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A music critic for the Morning Chronicle, writing of a performance by Kirchgessner in 1794, said, "Her taste is chastened and the dulcet notes of the instrument would be delightful indeed, were they more powerful and articulate; but that we believe the most perfect execution cannot make them. In a smaller room and an audience less numerous, the effect must be enchanting. Though the accompaniments were kept very much under, they were still occasionally too loud."[31] The Irish musician Richard Pockrich is typically cred as the first to play an instrument composed of glass vessels (glass harp) by rubbing his fingers around the rims.[8] Beginning in the 1740s, he performed in London on a set of upright goblets filled with varying amounts of water. His career was cut short by a fire in his room, which killed him and destroyed his apparatus.[citation needed] esittäjä > ääni > soitin > lyömäsoitin > lasiharmonikka

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  1. eswiki Armónica de cristal. fawiki آرمونیکا. fiwiki Lasiharmonikka. frwiki Harmonica de verre. gawiki Armónach gloine
  2. Taiteiden yö tarjoaa turkulaisille torstaina erittäin harvinaista musiikillista herkkua, sillä lasiharmonikka palaa Turkuun lähes 200 vuoden tauon jälkeen. Kyseessä on lähes sukupuuttoon kuollut soitin
  3. 'Glasharmonika' und Synonyme zu OpenThesaurus hinzufügen. Quelle: Wiktionary-Seite zu 'Glasharmonika' [Autoren] Lizenz: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike
  4. Another instrument that is also played with wet fingers is the hydraulophone.[citation needed] The hydraulophone sounds similar to a glass armonica but has a darker, heavier sound, that extends down into the subsonic range. The technique for playing the hydraulophone is similar to that used for playing the armonica.
  5. Important Note. The Corning Museum of Glass is temporarily closed as a precautionary measure for public health and safety. All previously scheduled classes, events, and..

Glasharmonika translation english, German - English dictionary, meaning, see also 'Glasfabrik',glashart',Glasschrank',Glasfaseroptik', example of use, definition, conjugation.. English Translation of Glasharmonika | The official Collins German-English Dictionary online. Over 100,000 English translations of German words and phrases Rasistisen piirroselokuvan bambupiano ja neuvostoliittolaisen animaation lasiharmonikka heräsivät henkiin - tältä kuulostavat mielikuvitukselliset soittimet

Kaikista minun keksintöjen myötä lasiharmonikka on antanut minulle eniten henkilökohtaista tyydytystä, Franklin sanoi Thomas Bloch on ranskalainen muusikko. Hän asuu Pariisissa. Hän on erikoistunut taidemusiikin esittämiseen harvinaisilla soittimilla, joihin kuuluvat ondes Martenot, lasiharmonikka ja cristal Baschet Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for L'Armonica: Musik mit Glasharmonika - on AllMusic - 2005

Wiener Glasharmonika Duo Christa und Gerald Schoenfeldinger - Die Welt der Glasklänge eröffnet sich dem Ehepaar Schönfeldinger Anfang der Neunzigerjahre. Some attempted improvements on the armonica included adding keyboards,[13] placing pads between the bowls to reduce sympathetic vibrations,[citation needed] and using violin bows.[13] Another supposed improvement claimed in ill-informed post-period observations of non-playing instruments was to have the glasses rotate into a trough of water. However, William Zeitler put this idea to the test by rotating an armonica cup into a basin of water; the water has the same effect as putting water in a wine glass – it changes the pitch. With several dozen glasses, each a different diameter and thus rotating with a different depth, the result would be musical cacophony. This modification also made it much harder to make the glass "speak", and muffled the sound.[14]

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  1. Description: Adagio for Glasharmonika. Copyright Adagio Für Glasharmonika. Uploaded by. Anonymous W8oM1Tp. Descriptio
  2. Franklin'in glasharmonika tasarım ustası glassblower ve müzisyen, patent kredi olmadan yine değiştirme çalışmaları yapıldı Gerhard B. Finkenbeiner deney 1984
  3. 24 €. Parilla raidalla on mukana myös harmoninen lasiharmonikka, enkelten uruiksi mainittu instrumentti, jota soittaa yhdysvaltalainen William Zeitler
  4. ..(zh); Glasharmonika (da); Glasharmonika (tr); アルモニカ (ja); Sklenená harmonika (sk) (eo); Skleněná harmonika (cs); armonica a bicchieri (it); harmonica de verre (fr)..
  5. Franklin invented his mechanical version of the instrument in 1761, he called it the armonica, based on the Italian word armonia, which means "harmony".[3][4] The unrelated free-reed wind instrument aeolina, today called the "harmonica", was not invented until 1821, sixty years later.

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Instrument name. Persian. lasiharmonikka Glasharmonika. Skatīt attēlu (tiek atvērts jaunā logā) An original Franklin armonica is in the archives at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, having been donated in 1956 by Franklin's descendants after "the children took great delight in breaking the bowls with spoons" during family gatherings. It is only placed on display for special occasions, such as Franklin's birthday. The Franklin Institute is also the home of the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial.[16] French instrument makers and artists Bernard and François Baschet invented a modern variation of the Chladni Euphone in 1952, the "crystal organ" or Cristal di Baschet, which consists of up to 52 chromatically tuned resonating metal rods that are set into motion by attached glass rods that are rubbed with wet fingers. The Cristal di Baschet differs mainly from the other glass instruments in that the identical length and thickness glass rods are set horizontally, and attach to the tuned metal stems that have added metal blocks for increasing resonance. The result is a fully acoustic instrument, and impressive amplification obtained using fiberglass or metal cones fixed on wood and by a tall cut-out multi-resonant metal part in the shape of a flame. Some thin added metallic wires resembling cat whiskers are placed under the instrument, supposedly to increase the sound power of high-pitched frequencies.

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Kaivopuiston Viulunsoittajan Signor Florinon käsissä soivat viulun lisäksi ainakin lasiharmonikka (Krystall Pokal Harmonium) ja huiluharppu (flöjtharpa).. Tunnettu Benjamin Franklin, joka oli kaupungissaVaikka Yhdysvaltain suurlähettiläs Lontoossa, vapaa-ajallaan harjoita soittimia nimeltään lasiharmonikka.. Ищем рифму к слову glasharmonika

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  1. ..(also glass armonica, glassharmonica; harmonica de verre, harmonica de Franklin, armonica de verre, or just harmonica in French; Glasharmonika in German..
  2. The glass harmonica, also known as the glass armonica, glass harmonium, bowl organ, hydrocrystalophone, or simply the armonica or harmonica (derived from ἁρμονία, harmonia, the Greek word for harmony),[1][2] is a type of musical instrument that uses a series of glass bowls or goblets graduated in size to produce musical tones by means of friction (instruments of this type are known as friction idiophones).
  3. ine and the article die. Here you can not only inflect Glasharmonika but also all German nouns
  4. Sorry, no dictionaries indexed in the selected category contain the word glasharmonika
  5. [The harmonica] excessively stimulates the nerves, plunges the player into a nagging depression and hence into a dark and melancholy mood, that is an apt method for slow self-annihilation. ...
  6. ..

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Glasharmonika f (genitive Glasharmonika, plural Glasharmonikas). glass harmonica. Glasharmonika in Duden online Yasaklanan, Delirten enstrüman Glass Armonica (Glasharmonika). Glass Armonica 18. yüzyılda Benjamin Franklin tarafından icat edilmiş

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  1. 1 - Ihmeauto / Lasiharmonikka / Jenkkivakoilija
  2. The instrument's popularity did not last far beyond the 18th century. Some claim this was due to strange rumors that using the instrument caused both musicians and their listeners to go mad. It is a matter of conjecture how pervasive that belief was; all the commonly cited examples of this rumor seem to be German, if not confined to Vienna. One example of alleged effects from playing the glass harmonica was noted by German musicologist Johann Friedrich Rochlitz in the Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung:
  3. Franklin tarafından icat edilmiş
  4. Translations. Glasharmonika. üvegharmonika. стеклянная гармоника
  5. Franklin invented a radically new arrangement of the glasses in 1761 after seeing water-filled wine glasses played by Edmund Delaval at Cambridge in England in May 1761.[10] Franklin worked with London glassblower Charles James to build one, and it had its world premiere in early 1762, played by Marianne Davies.
  6. Kauppa. Tietoa. Lasiharmonikka
  7. Franklin's from 1777 to 1785, when he lived in the Paris suburb of Passy.[15] Some 18th- and 19th-century specimens of the armonica have survived into the 21st century. Franz Mesmer also played the armonica and used it as an integral part of his Mesmerism.

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The name "glass harmonica" (also "glass armonica", "glassharmonica"; harmonica de verre, harmonica de Franklin, armonica de verre, or just harmonica in French; Glasharmonika in German; harmonica in Dutch) refers today to any instrument played by rubbing glass or crystal goblets or bowls. The alternative instrument consisting of a set of wine glasses (usually tuned with water) is generally known in English as "musical glasses" or the "glass harp". lasiharmonikka Explained. search. lasiharmonikka at English (WD) Of Explaine Lasiharmonikka: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEKlR..

Glassharmonika (İngilizce:Glass Harmonica), (Almanca:Glasharmonika), (Fransızca: Armonica de verre)(Bilindiği adlar : Glass armonika) 18.yüzyılda Benjamin Franklin.. Viimeisimmät twiitit käyttäjältä hare (@glasharmonika). swift as a shadow, short as any dream For a while the instrument was "extraordinarily popular," its "'ethereal" qualities characteristic, along with instruments such as the nail violin and Aeolian harp, of Empfindsamkeit, but "the instrument fell into oblivion," around 1830.[20] Since the armonica's performance revival during the 1980s, composers have again written for it (solo, chamber music, opera, electronic music, popular music) including Jan Erik Mikalsen, Regis Campo, Etienne Rolin, Philippe Sarde, Damon Albarn, Tom Waits, Michel Redolfi, Cyril Morin, Stefano Giannotti, Thomas Bloch, Jörg Widmann (Armonica 2006),[24] and Guillaume Connesson. Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: Glasharmonika. Wörterbuch Englisch ← Deutsch: Glasharmonika Wiener Glasharmonika Duo. The Viennese glass harmonica duo (Wiener Glasharmonika Duo: Christine and Gerald Schönfeldinger) will perform works by Mozart..

Lasiharmonikka (italian sanasta armonia, suom. yläsävel) on soitin, jossa on pyöreitä lasisia renkaan muotoisia osia. Ääni syntyy, kun kellomaiset renkaat pyörivät ja niitä sivellään märillä sormilla. Lasiharmonikan ääni on hento A website has attempted to catalog publicly known Franklin-era glass armonicas.[17] The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston has an early 19th-century instrument on display, which is occasionally used for public performances and recordings.[18][19] The music for the 1997 ballet Othello by American composer Elliot Goldenthal opens and closes with the glass harmonica. The ballet was performed at San Francisco Ballet, the American Ballet Theater, the Joffrey Ballet, and on tour in Europe including at the Opera Garnier with Dennis James performing with his historical replica instrument. Christa Schönfeldinger (Wiener Glasharmonika Duo) spielt auf der original Franklinschen Glasharmonika Carl Rölligs Christa Schönfeldinger (Wiener Glasharmonika Duo)..

Käännös sanalle lasiharmonikka suomesta englanniksi. Suomienglantisanakirja.fi on suomen ja englannin kääntämiseen keskittyvä ilmainen sanakirja George Benjamin's opera Written on Skin, which premiered at the 2012 Aix-en-Provence Festival, includes a prominent and elaborate part for the glass harmonica.[25] Kaynak: Glasharmonika. anlamdaki Müzik kuramı, müziğin temel yapıtaşlarını tanımlar (porte , nota , artikülasyon , açkılar , ton , gam , ritim , melodi , harmoni vb.

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  1. g home to modern stringed instruments, brass, woodwinds, and percussion. That the instrument was made with glass, and subject to easy breakage, perhaps did not help either.[9] By 1820, the armonica had mostly disappeared from frequent public performance, perhaps because musical fashions were changing.
  2. Historical replicas by Eisch use so-called "White Crystal" developed in the 18th c. replacing the lead with a higher potash content; many modern newly invented devices, such as those made by Finkenbeiner, are made from so-called Quartz "pure silica glass" - a glass formulation developed in the early 20th c. for scientific purposes.[29]
  3. In 1761 Franklin, impressed by the playing of the Irish virtuoso Richard Pockrich, produced his armonica, or harmonica, in which hemispherical glasses were suspended on a treadle-operated spindle, overlapping so that only their rims were visible. A trough of water beneath the glasses moistened them as they rotated through it. The diatonic notes (those of the seven-note scale) were progressively coloured the hues of the spectrum, the sharps being black, as on a piano. The compass was ultimately extended to four octaves up from the C below middle C. Long in vogue in Europe, it was an expressive instrument, and Mozart and Beethoven wrote for it.
  4. Music for glass harmonica was all-but-unknown from 1820 until the 1930s (although Gaetano Donizetti intended for the aria "Il dolce suono" from his 1835 opera Lucia di Lammermoor to be accompanied by a glass harmonica, and Richard Strauss specified use of the instrument in his 1919 opera Die Frau ohne Schatten), when German virtuoso Bruno Hoffmann began revitalizing interest in his individual goblet instrument version that he named the glass harp for his stunning performances. Playing his "glass harp" (with Eisch manufactured custom designed glasses mounted in a case designed with underlying resonance chamber) he transcribed or rearranged much of the literature written for the mechanized instrument, and commissioned contemporary composers to write new pieces for his goblet version.
  5. Marianne Davies, who played flute and harpsichord – and was a young woman said to be related to Franklin – became proficient enough at playing the armonica to offer public performances. After touring for many years in duo performances with her celebrated vocalist sister, she was also said to have been afflicted with a melancholia attributed to the plaintive tones of the instrument.[9] Marianne Kirchgessner was an armonica player; she died at the age of 39 of pneumonia or an illness much like it.[27] However many others, including Franklin, lived long lives.
  6. glasharmonika' arşivinden müzik dinle (96 çalınan parça). Dünyanın en büyük sosyal müzik platformu olan Last.fm'de kendi müzik profilini elde et

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1. Trumscheit, Nagelgeige oder Glasharmonika: - in der Sammlung historischer Musikinstrumente gibt es eine Menge ungewöhnlicher und kurioser Musikinstrumente aus.. harmonikaCzech. mundharmonika, mundharpeDanish. Glasharmonika, MundharmonikaGerman. φυσαρμόνικαGreek. buŝharmonikoEsperanto Franklin's glass harmonica design was reworked yet again without patent cr by master glassblower and musician, Gerhard B. Finkenbeiner (1930–1999) in 1984. After thirty years of experimentation, Finkenbeiner's imitative prototype consisted of clear glasses and glasses later equipped with gold bands mimicking late 18th-century designs. The historical instruments with gold bands indicated the equivalent of the black keys on the piano, simplifying the multi-hued painted bowl rims with white accidentals as specified by Franklin. Finkenbeiner Inc., of Waltham, Massachusetts, continues to produce versions of these instruments commercially as of 2014[update], featuring glass elements made of scientific formulated fused-silica quartz.[32][33][34] Sen symboli oli 1700-luvulla keksitty lasiharmonikka. Sen vaimealla ja lasisesti ujeltavalla ­soinnilla oli yhtymäkohtia ­konsertin kaikkiin teoksiin In Einer Mondnacht In Luzern - Siciliano Für Die Glasharmonika. Wiener Glasharmonika Duo

Lasiharmonikka - ovela soitin. Jaa: Tweet Glassharmonika ya da Glass armonika (İngilizce:Glass Harmonica), (Almanca:Glasharmonika), (Fransızca: Armonica de verre), 18. yüzyılda Benjamin.. Listen to the best Glasharmonika shows. Glasharmonika. shows. We couldn't find any related tags - remove a tag to change your results Kup teraz na Allegro.pl za 25,26 zł - Wiener glasharmonika duo (8472897367). Allegro.pl - Radość zakupów i bezpieczeństwo dzięki Programowi Ochrony Kupujących

Wiener Glasharmonika Duo in der Kategorie Duo. Noch keine Erfahrungsberichte. Vorschau von glasharmonika.at Alfred Schnittke - Die Glasharmonika (1968). Hauntingly beautiful Glasharmonika. ein Streichglockenspiel mit umlaufenden, schalenförmigen Glasglocken, die der Größe nach eng ineinander auf einer waagerechten Achse befestigt sind, die.. Glass harmonica, musical instrument consisting of a set of graduated, tuned glass bowls sounded by the friction of wetted fingers on their rims. It was invented by Benjamin Franklin and was derived from the vérillon (musical glasses), a set of glasses, holding different amounts of water and thus yielding different notes, placed on a soundboard and rubbed by moistened fingers or, rarely, struck with rods. The German composer Christoph Willibald Gluck performed his concerto for this instrument in London in 1746.The disorienting quality of the ethereal sound is due in part to the way that humans perceive and locate ranges of sounds. Above 4 kHz people primarily use the loudness of the sound to differentiate between left and right ears and thus triangulate, or locate the source. Below 1 kHz, they use the phase differences of sound waves arriving at their left and right ears to identify location. The predominant pitch of the armonica is in the range of 1–4 kHz, which coincides with the sound range where the brain is "not quite sure", and thus listeners have difficulty locating it in space (where it comes from), and discerning the source of the sound (the materials and techniques used to produce it).[30]

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Writing to his friend Giambatista Beccaria in Turin, Italy, Franklin wrote from London in 1762 about his musical instrument: "The advantages of this instrument are, that its tones are incomparably sweet beyond those of any other; that they may be swelled and softened at pleasure by stronger or weaker pressures of the finger, and continued to any length; and that the instrument, being well tuned, never again wants tuning. In honour of your musical language, I have borrowed from it the name of this instrument, calling it the Armonica."[11] lasiharmonikka. show ▼hide ▲. French

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote his 1791 K. 617 and K.356 (K.617a) for the glass harmonica.[20] Ludwig van Beethoven used the instrument in an 1814 melodrama Leonore Prohaska.[20] Gaetano Donizetti used the instrument in the accompaniment to Amelia's aria "Par che mi dica ancora" in Il castello di Kenilworth, premiered in 1829.[21] He also originally specified the instrument in Lucia di Lammermoor (1835) as a haunting accompaniment to the heroine's "mad scenes", though before the premiere he was required by the producers to rewrite the part for two flutes.[22] Camille Saint-Saëns used this instrument in his 1886 The Carnival of the Animals (in movements 7 and 14).[23] Richard Strauss used the instrument in his 1917 Die Frau ohne Schatten.[20] glasharmonika. Meanings of glasharmonika with other terms in English German Dictionary : 2 result(s)

Christa Schönfeldinger (Wiener Glasharmonika Duo) spielt auf der original Franklinschen Glasharmonika Carl Philip Glass - Musicbox - Wiener Glasharmonika Duo.mov Benjamin Franklin himself described the armonica's tones as "incomparably sweet". The full quotation, written in a letter to Giambattista Beccaria, an Italian priest and electrician, is: "The advantages of this instrument are that its tones are incomparably sweet beyond those of any other; that they may be swelled and softened at pleasure by stronger or weaker pressures of the finger, and continued to any length; and that the instrument, once well tuned, never again wants tuning."[9] glass armonica (Ger. Glasharmonika). Obsolete mus. instr., also known as 'musical glasses', comprising either (a) drinking glasses filled with water to different heights in.. Glasharmonika (früher einfach Harmonika genannt), ein Instrument mit durch Streichen mit den Fingern in Schwingungen versetzten Glasglocken, Glasstäben oder Glasröhren In Franklin's treadle-operated version, 37 bowls were mounted horizontally on an iron spindle. The whole spindle turned by means of a foot pedal. The sound was produced by touching the rims of the bowls with water-moistened fingers. Rims were painted different colors according to the pitch of the note: A (dark blue), B (purple), C (red), D (orange), E (yellow), F (green), G (blue), and accidentals were marked in white.[12] With the Franklin design, it is possible to play ten glasses simultaneously if desired, a technique that is very difficult if not impossible to execute using upright goblets. Franklin also advocated the use of a small amount of powdered chalk on the fingers, which under some acidic water conditions helped produce a clear tone.

sonraki. glasharmonika Dennis James recorded an album of all glass music, Cristal: Glass Music Through the Ages co-produced by Linda Ronstadt and Grammy Award-winning producer John Boylan.[35] James plays the glass harmonica, the Cristal di Baschet, and the Seraphim on the CD in original historical compositions and new arrangements for glass by Mozart, Scarlatti, Schnaubelt, and Fauré[35] and collaborates on the recording with the Emerson String Quartet, operatic soprano Ruth Ann Swenson, and Ronstadt.[35] James played glass instruments on Marco Beltrami's film scores for The Minus Man (1999) and The Faculty (1998).[36] "I first became aware of glass instruments at about the age of 6 while visiting the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. I can still recall being mesmerized by the appearance of the original Benjamin Franklin harmonica then on display in its own showcase in the entry rotunda of the city's famed science museum."[36] James Horner used a glass harmonica and pan flute for Spock's theme in the 1982 film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.[37] Useiden löytöjä Benjamin voi erottaa ukkosenjohdatin, joka pelasti lukemattomia ihmishenkiä ja kotien salamaniskujen ja myöhemmin tulipalo, lasiharmonikka (älä sekoita sitä metalli), Franklin liesi..

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Glasharmonika. Wikipedia tasarımı üzerinden görüntüle. Bu madde, öksüz maddedir; zira herhangi bir maddeden bu maddeye verilmiş bir bağlantı yoktur Ihre Glasharmonika, Madame Schirmer. Ваша гармоника мадам Ширмер. Aber die Glasharmonika kommt in Watsons Erzählung vor. Да, но в рассказе Ватсона, там есть..

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Christian von Blohn - Adagio für Glasharmonika in C Major, K. 356 (Arr. for Organ). в альбоме Because its sounding portion is made of glass, the glass harmonica is a type of crystallophone. The phenomenon of rubbing a wet finger around the rim of a wine goblet to produce tones is documented back to Renaissance times; Galileo considered the phenomenon (in his Two New Sciences), as did Athanasius Kircher. español: Armónica de cristal. فارسی: آرمونیکا. suomi: Lasiharmonikka. français: Harmonica de verre translation and definition Glasharmonika, German-English Dictionary online. Wir können den Verwandten mittels der Glasharmonika reinlocken

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