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Add color and style using KI Studios Porsche 997 GT3 stripes. These vinyl stripes for the 991 GT3 (997) have been designed with the Porsche enthusiast in mind. They allow you to customize the look of your car in a way that is easily reversible. Our vinyl stripes are made using the latest in car graphic.. The trouble with both options is that I don’t track my car and I can get the performance levels on my car up to the point where it just doesn’t make any difference on public roads. For example, a $1,000 chip will raise horsepower and torque to around 400 each. Add an aftermarket exhaust and intercooler and those numbers good into the upper 400s (Stage II), add a supercharger and power goes up to 500-600 hp (Stage III). All of these power options would cost FAR less than the Porsche or Vette.I wouldn’t go that far, but there is a difference in demographic despite similar expense and performance.Congratulations on your purchase David! Always wanted to drive a GT3. The console on my 1997 Cayman(base) is the same as the one in your GT3. It’s really cheap pickle bucket quality plastic but unlike pickle buckets, those ‘chicklet’ controls may peel. The then CEO of Porsche AG Wendelin Weideking did post some record profit margins though. But Porsche's chief test driver is not here today to talk Ferrari. Today is about the new GT2, the most powerful road-going 911 ever. It has 523bhp, 501lb ft of torque Though it's fairly standard 997 inside (Alcantara trim, body-colour seatbelts, no rear seats), the 997-era GT2 still inspires shock and awe

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At least no one is trying to put you in the old folks home for wanting a 997 Porsche Turbo over a 997 GT3! lol! Die erste Generation des Porsche 911 GT3 wurde mit einem 3,6 Liter Aggregat ausgestattet, das dem Coupé anfangs bis zu 265 kW (360 PS) zur Verfügung stellte und es in 4,8 Sekunden von Mit dem Generationswechsel zum Porsche 997 wurde im Jahr 2006 eine neue Kleinserie des GT3 präsentiert I paid 105-107k for my 997.2 GT3 awhile back. On ebay cars with similar mileage are now going for 140-150k. Get a 3 series or 5 series run of the mill throw away BMW, no chance it gains value.Both cars reside in a parallel universe “Twilight Zone” in which depreciation isn’t a major concern. I actually plan to sell the 993 fairly soon, or at least get a market read on pricing. They’ve appreciated markedly since I bought mine 2.5 years ago.

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  1. g soon, it’ll be four figures), and you have to replace them at about 50% life if you’d like to protect your ceramic rotors. Other mitigating factors: PCCBs offer absolutely no advantage versus the standard “Big Red” brakes in terms of stopping distance or pedal feel, and they sometimes squeal around town.
  2. I’m not particularly tall – 5’9″-5’10” barefoot – but both of my 911s have a rather large greenhouse with good visibility, the 993 in particular. It’s just a trait of the car. I have several friends who are rather tall, one is 6’6″, and they have ridden in and driven both cars.
  3. At the very back is a new rear bumper, made from the same weight-saving material as the front one, while the rear spoiler is the same as before but mounted 20mm further back and 10mm higher. Combined with some new underbody aerodynamic tweaks, it improves downforce by 20 percent while not affecting drag at all.
  4. Porsche 550 RS Spyder Hillclimb. Porsche 997 GT3 RSR. Porsche Boxster RS (987)
  5. For Porsche 996 997 991 Carrera 911 Turbo GT2 GT3 HD CCD Car Parking Reverse Rearview Backup Rear View Camera Night Vision. Custom fit car floor mats for Porsche 911 997 991 Carrera S 4 GT2 GT3 Targa Turbo Cayenne Cayman Panamera Macan luxury carpet ru
  6. Porsche 997 is the internal designation for the Porsche 911 sports car manufactured and sold by German manufacturer Porsche between 2004 (as Model Year 2005) and 2012

If I had a Porsche, I’d drive it every day. I enjoy just about any sort of driving, although the Mass Pike has gotten boring for me. But into Boston, or out into the country, it’s all good.So, it’s not that I’m proud of “how I use my resources”, it’s that I’m proud that I’m able to listen to myself and do the things that make me happy, while too many other people seem to want to be thought of as a Real Risk Taker while being seated behind the wheel of their minivan with a fresh extended warranty.I don’t get why some people are so proud of using their resources iin a suboptimal way. I have a few hypotheses on the matter, but they’re not flattering. Suffice it to say, I don’t get it.Left to its own devices – if you don’t manage the nose on the way into a bend – a GT3 will nudge up to understeer slightly. More than I remember from last time around, when I thought the biggest advance in GT3 versus GT3 RS was that even the GT3 had a hugely planted nose. But maybe it was just this day: tyre temperatures, the circuit, my mood, who knows? Still, it’s a trait that’s easily quelled if you manage the front end as you turn or, if you prefer, get back on the power.The steering wheel is round and bereft of buttons, wonderfully, although I might live without the £168 red strip at noon o’clock. Maybe. The seats in this example are full buckets, at £3324. I might have those. GT3s hold their value so well that you should just spec it how you like it.

© eSport-Racing.de 2006-2020 My dream Porsche would have been a 997.2 Turbo circa MY2009. In that year you get the Metzger engine but the 997.2 upgraded interior. Unfortunately, that is an $80,000 car. I spent 2 nights on the couch for getting my car which was MUCH less!See that’s why people are different and can do what they please with their resources. I cannot imagine a more colossal waste of resources than buying a Sienna or Q5 or MDX. I’d gladly spend $80k on a Porsche just to not have to drive a minivan or blinged out VW/Honda.Aside from the GT3 Cup and the GT3 Cup S, the GT3 RSR is the third race car based on the Porsche 911 offered by Porsche Motorsport. Thirty-five units of the fastest and most powerful long distance racer made in Weissach, apart from the exclusive RS Spyder sports prototype, are now being produced and delivered to customer teams around the globe. The price of the GT3 RSR is 349,800 Euro plus VAT.

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Good to see you back David, I enjoy your posts here. This one was a nice change of pace for us muscle car driving plebes. The GT3 is more of a street legal track car than can be a DD only if you are willing to make concessions regarding the things you mentioned in your article. Personally, those compromises would be deal breakers for me. But I don’t track my cars so there is no need for me to make compromises for the track. I also don’t want a car where the power is in the upper rev range as that requires a kind of driving that I frankly do not do. Подборка настроек для тачек CSR Racing 2 McLaren 570-VX, Pontiac GTO «The Judge» T3, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Mercedes AMG GT R, Ferrari LaFerrari, Jaguar F-Type, Dodge LB SRT Hellcat, Shax's Agera R, MINI Cooper S (ENG Stock) Porsche 911 GT2 RS. Закись: 413/4.0. Коробка: 2.00 The GT3 utilises a 3.6L flat-six engine, which was previously found in the race versions of the Porsche 996. It was also sold as a homologation model for the GT2 class, which is known as the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. And, reputedly most significant, there are no longer hydraulic valve adjusters inside a new head design, which reduces the oil pressure you need to lubricate them.

Springtime of 2014 represented a good opportunity to start shopping for a new conveyance, with several enticing and new or recently updated offerings both on the horizon and within my price range.  I considered several options – even several non-Porsches! – including the Alfa Romeo 4C, the all-new F8X family of the BMW M3/4, the C7 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51, and the 981 Porsche Cayman GTS.  Those are all new cars, with full factory warranties.  I’d learned my lesson owning an old German sports car with no factory repair safety net. We got the rare chance to drive all the versions of the 997 GT3 RS. Video will follow soon!And welcome to our Autoblogger channel. For suggestions, ideas or business inquiries, please send an email to tips@autoblog.nl. You can also send us your own video's!We bring you the best reviews of the most..

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  1. By the way, at some point over a decade ago, your Sienna was bought brand new–whether it was you or someone else.
  2. ivan driver is reading and commenting on some kid’s story about a kickass Porsche. I think ye may be at the wrong site, try consumerreports dawt com, I hear they are reviewing a used Kia Sedona today. Wish I had a Porsche (hands in pockets, kicks at pebbles) but I’m not going to piss in someone’s cereal because I [refuse to spend|cannot afford] the price of admission.
  3. Also, whenever someone talks to me about how I daily drive a Porsche 911–even through midwest winters–I just chalk it all up to someone not “getting” it. Lots of people seem to think that after a decade of driving a real sports car, it must be getting old.
  4. If anything, it’s all but identical to the latest 911 Cup car’s engine. There is a different crankshaft, with bigger seals, it’s stiffer and it has oil channelling through it. There are new pistons, with different liners and an ever more slippery coating on them.
  5. The new M3 does great in road tests but the E30 M3 is still the driver’s M3 because of it’s purity.

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  1. i recommend always to DELETE FIRST any previous versions of this car / mod to prevent crashes / mismatches !
  2. I think a more pedestrian Porsche with a couple tweaks would do me just fine. That or an Alpine A310.
  3. That’s nothing but awesome, and nothing but props from this not-spare-$80k-having 35-year-old enthusiast. Pity all the haters and front splitters.

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  1. ta koronavirustilanteessa. Automyynti ja huolto palvelevat arkisin normaalien aukioloaikojen mukaisesti - palvelemme myös etäyhteyksin
  2. The 996 is much rougher; its suspension is passive and very comparable to the firmer 997 GT3 setting. However, there is a very senior employee of my firm who daily drives a 996 GT3. YMMV.
  3. Until this one came along, all 911s, regardless of how well they performed, always looked to me to be stubby, upright and overly round – way too “Volkswagen Beetle” for my taste.

FYI, a little note as to what “997 vintage” actually refers to, model-year wise, would be helpful for those of us not versed in Porsche model codes. I know it’s just a Googling away, but it still might be nice to mention it in the title (or in the review intro.) SharkWerks 997.2 GT3 Modification and Tuning Guide. Whether it's your first 911, or if you've upgraded from the previous generation GT3, the MK2 997 GT3 is once again a brilliant platform right out of the box. It's a throughbred GT3 as every other one past and present is. For 2010 Porsche not only.. I have at times considered them, but I’m afraid I’d always feel like a chump when I saw a GT3 on the road if I bought a Turbo over a GT3.

996.1 – Never sold in US 996.2 – 2004/2005 997.1 – 2007/2008 997.2 – 2010/2011 991.1 – 2014/2015P.S.2. While I find the act of purchasing or owning these cars perplexing, the engineering aspects of the car are genuinely interesting.I DO have a sunroof; something my friends all rib me for since it’s a “pure, focused sports car.” Porsche said there won't be a GT2 RS... well makes sense given there isn't a GT2 series anymore. Guess if you want a fast track car from Porsche it's gotta be the GT3 RS, or... the 918. I'm desperately waiting to hear news about the 991 911 GT2 RS. This car makes me giggle

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Turbos scream AARP member driving 5 under in the slow lane while GT3s are almost always driven by affluent dudes in their 20s and 30s moving up from M3s and RS4s.P.S. Wanting a TCS on a daily driver is something that someone who is proud of their Porsche, and proud of the skills required to handle it, probably wouldn’t just bring up in a public forum.

I feel about this article, and David’s subsequent responses, the way I do after visiting a local Cars and Coffee. It’s great to meet people who genuinely love cars and are generous with their experiences and advice. Personally, I’m more than happy to use additional resources to not have to drive a minivan, but that’s just me, and I’ll continue to laugh at the $40k minivan/SUV owners that see my (less expensive) Porsche and lament to me that “Some day I’ll have one of those…” while completely ignoring that they could very easily have one of those RIGHT NOW.Doesn’t look so different on the outside, does it? But okay, let’s start at the front, where there’s a new bumper, around a kilogram lighter than the one that went before it, partly because it’s a lighter material, so not only because it has more holes to let more air to the radiators, to cool the engine. I’ll come to that.So, too expensive for track use and way more brake than one needs for the road. What’s the point?Wait, what? You’re in your mid-20’s and you have the wherewithal and taste to daily-drive a 997 GT3?

As I window shopped for new cars I also perused the Autotrader website and came across an intriguing advertisement for a 997 GT3.  Since the car was introduced, I had intensely desired Porsche’s GT3 from the 997 family, and if Halicki’s Gone in 60 Seconds cult classic were improbably re-made to fit my biography, my “Eleanor” would be a 997 GT3.  Unfortunately, the GT3 that was introduced when I was in high school violated the one sacrosanct rule of this entire exercise – the car was old and out of warranty.  It also featured some frighteningly expensive components (new PCCB brake rotors would cost almost as much as I paid for the 993!).There are currently 3029 users and 40 members online: adalozis23, agurenas, alborz, alltimegeneric, Amirreza 3600, Brezzy_Uzumaki, carlosVZ, chouhanaxer, CP EDITION, enes12bn, EnterMen, Eve, Hyper_Storm, InvOrange, ItsCJ, jujuba46, kacinex, Kiko225, lucciana, ludakriz, MadDriveR, Muhluri ngob, Neeko, Nexon Storm, nothing770, OMG-gta, pchu.pika, RealPrince_3.16, S.K GARAJ, santixd, SasakiHD3, sinos13, tiktiktik, Wahyu Von Miaw, waveylife, Wei chun, xspeedofeedox, YSSGamer34, zeemexodia, _keegan_, So I have been hearing a few people saying the 996 Turbo is a pretty screaming deal these days. A quick check of eBay confirms there are plenty for sale in the $50k or so range. I know they are not as pure as a GT3 and I myself like the NA power vs. the Turbo, but that seems like quite a bargain compared to the GT3. For a Porsche bargain hunter, what are your thoughts on the 996TT vs a 996GT3?

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I wholeheartedly agree that any exotic ride absolutely needs an accompanied warranty–otherwise you’re playing maintenance roulette with all the chambers filled. Thank you; as I said before I expected more snide remarks from the peanut gallery. Rest assured nothing is being moderated or edited. Pesquise anúncios classificados de Porsche 997 em Portugal no Standvirtual. Comprar ou vender carros usados. Porsche 997 GT2. Origem: Nacional. Gasolina uch of the know-how in the GT3 RSR’s totally new gearbox has come from the RS Spyder sports prototype. The sequential six-speed unit, developed by Porsche engineers, is considerably lighter than its predecessor. Internal friction was substantially reduced. The flat angle of the drive shafts allows teams a wider range of suspension set-ups.

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Anyway, a proper TCS strikes me as the most likely engineering answer for why one 911-derived car would be usable as a daily driver while another 911-derived car would not be. There’s probably more to it than that, but the introduction of a TCS is where I’d start looking.I remember when you bought it but I don’t know if they have appreciated so much more since then…. by the time you got yours prices were already pretty high. I was looking at them back in 2009 and I really missed out, biggest mistake/regret of my life so far! But you should still do alright. I hope you write an article about the experience of selling it. Notices. 997 Turbo / GT2 2006-2012 Turbo discussion on the 997 model Porsche 911 Twin Turbo. Sponsored by New Technical Assistance Forum. GT3 Chuck on 03-21-2014 Für die Kaufargumente des neuen Porsche 911 GT3 reichen schon drei Stichworte: Saugmotor, Vierliter, neuntausend. Damit hat der Wagen ähnliche Abtriebswerte wie der 997 RS (Gen II). 24/30 Durch die neue Aerodynamik hat der 991.2 GT3 mehr Abtrieb hinten als der 991 GT3 As you might expect, I’m a keen observer of this small corner of the marketplace, and I disagree somewhat; the infamous stop sale curtailed production numbers so acutely that 991.1 GT3s are likely to be the rarest of ALL GT3 variants. Supply will be forever low, demand will be quite febrile until the next iteration comes along in 2017 or so.

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At the front? At the back? Because I know it doesn’t look much different but, obviously, this being a new GT3, of course it is.I’m not sure I’d take well to that. I’m taking delivery of my first collectible car shortly, a Rally car, and I’m still worried I’m going to fuck it up :) Can’t go wrong with Guards Red. I’ve seen a Maritime blue in person, very nice color. My 3 is white, which the Internet reliably tells me is the fastest color.

The best harbinger of value for cars going forward is scarcity, but when coupled with atypical demand characteristics (ie, the old car offers something desirable that the new one does not – a manual transmission, a race car engine, an analog driving experience) prices may move up.When I was in high school, my friend’s dad bought a 996 911 GT2. That thing was a monster, and it was completely stripped down. I don’t know if I ever heard the radio of that car. That was my Eleanor for awhile.

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Further back still, the rear suspension is mildly tweaked again: it’s “very RS-ish”, Preuninger has said. There are helper springs at the back, which allow the main springs to be lighter, and dampers are retuned all round and said to make the GT3 both ride better on the road yet be more taut on a circuit than before when you plonk them into firm mode. There’s still active rear steer.Congrats on the purchase. I drive a Carrera 4S (997.2 C4S). Granted mine is not the GT3, but it is a great daily driver and blast to drive. I do have a Honda Pilot as an alternative driver. Absolutely hate the pilot, but it’s paid for and will forever be the dog and road trip car. Here’s to the means and having a clean driving record! :) Chassis: - Class: GTE Engine: - Fuel: Petrol Transmission: - Brakes: 0 Weight: - Fuel Tank: - Year introduced: 2007 The Porsche 997 was originally introduced in GTE (GT2) spec in 2007 and then was extensively modified the following year. One of the key areas reworked was the transmission, which..

Dude, it’s awesome. I own a hopped-up Mustang 5.0 that I would daily-drive the snot out of if I didn’t have to contend with crappy Northern weather and a family.If you’re making that argument, the GT3 (or any Porsche) is not for you. Tesla is a great car, I see multitudes of them every day, but in the end, I think you’re missing the point…

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Porsche's 996 generation GT2s never found much favour with the media but the first 997 GT2s were brilliant, and the new RS version is better than ever. It still has all those wonderful 911 qualities like interactive steering and immense traction, but mixes GT3 RS dynamism with Turbo-humbling punch A fun car makes ordinary driving more interesting. I’m in the Metro DC area and I get a kick out of my car just driving to Starbucks. Cars like these never let you forget what you are driving. However, unlike the GT3, the power and torque in the RS kicks in at love revs.Phew, that was detailed. What a great case study for someone who needs an excuse to buy a Tesla S. Faster, greater range, and travel in quiet comfort.I’ve reviewed cars on a monthly basis for the last five years. Everything from exhilarating but impractical (on a daily basis) two-seat fire breathers to mundane but useful mommy-haulers. All have their place depending on your desires (and wallet) but I’ve always scratched my head over typical car reviewers who gush over horsepower and impractical ground clearance when 99.9% of owners won’t experience the cars’ vaunted attributes on a track–much less a public road.

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I bought my first Porsche when I was 27 and had an older guy (Cayman owner) tell me the same thing. He heard I was shopping for a Porsche and pulled me aside and said “Hey, go do that now when you can still enjoy it. If you wait until I did you’ll be too old to enjoy it.” The Porsche 997 GT3 RSR has a dry weight of 1,220 kg (2,690 lb) and 450 bhp (336 kW; 456 PS). In 2007 Porsche had also installed front air louvers that channel air into the radiators and exit through the bonnet. For 2011 Porsche added splitters to the front and increased the tyre diameter to cope with.. If you haven’t, put a bypass exhaust on (SW, GMG, RSS – take your pick) and unplug the connector.Some people like to tell stories so they can feel like they’re the kind of person that will own a Real Sports Car some day, and others…well, they just go buy the darn thing and scratch their heads as those around them refuse to pull up their pants and do what makes them happy.

The 3.8-litre boxer engine of the GT3 RSR remains unchanged apart from slight improvements to details. It delivers 465 hp (342 kW) at 8,000 revs per minute and delivers a maximum torque of 430 Nm at 7,250 revs. The rev limiter of the efficient six-cylinder kicks in at 9,400 rpm. GT3 Cup Car for Sale, located in Finland. Shipping can be arranged to whole Europe. Search for similar items. Description: Porsche 997 GT3 Cup 2011, competed in Finland Trophy and Challenge cup since 2014, 2nd in the Finnish Challenge Cup 2015, total km: 7159km, Engine 78h, Gearbox 6h, New.. – added a new, more realistic cockpit from Porsche Mobil Super Cup 2011 created by GSMF for rFactor, taken from the GTR2 Version by JCM@cedo. – created new chassis – added cockpit mirrors (doorside) from original cockpit – reworked MoTeC : added new bg textures, corrected peak light position and added revlimiter and fuel warning light) – reworked texture settings for cockpit windows – added GT Flashlight (only visually, from eSR SCGT Series by LeeJr) – reworked rainscreen (position and animation) – created windows banner (only one for all teams since there is no more free cpit slot)Well you done went and did it… first you daily drove a fairly reliable yet still classic Porsche, tempting fate with breakdowns of biblical proportions, but that wasn’t enough of a gamble. So now you go and spend the equivalent of a small house on one of the most rare and exotic modern Porsches, and then daily drive it as well. You are just begging for the Porsche Gods to rain down a flurry of broken German parts on you huh?!?! :)

So its just like the notchy CD009 tranny in my 350Z… YIKES! Not sure what this means: either the Z’s transmission is just as good as a GT3’s, or the GT3’s transmission is just as bad as a Z!Although the author does not make any overt effort to do so, the review humanizes and demytifies the car to an extent that it makes me confident to own one someday. Nicely done!You get used to the car being low; I would be indifferent about having the nose lift on a later GT3 at this point. Wide angles, go slow, it’s fine.

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http://www.todayonline.com/sites/default/files/styles/photo_gallery_image_lightbox/public/18485898.JPG?itok=Nx3o3Gvu For the 997 generation, Porsche decided to bring back its range-topping GT2 model with a bang. Only 194 were sold in the US in 2008 with 19 going to Canada. Porsche has never published exactly how many of these cars were built globally but the GT2 is one of the more limited 911 models in recent.. I think the lack of in car entertainment is rather refreshing in a car designed for, you know, driving.And under all this is, of course, the engine. It’s a 4.0-litre rather than a 3.8, and it now makes 493bhp (a round 500hp), but don’t think it’s just the 4.0 GT3 RS or 911 R engine bolted into a GT3. Porsche 980, Porsche 993, Porsche 997. Porsche 959 vs Lamborghini Countach vs Ferrari F40 — drawing (Road & Track mag., 08/2015) Porsche 997 Carrera S & Porsche 987 Cayman S vs KTM X-bow, Ariel Atom, Audi R8 and S4 and TTS, Mini JCW, Camaro and Corvette, Ford Mustang, VW GTI..

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Agreed, I roll down the windows and enjoy the soundtrack. Other than the consumable front lip spoiler the car is very livable. Not a great place to take a conference call, though.Still, beyond a 10kg difference between the two – the manual car is lighter – the other difference is that the PDK requires a hydraulic pump, which also drives an electronically controlled limited-slip differential. The manual gearbox does without the pump and therefore gets a conventional mechanical limited-slip differential. Given its near-instant shift times and the advantages of wheel slip being electronically monitored, a PDK-equipped car will be faster on a circuit and a manual one will be arguably more fun – a bit more liberal, loose and content to let things slide.

I’m sure you can find roads northwest of Atlanta that give you a chance to enjoy your car, even at less than rocket ship speeds.I have a 350Z… obviously nowhere even close to the 997, let alone the GT3… but as a guy who cut his teeth on cheap FWD Hondas and Nissans, the crap gas mileage, lack of practicality and high cost of mod parts (a decent suspension done right is at least $2K including install- I am a bit particular though) are turning me off. If not for the fact that my daily commute features ~20 miles of sweeping 2 lane roads, I’d probably have tossed it long ago. Still gonna sell it next year most likely. Can't believe how I struggled and how I worried that my Center locks were not fully engaged my Porsche 911 Turbo S . I tried multiple options that I saw online that did not work. About 10 seconds with this tool, and the center locking pin sprung out Flush. A bit overpriced in that it is 3-D printed and not..

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for that, navigate into your “GTR2\GameData\Teams\GRID_GT\…” directory and delete the complete folder “Porsche 997 GT3 RSR Teams” – done.Hey, awesome review, and good job replying to comments. I’d bet you anything that your actual presence in the discussion has dissuaded the haters from turning this into a 90’s camry vs. Porsche comparison test.I have a short commute and in general don’t have to deal with traffic at all, despite living in Atlanta, which has a fearsome reputation for poor traffic.

Silver is my LEAST favorite color. I have never been able to get the colors I’ve wanted on my cars! Guards red or PTS maritime blue, for the record.If I weren’t able to buy exciting cars with my earnings (if I lived in NYC, for example), I wouldn’t be as motivated to work like I do.” White, PREVIOUSLY OPC SUPPLIED 997.2 CLUB SPORT PACK GT3, SPORTS SEATS, HARNESSES AND CAGE, EXCELLENT CONDITION, PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS., , PLEASE SEE [Website URL removed] FOR FURTHER IMAGES OF THIS VEHICLE. About Us: Woodstock Car.. However, the Porsche '997' 911 GT3 loses to the new Cayman GT4 with a 120 lbs. (54 kg) weight disadvantage. Also, let's not forget that the Cayman is running all the latest suspension and brakes hardware from the current Even amongst the company of Porsches, there is no substitute for a 911

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Expanding on our successful Porsche 996 and 997.1 supercharger system, the 997.2 system was redeveloped to take advantage of the updated fuel system while staying true to VF Engineering's core belief of delivering a joyful user experience through daily driveability with out compromising reliability.. Porsche 997 GT3 RS. Porsche 997 Turbo / GT2RS added 2 new photos to the album: Porsche 997 850hp GT2RS Conversion I called the owner and bought it over the phone for the full asking price, 100% sight unseen, in less than five minutes.  I broke all of the rules.  I did it for two reasons:  1 – I desired the GT3 moreso than any of the other options, and would have chosen a GT3 over any of them if finances were of no concern. 2 – The attractive entry price, coupled with the dynamics of the GT3 market mean that I’m unlikely to suffer any meaningful depreciation.  In fact, I’ve been using the car as my primary vehicle / daily driver now for six months and plan to continue doing so for another year or two before selling it for about what I paid, perhaps a bit more.One of my cherished automotive memories is having a pair of GT2s and a Turbo blow by me at full wail on a section of the Ring. The sound was like a ravenous pack of demonic banshees. Despite the civilian demographic that tends to purchase P-cars (dbags and empty nesters), one merely needs to visit the Ring or a track day (bro) to verify Porsche bonafides.If you were to buy a car like this for its navigation system, you’d definitely be shopping on the wrong aisle. I can see why the original owner didn’t spring for it.

The marvelous engine mates to a close ratio 6-speed manual that features shockingly short throws and a stiff clutch.  When cold or just trundling around town it can be balky and reluctant to engage properly, but the heavy control efforts begin to make sense when driving spiritedly, the intended use for which the entire car is optimized.  Perfectly rev-matched downshifts are a satisfying delight, although the plastic components in the stock lever and linkage feel slightly insubstantial – one of the GT3’s few letdowns as a tool for Freude am Fahren, to borrow a phrase from Porsche’s countrymen in Bavaria.  A dual mass flywheel mates to the aforementioned weighty clutch, whereas the RennSport brethren of the “base” GT3 received the single mass lightweight flywheel.  I have a factory lightweight flywheel in my 993, and I’d love to have the same part in the GT3, but I’d rather have the circa $5,000 associated cost in my pocket.Even if he bought a new $120K car, I don’t know why someone has a problem with that. God forbid people use money they earned to buy things they want.$20k for brake rotors and $1k for pads? No thank you. I remember from economics class a lecture on the “Law of Diminishing Returns”. Let’s hope for David’s sake that nothing happens to those rotors as this purchase will cease being a bargain and move into the realm of money pit.Yet I endure these first world hardships with a smile, because I adore its uncompromising singularity of ideal and purpose.What? Sounds like an effort to justify truck ownership. I can only assume this is an attempt at heavy sarcasm.

The defining feature of every GT3 from the 996 and 997 generations – up to and including the 4.0 RS zenith of the series – is the race-derived engine that Porsche nerds refer to as the “Mezger” engine, so named for Porsche’s visionary engineer, Hans Mezger, who designed the very first 911 engine, and whose very last project for Porsche was the development of the turbocharged lump that powered the 911 GT1 prototype that triumphed at Le Mans in 1998.  That pedigreed block forms the basis for the production car engine, and in 997.1 GT3 guise it displaces 3.6 liters (100mm bore, 76.4mm stroke), producing 415 bhp and 300 lb-ft of torque.  Performance is produced courtesy of high revs (8,400 RPM redline) and high compression (12.0:1); peak power output comes at 7,600 RPM, with peak torque entering at a lofty 5,500 RPM.  While power delivery is, uh, peaky, the engine is sufficiently tractable and civilized at low RPMs.  I’ve enhanced the car with a bypass exhaust from NorCal Porsche tuner Sharkwerks (mine is serial number 639 – it’s rather popular among the small community of GT3 devotees) and forced the exhaust valves to remain open all the time in order to drop 20 pounds from the rear, create an exceedingly antisocial racket and, most importantly, paint a big grin on my face every time I drive the car.There’s no company still producing cars that I like more than Porsche. My wife and I have the saying “in our Porsche years”. Which also reminds her that one day I’ll be buying one (hopefully) :)If you were planning no track work at all, the chances are you wouldn’t go for a GT3 variant of a 911, but the ride, it’s true, isn’t half bad. Advertisement Back to top It has been a long time since I drove a first-gen GT3 – months since I drove a 911 R, even – and my arse cannot retain memories of ride quality for that long. But the GT3 feels compliant enough to me, while composed and tight, granted; plus there’s always the reassurance that even if you haven’t specified the £1599 nose lift and used it, at least Porsche uses flexible rubber, not carbonfibre, at the front of its cars. The steering is firm and accurate and self-centres nicely. The engine’s smooth. There’s a dual-mass flywheel for refinement – whereas the GT3 RS and R had a lighter, single-mass option – but response still seems to border on the electric, in that terrific, naturally aspirated way of the best high-performance Porsche engines. It’s good fun to thread along. You’ll never operate in the power band on the road – not for long, anyway – but even at lower speeds than its mammoth capability, it’s rewarding and engaging.

A serious question – don’t you find daily driving these cars to be frustrating? You can’t use the performance for more than a squirt at a time. Unless you are tracking it every weekend, what’s the point? I don’t have the stones to track an $80K car – even if I am the most competent driver out there, some other idiot can just take you out. 997 GT2/GT3 Forum - Porsche 997 GT2 and 997 GT3 discussion, how-to guides, and technical help It was on mine for quite a while as well. Now I’m not too concerned about it, partly because I’m a little less impressed than I was earlier in life, and partly because the driving I do isn’t interesting.

2016 Porsche 991 GT3RS Style Rear Bumper Upgrade for 991

If I lived in Germany you bet I would have some sort of rocketship, but not here. Or if I lived near a track. Porsche quickly fixed the problem, but on the Internet, home of comments, another problem emerged when purists found out that the GT3 would only be sold with an automatic transmission. Left out of the new GT3, a few three-pedal customers turned their attention to the older-gen 997 GT3, buoying their..

See travel reviews, photos, videos, trips, and more contributed by @Porsche997gt3 on TripAdvisor. Porsche997gt3. Contributions 6. Followers 0 Porsche 911 (997) GT2 *This is an update to the version I released last 4/2/2009 11:43 AM. Ripped from Shift 2: Unleashed Converted by F.R. Replaces Porsche 997S (Red 911). Features: Bodykits (5)* Rims All Performance parts Paint Decals Vinyls Rim Paint Window Tint Gauges Unsprung weight is much lower, and for road cars the PCCBs have exceptional life – there are some examples out there on the original rotors AND pads after 100k+ miles. For brakes the size of dinner plates on a car with 400+ horsepower, that’s a feat. This Genuine Porsche 997.2 GT3 Short Shift Kit (Mfg#99742401091) fits Porsche., If Ordered Now, Ships on May 6, 2020 100% guarantee. This shifter features over a 26% reduction in shift throw over standard 986/996 shifters, while reducing play in the shifter. On 987/997 models, this shifter retains.. I’d budget a minimum of $65k to get a 996; you could probably get a 997 as low as $75k if you could accept higher miles or a little bit of history. The 997 is newer and should be cheaper to maintain, not more (PCCB notwithstanding).

I don’t drive a GT3, but I do own a Carrera 4S, which pushes out 485hp. For me, it is completely the opposite. Driving my car every day is pure pleasure. You seem to have some great cars in your garage. Surely you must understand that when you move to cars like these, it is no longer about the parts or some number. It is the package, it moves beyond the sum of it’s parts. To make matters worse, I drive on the north shore of Chicago. As much as 80% of the time, I never get above 40mph, a sin to some, but this car is a pleasure at all speeds. Popular Porsche 3D models. Porsche 911 GT3R 2019 Lowpoly Although the car is seven years old now, it’s still fairly valuable and fairly high performance.  I’m 25 and possess a clean driving record (thank you Michael Valentine!), but insurance is still somewhat expensive.  I pay just under $500 per month to insure both the GT3 and 993 through a quality carrier (read: not an insurer that advertises on television).Despite some slight jealousy (not for the money part)I admire anyone who can use a car like this as a DD. I have more than a slight automotive ADD, so I can never decide what car I want. I can seriously cross-shop a 72 Lincoln Continental against an early 90’s Civic coupe with a turbo’d VTI engine, or a Volvo XC70 (surpisingly similarly priced cars here in Norway) My DD is currently a CRV which is the mother of all compromises, but it’s a given as I have three kids, and right now financial stability beats enthusiasm. My yonger (single) brother on the other hand found his dreamcar and went for it. And had to go through a lot to be able to keep up the payments on his Integra Type-R while he was unemployed, and I doubt he’ll get rid of it unless it gets totalled. And despite lacking some of the Porsches numbers (both in price and numbers), it’s a pretty uncompromising car. And I love being allowed to ‘test drive’ it every other year (we live on different sides of the country) As for the money part, I could never spend 911 money on a 911, firstly because I love modified cars, but also because I would just be too frightened to take it out of the garage at all. And the insurance sounds horrendous :P (and I would totally go build a screaming v8 for that money and throw it into something ill handling, with flames on it, or get a supercharged S2K engine and some M3 suspension bits for my Ford Sierra project car :P (who am I kidding, I would totally build a ‘family truckster’ replica with a blown hemi or something))

The Porsche GT3 RSR launches into the new model year with extensive modifications. The most powerful race car based on the Porsche 911, which last year scored wins at the 24 hour races of Le Mans and Spa as well as overall victory at the Nuerburgring 24 hours, competes in the GT2 class at international long distance races. The most distinguishing feature of the new GT3 RSR is the front end which received major improvements to the aerodynamics. The majority of innovations however are hidden under the weight-optimised body.There is a long history of thinly veiled jealousy on here for anyone who can afford more than a typical Camcordima.Indeed. I have a nice house, can afford to travel a little, etc; the only thing I really want to “improve” is to experience more cars. Unfortunately that takes money. Which I work hard for, so I can buy more cars.People are still going to b!tch about you buying an $80K car, it’s what they do. I’m happy for you that you have a car that you love. The Porsche 911 GT3 (997) is a sports version of the Porsche 997 model generation. The GT3 utilises a 3.6L flat-six engine, which was previously found in the race versions of the Porsche 996. It was also sold as a homologation model for the GT2 class, which is known as the Porsche 911 GT3 RS

I think you’re holding onto Porsche performance characteristics of old. While that scenario did exist at the limits of performance and traction, surprisingly (yes sarcasm), Porsche has always been a highly capable racing machine. I will also add that any car can fishtail and oversteer when pushed. For many, this is a much more manageable scenario than understeer, but I digress. To imply that a 911 could kill distracted commuters is ridiculous. Coupe GT2 RS Convertible GT3. Used 2018 Porsche 911 GT3 Listings and Inventory. Simply research the type of used car you're interested in and then select a prew-owned vehicle from our massive database to find cheap used cars for sale near you But it is to Porsche’s credit, I suppose, that in 0.2 phase of progress, there is so much to share, so much to learn, and so much to tell you. Porsche 997 GT3 RSR for GTR2. Cars for the GRID GT / GRID Prototypes Mod (but can also be installed and driven as standalone). The Porsche GT3 RSR launches into the new model year with extensive modifications. The most powerful race car based on the Porsche 911, which last year..

Give your Porsche 997 Coupe model a more aggressive look with the replacement GT3 RS engine lid wing. This wing uses the lighter aluminum uprights to attach the wing blade to the wing base. This will give your 997.1 an updated look while adding more downforce to the rear of your 997 coupe Find a Porsche 911 GT3 car on Malaysia's No.1 Car Marketplace. Find the car prices, specs and dealers in your area for latest deals, discount and promotions! Porsche CARRERA 911 991.2 GT3 4.0CC CBU 200KM. RM 889 000. Porsche 911 CARRERA S 3.8 997 SPORT CHRONO BOSE Just reading 25, the car you want to drive, and Atlanta took me back to 1988 with a smile. There was some road around Alpharetta that was so much fun. A the time, I had what I wanted in a black GLH Turbo, and insurance premiums reduced considerably for that birthday.I do very much congratulate you on living your dream though. So many on here would just buy a Camry and grumble.Hang on now – the last batch of owner reviews, people complained that they were too sugar coated, too full of the owner’s confirmation bias. Then we get someone who, even as a P-Car fanboy, delivers a fairly honest assessment of their car’s flaws (which they accept) and he’s being a rich prick?

While the GT2 got its impressive output from a turbocharged unit, the GT3 remained naturally aspirated, although its engine was based on the twin-turbo that motivated the Le Mans-winning GT1. Porsche continued to build the GT3 into 2005, almost a year after the standard 996 was replaced by the 997.. To get back to the original question – I have driven a number of high performance cars and I always find it frustrating on public roads. You can’t use the performance, so the Yankee cheaate in my can’t see paying for it. I can beat the crap out of my Spitfire and barely exceed the speed limit. Its limits are so low that you can have a ton of fun at normal commuting speed, and it actually feels fast. And the real problem is that modern cars are so refined and relatively quiet that you can’t really have fun until you are in license shredding territory. The Abarth is a bit of an exception – it is so raucous it always feels like you are going like hell, even if you aren’t. I can definitely see the appeal of the GT3 for that reason alone.Interesting. I assumed that Porsche replaced all the GT3 engines and just resumed production. Rarity, especially in a highly desireable Porsche, should keep values high.

The Accessport V3 is the world's best selling, most flexible ECU upgrade solution for Porsche. Unlock power hidden within the vehicle by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations If there’s no advantage, and the potential downside is rather expensive, then why go for ceramics instead of traditional steel? High-end rotor and pad replacement is going to be comparable to the cost for ceramic pads, and having ‘lifetime’ rotors that can chip from normal street gravel (I’ve seen it…) just seems silly. The Porsche 911 GT3 RS - the car that sold out in a nanosecond two years ago, and is now changing hands for north of £200,000 on the I took the chance to swap from the Ford to the 911 GT3 RS on the way here, expecting to find the Porsche several times better-mannered and easier to drive Traction control has nothing to do with the difference between the cars’ suitability as DD candidates.

They’ll call it the 991.2 GT3, those who want to flummox you with names and numbers and codes, like it’s some kind of secret club. Several thoughts come to mind: disregard the drivel about your ability to afford the car etc. Obviously it is important to you and you are enjoying the ride. God love ya, enjoy.I’m an accountant with an MBA and I consider sports cars to be the only reason to acquire resources.

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