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The F-22's big strengths lie in it's ability to kill 4th gen aircraft from a range at which they can't return fire. It's ability to fly extremely high and fast while using its large radar for targeting lets it impart extra kinetic energy to its weapons and take long range missile shots without being at risk of return fire, particularly since it's stealth makes it difficult to target in return at such distances.020Login to reply the answersPostHow do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer.Sign inrover_300751 decade agoWell, the F-22 is considered to be an air superiority fighter(like the F-15), while the F-35 is considered to be more of an attack plane(like the F-18). They both have certain characteristics of the other(like stealthiness). I would have to agree with the earlier comment that it's whoever first sees the other.

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The F-22 could engage the Su-35 from farther away as it is harder to detect due to its stealth advantage, so it could potentially make more F-22 pilots need not worry about out-turning or out-foxing the agile Su-35, as they could find and target the aircraft from much farther away and end the.. Lockheed Martin/ Boeing F-22 Raptor. F-22는 한 번에 너무 멀리 도약한, 진화가 아닌 혁명적인 전투기이다. - 마이크 도저 샤우어, 미 공군 중령. 그 외에도 TVS을 통한 기동성 향상은 여러 사료에서도 증명되는 것처럼, 2D TVS을 사용하는 F-22A은 F-15E와 F-35A의 그것을 뛰어넘는다 F-22 Raptor vs F-35 Flight Cost Per Hour Norweskie F-35 vs Raptory. 16 sierpnia 2018, 17:14. Dwa F-22 Raptor z 95th Fighter Squadron, 325th Fighter Wing z bazy lotniczej Tyndall na Florydzie, a więc tej samej jednostki, która brała udział w przelocie nad Warszawą podczas defilady z okazji Święta Wojska Polskiego zostały przebazowane.. The MV-22 can sling load the F-35′s motor during ideal weather conditions, although this mode of delivery will greatly limit the MV-22s potential The F-35B could takeoff vertically with a weapons bay full of lightweight munitions and a small amount of gas, and immediately refuel via a tanker configured..

F-35 uçakları çok maksatlı, 5. Nesil bir savaş jeti, üst teknoloji ürünü olsa da F-22'nin üzerinde bir jet olmadığının altını çizelim. F-16 VS F-35. Gelişen teknolojinin temel olarak elektronik sistemler ve yazılımlar üzerinde daha da yoğunlaştığı aşikar level 12 points · 3 years agoThe f35 will be superior because it can link with a screen of drones which can detect other 5th gen planes first and provide firing solutions to follow up craft. Interview What's it like to fly an F-35 fighter jet? We interviewed the chief British test pilot about a uniquely British flying technique - and then Squadron Leader Andy Edgell is the Royal Air Force's top test pilot for the F-35 flight trials programme. A former Harrier pilot with sea time on two of the UK's..

3 SU35 vs F22 RAPTOR vs EUROFIGHTER Many argue that the YF-23 should have been selected over the YF-22 and these exclusive renderings show what a production F-23 would have looked like

An F-35 vs F-22 dogfight pitted two Lockheed Martin stealth planes with each other, but the winner was a mystery. Although the F-35 is a newer aircraft, this aircraft should be a multirole fighter aircraft designed to carry out several missions such . The Joint Strike Fighter program consists of three variants. The F-35A (right) is designed for conventional takeoff and landing and for use by the U.S. Air Force. The other two variants are the F-35B (center) short-takeoff-and-vertical-landing or STOVL version, designed to operate from U.S. Marine Corps’ amphibious assault vessels, and the F-35C (left) carrier-based variant for the U.S. Navy.

Access to this page has been denied because we believe you are using automation tools to browse the website. The Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor has for long been claimed to be the best air superiority fighter ever built, even before it was actually completed American officials Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. But how does this affect the raptor? We will first go over the Raptor's features before we draw any conclusions

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General Electric J47-GE-27Engine. JetType. airCooling system. Speed of destruction. 1170 km/hStructural. 350 km/hGear. Offensive armament. 6 x 12.7 mm M3 Browning machine gunWeapon 1. 1 800 roundsAmmunition. 1 200 shots/minFire rate. Suspended armament So basically the F-22's best chance is use clouds, contrails, fog, haze etc to defeat the F-35's EOTS/DAS and hopes it runs out missiles. It should be able to outmaneuver incoming missiles better and throw missiles a lot harder due to it's superior acceleration. The F-35 has better jamming performance with it's dedicated EA suite but the F-22 has the AIM-9X. The F-22 needs to fire multiple missiles in the air and force the F-35 to point it's nose away to avoid midcourse upgrades for it's missiles while he is turning. This will give F-22's IR missiles an advantage and once the missile fight is over, in a dogfight the F-22 will just annihilate the poorer turning F-35.000Login to reply the answersPostrichard bLv 61 decade agothe only advantage the F22 has over the F35, other than speed, is a bit extra maneuverability. given equal pilots in each plane, the F22 would come out on top, but jut barely, and likely because it can do a back flip in flight, where the F35 cant.At some point, F-35 EOTS will come into play. But it is not entirely known how big is a resolution of such system on big distances (~50 km). Is it fully or semi-automatic, and how will it work against foes with reduced frontal thermal signature, such as F-22 itself? Finally, what actual advantage will it give to F-35 in the situation when it is still at disadvantage in terms of radar detection, and thus effective firing range?Read more about the F-22's and F-35's stealth, sensors, performance and more: Comparing F-22, F-35 Cost And Capability

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The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, expected to have a wide variety of munitions, is meant to penetrate contested airspace using its very-low-observable abilities. The JSF operational test team and other Initial Operational Test and Evaluation officials faithfully executed the F-35 vs. A-10 comparison test.. Topics include Joint Strike Fighter, JSF, F-35, Lightning II, CTOL, STOVL, CV, SDD, RAAF, RAAF vs JSF. Why Australia should acquire the F-22 rather The Joint Strike Fighter is not designed to perform air superiority roles, unlike the larger F-22A, and is not well adapted to performing the penetrating long.. F-22 and F-35 should detect each other around 20-30 km with their radar electronic warfare systems, however. Then if the F-22 see through the F-35 jamming and launch it a spam of AMRAAMs, it may take it.010Login to reply the answersPostAnonymous4 years agoThe Raptor is an "all- american fighter jet" whereas the JSF is for the US's allies as well as for the USMC and USN! The F-35 is actually a cheaper version of the Raptor as it utilises the same technologies at an affordable price! Although the Raptor has more speed and maneuvrebility than the F-35 because of it's Thrust Vectoring! The F-35 will prove to be just as good as the Raptor! You maybe aware that the US government has stopped further production of the Raptor limiting it to 187 aircraft and Robert Gates is accelerating the production of the F-35! Raptor price tag $142 million F-35 Price tag $83 millionThis will allow it to keep it's own weaponry in reserve, while forcing any 5th gen that can't do the same to use up it's own missiles on drones.

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Both radars should be able to detect each other at similar distances and it will be quite close BVR ranges(10-30 km) with all the jamming and stealth. Electronic Warfare systems like the F-35's ASQ-239 and F-22's ALR-94 may be able lock onto emissions at these close distances and with targets this stealthy. However there are ways to counter this such as turning your radar on and off and AESA is naturally stealthy. ASQ-239 on the F-35 is a newer system and upgraded version on the F-22's and may be able track background noise better to give the APG-81 radar(F-35's radar) better tricks to fool the F-22's EW. Still I don't think it will be sloutch with the more T/R modules on the F-22's radar. It is fair in the electronic spectrum the F-22 and F-35 should detect and similar distances.I still give a slight edge to the F-35 1 v 1 unless there is a lot of clouds. First look through infrared means it can roll on the F-22's flanks before that 30 km merge. Of course the game changes if the F-22 uses IR sensors from drones/other fighters or gets IRST in the future. U880E,U880F,GA8F22AW,AW8F22,8F22,AWF8F35,8F35,AW8F. Информация The F-35 maneuverability shown in the video seems far to be special. Unlike the Su-35's impressive one. As for Super-maneuverability, the F-22 is the most maneuverable combat aircraft to date, even the Eurofighter website acknowledges this, all while claiming that the EF can outmaneuver the Su-27..

The F-35 meanwhile can "run silent" and search for the F-22 using its optical and thermal sensors without ever radiating and giving away its position. We also know that the F-35's electronic warfare suite is capable of jamming the F-22, providing extra protection should it actually be detected.You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Američki medijski portal The National Interest je napravio zanimljivu analizu dva lovca pete generacije, kao i teorijsku simulaciju što bi se dogodilo u eventualnom vazdušnom boju? Radi o američkom lovcu F-22 Raptor i njegovom ruskom suparniku Suhoj Su-57 (PAK-FA) F-35 demonstration ( Lockheed Martin video ). I've decided to put all comparisons into blog posts, because I think its better as they are locked and no one else out This comparison is still incomplete. While the Su T-50 challenges the F-22 and overpowers the F-35, the F-35 challenges the Su-35BM

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  1. It depends on its usage; if the pilot isn't actively using it to monitor a ground or specific air target, it'll search the skies on its own.
  2. Now, while WVR is highly improbable in your basic 4th-vs-5th scenario, here this possibility is quite high instead. Will greater maneuverability of F-22 play its role, or will high-off boresight capability of F-35 seal the deal?
  3. While I don't know what range an F-22 would become visible, this is what an EOTS can see at nearly 100km.
  4. F-22 pros: + speed + ceiling + more thrust/weight + less wing loading + TVC + 8 AA missiles vs 4 + more powerful radar (1500 elements vs 1200) + ALR-94 passive receiver system + 2 engines. F-35 pros: + more fuel + 2 2000 lb bombs, JSOW internally + EOTS + DAS + HMDS + cheaper prosecution..
  5. L'F-35 Joint Strike Fighter di Lockheed Martin - che è costruito in tre versioni - che ha completato tutte le fasi dei test di sviluppo ed è entrato in azione, come si comporterebbe in un combattimento con il caccia F-22 Raptor
  6. level 21 point · 3 years agoFrom what I know F-35 can LRF to range and velocity it's data for it's EOTS unless F-22 has some laser jammer we don't know about. Most LRF go a good 20km. It does not need Triangulation unless long BVR distance.

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An F-35 vs. F-22 dogfight pitted two Lockheed Martin (LMT) stealth aircraft against each other in Norway on Wednesday, but the winner is a mystery. X. Norwegian Air Force Major Morten Hanche, who flew one of the F-35s, told R that the dogfights were good practice as the F-35 has been able to.. The F-35 on the other hand follows on from the F-16 Falcon and the F-5 Freedom Fighter in fulfilling the role of a low cost and versatile light fighter The F-22 was originally intended as a replacement for the F-15 as the Air Force's elite air to air combat platform, with an FB-22 strike fighter variant having also..

..alejandro.pardonovoa f-22 vs f-35, f-22 in action, f-22 firing, f-22 the best aircraft fighter, f-22 vs eurofighter, f-22 vs su-35 vs eurofighter, f-22. fighters, top 10 air forces, su-35 russian army, su-35 russian air force, su-35 vs f-22, su-35 vs su-47, su-35 vs eurofighter, eurofighter typhoon, eurofighter.. The Su-35 can probably out-turn an F-22 in a horizontal fight at medium and low altitudes, but the need to carry missiles and tanks externally to be effective, as well as the brute size of the Sukhoi will ensure it remains at a distinct energy disadvantage to the Raptor in terms of energy retention and acceleration.. US Marines vs China: New issue of Global Defence Technology out now. F-35B (STOVL). Short take-off and landing for US Marine Corps and the UK Navy and Air Force. The F-35C will replace the F/A-18 Hornet and complement the newer F/A-18E/F Super Hornet This means that if just a single F-35 is close enough to target the group of F-22's all 4 F-35's can engage them immediately. Similarly, a single F-35 can utilize its radar and risk detection, while the other 3 remain hidden. In the reverse situation, a single F-22 that spots a group of F-35s can tell his friends where the enemy is, but they wouldn't be able to assist until they turned on their own radars and moved close enough to track the F-35s independently. f35 amerikan lockheed martin tarafından üretilir. nato ülkelerinde bulunur. su57 ise rusyanın sukhoi firması tarafından hindistan ile ortak üretilir. su57 rusya'nın seri üretime bir türlü geçemediği, daha çok düşman uçaklarını avlamak üzere ürettiği, yüksek manevra kabiliyetli uçağı

The F-22 carries 6 AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles and 2 AIM-9 Sidewinders, and the F-35 can carry 4 AIM-120s in the stealthy configuration. The newer AIM-9x have BVR capability and go almost as far as the original AMRAAM. This gives the F-22 a big advantage. Also since the most AIM-120 is using radar seekers, it may not even lock on to stealthy aircraft unless using lots of midcourse upgrades through datalinks to home the missile close enough to go active. Remember F-15 radars couldn't even lock on F-22s at point blank range.The F-22’s two Pratt & Whitney F119 engines generate 70,000 lb. of thrust, enabling it to accelerate straight up. In combination with the engines’ nozzles, which can vector up or down 20 deg., the aircraft can sustain any angle of attack and pause on its tail in midair. However, it is the F-22/F-35 hybrid, not the F-15X, that they believe stands a better chance of being adopted by the Air Force. Defense One, which broke the story about Lockheed's hybrid offer, wrote that the proposed jet would involve taking the F-22 airframe and outfitting it with some of the.. 5th gen combat plays more to the F-35's strengths. It boasts extremely good situational awareness due to optical and thermal sensors with 360 degree coverage. This is a decisive advantage when the utility of radar is dramatically reduced against other 5th gen aircraft. The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is an American family of single-seat, single-engine, all-weather stealth multirole combat aircraft. It is intended to perform both air superiority and strike missions while also providing electronic warfare and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities

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The F-35's main engine is the Pratt & Whitney F135. The General Electric/Rolls-Royce F136 is being developed as an alternative engine. The J-20 design is similar to the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor and the Sukhoi T-50 fighters. Sources indicate the twin-engine J-20 prototype could be using the.. DAS, on the contrary, does not have such a great resolution at these distances, but it comes fully automatic. I believe, even if EOTS right now does not have such a feature, it would be not that hard to upgrade it on future blocks. Since right now other 5th gens are not a problem for F-35, it can well go without it, but in the future whichever fighter has better passive sensors will win.Things would get more lopsided in favor of the F-35 if you start talking about 4 vs 4 engagements since F-35s are each able to see the sum of the group's sensor data.

force, f-35 vs su-47, f-15, f-18, f-16 chileno, f-14, mirage 2000, av8 harrier, top 10 militaries, tomahawk, iris-t, sparrow, f-16 israel air force, f-15 israel air force, pavania tornado, rafale french air force, rafale m, mig 29, mig 35, su-27, su-37 terminator, indian air force, south korea air force, canadian air F-22A Raptor je dvoumotorový letoun určený k vybojování absolutní vzdušné nadvlády (air-to-air superiority fighter). Naproti tomu F-35A Lightning II je jednomotorový víceúčelový letoun (multi-role fighter). Společného cvičení se účastní čtyři letouny F-22A Raptor z bojové letky 94th Fighter.. F-22 vs SU-50. Stealth technology has as its fundamental principle the prevention of detection by the enemy, and applies not only to aircraft as is commonly However, i think that the Russians developed this plane to be a F-35 hunter than actually to compete with the F-22. Cold War has shown that.. F-35 JSF Weapon Carriage Capacity. Does the Joint Strike Fighter have an internal gun? What are the weapon loads? Since the F-35 is primarily intended to be a replacement for the F-16, it is not surprising that the JSF is of roughly the same overall dimensions as the older craft + Add media RSS PAK FA vs. YF-23 vs. F-22 vs. F-35 (view original). embed. share. Description. For guys who think it's a russian copy of F-22

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Once you throw more jets into the mix, things change. With 2 or more F-35s for example, you can triangulate / fuse data from both of their EOTS (or DAS), giving the F-35s enough data to launch a missile at BVR distances, without using their radar. Meanwhile the F-22s would still be reliant on using radar to detect the F-35s.000Login to reply the answersPostTommyLv 71 decade agoThe pilot would determine the winner. Most USAF pilots that have been to the Nellis fighter school would take either one and beat the other one.011Login to reply the answersPostDuigan1 decade agoOn paper the F-35 should be able to hold its own both have very different characteristics I recall several years ago A4s being able to beat F-16s in Australian war games The F-35 has met with opposition due to the $1.5 trillion dollar development program also for its performance in combat. The resistance emphasizes If it ain't broke don't fix it. approach to aircraft claiming that older fighters are still viable. The F-35 hit a snag after losing a dogfight to an F-16 fighter.. The US-made F-35 stealth fighter has seen its first ever combat action, flying in an operation for the Israeli air force. The air force chief showed an image of jets over Beirut, Lebanon, and said the planes had already attacked twice on two different fronts. Israel recently carried out scores of air strikes in..

Su-35S vs. F-22 Raptor: Russians avoid sharp turns. With Russian combat aircraft, the comparison of American aircraft is a mixed success. Then suddenly some Western experts find out that Russians rule in the air, then other experts start to deny it Aircraft · 1 decade ago. F-35 vs F-22? Very tough question. Even though you have heard that the f-22 is CURRENTLY the most advanced fighter, the f-35 is literally the most advanced all around plane F-22 amazing plane but nowadays is not so amazing and it is much more amazing the price than the plane, today is an overvaluated shit that no F-35 is a swindle for Europa and Japan, F-16 is faster than that shit. J-20 That F-22 copy looks more like a bomber than a fighter nobody knows its numbers SU35 vs F22 RAPTOR vs EUROFIGHTER 000Login to reply the answersPostAnthony MLv 61 decade agoIt has been the experience in the US fighter community that the winner would be the better pilot.

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F35 design as cheap plane to replace F16, but looking at it cost, it's much more expensive than F22 or F16. Still much cheaper than 1 F35, 1vs 10 Unlike the F-22 and F-35, it does not have a stealthy design, although advocates for the plane say electronic warfare and other equipment can reduce the risk Structural changes to F-35 are also being explored. The offerings are being compiled as part of an internal Lockheed review that looks at ways.. 2018-09-04 - Lockheed Martin F-22 vs F-35 cost, performance, size, top speed, comparisons, photos. Read about differences between the F-22 Raptor & the F-35 Click to read more about the F-22 Raptor and how it compares to the new F-35 Lightning II. Unit cost, dogfight comparisons and more

The F-35 is designed to provide similar capabilities at a lower cost. But the F-35 is intended to do more ground attack than the F-22. f-22 and f-35 has never been shot in combat roles this is one of top notch technology that US defence has exhibited as now of today. target destruction, i see a little advantage in the raptor since it is faster and more agile so could launch and evade and has higher chances of survival vs the slower F-35 that.. On paper the F-22 outperforms the F-35 in dogfighting. But dogfight aren't fought on paper. The pilot would make the difference. F-15EX vs. F-35A. The F-35 Lightning has been the Air Force's sole new fighter program since 2009, when the F-22 Raptor program was prematurely terminated

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F-22 pros: + speed + ceiling + more thrust/weight + less wing loading + TVC + 8 AA missiles vs 4 + more powerful radar (1500 elements vs 1200) + ALR-94 passive receiver system + 2 engines. F-35 pros: + more fuel + 2 2000 lb bombs, JSOW internally + EOTS + DAS + HMDS + cheaper prosecution.. So in the end 1 F-35 may beat an F-22. However 1 F-22 and 1 F-35 will likely beat a force of just F-35s.As I imagine, unless there is some semi or fully automatic scanning&targeting protocol, F-35 would find it harder to spot F-22 over somewhat greater distances. Because at greater distances with greater zoom comes reduced field of view, a pilot would have to know almost exactly where to look. Frontally, F-22 should have a reduced IR signature. EOTS has quite an optics installed, however it would need very good ability to amplify contrast to detect such a target at range this far.To find out about obtaining additional data – including the most comprehensive details on organizations, fleets, personnel and programs – click here or call +1.561.279.4661.So, lets look on a theoretical scenario of combat between F-35 and F-22. First, lets look at improbable 1x1 scenario in a vacuum. RCS of both aircraft in this example might be comparable, but let us give some edge to F-22, allowing him a normal detection of F-35 at around 25 km in comparison to around 18-20 km for a reverse case. So we can assume that they will know about each other, due to having similar information sharing capabilities. First comes BVR, and here both run into a trouble, since neither can effectively see each other at ranges >50km. If radars are working in LPI mode their effective range should be reduced even more, not much but still.

Also, it should be much, much harder to reduce IR signature while not compromising on the engines. So it would definitely be quite interesting to see the next paths of 5th gen evolution.AnswerSave12 AnswersRelevanceAnonymous1 decade agoFavorite AnswerTough question. Very tough question. Even though you have heard that the f-22 is CURRENTLY the most advanced fighter, the f-35 is literally the most advanced "all around" plane. SO that makes it more advanced than the f-22. But, the f-35's manuverability is a tad less impressive than the f-22 and the speed is 350 mph slower. It still probably uses the same weapon system and tactics as an f-22, but the things that make the f-35 more advanced is that it is designed for bombing and fighting, while the f-22 is just pure fighting. So since the weapon systems and tactics are the same and the f-35 is not relying on bombing or anything, maybe the f-22 because of its extra speed and manuverability. Both planes, though, are Air Superiority Fighters which means they have to have amazing speeds and higher than average manuverability rates. The f-35 comes in 3 version. An f-35A which is for takeing off on long runways like an airport. An f-35B which is for takeing off on an aircraft carrier. And an f-35C which is the one that can hover in the air and take off like a helicopter. That one will replace the Harrier.

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  1. g to blindside the oblivious F-22s.
  2. 22.) Switching the radar on has the effect of getting the Su-35s attention and it turns to north to meet the new threat. Four Meteors streak away to the For those nations, air forces looking to draw conclusions from this single F-16 vs. F-35 leaked dogfight report (in reality a dynamic flight test around the..
  3. With Russia and China improving their air defenses at a startling rate, Congress has ordered the U.S. Air Force to consider restarting production of the F-22. The aircraft is considered superior to the F-35 in certain capabilities relevant to the counter-air and destruction of enemy air defenses missions, but it costs twice as much to procure and twice as much to operate. Here are some of the other key differences between America’s two fifth-generation fighters.
  4. F-35 Strengths -Stealthier-The current version is as said by Gen. Bogdan -Infrared Sensors -Better Datalinks -Better Electronic Warfare-(ASQ-239 can jam, upgraded RWR)
  5. An F-35 vs F-22 dogfight pitted two Lockheed Martin stealth planes with each other, but the winner was a mystery. Although the F-35 is a newer aircraft..
  6. f-22 raptor vs f-35 lightning 2. what if the current buyers of the f-35 went to war with the u.s. which aircraft would have total im think that the overall superiority of the f-35 will over come the f-22 raptor. the two have next to same stealth capabilities (made by same company lockheed martin) the f-35 also..
  7. In your scenario, the F-22's most powerful assets become double edged swords. It's formidable speed can't be utilized without lighting up at long range on the F-35's thermal sensors. It's powerful radar is it's only means of finding and targeting the F-35, yet turning it on at long range is ineffective, and using it at short range risks immediately broadcasting its position to the opposition.

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  1. F-22 Strengths -More powerful radar(now APG-77v1 is upgraded with some F-35 stuff) and is much larger. -Faster -Can supercruise -More agile -More missiles
  2. F-22 is probably the better fighter as the F-22 is a dedicated fighter where the F-35 is more of a fighter bomber. Cool that they named the F-35 after the P-38 though, the P-38 I always thought was a nice aircraft
  3. F-22 Vs F-35 difference other links: F22 vs F35 dofight: know ultimately who WINS - link american pilots: F35 has better situational supremacy than F22 - link rafale vs F16: know ultimately who will win - link
  4. At some point, F-35 EOTS will come into play. But it is not entirely known how big is a resolution of such system on big distances (~50 km).
  5. The F-35 was the winner of a competition between Lockheed Martin's X-35 (right) and Boeing's X-32 (left). Boeing insiders on the JSF program used to You can make a plane stealthy and maneuverable, as the F-22 Raptor proves. Repeated attempts by the author to change this plane's nickname to the..

Will greater maneuverability of F-22 play its role, or will high-off boresight capability of F-35 seal the deal?level 111 points · 3 years ago · edited 3 years agoI tend to think of the F-22 as being the superior platform for killing 4th gen aircraft, while the F-35 is more suited to engaging other 5th gens. EAA AirVenture. Oshkosh, WI. Monday July 22nd, 2019. Watch as Capt. Andrew Dojo Olson & his partner from the F-35A demo team arrive into Oshkosh with some.. Unlike the F-22, the F-35’s radar cross-section is believed to be somewhat higher from angles other than outside the front quadrant. The reason is the presence of double curves on the aircraft, particularly on the underside at the wing roots and on the ventral fuselage. Shapes like these reflect radar waves over wider angles than flat surfaces.

Top Pilot: Air Force Should Put Brakes on All-Stealth

The latest development of Chinese J-20 fighters in the first flight in January 2011. The prelude to a new generation of fighter combat was opened. Chinese J-20, Russian T-50, U.S. F-22 and F-35 who can really dominate the sky Now comes the F-35's biggest advantage. Infrared Sensors. It uses EOTS IRST and has a 360 short range IRST known as EODAS. The EODAS is plugged in the F-35's helmet and gives the F-35 targeting in all directions. EOTS has typically a 4x zoom. The EOTS is said to spot windows out to 80 km. Against fighters probably similar due to the fighter's heat of engines. However the F-22 uses cooling skins known as TOPCOAT to absorb it's infrared signature and also cool it's skin so it's similar to the background.(F-35 does this too). The F-22's biggest bet is to fly along clouds or behind. There are a lot of clouds in the atmosphere and using civilian contrails from all the daily flights can very complicate the F-35's IRST capabilities. The biggest problem with flying too low where most clouds are is that once the radar battle begins, the F-35 will have the high ground. F-22 can cover a maximum of 0,04 miles per pound of fuel at 45.000 ft and Mach 1,5. Its combat radius is 400 nm with 100 nm supercruise; this means If initial costs are compared, F-16A costs 30 million USD vs 70 million USD for F-16C and 120 million USD at the very least for the F-35, giving a 4:1.. ..russian air force, su-35 vs f-22, su-35 vs su-47, su-35 vs eurofighter, eurofighter typhoon, eurofighter vs f-22, eurofighter vs su-35, eurofighter raf, italian The F-22 is armed with Block II AIM-9X missiles which have Lock-on After Launch capability with a datalink, so the missile can be launched first and.. It would be interesting to hear what you guys think about this scenario that will surely become very realistic as other nations bring their own 5th gen in the next few decades. Again, everything gonna be speculative, since we don't even know all the features of the participating aircraft, but it should be fun, right?

Forget the F-22 and F-35, this is a real Super Maneuverable Fighter

F-22 Raptor vs F-35 Joint Strike Fighter - General F-22A Raptor foru

F-22 Raptor vs F-16 Fighting Falcon – Comparison – BVRIs the Eurofighter Typhoon really worth the price? You canF-35 Lightning II vs MiG-35 – Comparison – BVR – Dogfight
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