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Not surprisingly, Samsung’s Super-AMOLED displays have been praised by the geekiest reviews out there, and constantly rank as top displays. This level of quality is what you should expect from the Galaxy S8."A PERFORMANCE DISCONTINUITY UNREACHABLE TO ANY OTHER COMPETITOR TODAY"Samsung has confirmed to Ubergizmo that the U.S would get the Snapdragon 835 variant of the Galaxy S8. However, specific countries could get another chip: Samsung’s Exynos 9 processor (both are manufactured with Samsung’s leading 10 nm semiconductor process). We have not had a chance to look at the performance of Exynos 9, but you may recall that the Galaxy S6 was an extremely powerful handset equipped with an Exynos 7 chip.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ camera review. Rear 12-megapixel f/1.7. The thing that Samsung is shouting about the most in the Galaxy S8 is Bixby. That's the name of Samsung's AI service that incorporates a whole range of functions, as well as scoring itself a physical button on the left-hand side of the phone Samsung's Galaxy S8 houses 64 GB of UFS 2.1 flash memory in its casing. The larger 128 GB memory model is currently available only in the Asian market. Only Huawei's P10 has the presently fastest storage for mobile end devices in the comparison field. It can boast with much better read and write speeds in small data blocks. Approximately 52.3 GB of the nominal 64 GB storage is available for personal use in factory state. With 11.7 GB, the system is a real storage killer. We tested the microSD-card slot with our Toshiba Exceria Pro M401 (max. read: 95 MB/s, write: 80 MB/s) reference card. The rates are on par with the Galaxy S7, which is comparatively fast without exhausting the card's potential.

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OLED panels ensure first-rate contrasts and vivid colors and Samsung's Galaxy S8 is no exception. The screen has an adaptive panel that always selects the correct color balance in compatible apps. The predefined profiles Basic, Photo, and Cinema can also be set manually. We examined their accuracy with the photospectrometer and the analysis software CalMAN. We did not discover any real shortcomings in any of the profiles. The average DeltaE rates are lower than three, which is the limit for deviations visible to the human eye, in all profiles. Only the iPhone achieves a higher accuracy in the comparison field, but it also has a lower color-space coverage. Repair guide : NFC antenna Samsung Galaxy S8. Level : Medium Time : 25 min Author : Alexandre. SOSav presents this repair guide that reveals all the steps to follow to replace the NFC antenna of your Galaxy S8 yourself for a smaller fee, so you can rediscover all the functions of your..

After the Galaxy Note 7’s battery disaster and apologies, Samsung has done extensive work to find the root causes (independent labs also agreed) and drastically changed its battery-checking procedures and manufacturing as to never repeat those problems that led to multi-Billion dollar losses. The Galaxy S8 batteries are probably the most checked ever at Samsung.LG has used physical resilience as a selling point with the tough LG V20, and even the glass-laden LG G6 has been designed with some shock-resistance in mind (read our review). It is fair to say that there is always a trade-off between beauty and toughness, and if you ask me, the Galaxy S8 does look better than the LG G6, but I expect the G6 to be a bit tougher upon drops.  We explained the logic of how phones are designed to survive drops when we looked at the V20, The same principles are valid for most phones.

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  1. About this Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8 review While Joshua Vergara put together the video linked above, I, Nirave Gondhia, put together the in-depth written Samsung Galaxy S8 review encompassing both of our opinions to provide the definitive Android Authority view on..
  2. Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+ give you a mobile experience bolstered by 10 years of innovations. Explore its intelligent battery, pro-grade cameras, and the Infinity-O Display.
  3. Samsung'un merakla beklenen telefonu Galaxy S8, abisi Galaxy S8+ ile beraber İstanbul'da yapılan eş zamanlı özel etkinlik ile tanıtıldı
  4. The Galaxy S8 has a 12-megapixel camera, just like the S7. But it's better. I took side-by-side images with the S7 and S8 in a variety of modes, and the S8's pictures are clearer and brighter, with more detail and less artifacting. While the S8 doesn't have dual main cameras, there's a software-based Selective Focus mode to create bokeh, and a pretty good Pro mode that includes Raw capture and manual shutter speed.
  5. The Google Pixel ($217.95 at Amazon) has a 1080p screen, and if you set the S8's screen to the same resolution, you get about the same usage time. But the Pixel is better at not draining battery in standby. The iPhone 7 has shorter screen-on usage time, but it's more efficient in standby and playing audio.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 review: It's got a lot of competition now but is Samsung's flagship still the best there is? Or should you start looking elsewhere. Samsung's 2017 flagship is still a beautiful device and worthy of consideration, even after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S10 Think back to previous phones with displays of 5.5-inches or larger and they felt great at the time, but even the Galaxy Note 7 feels positively large compared to Samsung’s latest flagships. The 5.8-inch display inside the Galaxy S8 comes inside a body that’s slightly taller but narrower than the Galaxy S7 (148.9 x 68.1 mm vs 142.4 x 69.6 mm). Similarly, the Galaxy S8 Plus is a little taller and wider than the Galaxy S7 Edge (159.5 x 73.4 mm vs 150.9 x 72.6 mm) despite a screen that’s 0.7 inches smaller.

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The Galaxy S8 introduces a new personal assistant, Bixby, to take on the likes of Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana. And for a hallmark feature on Samsung's flagship phone, Bixby feels pretty half-baked right now, even after Samsung has rolled out voice controls to its virtual assistant.Is the S8 too big? For some, perhaps, but then there's the same spec Galaxy S8 that offers the same experience, but in a slightly smaller 5.8-inch package.Some shoppers will prefer a newer Android phone in the same price range, like the $479 Pixel 3a XL, but overall the Galaxy S8 and S8+ remain good values for those who prefer Samsung handsets.The industrial design is an evolution of the one introduced with the (defunct) Note 7, including the symmetrical curvature (front/back) which successfully improved the grip sensation from the S7 Edge.If you swipe down from the very top of the screen from wherever you are, you’ll see your notifications and Samsung’s quick-settings shortcuts. Finally, swiping in from the left provides access to Edge screen shortcuts, such as a customizable list of apps, a device maintenance screen (for battery, choosing performance mode, etc.) and a Smart Select tool for selecting an area of the screen and sharing it or pinning it to the top of your display.

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Samsung Galaxy S8. Opciones de Desplegado. (cualquier prefijo) (sin prefijo) Consulta Solucionado Noticia Debate Artículo Tutorial Idea [REVIEW] [RECOPILACION] [COMPRA CONJUNTA] ROM KITCHEN ROM KERNEL MOD ROM RECOVERY TEMA BETA [TEMA] [APP-MOD] [TUTORIAL].. The Galaxy S8 goes boldly forward into a new era of speed, thanks to Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 system on a chip (at least in the U.S.; in other regions, the S8 will have Samsung's Exynos 8895 chip). The S8 also comes with a healthy 4GB of memory, 64GB of storage (twice the amount you get from base models of the LG G6 and the Google Pixel) and microSD card expansion for people who need even more space.

The warranty does not cover the following points [...] The product has been exposed to liquids/chemicals of any kind and/or extreme temperatures, humidity or moisture. Samsung Galaxy Apps provides a quick and easy way to find and download free premium apps that are compatible with your Galaxy device. Pictures and Videos: Review Screen After capturing a picture or video, from the camera screen, tap the thumbnail image to see the item in the review screen The Galaxy S8's power consumption has increased slightly compared with the former S7. This is due to the larger screen. However, it is the most economic device in the comparison field thanks to the reduced load power consumption, which is very low. Samsung's Galaxy S8 uses the same quick-charge technology as the Galaxy S7 and its battery capacity of 3000 mAh is also identical. The included power supply recharges the Galaxy S8 fully within 92 minutes. The battery is charged to 25% after 15 minutes and 43% after half-an-hour. 80% is accomplished after 59 minutes. The smartphone can also be recharged without a cable via induction with optional accessories.

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  1. We compared photos shot by the S8 and the Pixel XL outside on a sunny day. The Pixel XL's photo had an extra level of sharpness and detail we didn't get from the S8+. Our face looked a little too smooth and perfect on the Samsung, to the point where we were wondering whether Beauty Mode was kicking in even when we had it set to 0.
  2. It's fortunate, then, that Samsung offers a range of biometric unlocking options. There's the normal password and pattern stuff, but more pertinent is the iris scanner. Register your eyes, look at your phone and it unlocks. Of course you need to trigger that and you can do so with a long press on the virtual home button. In essence, using the new virtual home button and the iris scanner is as easy as the old fingerprint scanner arrangement. 
  3. g week. From real world usage with the regular Galaxy S8, it’s clear that the battery life will vary according to your usage, but we seldom had to top the phone up before bedtime.
  4. Samsung Galaxy S8 review - this is the future of smartphones. Published Tue, Apr 18 201711:01 AM EDTUpdated Fri, Apr 21 20173:20 PM EDT. The new Samsung phone, the Galaxy S8, launches this week. The screen is gorgeous, and it's future-proofed with support for next-generation high-speed..

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The only noticeable performance issue I personally experienced is with the iris recognition which, like on the Galaxy Note 7, fails to work properly if you wear glasses. Samsung warns you to remove glasses or contact lenses when setting up the iris recognition, but this means you’ll have to either look over the top of your glasses or lift them up for iris recognition to be useful. Josh hasn’t had any issues with this, so it might be an issue with my handset and when the iris scanner can see your eyes unobstructed, it is lightning fast.Since Samsung seems to realize that putting its fingerprint scanner spot right next to the camera isn't the best idea, it offers up a buffet of other ways to authenticate yourself. The two more exotic ones are face and iris recognition.Yes, the Galaxy S8 makes phone calls. It has whatever your carrier's latest phone-calling techniques are (like HD Voice, VoLTE, and Wi-Fi calling) and calls sound clear, with aggressive noise cancellation in the microphone. I was especially impressed with the speakerphone volume when the Extra Volume button is pressed—the voice blasting out of the bottom-ported speaker is easily hearable outdoors.The additional pixels mean a taller display overall, but there is some pillar-boxing when watching widescreen content so you’ll have black bars on the sides. You might find the bars distracting for most media content, but you can force apps to full screen mode either through the display settings menu or by tapping the icon in the recent apps menu.

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This could be particularly interesting for some companies or workers since it is possible to run Windows over Citrix from the Galaxy S8 + DeX. Additionally, the phone is already qualified by many IT departments when it comes to security, etc… This kind of technology started with the Motorola Atrix 2 (2011), but Samsung’s DeX makes it extremely functional. Samsung Galaxy S8 về mặt thiết kế, cặp đôi Galaxy S8 và Galaxy S8+ có nhiều điểm tương đồng. Với người đàn anh S7 Edge năm ngoái. Cấu hình phần cứng Samsung Galaxy S8. S8, S8+ sẽ là những chiếc điện thoại đầu tiên được trang bị công nghệ kết nối không dây 4G LTE lên tới 1 Gigabit Samsung's sleek new Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones, unveiled today, have an unusual shape, a proprietary new digital assistant, improved cameras, and a clear mission: To Samsung's proprietary digital assistant wasn't yet fully operational on the press samples the company provided for this review Samsung Galaxy S8 review. Find out how Samsung's new flagship phone for 2017 is even better than last year's model. Samsung hasn't made a big song and dance about battery life on the Galaxy S8. This may be partly due to the fact it has the same 3,000mAh capacity as its predecessor

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  1. The S8 securely kills the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in our eyes, though. While the iPhone SE ($146.81 at Amazon) is still an excellent value, platform lock-in is pretty much the only reason to get an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus over this device—the idea that you've spent so much time and money learning Apple's apps and using iMessage that it would be too much of a bear to leave.
  2. g, the Galaxy S8 still beats the Android competition while surpassing the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in terms of design, display quality and features. The iPhones are better, though, when it comes to sheer speed and their cameras.
  3. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has become more affordable since its release, and now costs around $630 unlocked. It will be available in four colors: Orchid • Samsung Galaxy S8 design and build quality. As I said at the beginning of this review, holding the S8 just feels right. The slight change in dimensions..
  4. The front-facing camera has improved from 5MP to 8MP, and it's gotten autofocus. In practice, that means sharper focus on faces, with backgrounds going slightly out of focus. That makes photos of yourself look great, but it means that if you're used to taking photos of yourself in front of things—famous buildings, for instance—you'll have to make sure to lock focus on the distant object to get the same fixed-focus look you're used to.
  5. Phones are connected devices. That's also what they do: connect us, to each other and to the internet. We create things, whether they're words or pictures, and we share them. The Galaxy S8 is the best phone available for creating things you want to share, sharing them, and experiencing things shared by others. It's the most connected device possible.

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The mono speaker in Samsung's Galaxy S8 is once again situated on the smartphone's lower edge and is identical to the unit in the Galaxy S8+. It can get quite loud with up to 82.44 dB(A). Most low tones are inaudible and only the upper range of higher bass can be perceived when the mids and trebles do not simply drown it out. While the mids are relatively linear, the trebles are a bit too dominant. Thus, the overall sound impression is not very balanced. The quality is sufficient for occasional viewing of a short video or music sampling. Otherwise, headphones or other external solutions should be used. We examined the performance of the included AKG headset and Bluetooth 5.0 in the review of the Galaxy S8+.Face unlock is new and works very well. I did set it up and used it to confirm its efficiency. Security-wise, it should be considered as a convenience feature and isn’t as hard to crack than the Eyes or Fingerprint unlocks. Also, the face unlock uses the selfie camera (and not the IR camera like the eye unlock), so you will need decent lighting for it to work. Samsung Galaxy S8 review: Design. By far its defining feature, the Galaxy S8's screen is a marvel. While it's still sporting Samsung's signature curved-edge display, the company has gone one step further and pushed the screen out to the very edges of the device, leaving only the faintest hint of a.. "THE GALAXY S8 IS THE NEW KING"It is true that specific S8 features can be challenged by remarkable competitors such as the LG G6 (large display, wide camera) or Google Pixel (camera). However, the Galaxy S8 has the advantage of being a higher-performance Android phone, but more importantly, the best overall smartphone package today (features/design/perf/camera). In short, the Galaxy S8 is the new king.The headphones are surprisingly “bassy” for small earphones and feature a premium feeling design that includes a fabric cable and in-line controls. Diving deep into the sound settings, there’s a bunch of equalizer toggles that can be used to cater the audio experience to your preferences. There’s an Adapt Sound tutorial that helps you tune the output to your own ears and the result is a headphone experience that manages to be surprisingly deep for the average user. Given what’s happened in a short-space of time, we expect Samsung’s acquisition of Harman Kardon to result in a vastly improved audio experience on future flagships.

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 is still an excellent phone with lots of neat features and plenty to love. Countless reports are complaining about Galaxy S8 and S8+ WiFi problems. Owners have mentioned poor performance, drops, or speeds so slow they can't even load a website or Facebook unless they.. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have battery capacities of 3000 mAh and 3500 mAh respectively. While it is true that the S7 Edge had 3600mAh, the overall battery experience should be comparable. The Galaxy S8 phones also come with integrated wireless just as last year’s series.

In terms of benchmark performance, the Galaxy S8’s multicore score of 6,295 in the Geekbench 4 overall performance test was more than 50 percent higher than that of its closest Android competitor, the Snapdragon 821-powered Google Pixel XL (4,146). However, the iPhone 8 scored above 10,000 on this test.The good news is that the S8's quick charging feature is very quick. The phone charges from zero to 100 percent in about an hour and a half. I got to 15 percent charge in 15 minutes, and 30 percent in half an hour.It's also worth mentioning that this is a review of the US and Canadian unit of the phone. Other countries have a different device with a different Samsung Exynos processor that may function differently.

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The S8 backed up our experience by reproducing a superb 183 percent of the sRGB color gamut. That blows away the LG G6’s 134 percent, but the AMOLED screen on the Google Pixel scored an even higher 191 percent. (However, when you turn on Adaptive Display mode on the Galaxy S8, it can reach as high as 255 percent.)In short, the Samsung Galaxy S8+ is a masterpiece. It's expensive, but it's a masterpiece nonetheless.Read full verdictIt is no secret that “larger displays” are one of most demanded feature from smartphone buyers. Increasing the display size improves every experience: productivity, entertainment, and photography (capture and slideshows) are three obvious things made better by larger displays.

When watching the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer, we could make out every wrinkle in Rey’s hands as she seemed to levitate the rocks around her with the Force, as well as every rising ring of smoke around Kylo Ren’s smoldering mask. As the camera panned around to the island where Luke was training Rey, it was hard not to be impressed by the golden sunshine that reflected off the water, as well as the lush, green foliage dotting the mountains.Samsung's flagship new service, Bixby, can't be tested yet. It won't be launched until May. The idea behind Bixby is that you push a dedicated button on the side of the phone and you're able to command it by voice, for instance, to send a photo you just took to someone in your contact list.Muscle memory will help. After about a week of use we found it easy to hit the S8+'s scanner every time. The bigger problem, however, is that it didn't unlock every time. Which, from our use, sees the S8's fingerprint scanner go from the 100 per cent record of the S7 edge, to more like 85 per cent.

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Samsung has improved the Galaxy S8's viewing-angle stability compared with the predecessor. The light color haze that is typical for AMOLED panels appears starting at approximately 100 degrees and therefore very flat angles. This involves a slight brightness decrease, but ghosting, glow or clouding effects are not an issue on the Galaxy S8's Infinity screen.The S8 is also the first phone with LTE-U, a new form of LTE that uses Wi-Fi airwaves to enhance capacity in crowded areas. I haven't seen much in the way of LTE-U buildouts yet, but AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon are all working on it.You should be mindful of the potentially weak resilience of the Galaxy S8/S8+ against shocks. The Galaxy S7 Edge was arguably prone to glass breakage (drop contact) not only because there’s glass everywhere, but the curvature made it more likely to hit hard surfaces during drops.That said, the Google Pixel is less expensive than most S8 carrier models at $649. While the S8 is slightly better in many ways, the Pixel has a cleaner interface, more frequent Android updates, and longer standby battery life. For AT&T and Verizon users, meanwhile, the unlocked ZTE Axon 7 and OnePlus 3T deliver all of the power most people want for around $400.

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ is all about that display. In our opinion, it's the best-looking display you'll find on a mobile device. Even with the updates to the Galaxy S9+, the S8+ still holds its ground.When we first found out that the S8's 12-megapixel rear camera is ostensibly the same as the one on last year's S7, we were a bit disappointed. But that rush of emotion was a bit premature, because under the hood, Samsung made some important software enhancements. And then you toss in a new, higher-resolution, 8-MP front cam, and you get a phone that produces noticeably better pictures no matter which shooter you're using.The familiar camera modes are still found in the reworked camera app on Samsung's Galaxy S8. The settings can be adjusted manually in the pro mode and it is also possible to use the RAW format. The application's looks have been adapted to the new aspect ratio of 18.5:9 - content is now only displayed on the lower half of the screen.

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  1. It's also a little smaller than Samsung says it is, because of the new 18.5:9 aspect ratio. Most phones are 16:9, so the S8 is taller and narrower than they are. It's even narrower, proportionately, than the LG G6, which is 2:1. The S8's screen is 13.23 square inches—I call that SQUID, or square inches of display.
  2. The desktop interface is completely multi-window friendly, and things like right-click contextual menus or copy/paste are functional. Obviously, while potentially very convenient, this is not meant to completely replace laptops, but if you use case lends itself to it, this could be a fantastic way to setup a basic work setup, maybe a secondary one, or something at a friend’s place.
  3. You may want to keep an eye out for Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday deals to see if these phones get discounted during the holiday season.
  4. hearing rangehide medianshow median Pink NoiseSamsung Galaxy S8LG G6Huawei P10Samsung Galaxy S8 audio analysis(+) | speakers can play relatively loud (82.44 dB)Bass 100 - 315 Hz(-) | nearly no bass - on average 22.1% lower than median(±) | linearity of bass is average (11.7% delta to prev. frequency)Mids 400 - 2000 Hz(±) | higher mids - on average 5% higher than median(+) | mids are linear (4.3% delta to prev. frequency)Highs 2 - 16 kHz(+) | balanced highs - only 3.7% away from median(+) | highs are linear (6.7% delta to prev. frequency)Overall 100 - 16.000 Hz(±) | linearity of overall sound is average (21.3% difference to median)Compared to same class» 23% of all tested devices in this class were better, 12% similar, 65% worse» The best had a delta of 13%, average was 24%, worst was 65%Compared to all devices tested» 50% of all tested devices were better, 9% similar, 41% worse» The best had a delta of 3%, average was 21%, worst was 65%

Ahead of its Unpacked event last month, Samsung flooded media with advertising designed to begin the painstaking process of rebuilding the customer faith that took years to accumulate. Then came the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, two phones that push the boundaries further than ever before, but do they offer enough?I only ran ten tests on T-Mobile because of data limits, but I still saw the difference: 15.36Mbps down and 11Mbps up on the S8 compared with 8.65Mbps down and 10Mbps up on the S7. In congested areas, the S8 is the third phone (after the LG V20 and G6) to use its new Band 66 LTE network, which should prevent speeds from crashing too low.

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When you do hit that wider content - like Stranger Things on Netflix - then, wow, the display eats you up in masterclass fashion.  Samsung Galaxy S8 review. Biometric issues aside, the Galaxy S8 is a brilliant phone. However, in creating the massive screen on the front of the Galaxy S8, Samsung has moved the fingerprint scanner to the rear of the phone - and placed it out of the reach of most fingers when holding your.. The aim is to increase the screen-to-body ratio and give you more display without resulting in a wider overall phone. The Samsung Galaxy S8+ has a 6.2-inch display, but it's only 73.4mm wide. That's narrower than the iPhone 8 Plus, while only being fractionally taller - but giving you over half an inch more display. Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus Android 10 update, One UI 2.0, security updates, and more: April 2020 patch rolling out; March patch for Sprint and T-Mobile variants. By Kapil Malani April 16, 2020. Find all the software update related news regarding the Galaxy S8+ on this update timeline page of ours LG G6First out of the gate with this new taller aspect display was the LG G6. It might have pipped Samsung to the post in announcing its phone, but both devices hit the shelves around the same time. The Samsung is more fully featured and more powerful, but it's also more expensive. LG brings its innovative dual camera to the party and also promises Dolby Vision content from its HDR display. 

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The main difference between Bixby and other digital assistants is that it lets you use voice commands to control your phone in lieu of tapping the screen, which can save you time and energy. You can also use Bixby to tell you the weather or look up the definition of quixotic, but its real purpose is giving you a whole new way to control your phone. For instance, you can ask Bixby to show you emails from a specific person by name, and it will slickly pull up all your conversations in just a couple seconds. That's way faster than tapping to open the email app, hitting search and then typing in that person's name.   Samsung Galaxy S8 (Mobile Phone): 4.2 out of 5 stars from 876 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site ProductReview.com.au. Samsung Galaxy S8. MPNs: KHSGS864BLK, KHSGS864DGLD, KHSGS864GRY and 4 more You see this in the benchmarks. First of all, benchmark results change depending on what you have the screen resolution set to. Looking purely at the CPU, the single-core Geekbench score of 1,836 isn't any better than the Snapdragon 821-powered LG G6, at 1,811. The multi-core score of 5,960 outpaces the G6 (4,195), but only matches the Huawei Mate 9 and Huawei P10. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 recently hit store shelves, and is one of the first 8-inch tablets with a 1600 x 2560 (WQXGA) display. As with most Samsung products, the design and build of the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is excellent. The tablet comes in two colors, Dazzling White and Titanium Bronze There is a dedicated Bixby button on the left side, just below the volume rocker. The cool thing with Bixby is that when you have wet or dirty hands, you are still able to easily do many things with your phone. We’ve since learned that the Bixby button cannot be used for anything else, but there’s a hack that lets you do it anyway.

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  1. Update (2/16): With the Samsung Galaxy S9 just around the corner, we thought this would be a fun time to take a look back at our review for the current S8 family. After all, soon this will be a highly discounted model making it a potential purchase for those looking for a great phone but wishing to same some serious cash in the process. 
  2. But let's rewind a little. Back in 2010 the original Samsung Galaxy S had a physical home button. Every Galaxy S model has followed suit, as Samsung avoided the temptation to go for on-screen controls. That physical button has more recently contained the fingerprint scanner, resulting in a rather iPhone-like result, but one that worked. You press the button, the phone unlocks. 
  3. The phone comes in one size, 64GB with 4GB RAM, and there's also a microSD card slot tucked in with the SIM slot, which can handle 256GB cards. Samsung still doesn't support Google's Adoptable Storage mode, so the card will appear as a separate storage device. But you can move apps to the SD card from one of the settings pages. About 10.7GB of the phone's storage is taken up by the system and non-deletable apps.
  4. Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus online at best price in India. Check full specification of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Mobiles with its features, reviews Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone has a Super AMOLED display. It measures 159.5 mm x 73.4 mm x 8.1 mm and weighs 173 grams
  5. Because of the huge gain in graphics performance, the VR capabilities of the Galaxy S8 are very high. Combine this with the excellent display and the availability of the 2017 Samsung Gear VR and Controller, and you have an excellent mobile VR system.
  6. Samsung Galaxy S8 review. We test out the camera, Bixby AI assistant, Android software and compare it to the iPhone 7 Plus in our full review of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+: everything you need to know about the new phones. True, the Galaxy S8 isn't the first handset to have a near..

You’ll also find a ton of advanced features. The ones at the top of our list include a one-handed mode that you can activate by tapping the home button three times to shrink the screen, as well as the ability to quickly launch the camera by pressing the power key twice.You can swap the order of the back and multitasking buttons in the software. Press down on a home screen icon, and you get Google's Quick Option menu, letting you clear notification badges and uninstall the app.The Google Pixel has a Sony IMX378 with 1.55 μm pixel, but no Dual-Pixel Diode – which explains why the AF speed and quality are not as good as the S7 and S8. At the end of the day, it seemed pretty sensible to keep a proven camera hardware and tweak the software, until the next-gen sensors come out.I wish I still had a Galaxy Mega 6.3 to compare with today’s Galaxy S8+. What a difference a few years make! With the Galaxy S8, Samsung takes an undeniable lead in large-display phones.As the latest Samsung flagship, you can expect the latest processing package and the Galaxy S8 doesn’t fail to deliver. Depending on your market, you can either expect the latest Exynos 10nm chipset or the Snapdragon 835, both coupled with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of on-board storage, which is expandable via a microSD card. The Exynos version comes with the Mali-G71 MP8 GPU while the Snapdragon 835 has the Adreno 540 GPU.

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ were released in April of 2017. You can now get the Galaxy S8 starting at $499 with 64GB of storage. The larger Galaxy S8+ isn't as readily available, but it retails for about $589. However, we've seen this phone for as low as $364 on Amazon. Other much-heralded new software remains similarly elusive. Samsung Connect is supposed to bring together all of your (new) Samsung appliances and SmartThings Hub functionality. It doesn't work yet, so I can't judge it. Samsung's Dex, a system to turn your phone into a desktop PC, also isn't ready yet. See our in-depth look at DeX for more details.Essentially, Samsung has expanded the display into sections of the phone that used to be top and bottom bezel, shifting the controls onto the display and, amongst other things, ditching that logo bar at the top. Moving the controls onto the display is something that Samsung has avoided for many years, but it now necessitates moving the fingerprint scanner to the rear of the device and a pressure-sensitive home button under the display - but more on those later. "ANYTHING DONE USING TAPS, IS ALSO POSSIBLE WITH VOICE"During the many leaks over the past weeks, Bixby has often been described as a Virtual Assistant. It is not. It is a voice user interface. The premise of Bixby is that anything done using taps, is also possible with voice.The Galaxy S8 only develops its full brightness when the ambient light sensor is enabled. We could measure a maximum of 362 cd/m² in the screen's center on a pure white background. When the fast-responding sensor is enabled, we measured up to 575 cd/m² in the same scenario. It was even almost 800 cd/m² in the realistic APL50 assessment where bright and dark areas are distributed evenly. The screen's illumination of 94% is very homogeneous. Thanks to the underlying AMOLED technology, the screen can also display an absolute black, making a theoretical infinite contrast ratio possible. An eye-friendly blue-light filter is also installed and, as with the predecessor, the familiar Always On Display feature is also present. The screen also supports HDR content that streaming services, such as Amazon and Netflix, already use. This, alongside a higher dynamic range, also promises more and richer colors. As with the Galaxy S8+, our S8 (retail version) also operates with a screen resolution of just 2220x1080 pixels ex-factory. Although this is energy-saving, the settings should be adapted for enjoying the premium screen's full beauty. The Galaxy S8 displays an identical PWM behavior as its larger sibling that we analyzed more closely there.

(+) | speakers can play relatively loud (82.74 dB)Bass 100 - 315 Hz(-) | nearly no bass - on average 20.9% lower than median(±) | linearity of bass is average (12.6% delta to prev. frequency)Mids 400 - 2000 Hz(+) | balanced mids - only 4.2% away from median(+) | mids are linear (6% delta to prev. frequency)Highs 2 - 16 kHz(±) | higher highs - on average 5.5% higher than median(+) | highs are linear (4.9% delta to prev. frequency)Overall 100 - 16.000 Hz(±) | linearity of overall sound is average (22.8% difference to median)Compared to same class» 37% of all tested devices in this class were better, 12% similar, 50% worse» The best had a delta of 13%, average was 24%, worst was 65%Compared to all devices tested» 60% of all tested devices were better, 8% similar, 32% worse» The best had a delta of 3%, average was 21%, worst was 65% The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the best smartphone available, full stop. It has raised the bar for top-end smartphone design, is one of the most future-proofed phones you can buy and squeezes a large selection of cutting-edge Samsung Galaxy S8+ review: the best plus-sized screen you can buy

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The Snapdragon 835 version has an integrated Qualcomm X16 LTE modem which was the first to reach the “Gigabit-class” status and can be considered as one of the stepping stones towards a 5G transition. A gigabit network was recently launched by Telstra in Australia.Although we did not yet have time to test the charge speed, we expect the Galaxy S8 to charge at a rate of ~50 mAh/mn, which means that it would go from 0% to 50% in 30mn. This is in-line with the large majority of high-end handsets, except the Huawei Mate 9, which charges at the crazy rate of 77 mAh/mn. Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5G review. Samsung Galaxy S8 - user opinions and reviews. Released 2017, April 24 155g, 8mm thickness Android 7.0, up to Android 9.0 S8 User, 05 May 2020I have this phone for almost 2 years (since Sep 2018) + Camera is nice. I wouldn't change for... moreHi, Backup your data..

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Samsung Bixby voice user interface (UI)

What is the difference between Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy A50? Home > Smartphone comparison > Samsung Galaxy A50 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 The 18.5:9 aspect ratio means Samsung has managed to pack more pixels into its display, with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus both offering displays at 2960 x 1440 pixels. On the Galaxy S8, this translates to a pixel density of 570 pixels per inch, while on the Galaxy S8 Plus this is a little lower at 529 pixels per inch.We're also fans of the on-screen exposure compensation slider that's offered. If a low-light scene is boosted to be too bright (like a sunset, for example), you can easily slide the brightness down to ensure you get those rich colours you want. It's all easy to use.

Galaxy S8 review: a year on and Samsung's outgoing flagship T

One new gimmick, Bixby Vision, isn't a great differentiator. It's a mode in the camera that can shop for products or translate text based on a picture you take. But it's no better than Google Translate or Microsoft Word Lens (in fact, the translator just uses Google Translate). It's not a minus, it's just not much of a plus. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active isn't a phone you're going to hear a lot about this year. It's overshadowed by the regular Galaxy S8, the Galaxy Rather than rehash our extensive Galaxy S8 review, I'm just going to say that almost everything that goes for the Galaxy S8 also holds true for the..

And when I continued down the street, the S8+ topped the Pixel XL again when I snapped a pic of some flowers, this time offering better white balance than Google's phone, as evidenced by the greenish hue on the white flower's petals. The outcome for Sprint users: If you are frustrated with Sprint connectivity in a place where Sprint is supposed to have LTE, getting a Galaxy S8 will go a long way toward curing your dead-zone problem.Apple is bringing an OLED screen to the iPhone X, but you have to pay a grand for the privilege. Sporting a resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels, both the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ turned in nearly perfect scores on our tests, offering a very bright picture, amazingly vivid colors and near-perfect color accuracy.The photograph of the test chart is also very good and presents a relatively good sharpness in the image center that hardly decreases toward the edges. Some rivals, such as LG's G6, achieve even more convincing results in terms of sharpness. However, the color gradation hardly gives any reason for complaint.

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We were worried that the fingerprint sensor’s placement right next to the camera on the back of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ might be a problem. And it was, initially. Because the sensor is fairly narrow, it’s difficult to target it without looking. We got used to it after a couple of days, but we still wish it were below the lens. Características del móvil Samsung Galaxy S8 (SM-G950F), análisis, especificaciones técnicas detalladas, ficha, precio y review. El Samsung Galaxy S8 (SM-G950F) es un móvil Android bueno con procesador de 2.3Ghz Octa-Core que permite ejecutar juegos y aplicaciones pesadas The elephant in the room is the whole fingerprint scanner and home button thing. The fingerprint scanner is now on the back, but it's not executed as well as, say, the Google Pixel 2 XL. That device is a masterclass in rear positioning, while the Galaxy S8+ sadly is not.

Samsung DeX review - can your phone replace a PC

In previous years, Samsung’s Galaxy S flagship(s) would almost certainly be the best phones of the year, but this year LG, Huawei, and Sony have all bought their very best to the market, and Samsung’s issues have presented a rare chink in its armor. Do the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus continue past trends of being the best Android smartphones? Find out in our Samsung Galaxy S8 review!In comparison: 51 % of all tested devices do not use PWM to dim the display. If PWM was detected, an average of 18242 (minimum: 5 - maximum: 2500000) Hz was measured. The Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8+ and Samsung Galaxy S8 Active are Android-based smartphones (with the S8+ being a phablet) produced by Samsung Electronics as the eighth generation of the Samsung Galaxy S series Editor's Choice Our Verdict The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a very good value because of its captivating infinity display, strong performance and long battery life for under $500.Running the Galaxy S8 display through our testing, we found the screen has a max brightness of 373 nits with auto brightness turned off and 515 nits with it turned on. During sunlight we found a visible punch in the brightness and although the display isn’t technically the brightest, it is definitely pleasing to the eye. With a color accuracy of 7180 Kelvin, the Galaxy S8 doesn’t have the most accurate display in its default out-of-the-box state, and has a warm tone, but with all of these effects turned off, the display is the closest we’ve come to the ideal temperature of 6500K with a temperature of 6440K.

Samsung Galaxy S8 - Latest Samsung Galaxy S8 price in India, specifications, features, reviews and comparisons. Get information on Samsung For photography, the Samsung Galaxy S8 come with an 8-megapixel smart autofocus front camera and 12-megapixel dual-pixel rear camera with f/1.7 aperture Product Review: The Samsung Galaxy S8 was the most-talked-about mobile phone of 2017, with its 'infinity' display, upgraded cameras and new Bixby voice assistant setting tongues Keep reading to find out whether the Samsung Galaxy S8 is still worth your time in 2018. Included in our expert review PCMag Newsletters Our Best Stories in Your Inbox Follow PCMag Honest, Objective Reviews PCMag.com is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology.Samsung’s take on the mobile assistant comes in the form of Bixby, which can be found throughout the phone in a lot of different ways. Bixby isn’t the first time Samsung has attempted to offer a virtual assistant, after all the company did launch the infamous S Voice on the Galaxy S3. Despite much hype, it ended up being a poor imitation of Apple’s Siri – and more recently, Google Now – and S-Voice was heavily criticized, quickly forgotten, and slowly it got relegated to the status of one of the first apps you disable when you get your phone. Samsung has launched the Galaxy S8 and it might be the most beautiful smartphone ever made. It appears to be something a hyper-intelligent alien race There is no other place to start a Galaxy S8 review than on the outside because Samsung has created a truly stunning, maybe even iconic, design

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Battery life is far better in real-world practice than it is in our benchmarks. With the same size battery as the S7 (3,000mAh) driving a larger, brighter screen, I got considerably shorter time on our screen-blasting LTE video streaming test: 5 hours, 45 minutes on the S8 compared with the S7's nearly 9 hours. That made me uncomfortable, so I tried some other scenarios. Dropping the screen resolution to 1080p got 7 hours, 39 minutes. Dropping to half brightness got twelve and a half hours. In onze Samsung Galaxy S8 review kom je te weten wat wij vinden van de achtste generatie van deze populaire smartphonelijn. Het is de eerste in de serie zonder de markante Iris- en gezichtsherkenning niet 100% soepel. 'AKG geluid' is een beetje een gimmick. Samsung Galaxy S8 review Prices in the US vary from $659 on Walmart's Total Wireless, to $750 at AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile (I tested the phone on Sprint and T-Mobile). You may also be able to get a promotional deal at big-box retailers like Best Buy or Target. We have a full rundown of the different prices and deals for the S8, and MobileSyrup has a good overview of Canadian prices.The position doesn’t feel natural and on the regular Galaxy S8, it’s a stretch with large hands, while on the Galaxy S8 Plus, it’s awkward unless you have very large hands. As you’ll often be fumbling blindly to find the fingerprint sensor, you may end up with fingerprints on the camera lens itself, so Samsung has included a reminder when you launch the camera to wipe it down.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a stunning edge-to-edge screen, which takes up the entire front of the phone. This makes it perfect for watching videos and multi-tasking. And because Samsung has replaced the physical home button with one embedded into the screen, it's also been able to.. How does all this compare to the Samsung Galaxy S9+? Samsung's newest phone has gives the camera a lot more power, offering 960fps super slow-motion, but the real difference is the dual aperture camera. This gives the S9+ more enhanced low light skills. Then there's the additional 2x optical zoom camera. That makes the Galaxy S9+ more capable in a range of areas - but it's also a lot more expensive. Samsung Galaxy S8. Features. Specs. Reviews. FAQs. Accessories. Samsung, Galaxy S8, Gear 360, and Gear VR are trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Use only in The Galaxy S8 has the following apps pre-installed: Geo-Tagging Google Apps•Gmail •Chrome Web Browser •Maps..

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Full specifications phone: Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (SM-G955N 128GB) specs, detailed technical information, features, price and review. With one SIM card slot, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (SM-G955N 128GB) allows download up to 1024 Mbps for internet browsing, but it also depends on the.. On a standard 16:9 aspect ratio phone, you get the same real estate in a 5.6-inch screen. So I think you should consider the S8's screen on par with the 5.5-inch, 16:9 displays on the Galaxy S7 Edge and iPhone 7 Plus.The really tall screen allows for a neat multitasking trick: You can select a chunk of an app's screen and pin it to the top, running other apps in the bottom half. That lets you watch a video while sending texts about it, for instance. Beim Samsung Galaxy S8+ können Käufer zwischen silbernen, schwarzen und grauen Farbvarianten wählen. Fazit: Das Galaxy S8 Plus sieht super aus und ist bestens verarbeitet. Besonders lobenswert sind das Display und die Kamera

In short: the Samsung Galaxy S8+ is a masterpiece. It's expensive, but it's a masterpiece nonetheless.The Galaxy S8 works with the new Gear VR for those who want to experience virtual-reality games and content, but that’s not the only interesting accessory. The new DeX ($149) is a dock that lets you use the S8 and S8+ as a mini PC. The dock can connect to a full-size monitor via its HDMI port, as well as a keyboard and mouse via Bluetooth. It also has an Ethernet jack and a USB port.Peak “gigabit-class” (close from 1Gb/sec, but not quite) LTE download speeds are not the only point of faster LTE technologies. The increased speed is great, but what Gb-speed truly does is freeing up radio spectrum resources. Faster data transfers mean that handsets free radio resources faster, thus making the overall network better and more available to everyone.The latter handset sounded slightly muffled by comparison. However, you don’t get stereo sound from the Galaxy S8 as you do from the HTC U Ultra. According to Samsung Mobile CTO Injong Rhee, Bixby will initially work with ten built-in apps, including camera, contacts, gallery, phone, reminders, and settings, but notably not the browser, calendar, or email. Rhee said those will come in the second batch of 10, and the company has 32 apps targeted.

Only the 5.8-inch size of the Infinity screen in Samsung's Galaxy S8 differs from that of the Galaxy S8+. It also uses a Super AMOLED panel that has a maximum resolution of 2960x1440 pixels. However, its compact dimensions result in a pixel density of 568 PPI. The difference is not visible to the naked eye. In addition to the screen's curved edges on both long sides, the corners are also rounded. Also true here: The new 2.06:1 aspect ratio seemingly increases the screen diagonal significantly, but it does not offer as much screen surface as an equally sized screen with a standard 16:9 format. The following chart illustrates this.Being forward-thinking and attempting to redefine the meaning of a big phone isn’t without its challenges, and while Samsung has made an excellent attempt, the location of the fingerprint sensor does render a very good sensor near-useless. However, thanks to other biometric options, it’s a small compromise for what is one of the best-designed smartphones ever made. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a gorgeous big-screen phone with a comfortable single-handed feel, and it's packed with top-notch components and promising new software. This is a review of the smaller Galaxy S8. There is also a larger Galaxy S8+ model, with a 6.2-inch screen and a larger battery Before the S8, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 was the highest-performing chip available on Android. The recently launched LG G6 and the Google Pixel are both using it with success. The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are the first handsets to be launched with the Snapdragon 835 chip which represents the best that the Snapdragon Platform has to offer.

This Samsung Galaxy S8 sm-g950u 64GB GSM unlocked Android smartphone is certified Refurbished. It is 100% functional and in near perfect cosmetic condition with the possibility of a few light hair marks. It will not come in its original packaging but will include a certified cable and UL.. On the left of the Galaxy S8, you’ve got a dedicated shortcut button to launch Bixby Home, which aims to integrate various apps and services into a single screen in a similar way to Google Assistant. A new reminders app means you can set a reminder from within an application using the share menu and then it appears as a reminder within Bixby Home. While it works well enough overall, you do need to use all of Samsung’s apps that feed into it, rather than say, Google’s native Android apps. For some users, this won’t be an issue but for others, a reliance on Samsung’s apps over others could be a deal breaker, especially as Google’s own apps feed into Assistant which is also present on the Galaxy S8.

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That said, Samsung clearly recognizes that Bixby will take time to mature into the platform it has the potential to be and it’s likely that giving users the choice of Google Assistant is a way to mitigate this. Josh and I both like having a dedicated button to launch Bixby Home, rather than just a home screen, but we do wish it could be customizable so you could launch other apps or services, like Google Assistant, instead. Just days ahead of the Galaxy S8’s launch, Samsung blocked an unofficial method for remapping the button to other features.For a small speaker, the Galaxy S8 pumps out pretty sweet sound. When we listened to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” on this phone, the lyrics were clearer, and the volume was louder, than the same track on the LG G6. Sure, the Galaxy S8+ will simply be too big for some. Yes, you can't reach the top of the screen easily without shuffling your grip either. And then there's the poorly placed fingerprint scanner, which is squished against the side of the camera on the rear. Oh, and let's not forget the £779 launch price, although this has fallen to £699 making it more accessible. 

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With the Galaxy S8, Samsung have removed the physical buttons from the front in favour of on-screen navigation, as well as removing the logo from the top to allow for a huge, beautiful, bezel-less screen. The smooth, uninterrupted display has been engineered to fit without increasing the size of the phone.. Unfortunately, Samsung has confirmed to Ubergizmo that the Galaxy is not compatible with Google DayDream VR for now, although there’s no technical reason that it could not be. We’ve reported that it is possible to install DayDream after rooting the S8.This is a review of the smaller Galaxy S8. There is also a larger Galaxy S8+ model, with a 6.2-inch screen and a larger battery.Filed in Cellphones >Reviews. Read more about Android, Editorspick, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Samsung and Samsung Reviews.

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