-running Skywalker saga, we're ranking the 50 best live-action characters in Star Wars history, from the original heroes of 1977 to the fresh faces of the Disney+ show The Mandalorian Star Wars: In Character is a podcast that takes a closer look at some of the more obscure characters in... Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content

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In the event that we become aware of any data security breach, alteration, unauthorized access or disclosure of any personal data, we will take all reasonable precautions to protect your data and will notify you as required by all applicable laws.It’s safe to say that this element of the series was successfully established in the Mos Eisley Cantina, where countless strange and intriguing creatures made their shocking appearance to first-time audiences, captivating imaginations everywhere.With a menacing voice, an awesome black suit, and fierce determination for control, Vader is iconic in the Star Wars mythos. Yes, he’s an evil Sith Lord that murdered countless numbers of people, but as a character, he also has one of the most tragic and best arcs in Star Wars. A slave boy terrified of death and ripped from his mother at a young age, he became the most powerful Jedi in all the galaxy before turning to the Dark Side in hopes he could control death. But, it was not to be. Eventually, after seeing his son in peril, Vader made the right choice by killing Emperor Palpatine and turning back over to the Light Side. These are 50 cinematic Star Wars characters who might have not gotten a lot of screen time, but we still love them anyway. One the best parts of Return of the Jedi is when Jabba's sand yacht Khetanna explodes, forever silencing that horrible, horrible laugh

All of that combined makes for an intriguing character, and one who steals the spotlight in nearly every scene he’s in.Who is he? The villain of ‘The Force Awakens’ – and (spoiler alert) the wayward son of Han Solo and Princess Leia, who turned, or was led, to the Dark Side following his Jedi training at the hands of Luke Skywalker, and is now in an almighty teenage piss about everything in the universe.Why do we love him?Because he’s just a big stroppy kid, albeit one with 1,000 armoured legions and a planet-shattering death laser at his disposal – also, JJ Abrams hasn’t come out and said it, but we reckon he’s having a sly pop at ‘Star Wars’ fanboys in Kylo’s obsession with Darth Vader’s scorched helmet (oo-er). The scenes between Adam Driver’s Kylo and Daisy Ridley’s Rey are the most dramatic in ‘The Force Awakens’, first his abortive attempt to torture her with the force, followed by his realisation of her untapped power and their thrilling climactic lightsaber smackdown. This is one character we’re dying to see more of.Key line: ‘Wait! I can show you the power of the Dark Side!’

While we don’t know if he’ll appear in Episode IX (though it seems incredibly unlikely unless some crazy fan theories are true), it’s safe to say that what we do currently know is beyond unfulfilling, as he embodies nothing more than a waste of space as a knock-off of Emperor Palpatine, with none of the elements that made the Emperor stand out.Why do we love her?She’s got purple hair and she’s played by the mighty Laura Dern with a perfect blend of warmth, bite and self-assurance. She sees through Poe Dameron’s macho bullshit in a heartbeat – and sacrifices her life to save her friends.His backstory is perhaps problematic – the pre-teen Anakin is just a horrid little squirt, while Hayden Christensen’s grown-up incarnation can’t quite get beyond the terrible dialogue and fully engage as a character. That said, his descent into evil is convincingly handled, and the climactic battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi is operatically magnificent.Who are they?Jabba the Hutt’s house band, consisting of flop-eared keyboard legend Rebo, shaved-mole clarinetist Droopy McCool and female-testicle-on-legs Sy Snootles.

Add to Favourites. Comment. best star wars character. 51. A conservative film, but far better than the prequels The statistic presents data on the favorite Star Wars characters among adults in the United States as of December 2017. Who is you favorite Star Wars character

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We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our Web site. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other Web sites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies, click here.While the ultimate shocker of The Empire Strikes Back was Darth Vader being Luke’s father, it’s important to consider that the film also brought us the incredibly iconic and wonderfully realized Yoda.“May the Force be with you.” This quote is popular among Jedi, yet it seems to be most famous with Master Yoda. Yoda isn’t simply an old, short? (well, at least compares to human’s standard), green-skin goblin-like being. He is probably the most powerful Jedi ever lived and also a great mentor. He first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back as Luke’s trainer and he surely gave Luke quite a hard time discovering things on his own (given Yoda’s sound, it’s probably better that way?). That said; no doubt Yoda is a wise man and he taught Luke (including we viewers too) many things about life. And of course, watching the bond between Luke and Master Yoda is definitely heart-warming indeed.Why do we love him?If Threepio had restricted himself to the original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy he’d be higher on this list: his appearances in those movies, whether it’s berating R2-D2 for his obstinacy, tapping Han Solo on the shoulder mid-snog or awkwardly buddying up to Jabba the Hutt, are consistently charming and funny. But the prequel trilogy tended to use him as an automatic gag generator, punctuating the action with inappropriate asides (‘this is such a drag!’). Also, how did a slave boy on a remote desert world manage to build a droid that knows 6,000,000 languages? Anyway, let’s hope the new movies restore our cybernetic hero to his former glory.Key line: ‘We’re doomed.’

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Well This is a question whose answer is really obvious It's this fella right here. You can't go wrong with him. He is the funniest character to ever, and I mean, to ever exist in a Star Wars movie, and I'm terribly mad, that they never put him in any future movies. And if you don't know who I'm talking about.. Supposedly beloved by the makers of the film, George had a direct hand in this manifestation of an obnoxiously stereotypical alien, who rivals Jar Jar and Watto as one of the least thinly veiled incarnations of insensitivity. Here we look back on 36 characters from The Last Jedi and rank them from worst to best: Warning: Spoilers below if you haven't seen The Last Is he going to be the story we follow in Rian Johnson's new Star Wars trilogy? Or is he just a cute kid with Jedi powers who isn't named Skywalker The Star Wars trilogy, especially the original Star Wars, was a huge phenomenon at the time it released. Even now, it still has significant influences So, what should we do while waiting for it? Well, why not visit our old favorite Star Wars characters? So with no further ado, let's check out the Top 10.. Why do we love him?Because he’s a survivor. While his fellow X-wing, Y-wing, A-wing, B-wing and snowspeeder pilots are blowing up, failing to eject and generally crashing into stuff, Wedge keeps his cool and just keeps on blasting, surviving three major battles with barely a scratch. Plus, he’s called Wedge Antilles, which is just the greatest thing ever.Key line: ‘Cut to the left. I’ll take the leader.’

When General Grievous is first introduced in the legendary Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars micro-series, he’s portrayed as a towering, ruthless and efficient assassin, more akin to a slasher movie villain than anything in st we had seen before. STAR WARS was celebrated on May 4 as Star Wars Day - but who are fans rooting for as the franchise's best character? The complexity of his character is something many have loved for a long while, yet it seems his time as the best Star Wars character is up His presence demanded attention in every scene. His calculated cruelty was unmatched, even by Vader, and the delight in his eyes at causing destruction and death was palpable. Darth Vader remained powerful and imposing, but to see him obey the orders of this refined gentleman proved just how dangerous Tarkin was.

From a farmboy on Tatooine to one of the greatest Jedi Masters the galaxy has known, Luke Skywalker is definitely one of the best characters of Star Wars. He grew up from a naive boy seeking adventure to a mature Jedi Knight, forced to face his evil father, Darth Vader. His arc to a cynical old hermit wanting to flee the conflict between good and evil was unexpected but understandable, making his character even more complex than before.However, perhaps the worst offense of Maz is that the designers and writers were clearly using her as some kind of original trilogy fanservice device: she runs a crazy cantina, she’s got Luke’s lightsaber, and she’s small and funny, like Yoda.This lizardy-skinned, guppy-lipped, sub-titled bounty hunter has minimal screen-time in Star Wars - and gets killed when Han Solo blasts him through the table in his first scene. But he had a distinctive enough look to feature in the first line of Star Wars toys and, as the only baddie non-human in the blister-pack, became the favourite of many kids. Which character from the traditional Star Wars trilogy is the best, in your opinion? Darth Vader Idk I think he is a great villain and a really mysterious character Trying to determine the best Star Wars characters is no small feat. For one, it’s not exactly an objective science. Everyone’s going to have varying opinions on their favorite Star Wars characters. It’s also fraught with possible anger, and we all know where that leads. Some of the best Star Wars characters have defining attributes, dialogue, and stick around in our minds long after the credits have rolled. They don’t necessarily need tons of screentime either. They could just be iconic, memorable, and honestly, downright awesome looking. Ready to go to a galaxy far, far away? Here are 25 Best Star Wars Characters.

Travis: The original Star Wars was a fantastic fantasy set in space, with great characters, and while simple I thought meaningful story, but you Todd: Wow. Why do you think that Star Wars is such a popular movie? Travis: Well, I think of the time that the original Star Wars came out it was unique in a.. There’s nothing really wrong with the character, it’s just that he already exists as Han Solo, leaving Rendar as a boring bootleg.

Read on for our list of the best Star Wars characters, from cruel Imperial footsoliders tright up to the number one slot. The first Star Wars spin-off had more new characters than you could shake Chirrut Îmwe's stick at. But poking his head above the crowd (standing at 7'1, quite literally) was Alan.. She sacrifices her homeworld, stands up to pure evil (even mocking Tarkin to his face) and is far less a damsel-in-distress than Luke and Han initially thought, as she kicks butt with the best of them.It’s impossible not to be fully endeared to the character when he swivels around on his chair and smirks as a Super Star Destroyer plunges into the second Death Star during the Battle of Endor, which makes his wasted death in The Last Jedi even more excruciating.

What are his goals? What’s his connection to the Force? Why is he so deformed? How did he come into power? None of these questions are answered before his apparent demise, and it’s likely that they never will.In ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Lando is at once enigmatic, despicable and dapper as hell; and if the newly promoted General Calrissian goes a little soft in ‘Return of the Jedi’, Billy Dee Williams’s sheer personal charm carries the character through. Lando returns (played by 2018’s man of the year Donald ‘Childish Gambino’ Glover) in ‘Solo’, and if anything, the character is even more complex and charismatic, flirting madly with his droid sidekick L3-37 and generally treating the galaxy like his personal playground. The news of Lando’s return in Episode IX is very, very welcome indeed.Chewbacca is Han Solo’s sidekick and he is exceptionally good at that. Chewbacca is versatile in almost everything, from shooting crossbow, driving to other mechanic works. But what made Chewbacca so famous are his high devotion and sweet nature. He is extremely loyal to Han Solo. Everyone who has watched The Empire Strikes Back would not forget the moment he cried out of pain when seeing Han Solo put into the carbonite. She's handy with a blaster or, when necessary, a slave chain, so one suspects that, had Obi-Wan handed her a lightsaber and sent her after Vader, the saga would have finished by Cloud City. She’s treated with exactly the right amount of reverence in the new trilogy – as San Tekka says of Leia, now a General: “she'll always be royalty to me”.

Star Wars marks its 40th anniversary on May 25. These are the 40 best moments in every film, ranked. No science fiction franchise has been more influential than Star Wars. (Sorry, Star Trek fans!) Over the last 40 years, the space opera saga created by George Lucas has delivered 1,062.. Trained to be a stormtrooper since an early age, FN-2817 was nicknamed Finn by Poe Dameron after Finn rescued him from the First Order. His character has a decent arc. He went from being a stormtrooper to renouncing it, trying to flee, but eventually helping the Resistance to save his friend Rey. He’s a likable, child-like character that will do anything for his friends.While many didn’t like the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi, Wicket has to be the exception. This cuddly little alien bear befriended Princess Leia and helped aid the Alliance in The Battle of Endor against the Empire. Just admit it, he’s adorable.

George Lucas made many maligned changes to the original trilogy during their DVD and Blu-Ray releases. While there are certainly many sequences that are infuriating (like Vader’s “nooo!”), there’s one that stands out as being so obnoxious and offensive that you’d wish the Death Star would have survived just to eliminate it: “Jedi Rocks” performed by Sy Snootles and Joh Yowza of the Max Rebo band for Jabba the Hutt.Why do we love her?She brings a bizarre, completely unexpected edge of non-traditional sexuality to the ‘Star Wars’ saga, implying that in this universe, the relationship between man and machine might not be as innocent and functional as we’d always assumed. Oh, and she’s voiced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge from ‘Fleabag’, who’s obviously a genius.Key line: ‘You don’t want to press that button with me.’Star Wars, while featuring incredible main characters, is also known for its outstanding stock of side-characters, or even just background characters, most of whom have an absurdly in-depth backstory.

Key line: ‘If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.’Shadows of the Empire is a multi-media side-story taking place between ESB and ROTJ, and although its status as canon is currenty debatable, elements from the project, such as Black Sun and the Outrider, lead us to believe the events are more-or-less confirmed.Likely the most charming Star Wars character, Lando Calrissian and his excellent cape first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back. Running the heavenly Cloud City over Bespin, Lando was a long time frenemy of Han Solo, and gladly offered his help to his old pal. What Are the Best Species in the Star Wars RPG? Admittedly, 2007 was a long time ago, but Star Wars' official Dungeons & Dragons venture Like most tabletops, the Star Wars RPG lets you choose both a character race and class, further fleshing out your specs by having you select feats and talents

Create your own Star Wars character in this awesome creator from rinmarugames.com! . Missangest Android apps! My games (except older flash games) are available on Android over here: They perform better than the HTML5 versions so if you have the option to play them I highly.. The prequel trilogy has a lot of problems, but most of them stem from George Lucas’ financial and creative freedom, with a crew of “yes men” letting every stinky turd of an idea move into the pictures without any type of refinement.At first glance, his status as one of the most beloved characters in cinematic history seems odd: he’s a two-foot tall alien with a walking stick and a poor grasp of basic grammar or sentence structure. When we first meet him on the swamp planet of Dagobah, he seems to be little more than cutesy comic relief for the kids. But his true identity soon becomes apparent, and his training of Luke shapes the course of history. Yoda’s wisdom continues to be repeated among Padawans the world over: there is, lest we forget, no try.Finn was an immediate fan favorite from The Force Awakens. The story of a Stormtrooper being overwhelmed by the questionable actions asked of him, eventually betraying the only home he had ever known was an excellent concept.

Bossk also makes several appearances in the Legends continuity. In the Marvel Star Wars comic, he and IG-88 try to freeze Lando and Luke in carbonite. In The Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy, he kills his own father to take over the Bounty Hunters Guild, recruiting Boba Fett as a member, before being double-crossed and finally defeating Fett on Tatooine.[40][43] Later in his retirement in the same continuity, Bossk is imprisoned on a space station orbiting Ord Mantell, which is destroyed during the Yuuzhan Vong War, and possibly meets his demise.[44] Savage opress - star wars: the clone wars. The Clone Wars series started out kinda slow in my opinion, and a little too childish, but they found their stride and created some truly exciting moments in the lives of General Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker's time in the war There are many new characters introduced to the Star Wars saga in the new prequel trilogy. Which of these characters do you think you are? What is GotoQuiz? A better kind of quiz site: no pop-ups, no registration requirements, just high-quality quizzes that you can create and share on your social.. You might quibble with the execution ("Yippee!"), but you can't fault Lucas' narrative design, smarts - catch the subtle and not-so-subtle foreshadowings to Luke - or scope. Watching Anakin become Vader as Palpatine tells him Padme is dead may not have been the prequel experience you expected or wanted, but it is a moment of broken humanity rare in any blockbuster.Han Solo passed the ultimate litmus test of a character's popularity: every kid, in every playground, since 1977, wanted to play him. He just made it all work. Surly, wisecracking, dismissive, a dab hand with a blaster, the best pilot-smuggler in the galaxy, and best friends with a Wookiee. Jedis can go hang - we're with the cool cat in the waistcoat.

I decided to make a game called make your own Star Wars character. Coltin Ryder; Jedi Master (Human male) Homeworld: Alderaan Abilities: Anything your character can learn in KOTOR I Despite everything, his mother tried her best to make his early life as happy as possible and as he grew older.. Why do we love him? Because his weepy distress at the death of his beloved pet provides a moment of completely unexpected pathos in the midst of all the yelling and gunfire, reminding us that even the most mindless killing machine needs someone to love him/her/it. The best Star Wars games of this millennium (Falcon). The history of officially licensed SW games goes back to 1982, then a side-scrolling adaptation of The Empire Strikes Back was launched. Since then we've gone through space combat simulators X-Wing and TIE Fighter, racing games (stay tuned).. The first Star Wars spin-off story fell victim to a long summer of overly-panicked re-editing. The upshot may well have improved the final battle, and also In their place, Rey and Kylo Ren came into their own as complex characters, both filled with darkness and light. The peril was greater than ever, but.. Averaging just below a metre in height, draped in dark cloaks that obscure their faces and muttering unintelligible menaces, the Jawas are the hoodies of Tatooine. Yet, unlike their Dagenham counterparts, they possess a distinct charm beneath all the vandalistic argy bargy. They are, after all, the perfect introduction, after the terrors of Vader, to the Star Wars rogues' gallery - mischievous but never evil.

Why do we love him?Because he’s absolutely ruthless with a lightsaber (as our hapless number 30 knows only too well). Because his shades-of-beige wardrobe is both functional and stylish. Because he wears a trimmed beard with boundless elan. And because he’s played by two very fine actors, including perhaps the greatest thespian ever to emerge from this sceptered isle, Sir Alec Guinness.The series has brought some of cinema’s most beloved characters to life, but it’s also managed to push out some of the most repulsive and hated turds to smear that very same silver screen, so we’re going to be counting down the 16 Best (And 16 Worst) Characters In Star Wars. Star Wars Go Rogue Chapter 1. It's your turn to #GoRogue. Tell us your Rogue Story at Battle with or against iconic characters like darth vader, luke skywalker, han The game looks fantastic - nothing feels quite as good as watching a swarm of Stormtroopers and an.. Who is she?Doomed Queen of Naboo, member of the Galactic Senate, wife of the traitor Anakin Skywalker, mother of two kids she’ll never get to see and owner of the weirdest make-up box in the known universe.

Responsible for countless victories against the overwhelming odds of the Empire, Ackbar is yet another perfect example of Star Wars’ skill of making characters with little screen time be utterly captivating with their mere presence or limited dialogue. The new Star Wars films are getting a lot of people excited thanks to the brand new, super cool characters they are introducing, expanding the Star When it comes to iconic bounty hunters, you'd think a certain Mr Fett would have that niche sown up good and proper - but then along comes Clone.. This brings us to Dash Rendar. As the hero of the video game adaptation and critical character to the novelization, Rendar is a mercenary hired by the Alliance, and it just so happens that he’s almost identical to Han Solo in nearly every conceivable way.Who is he?A seven-foot walking carpet with natural furry flares, a resistance-chic bandolier and a vocal repertoire consisting of barks, rumbles and surprisingly-hard-to-imitate growls. Co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon, Chewie is another of those ‘Star Wars’ characters who inspires a deep devotion despite his inability to speak – in English, at least.Every hero always has a sidekick… or at least most heroes. And who can become a better sidekick than the furball fellow Chewbacca? It is said that Chewbacca’s creation was based on George Lucas’s dog named Indiana. Probably this is the reason why Chewbacca felt so emotionally close to our heart.

Groups of Similar Opposites. Creating Better Star Wars Characters. Species/Culture. Humans are often the most frequent character types to appear in Star Wars fanfics. This is probably because audiences can relate to them the easiest and the authors know what they're talking about His curtain-closing appearance in The Force Awakens, after years of speculation, confirms his importance, and teases the possibility that he might, eventually, catch a break.

Besides C-3PO, we have R2-D2 – an iconic robot which is widely considered as “true hero” of the series. Not only R2-D2 is smart and loyal, he also saved our main heroes Luke, Han Solo, Leia, and Chewie. Some even argue that the entire “A New Hope” thing would not come true if he didn’t save Padme. Unfortunately, our bleep-bloop friend didn’t get much recognition as hero. But let’s be frank, he is definitely a hero of the entire series. New: The Ultimate Guide - Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. The best Free2Play Teams and Characters. FO Officer: A character that moves in the same turn as Poe and one of the best counters that a Phasma team can field against Poe teams, also provides buffs on FO characters with.. List25.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.

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