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I still dont know the answer if micro four thirds is right for Me, I am still searching. So far 5K photos in, I guess once I hit 10 K on both EM5 and Nikon D7500, then I ll pick a verdict. If someone asks me 6 months later then I l say if Mirco four thirds is dead or alive."The PEN-F gives a subtle nod to cameras from times gone by while including all of the modern tools you'd expect to find on a new Olympus camera." The screen is fully articulated and, to take it back to the retro look, you can fold it in on itself. The back of the screen has the same textured coating as the front of the camera, so if you hide the screen you really do look like you’re shooting with an old-school camera. • Go in-depth with the PEN-F's High-Res Shot mode • Editor Mike Tomkins offers a detailed look at the image quality performance and how it stacks up to other competing high-res offerings, such as the E-M5 Mark II, Pentax K-3 II, and Canon 5DS R...says the guy who “received” an X-Pro 2. Don’t believe any of these bloggers. Get on Flickr and look at sample images yourself. The Pen-F can take images that rival my RX1-R when viewed on a computer screen/website. The difference comes into play when you’re Pixel peeping but that’s not my thing. There are many fantastic cameras out there and the Pen-F is one of them (as well as the other cameras mentioned in this article). In terms of feels, the Pen-F’s physical design gets me excited about using the camera. It’s just fun to shoot.. which should be the first consideration when doing any sort of photography.

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  1. NOTE: These images are from best quality JPEGs straight out of the camera, at default settings including noise reduction and using the camera's actual base ISO (not extended ISO settings). All cameras in this comparison were shot with our very sharp reference lenses. Clicking any crop will take you to a carrier page where you can click once again to access the full resolution image as delivered straight from the camera.
  2. iscent of those PEN film cameras of old. It has a textured coating around the body, which gives it an attractive look and feel. There’s no grip on the front of the camera, but since the overall body size is quite small it’s not too problematic – plus a grip may get in the way of the dial on the front of the camera.
  3. Form meets function: classic design with modern goodies The new Olympus PEN-F is all about style and function. Sporting a cool, classic design that hearkens back to the original PEN-F of the 1960s, the new digital PEN-F is nevertheless packed with lots of new technologies and modern amenities. The PEN-F borrows lots of goodies from its neighboring OM-D family members, namely the E-M5 Mark II, including 5-axis image stabilization, dual control dials, and a fully articulated LCD touchscreen, as well as tons of user-customizable functions. As the new flagship PEN-series camera, the PEN-F also features a number of "firsts," including the first Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera with a 20-megapixel sensor. This subsequently helps bump up the resolving power for the camera's High-Res Shot mode -- another feature borrowed from the E-M5 Mark II -- to astonishing numbers: 50MP JPEGs and 80MP RAW files!
  4. us ten in northern Canada, say Dawson City in the Yukon Territory, you want to have a camera that will be able to handle it. And the Pen-F cannot reliably turn on in cold weather. Such a shame.
  5. Snapsort compares the Olympus PEN-F vs the Olympus E-P5 to find out which is the winner. Key differences include: supports 24p, viewfinder, sensor type, focus points, built-in flash and Olympus Pen E-P5 vs Olympus PEN-F. Reasons to buy the Olympus Pen E-P5. Movie continuous focus
  6. g selections, pressing the OK button whilst outside of menus will present a quick-access vertical options panel for quick access to main settings. Just below the four-way navigation, you will find two more buttons, one for deleting photos and another for direct access to the gallery.

Selecting some of the modes can also be time consuming, with the "High-res" shot mode found in the drive mode menu, which has 18 options to scroll through. So you have to go through each one before you get to it. Why not put it on the mode dial, or the front Creative control dial.Apart from body and sensor, cameras can and do differ across a range of features. For example, the PEN-F has an electronic viewfinder with a resolution of 2360k dots. The viewfinder offers a field of view of 100% and a magnification of 0.62x. The following tables report on some other key feature differences and similarities of the Olympus PEN-F and comparable cameras. Below are some additional questions and answers concerning some particular features of the PEN-F.

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What a day for Olympus! In addition to the development announcement of the OM-D E-M1 Mark II, the release of three magnificent lenses were also announced: the M....Zuiko Digital ED 25mm f/1.2 PRO, the M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-100mm f/4.0 IS PRO, and the This is how the PEN-F looks without grip! It's clear that the design of the Olympus PEN-F is one of its hallmark characteristics. The magnesium alloy construction feels extremely solid in the hand. Unlike the beefier E-M1 and E-M5 Mark II of the OM-D family, the PEN-F is not weather-sealed, however, so if you need a camera that can withstand mother nature, the PEN-F is not the right choice for that task. Nevertheless, the PEN-F feels very well built. The camera certainly has a nice heft to it, and while it's a bit more angular and boxy than cameras with nice curvy contoured grips, the rather deep thumb grip area is positioned perfectly and the faux-leather body coating provides a nice grip. It's not overly grippy, however the camera can certainly be held and operated one-handed, though it feels better to use two. Olympus PEN-F review. £1,199.99 View retailers. Mirrorless. Reviewed Jul 2016. With a healthy mix of new and old, the Olympus PEN-F is a compact system camera that combines retro styling and modern specifications to suit most photographers Google Pen-F Review and you'll see a list of bloggers that got paid by Olympus to write nonsensical stories about the m43 format and the pen-f. I don't get paid by anyone, and therefore I am preaching something of my own experience of the Pen-F, without any sugar coating. It might sound harsh..

When you see how high ISO can ruin a good photo, is when you come to appreciate a good IS a system. While it might not always be an option, manually opting for slower shutter speeds, even when shooting hand-held, can save you a lot of fine details and keep the noise at low levels at the same time.Those who are fans of OM-D camera family members will no doubt recognise the design and placement of various other milled aluminium dials and buttons positioned to the rear as well as on top of the camera body, plus the PEN-F also inherits the 5-axis Image Stabilisation system found on OM-D cameras. Unlike the OM-D cameras, however, the PEN-F isn't weather or dustproof. The PEN-F can create 4k timelapse videos, but video recording is limited to FullHD.The new 20 megapixel Live MOS image sensor does not feature a low pass AA filter, which should deliver sharp detailed images, as well as longer exposure times with lower ISO settings being possible. Olympus says the new sensor provides 25% better resolution while maintaining low-noise and dynamic-range performance. Other than these few issues, everything else about this camera is made with the highest standards of quality in mind. The Olympus PEN-F is indeed a unique camera, in a way that it has a classic, almost nostalgic feel to it and at the same time, it’s a modern, high-end camera packed with a bunch of amazing features. If you want a camera that looks cool, delivers high-quality stills and on top of all is extremely fun to use, look no further!The shutter sound is louder than some of the more quiet mirrorless cameras, such as the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II, but is quieter than others, such as the Fujifilm X-E2s

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So help me understand this, the amazing images produced by professionals and enthusiasts alike using the Pen F or other m4/3 cameras are lies? They’re all paid by Olympus or Panasonic, used a full frame camera to take their pictures, then claimed that they’re shot with a m4/3 camera? I believe the capabilities of the cameras manufactured by any camera companies theses days greatly exceed many photographers’ capabilities. How about picking a tool that suits you, then focus on stories, composition and techniques instead? I recommend this for travel photography inspirations: https://www.mitchellk-photos.com/Read on to find out more about the camera's size, sensor, features, reception by expert reviewers, and how it compares to other digital cameras.


Wow. The review told me nothing. I’m thinking about a Pen-F, and wanted to find a review newer than 2016, but this one is terrible. It says absolutely nothing, other than it’s a smaller sensor (i.e. images are more noisy). Were you not aware?You must love to hear the sound of your own voice, because no one else is listening. A poor workman will ALWAYS BLAME HIS TOOLS. You sir, are such a workman.Although the PEN F can record video, it’s at Full HD, not the 4K of some of its rivals. Considering this is a camera which very much harks back to the old days, it’s definitely intended primarily for photographers, rather than videographers.

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The camera gets its power from the BLN-1 (here at amazon), which is a rechargeable Lithium-Ion power pack.For the more advanced photographer, or those that like to have their own custom modes setup, the camera has 4 custom modes available on the mode dial. So there it is. I cannot recommend this camera. If you really need a m4/3 for some street photography…rent one for a day and check the files on your computer. It might not be to your liking. Maybe a cheap body picked up on craigslist coupled to a 25mm f/1.8 prime can make the perfect combo for photojournalist needs, but then again, the X-Pro2 or XE3 will just get you better files. Heck, even a Fuji X10 or X30 would be better. Or the 2012 X-Pro1 that I loved so much.Many modern cameras are not only capable of taking still images, but can also record movies. The PEN-F indeed provides movie recording capabilities. The highest resolution format that the PEN-F can use is 1080/60p.

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With built in Wi-Fi, the PEN-F can be connected to a compatible smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android. The O.I.Share app is easy to use, with the connection quickly setup using a QR Code. There are a large number of options and settings, making it a great way to control your camera remotely, and there are also editing and sharing options built in. You can find out more about O.I.Share here.Speaking of dials, this camera is a traditionalist’s dream thanks to the high number of direct-access dials and buttons to change all manner of settings. The dial on the front of the camera allows you to change between the camera’s different colour and creative options, including monochrome or art filters. You can leave it in the middle to use a “normal” setting. Olympus PEN-F review. The most advanced PEN-series camera has the features and handling to charm enthusiasts. By Digital Camera. Olympus PEN-F verdict. The Pen-F is an excellent camera with bags of features, plus lots of scope for customisation of both the controls and the appearance of.. Downloads - Olympus..

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Upon switching any of the creative function modes, the adjustment parameters will display on the screen. You then use the front control dial around the shutter release button to toggle through individual color channels (for both color and monochrome modes), and then use the rear control dial to adjust the strength. Unconvinced with Micro four thirds, My last few trips I carry all MY three cameras. !!! (why o why) I think this doubt will set in all the beginners of micro four thirds. They Use it for 1 yr or so. Then go to FLickr/500 then see these awesome shots on 5D /Nikon D600/750/800 and question their decision of camera.

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When it comes to setting the autofocus point, while you can use the buttons, you can also simply tap the screen at the point you wish to focus. If you like, you can also set the camera to focus and take the shot when you tap the screen – which can be useful in certain situations. Hands-On Review: Olympus PEN Lite E-PL6 with M.ZUIKO 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens. By Todd Vorenkamp | There are many things that I liked about the camera, but do they matter if I don’t pick up the camera because I know that it might not turn on when I need it? That’s the whole point.

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With its black & white capabilities and screen flexibility (popular with videographers), the camera will probably be a big hit with street photography fans, plus anyone who just loves the Rangefinder camera design. I invested in the M4/3 technology because I believed in Olympus marketing and some of the reviewers online (like this one). Olympus PEN-F is a very popular option on the higher end of the price range. It's in the top 3 bestselling mirrorless cameras and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Panasonic Lumix G9 or Sony Alpha 7II . Olympus PEN-F was released in 2016

A small criticism here is that it’s a little bit fiddly grasping the screen to turn it to a different angle – it could’ve done with a slightly larger surface area to help get better purchase on it. The fact that the screen articulates is very useful for shooting from awkward angles, such as from up high or from below.Related: Fujifilm X-E2S reviewThe eye viewfinder has an attractive round design and is padded with rubber to sit comfortably against your eye. There’s also a sensor to automatically switch it on (and the screen off) when you lift the camera to your eye, making for a seamless and natural transition between using the two. Unfortunately there is no real 4K video support, however the PEN-F does include the E-M10 II's Timelapse Movie feature at up to 5fps at 4K UHD resolution.The Olympus PEN-F features a Four Thirds sensor and has a format factor (sometimes also referred to as "crop factor") of 2.0. Within the spectrum of camera sensors, this places the Olympus PEN-F among the medium-sized sensor cameras that aim to strike a balance between image quality and portability. The controls and buttons are all neatly laid out so that you can reach them with one hand, and the front creative dial is stiff so that you can avoid accidentally turning it. There are 81 focus points, and these can be selected using the touch-screen. In magnified view you have the choice of 800 focus points!

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  1. Ouch, and here I love my Pen-F. Its a great, lightweight travel camera. I carry 14-40mm and 40-80mm range zooms, and would love to find something light in the 7-14mm range. But, I use this for travel; I street shoot with Leica M’s, Studio shoot with Hasselblad, and use Nikon D5’s for everything else in between. It has its place, and for me its a travel camera.
  2. g at the mouth over its retro design
  3. Which image processing chip is used to convert the raw signal into an image file and perform noise reduction and image sharpening?
  4. First introduced in January 2016 , Olympus PEN-F is a 20.0MP Semi-Pro Mirrorless camera with a Four Thirds (17.3 x 13 mm ) sized CMOS sensor. Olympus PEN-F has an Overall Score of 76/100 and ranked #46 out of 197 in Mirrorless cameras (Top 10 Mirrorless), and ranked #85 out of 1200 in..
  5. The Olympus PEN-F began shipping in March in a body-only configuration for US$1,199.99 (CAD $1,499.99) in black or two-tone silver and black, and the FL-LM3 flash unit is included. Optional accessories include a leather half-case and a nifty external grip attachment with built-in Arca-Swiss-compatible flanges.
  6. I agree with your opinion: I considered my Oly and Pana great until I got a Fuji. The advantages of compactness and price of m43 are long gone, and off went my m43 gear…

Olympus should have made it smaller, like their old half-frame. They should have made it a rangefinder with full manual controls. Though the PEN-F is pricey, Olympus packed a lot of features and controls into the retro-styled body of the camera, and it offers great Get instant access to breaking news, the hottest reviews, great deals and helpful tips. Thank you for signing up to Tom's Guide. You will receive a verification email shortly

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The exposure-compensation dial is easily reached by your thumb and has a good degree of stiffness, which means you won’t accidentally change the setting when you don’t want to. The mode dial has a button in the middle of it which you can press down to lock it, again preventing accidental changes. Just underneath this dial is a switch which you can move to access a curve graph and alter highlights and shadow settings. Finally to the far left of the top plate is the on/off dial – even this has been given a retro appearance. For example, choosing the ART mode opens a carousel of different creative filters (similar to Instagram filters) which you can shuffle through using the horizontal dial.The viewfinder itself is relatively small, and although entirely useable thanks to its brightness and high resolution, there are larger ones available on the market. We continually check thousands of prices to show you the best deals. If you buy a product through our site we will earn a small commission from the retailer – a sort of automated referral fee – but our reviewers are always kept separate from this process. You can read more about how we make money in our Ethics Policy. Trusted Reviews Live Prices

Updates: 01/27/2016: In-depth with High-Res Shot Mode by Mike Tomkins 02/16/2016: Field Test by William Brawley added 03/23/2016: Optics, Image Quality and Performance added 03/24/2016: Image Quality Comparison added03/28/2016: Print Quality Analysis added 03/31/2016: Review Conclusion added You see, I’m a traveler first and foremost. Not a lab technician. I don’t spend my days looking at pixels on my 5k retina display. I go out and shoot. That’s what artists do. I travel around the world barefoot in a Jeep. I need tools that just work. The Pen-F did not deliver a good enough package-deal for me to consider using it on a long term basis.The small details also stand out as well. Not only are there niceties like engraved lettering and diamond knurling on all of the metal dials, but there was also a conscious effort by the designers not to have visible screws or barely any seams in the body's construction. The PEN-F is as solidly built as it is cool looking.In conclusion, the Pen-F was a great idea from Olympus: A classic stainless steel design with a modern sensor and the latest gizmos. It was just too late. In 2012, this thing would have sold like hot cake: Fuji had a terribly slow X-Pro1 and there was practically no other mirrorless. But just like Xerox and Blackberry and Palm computer, Olympus is slowly phasing out, to be replaced with competitors that aren’t bound to a small sensor. Olympus could have decided to go full Panasonic and put a full-frame sensor in their product and join the L-alliance lens thingy: but they didn’t, and they signed their own demise, I’m telling you. Olympus PEN. stylish and easy to carry. Tough. carry-anywhere size and robust. Show all Olympus cameras. M.Zuiko lenses

The Olympus Pen F the first camera positioned strictly at the high end enthusiast, the first camera with a megapixel count of more than 16MP on the The Olympus Pen f was tested with the Adorama Flashpoint Zoom Li-On flash, 25mm f1.8, Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95, Olympus 7-14mm f2.8 Pro, 8mm.. I still cant get rid of the Micro four thirds. Infact I got a PRO lens for that. (surprise surprise )

I agree with you the dynamic range, and post-processing latitude of the great APS-C sensors vs m43. That said, as a former Nikon DX shooter and someone who evaluated Fuji APS-C side by side with m43, before choosing to go m43, I actually didn’t see a huge difference in final image quality when shooting RAWs of the same scenes and properly exposing both. Olympus PEN-F review. This PEN is F-in' mighty. £899. Body-only. So, first impressions are positive. And things don't let up when I take the PEN-F out for a walk. Olympus sent Stuff's review sample over accompanied by just one lens, but it's a good 'un - a tiny 17mm f/1.8 pancake prime On the front, you'll find a creative dial constructed from metal that gives the user easy access to various artistic filters, a Colour Creator and 2 new options: Colour Profile Control and Monochrome Profile Control. This is the main design difference you'll notice when you first pick up the PEN-F and as well as giving a subtle nod to cameras from times gone by, it's actually a really nice feature.The PEN-F has a lot of physical controls, most of which are dials located at the top. We believe the pronounced use of dials on this camera is not only a decision regarding functionality, but also adds nicely to the retro style of this camera. Even the On/Off switch, located on the far left side is a simple but effective dial. On the middle we have a standard-looking mode dial which you can find on almost any serious camera, but with the additional of four custom modes. Custom modes (C1, C2, C3 and C4) are easily accessible at any time and allow you to access your frequently used settings instead of going through the menu for each setting every time you want to change something. You can program each of these custom modes to different settings and use them accordingly. There is a primary and a secondary mode control dial, the latter being the smaller dial sitting below the primary control dial. On the far right there is an exposure compensation dial and right above it, a small, red-dotted, dedicated video recording button.In early 2015, Olympus debuted a brand-new feature in its enthusiast-grade E-M5 Mark II. Dubbed High Res Shot Mode, this was the cause of much excitement because it allowed a pretty impressive step forward in resolution, a significant reduction in noise levels, and an impressive resistance to moiré artifacts. All of this was achieved thanks to a technique known as oversampling.

Funny thg is , I have the e-m5, the x-pro1 (sold), lumix G9, Eos 30d,5d,5dii (all sold), Eos 6d and the E-pl2, but my go-to camera for non-specific casual outings is the E-pl2.Thank God: The Pen-F project has been killed by Olympus a few days ago (accord to m43 rumours dot com).Other interesting features include 10fps shooting, built-in Wi-Fi, an articulated touchscreen and an electronic eye viewfinder. The Pen series is a family of half-frame cameras made by Olympus from 1959 to the beginning of the 1980s. Aside from the Pen F series of half-frame SLRs (discussed in its own article), they are fixed-lens viewfinder cameras. The original Pen was introduced in 1959 As for the other specs of the new Olympus PEN-F, they more or less fit in-line with the latest and greatest from the OM-D family of cameras. However, there are a few more improvements and difference here and there.

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  1. His videos have over a hundred million views, have been extensively published by news outlets, and has even received recognition from a few film festivals, such as International Ocean Festival
  2. The listed prices provide an indication of the market segment that the manufacturer of the cameras have been targeting. The Olympus PEN-F was launched in the US market at a price of $1,199. Usually, retail prices stay at first close to the launch price, but after several months, discounts become available. Later in the product cycle and, in particular, when the replacement model is about to appear, further discounting and stock clearance sales often push the camera price considerably down. Then, after the new model is out, very good deals can frequently be found on the pre-owned market.
  3. PEN-F, Olympus 17 1.8 Lens (review of the lens is here) - Chrome Color Mode 3 (Super Saturated Slide Film). Remember, click images for better versions! Below are the key things I think make the PEN-F one hell of a camera, and things I have really enjoyed about it in my 2-3 days of non stop..
  4. Did you notice an error on this page? If so, please get in touch, so that we can correct the information.
  5. In this video, Jules and I review the original Olympus Pen which was built between 1959 and 1964. It comes with an excellent lens and is the very first creation of the legendary camera designer Yoshihisa Maitani. Watch the video to learn all about the history of the camera, the different production runs, and..
  6. For a Full frame User all the rest is garbage, they could relax , crop the hell out on their 48 MP cameras. ala sony A7R series or whatever.
  7. For some imaging applications, the extent to which a camera can communicate with its environment can be an important aspect in the camera decision process. The table below provides an overview of the connectivity of the Olympus PEN-F and, in particular, the interfaces the cameras (and selected comparators) provide for accessory control and data transfer.

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In a real-life scenario, I need to know that the camera will be on and ready to shoot and I decide to take the shot. Most moments never come back. That’s just part of the game of life. Olympus PEN-F Full Review. The gorgeous new Olympus PEN-F takes all of the latest cutting-edge features from the company's OM-D range, throws in a brand new 20-megapixel sensor, and and houses them inside one of the most beautifully realised camera bodies that we've ever had the..

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  1. Everything else would have been roughly the same no matter what camera was used. In some ways, the noise and grain pattern was even better on the MFT than I would have expected on my ASPC.
  2. Olympus' street-photography-focused PEN-F is the latest in the company's line of enthusiast mirrorless interchangeable-lens models, the first of its cameras to use the 20-megapixel Four Thirds sensor and a departure from the PEN line's viewfinderless design. It's also the best thus far with respect to photo..
  3. Olympus PEN-F review. The most advanced PEN-series camera has the features, handling and image quality to charm enthusiast photographers. Olympus says the PEN-F is designed for spontaneous everyday street photography without a tripod, and to back this up it has a maximum continuous..
  4. Boy, oh boy, has Olympus released one beautiful camera! Marking the 80th anniversary of the first Olympus camera, the 'Semi-Olympus 1' from 1936, the new Olympus PEN-F is named, not surprisingly, after its film-based predecessor from the 1960s. Olympus seems to have a knack for launching new cameras on major milestone points in the company's history, with the original digital PEN camera, the EP-1, launching 50 years after the first PEN film camera. The "2016 Olympus PEN-F" is an all-new premium Micro Four Thirds camera that strikes us as one of the most interesting blends of new technology and classical film camera styling we've yet seen.
  5. Waxy images? Fuji is king. I have Canon, Fuji and Olympus cameras and lenses, and use the for different things. If I had to pick one that would produce reliable, high quality images all the time, it would be Olympus, hands down. Unless you deeply pixel peep, you can’t tell the difference.

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  1. If you are used to decadent files from Sony, Canon, Fuji or Nikon, be aware that you’re in for a huge disappointment. You will probably like the freeing experience of having such a small body with amazing features…but it won’t last. Once the honeymoon phase is over, the image stabilization won’t matter as much, nor the 10 fps 20mpx files.
  2. Tom Saimon is a fashion and editorial photographer based in Haifa, Israel. You can see more of his spectacular work on his website say hi Facebook and Instagram
  3. The Pen series is a family of half-frame cameras made by Olympus from 1959 to the beginning of the 1980s. Aside from the Pen F series of half-frame SLRs, they are fixed-lens viewfinder cameras. In 2009, Olympus introduced the PEN E-P1..
  4. Now, if you use the electronic shutter, there's an all-new burst mode called "H+" that offers a whopping 20fps burst rate at full resolution, which uses the electronic shutter but you must be using shutter speeds between 1/25s and 1/16,000s.
  5. Olympus was one of the first companies to release a compact system camera, introducing the PEN EP-1 back in 2009. It took its design lead from the classic Olympus PEN cameras from the glory days of film, and since then Olympus has not only evolved the PEN through several iterations, but also launched the SLR-esque OM-D range.
  6. Dunja Djudjic is a writer and photographer from Novi Sad, Serbia. You can see her work on Flickr, Behance and her Facebook page.
  7. 1148 USD. The Olympus PEN-F is a svelte mirrorless camera with a retro chic design that delivers superb image quality, but could do better in terms of video capture and subject tracking

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Panasonic Leica 12mm f/1

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The Jeep in Bolivia, after a long journey. Taken with the 75mm f/1.8 M.Zuiko. Great lens on a good camera. The problem isn’t that the camera isn’t good. It’s just that the competition obliterates it.While the specs-based evaluation of cameras is instructive in revealing their potential as photographic tools, it says nothing about, for example, the handling, responsiveness, and overall imaging quality of the PEN-F in practical situations. At times, user reviews, such as those published at amazon, address these issues in a useful manner, but such feedback is on many occasions incomplete, inconsistent, and unreliable. This is why hands-on reviews by experts are important. The adjacent table relays the overall verdicts of several of the most popular camera review sites (cameralabs, dpreview, ephotozine, imaging-resource, photographyblog). Here we present crops from our laboratory Still Life target comparing Olympus PEN-F image quality to its OM-D E-M5 II sibling, as well as against several premium mirrorless models at similar price points or in similar categories: the Fuji X-Pro2, Panasonic GX8 and Sony A7. We've also decided to include the Nikon J5 here which may seem a little odd, but we wanted to include an interchangeable lens camera with a smaller sensor for comparison purposes, and the J5 uses the latest generation 1"-type sensor we've tested in an ILC thus far.

Olympus Pen-F review: Image quality. Under the hood - not that you'd be able to get there with ease, given the almost screw-free design - the Pen-F houses a 20-megapixel sensor, upping the resolution ante for the Pen series. Although not confirmed, we fully suspect this is the same Micro Four Thirds.. ..case leather olympus pen the cam garmin battery for camera sony video camera bag olympus pen f canon lens for panasonic outdoor record fd panasonic. 2x BLN-1 PS BLN1 PS-BLN1 Battery + TYPE-C dual lcd usb charger for Olympus OM-D E-M1 E-M5 Mark II PEN-F E-P5 EM1 EM5 PENF EP5 While the Olympus PEN-F meets many of the important requirements to make a great video capture camera, such as the excellent image stabilization system, a good sensor, fast and silent AF, upon a closer look it becomes apparent that video was not Olympus’ primary concern. It offers similar video capabilities that of the Olympus E-M5 camera with a few exceptions. While most cameras in this range, such as the Panasonic GX85, offer 4K video, the PEN-F only offers Full HD. 1080p video can be captured at 60FPS, 30FPS and 24FPS. The lower HD 720p resolution offers the same frame rates, though we were hoping to see at least 120FPS there. As for bitrate in Full HD, there are several options; 30Mbps, 52Mbps and the maximum bitrate topping at 72Mbps, which in practice results in very solid, nice quality video. Although there is no 4K video, there is an option to record a time-lapse video with the output resolution of 4K. Technically, this is 4K at 5FPS, so more like an UHD image slideshow than real video. Both the external microphone and headphone ports as missing, with just further points out this camera is not meant for serious videography. While the AF system in the PEN-F generally performs well, it does have trouble with maintaining a lock on a moving target.UPDATE: Some more random sample photo of the Pen-F, mostly black and white. That’s about the only thing that I loved about this camera.Taken with the 75mm f/1.8 Zuiko. My D300 still works after a decade and never missed a beat. Driving a convertible on a dirt road for a day will cover everything with a fine moon-like dust.

The Olympus PEN-F features a 20 megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor, which is the highest resolution of any Micro Four Thirds camera from Olympus, matching the Panasonic Lumix GX8. Another first for the Olympus PEN series is the built in electronic viewfinder (EVF), which has a high resolution of 2.36million dots, and a vari-angle touch-screen.Is the Olympus PEN-F a good camera? The PEN-F has a Camera Elo of 2351. This rating puts the PEN-F among the top 50 percent of all mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. In terms of its sensor size category (Four Thirds cameras), the PEN-F ranks among the top 30 percent. Based on its within category standings, the camera earns a 3.5-star performance rating.

The ISO range is changed slightly compared to earlier OM-D cameras. The top-end of the scale is the same as the E-M5 Mark II, for instance, with a native, non-expandable ISO 25,600, and the native base ISO is still at 200. However, expanded low ISO options are now offered at both ISO 100 and an even lower ISO 80. Discover the innovative world of Apple and shop everything iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and Apple TV, plus explore accessories, entertainment, and expert device support OLYMPUS PEN F Review. Saved from stevehuffphoto.com. Olympus Camera Battery Olympus Camera Under 400 -. Photography is an expressive and artistic hobby that continues to gain in popularity, because of the ease of digital cameras Olympus Pen-F review: Introduction. At a glance. 20-million-pixel Four Thirds sensor. When Olympus launched its first compact system camera, the Pen E-P1 in 2009, it was keen to emphasise its heritage as a maker of small, high quality cameras, exemplified by its half-frame Pen models of the..

Classic PEN-F front dial opens world of creative customization

The camera has an electronic shutter option, so that it is indeed feasible to capture images without any shutter noise.Unlike the earlier E-P5 and other digital PEN models, the new PEN-F is the first with a built-in EVF. Rather than the center-mounted EVFs that adorn the OM-D cameras, the new PEN-F takes more of a rangefinder-style approach with an EVF in the top-left corner of the camera. One might infer that the new Olympus PEN-F is aiming to take on Fujifilm, one of the long-heralded kings of the über-stylish, retro-inspired digital camera.bottom image I shot this at 1.6 seconds handheld and its razor sharp. I struggled on my nikon below 1/50 to get a decent shot off the camera without a tripod. (Yeah I also carry tripod in all my trips!!) below 1/60 my Fuji will automatically give a warning sign for Blurry shots. (I also shoot with high ISO on BOTH nikon and Oly, for Olympus i keep below 1200 /1600 , For Nikon I keep below 1600/3200 ) Of course, there's way more to the Olympus PEN-F than good looks and cool customizations, the camera packs in a ton of the latest Olympus technology. For starters, the PEN-F utilizes an all-new 20-megapixel Live MOS Four Thirds sensor, making it currently the highest-resolution Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera on the market, and rivaling the Panasonic GX8. Combined with the snappy TruePic VII image processor, the PEN-F is a high-resolution, high-performance piece of kit. Like the E-M5 Mark II before it, the PEN-F offers an interesting and impressive multi-shot High-Res mode that's able to provide a whopping JPEG resolution of 50 megapixels in High Res Shot Mode. With RAW, the High-Res Shot mode is able to capture a whopping 80 megapixels of resolution!

Classic styling & modern features, but lacking a notable perk Starting with its design, it's clear the Olympus PEN-F is meant to appeal to the stylish and design-conscious photographer, but who still wants a lot of technological features and physical controls. Sporting a cool, classic design that is strikingly reminiscent of the 1960s-era PEN-F, the new "digital" PEN-F of 2016 features a generous array of physical controls and dials similar to those on OM-D cameras, as well as nice amenities like a built-in EVF and an articulating touchscreen.The image quality simply sucked on the Pen-F, coming from a decade of APS-C and FF background. That’s the point of view of a photographer that isn’t getting paid by Olympus to spread some non-sense such as “micro four third is actually on par with APS-C”. No. It’s not. Not even close! My 2007 Nikon D300 makes better photo than the 2017 Pen-F (under ISO 800 and for my shooting style). I had the best glasses available from Olympus: The legendary 75mm f/1.8 Zuiko, the 17mm f/1.8 pancake, the 25mm f/1.8 Olympus and the 45mm f/1.8 Olympus.One important thing to note when using the High-Resolution mode is that using a tripod is absolutely necessary, as any movement or vibration of the sensor during the capture of those 8 shots will undoubtedly produce unwanted artifacts, effectively ruining the final shot. In fact, this technique is so sensitive that it can only be accomplished by using the silent, electronic shutter instead of the mechanical one which produces slight vibration which each shot. The same goes for moving subject which should be avoided altogether when this mode is turned on. Basically, the PEN-F’s High Res mode is only meant for shooting from a static point and shooting completely static subjects – such as a mountain landscape photograph. The Olympus PEN-F made history in 1963 when it was introduced as a half-sized single-lens reflex camera. And now, a half-century later, the new Olympus PEN-F has launched as a mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera inspired by the original masterpiece

Brains behind the beauty: new sensor, High-Res mode and more!

Olympus A big call-back to the original PEN-F is its characteristic front-mounted dial. While on the original model this front dial served as the shutter speed adjustment, the new camera uses it for quick access to a variety of color effect and art filter modes. Olympus moved away from their standard PASM dial, which included spots for modes like Art Filters and Scene mode, to make way for four custom settings presets. In doing so, they move similar modes down to this front-facing dial.Yes, the camera has a lamp built-in that can illuminate the subject and improve autofocus in low-light settings. Review Olympus PEN-F. Thread starter Deleted member 20897. Start date Nov 30, 2018. Thank you very much for this post. I have a PEN-F since June 2017 and I am very happy with it. Previously I had a Panasonic G3 and I was not happy with the colour cast, especially when taking pictures of..

Olympus PEN-F Sensor Review: Style and substance. Olympus's iconic PEN series of 35mm film cameras, launched in the 1960's, has been given a new lease of life in the digital era with the renowned Japanese manufacturer reviving the stylish and retro design in its PEN series of mirrrorless.. The camera's mechanical shutter allows for speeds up to 1/8000s, but opting for Silent Mode with an all-electronic shutter can bump up the speed to 1/16,000s. The PEN-F offers a variety of continuous burst shooting options and speeds. When using the mechanical shutter, burst shooting achieves rates up to 10fps with single-shot AF, though with C-AF the speed drops to 5fps. Also, with Anti-Shock mode, the max sequential shooting rate is pegged at 5fps. On the last note, here’s what some have to say on the Pen-F…we got someone at Teemusphoto saying that “When you push the ISO to 800 and even all the way to 1600 the camera still holds its own and continues to produce decent almost noise-free images”. This is nonsense. The camera has noise starting at ISO 200 and it shows. Google Pen-F Review and you’ll see a list of bloggers that got paid by Olympus to write nonsensical stories about the m43 format and the pen-f. I don’t get paid by anyone, and therefore I am preaching something of my own experience of the Pen-F, without any sugar coating. It might sound harsh, but someone has to stand and preach the truth out there.Next, we have the COLOR creative mode, which is similar to CRT mode except for this time you can adjust the overall color saturation as well the saturation of each color individually. This is similar to Hue/Saturation options in Photoshop. Finally, we have the MONO creative mode which all about different shades of Black & White photos. In this mode, you can emulate different film effects and achieve a dramatic look of your photos. MONO stands for monochromatic, which doesn’t necessarily mean gray scale photos. You can add any degree of color tint to your B&W photos. This mode is the equivalent of Black & White in Photoshop. Services & Support - Olympus..

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The Olympus PEN E-PL8 isn't really a new camera, but it's still a solid option if you're invested in the Micro Four Thirds system and want a small camera at a relatively low cost. Shoppers without an investment in lenses can do a bit better, however. Sticking with Micro Four Thirds, we give preference.. I thought the pictures all looked fine. The only one that looked like a mess (to me) was the one you labeled “ISO 6400 with the 17mm f/1.8 in Paraty, Brazil”, and that might have been because of the extreme contrast. Review: Olympus Pen-F + 17mm f/1.8. I have been testing the Olympus Pen F and 17mm f/1.8 lens in Dalat, Vietnam for the last few days, and I am blown away. It is probably one of the best digital cameras I've ever shot with The Olympus PEN-F is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera that was officially introduced in January 2016 and is equipped with a Four Thirds sensor. It offers a resolution of 20.2 megapixel. It is notable that the PEN-F offers wifi support. Wifi can be a very convenient means to transfer image data to an off-camera location.

Bottom Line Keeping all cameras and try to get photos I cherish. recent trips I try to carry two cameras (ANy camera +Fuji) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1213523d51b84129bf6303b27942ba12e17ff4f3740eb98b9b1716e091e3322c.jpg Olympus PEN-F is one of those cameras that has a long heritage since the very first half-frame 35mm film camera was introduced In this video, Jules and I review the Olympus PEN F which is probably the best and most-advanced 35mm half-frame camera ever. Today Olympus introduces the New PEN-F camera. This small compact camera sports a 20 megapixel live MOS sensor and is supported by the well known 5 Axis In Body Image Stabilization (IBIS). In addition to the fully tilt-able and reversible rear monitor screen there is a superb 2.36 million dot OLED..

In addition to the redesigned locking PASM dial with spots for up to four custom shooting mode presents, the PEN-F features dual control dials as well as a dedicated exposure compensation dial -- something totally different from an OM-D camera. On the rear of the camera, the control cluster is more or less identical to the E-P5, though the video record button has moved to the top deck of the camera and the thumb rest protrusion is more pronounced and gains a customizable Fn1 function button (there's also another Fn2 button on the back of the camera under the hotshoe). Also, gone is the dual-mode toggle lever that surrounded the movie record button on the E-P5.All said and done, the Olympus PEN-F looks and feels like an amazing camera that's right up the alley for someone looking for a compact yet very well-built model that packs a big punch in the style department. The Olympus PEN-F began shipping in March in a body-only configuration for US$1,199.99 (CAD $1,499.99) in black or two-tone silver and black, and the FL-LM3 flash unit (shown above) is included. Optional accessories include a leather half-case and a nifty external grip attachment with built-in Arca-Swiss-compatible flanges. The new Olympus PEN-F is a new premium compact system camera boasting a gorgeous retro design and some pro-level features, including a new 20 megapixel sensor Priced at £999 / $1199 body-only, is the PEN-F all style and no substance? Read our in-depth Olympus PEN-F review to find out..

PEN-F, Olympus 17 1.8 Lens (review of the lens is here) - Chrome Color Mode 3 (Super Saturated Slide Film). Remember, click images for better versions! Below are the key things I think make the PEN-F one hell of a camera, and things I have really enjoyed about it in my 2-3 days of non stop.. Beyond the stylish design, and rangefinder position of the EVF, the Olympus PEN-F features the same premium camera technology as the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II, with a 5-axis image stabilisation system which moves the sensor to compensate for camera shake. Also on offer is 10fps continuous shooting, full manual controls and raw shooting, as well as a clever high resolution shooting mode that creates a 50 megapixel image from the 20 megapixel sensor. 

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But... this dial is more than just a shortcut to fun and funky filters. In fact, the Olympus PEN-F offers a unique and highly intuitive color and tonal adjustment system. The front offers a choice between monochrome, color profiles, art filters and a color creator mode, which offers various tone, hue and saturation adjustments.Okay, one more last thing. It isn’t a great camera for most of us, but I am aware that someone can love this camera. It isn’t that bad and it is much better than an iPhone. But when it is compared to the Sony A6300, or any Fuji/Canon/Nikon, the small m43 sensor is no match.Like most current Olympus cameras, the PEN-F also sports built-in Wi-Fi wireless connectivity for pairing to a smartphone. You can transfer and share images and video as well as fully remotely control the camera for your Android or iOS device.The electronic viewfinder has a soft rubber surround, which makes it better for those wearing glasses. There is also dioptre correction, as well as an eye-sensor so that it will automatically switch to the EVF from the screen when the camera is held up to your eye. The electronic viewfinder looks good, and the colour matches the screen on the back, although it is a little darker in comparison. The touch-screen is very clear and bright, and the brightness level can be adjusted. Might wanna take time to get to know the https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/54b3444803b5a8e14bf2cc8ba683f32dbb65575449c2548c3ac9c54464b50225.jpg camera, you obviously keep picking up your nikon because that us what you know. I have shot with nikons and now only use the pen f, love the thing for using old lenses, image stabilization with 10 presets for focal lengths, 80 mp high resolution mode for static scenes! I have it for over 3 years and love it. A pity you are do negative about it. I shoot most of my shots with 80 iso since all glass I put on benefits from the sensor stabilization

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Like the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II, the PEN F features a high resolution multi shot mode, and with a new 20 megapixel sensor, the resolution of the high resolution images has been increased from 40 megapixels to 50 megapixels. This works by moving the sensor at a sub-pixel level, and combining 8 shots, so that not only does the camera capture additional colour information, but also additional resolution. This can be best explained visually, with Olympus' video, or by having a look at the example images taken with the camera using the normal 20 megapixel mode, and 50 megapixel mode later in the review.  Olympus also included a number of little homages to the film camera era throughout the design of the new Pen-F. Setting the striking design aside, Olympus promised the Pen-F would be packed with some of the features the company's been developing on its flagship OM-D line of mirrorless cameras The Olympus PEN-F has a solid metal body, with no screws visible externally, it also doesn't feature any raised dots (feet) on the bottom, which is a departure from the norm and could leave the bottom text and serial number vulnerable to being scratched off. The bottom of the camera is made out of metal, which is painted black in the case of the review sample we have, and gives the camera a re-assuring feel. 

I agree with Fuji’s Waxy images, but the dynamic range in the Fuji X camera is much better than in the Olympus. I think Fuji should DUMP XTrans and just use a Bayer CMOS sensor. Their medium format cameras don’t have XTrans for a reason. I love Fuji X system, but I also love the fun factor in this little Pen F for walkabout monochrome camera. I think there is room for both.While I scour my lightroom pictures, Surprisingly there are lot of Pics that I genuinely liked are from Olympus. When i pushed that Puny camera sensor to the Limits , i wanted a little bit more. Additionally, in the monochrome mode, you also have an adjustable-strength (and optional), realistic film grain simulation effect. The film grain simulation is more than a simply grain effect that applied evenly across the entire image, but rather, according to Olympus, it's more intelligently applied based on the tonal information for a more realistic film grain look. The Pen F is the latest example and one of the best: a camera that, whilst not perfect, is packed with many advanced features and has the most beautiful design achieved by the company so far. Instead of replacing the other Pen models, the Pen F is positioned above them, making it the flagship camera

Autofocus (AF) system in the PEN-F uses contrast-detect AF, which generally accurate and can quickly detect subjects, but it takes a slightly bit longer to actually acquire the focus and take the shot. Overall, it’s not that fastest AF out there but it does a pretty decent job. You can focus by half-pressing the main shutter button or by tapping the touchscreen. It is only in low light that the PEN-F struggles to acquire a good focus, but this is the case with the majority of cameras using contrast-detect AF. Continuous focus on subject, or subject tracking, is the downside of PEN-F’s AF system. When dealing with a fast-moving subject the AF will have a hard time tracking the subject correctly. This is the main reason why this camera is not very good for fast action photography. If you want to do manual focusing, you will be happy to know Sony has included focus peaking, a very welcoming feature which makes it much easier to see exactly to see where is your focus. This is especially useful when using lenses with a shallow depth of field. Another extremely useful feature for manual focusing is the ability to magnify the scene by 14x. Face-detect feature is present as well, and does a very good job at detecting and focusing on subject face. Even when shooting in a continuous shooting mode, it will keep track of subject’s face as it moves around.Almost everything about this camera is fast. It turns on quickly, navigation through the menus is fluid and the touchscreen is very responsive. Viewing and zooming in photos is but a breeze, and the same goes for video playback. For a camera who’s main focus is not sports and action photography, it features some impressive frame rates. Using the electronic shutter, which is not always recommended, the Olympus PEN-F can shoot up to 20 FPS with shutter speed up to 1/16000. This is very blazing fast shooting, although using the electronic shutter might introduce unwanted rolling shutter effect. If you choose the more reliable mechanical shutter, the PEN-F can still deliver an impressive 10FPS and a shutter speed of 1/8000. However, there is a limitation where if you want to use AF during continuous shooting you can only go as fast as 5FPS. As with any camera, there is also a buffer limit. If you shoot in RAW format, you can get to about 60 shots, while shooting JPG and RAW at the same the buffer limit drops by a half, down to 30 shots. The PEN-F features a timeless beauty in its rangefinder style. The design is absolute perfection and the designer's attention to detail can be seen in every Product name. Olympus PEN-F Interchangeable Lens Camera. Box contents. FL-LM3 supplied flash, BLN-1 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery, BCN-1..

Ole Henrik Skjelstad is a Norwegian math teacher and landscape photographer who fell in love with photography after receiving his first camera as a birthday present in 2013. You can follow his work on 500px, IG and Flickr.The Monochrome Profile Control means users can capture B&W imagery in-camera with much more control over the look and feel of the tones thanks to gradation curve adjustments, film-grain options and shading adjustments being to hand while the Colour Profile Control makes colour popping and other creative techniques much easier in-camera. It can also be used to adjust the saturation of 12 colours to 11 different levels.Not trying to be impolite but judging from the quality of your output, your assessment doesn’t ring a bell.Some boring street photography in black and white with the Pen-F. The Pen-F could have been the perfect street photography camera if Olympus would have updated the firmware to remove the annoying bugs, such as the deep sleep the camera goes in (no matter what the energy preference is set to, in the menu). I missed many shots because the camera isn’t ready.Visit our Competitions Forum, where you'll find our monthly competition and other external competitions to enter.

All Olympus cameras are divided into 3 main categories: OM-D, PEN, and Tough line of cameras. If you want to find the best Olympus mirrorless camera, look at this device. PEN-F is a good gadget Many Olympus camera reviews note a good electronic viewfinder and a freely rotating touch screen.. But hey, I’m just a hobbyist/Dad/travel shooter who likes to go as light as possible so I’m willing to trade off some IQ for portability.

Lenses on MFT’s act the same as any other format. You have to stop them down to maximize sharpness and I mention that because a lot of M43 users gravitate toward the smaller format- only then to shoot wide open all the time. If you want that SDOF look then just go with a bigger sensor..BUT with that said, the m43 glass IS highly capable and I’ve had a ton of their glass along with Sony and Nikon. The 1.8’s are older designs and sharpen up quite a bit at 2.8. The MTF chart on the 75mm clearly shows it is very sharp at 2.8 and still noticable improvement at F4 and 5.6. Still very good even wide open, but that’s the thing. If that doesn’t work for you then you’ll never maximize the systems potential. I will say though, the pro 1.2 lenses are noticably better over their 1.8 counterparts at all f-stops. Expensive though, so again- you may want to move up to a bigger sensor size. Still- M43 is an amazing system with varied price points where anyone can jump in with pretty much any budget in mind.

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Olympus PEN-F review: It's the usual combination of style and build quality, but now it has a viewfinder. Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. Learn More. Olympus PEN-F Review The default mode allows you to adjust shadows, mid tones, and highlights with great precision, showing an on-screen diagram as well as a live preview as you make adjustments.ISO 1600…so much noise reduction. 50% cropped. Hard to tell, but it’s a disaster. Give me more noise and less wax-like files.

When I got my Pen-F I was surprised at how small the difference in IQ is compared to my FF DSLR. The more I use the Pen-F the more I like it. The possibilities for tweaking JPEG colors are great and there is always RAW if you want to finetune colors in post processing. High ISO noise is easy to keep under control when exposing to the right (up to ISO 6400). But with the excellent IBIS I almost never need to go that far. For your use case a OM-D EM1 Mk II would be a better choice (the Pen-F is not weather sealed like the EM1). My Pen-F never blocked or froze. Did you have a faulty one? The “image quality issues” you are talking about seem to be related to bad technique rather than a camera problem. Фотокамери - Olympus.. Even though it’s designed is jaw-dropping, its not all in the looks; The 20MP Micro Four Thirds sensor delivers excellent image quality, 5-axis IBIS ensures clear, blurless photos and stable video; A wide range of manual dials and custom buttons presents a flexible and intuitive way of making all image adjustments on-the-go. Considering it’s small size we believe the PEN-F offers very good performance, allowing for 10FPS with continuous shooting, and a relatively fast and accurate AF. The AF does have issues with maintaining a lock on moving subjects, especially in low light conditions, but we have already made it clear that this camera is not really meant for any sort of action photography.When you’re using the viewfinder you can still use the screen to set the autofocus point, which is useful for quickly switching point without the faff of pressing the various buttons. You need to be careful of your nose touching the screen and accidentally changing the point, though.

Video resolutions are offered up to 1080/60p, though 30p and 24p options are also available, as is lower resolution 720p HD video. The camera offers various bitrate options, including 'Fine' and 'SuperFine' quality settings using the IPB compression scheme, as well as the even higher quality "All-I" intra-frame compression. According to Olympus' specs, the SuperFine bitrate is approximately 52Mbps and Fine is pegged at around 30Mbps, while All-I tops out at a very nice 77Mbps. For even more image quality control, the PEN-F offers clean HDMI out with timecode support.Though video recording capabilities in the PEN-F are obviously lagging behind the competition, that doesn’t mean videos are going to look bad. In fact, we have found that 1080p videos to be of decent quality and more than enough for occasional or casual video capture. Let’s not forget the excellent IBIS which works just as well for videos as it does for stills. You will have very smooth, stable videos from this camera even when shooting with unsteady hands.

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PEN-F. Olympus Photography Travel Tours - Discover the world through the eye of the camera. In cooperation with renowned partners we have developed exclusive photography tours for you: short trips in Germany, cruises or long-distance travels to Asia or Africa While the original Olympus PEN-F from the film days was rather devoid of buttons and dials, the realities of today's digital era necessitates a handful of them. Today's PEN-F feels like a pleasing blend of the earlier E-P5, in terms of the rear control layout, and the top deck of an OM-D camera, more or less.

"We're certain that PEN users will feel very familiar with the PEN-F while fans of the E-M5 will no-doubt appreciate its design." The Olympus PEN-F is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera that was officially introduced in January 2016 and is equipped with a Four Thirds The table below summarizes the key physical specs of the Olympus PEN-F alongside a set of comparators. If you want to review a camera pair.. Canon Nikon Fujifilm Leica mFT Lenses Panasonic Sony Olympus   Nikon Fujifilm Olympus Leica Cameras Sony Panasonic Canon       Rate this page Average 4.7 after 7 votes   Follow apotelyt.com AboutContactLegalPrivacySearchSitemap © 2011-20 APOTELYT.com. All Rights Reserved.

Battery life - Battery life is rated at 330 shots according to Olympus / CIPA test results, which is average for a mirrorless camera - therefore we would recommend a spare battery if you plan on shooting more. Charging is performed using the provided battery charger, and is not via USB as a number of other cameras are. The camera uses an Olympus USB cable, which is also used for updating the firmware of the camera and any lenses attached.I truly did. Here’s what I wrote a year and a half ago. The passion was there. The honeymoon lasted eight months…But already after a few weeks of ownership, I knew she wasn’t the one for me.Filed Under: Reviews Tagged With: gear review, Jean-Pascal Remon, MFT, micro four thirds, Olympus Pen, Olympus Pen-F The Olympus PEN-F is retro done right: not just classic looks for the sake of tickling your reminiscence glands, but for delivering the best aspects of old gear. Launched back in January, the micro-four-thirds camera introduces several firsts to the PEN line-up, fittingly given it's also styled after Olympus' first..

“That’s what artists do. I travel around the world barefoot in a Jeep. I need tools that just work.” We reviewed the Olympus Pen-F mirrorless camera. Is it worth buying, what are the pros and cons? The Pen-F is just what the design suggests, a synergy of old school and modern needs. A synergy of the mechanical beauty of film cameras and the efficiency and power of modern digital.. The Olympus PEN F is available here from B&H and Amazon. Postprocessing was performed by batch converting the RAW files to approximate my May 8, 2017 at 11:38 PM. Ming, in your experience is the pen-f that much better than the om-10 or om-5 to hold and shoot for a left eye shooter with glasses

Olympus Pen-F review: a marvelous marriage of old and new. Humans have a hard time letting go of the past. Sometimes it's a good thing — nostalgia helps people fight loneliness and can even make them more tolerant Another trollish blog, featuring a long-winded, fascinatingly shallow rant, to remove from my newsfeed. I admit, I clicked on it. Once.The addition of the new dial also means you don't have to mess around with menus or switch the mode dial when you want to capture a black & white shot, which makes it easier and quicker to capture images, as well as keep camera settings the same, including shooting in raw so that you can go back to the original image if you want. There's also a lever mounted at the back of the camera which switches between different modes, and makes it easier to change settings.1960's Britain, Olympus was winning the hearts of photography fans with their own icon – the Olympus PEN. With its stand-out style and eye-catching design, it soon became an object of desire and to this day, it's a style that's never really gone out of fashion.

On the top of the camera there’s a dial for switching between exposure modes – such as aperture priority and shutter priority, as well as automatic options. There’s also a dial for altering exposure compensation, and an unlabelled dial which works in different ways depending on the mode you’re shooting in. That last one usually works alongside another small dial at the back of the camera – so if you’re shooting in manual mode, one will control aperture and the other will control shutter speed. The Olympus PEN-F is a stylish, retro-looking digital camera bearing the same name as the 1963. Olympus PEN F film camera. The original PEN F was a very popular camera back in the day, used primarily by professionals such as photo journalists. With the new PEN-F, Olympus is looking to provide a high quality modern mirrorless camera like X T3 for enthusiasts and professionals who would also like to have a pinch of old-school style to their main shooter. It works best for street photography, be it landscape or portrait, but it should also do a good job as an all-around camera.Yes, the Pen-F had a fantastic image stabilization…but to be honest…it only matters if you are using the Pen-F! It frustrated me to the point of not wanting to touch it anymore. I rather have my Nikon D800E at 6400 ISO files than a Pen-F at 800 ISO and that’s fact. The Pen-F was usable until ISO 200. After that, the colours looked off. I guess if someone just wants to use it as a black and white dedicated camera…it could work for them. This is my review of the Olympus Pen F. It's a great looking camera, but can the stills and video performance justify the hefty price? I've had the Pen F for over 6 months now. I've shot with it for some travel, portraiture, events, as well as tried it for vlogging Admiring Light's Olympus Pen-F Review, going in-depth with the latest high-end rangefinder style camera for Micro 4/3. The Pen name harkened back to Olympus' half frame line of film cameras that began in 1959. After several iterations of the Pen lineup, Olympus has borrowed the full name of one..

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Strange…I shoot Raw and get great results at 800 or even 1600 ISO with the E-M5II (same sensor and processing). Including on 1 meter large HD metal prints.As the owner of a PEN-F, a Sony a7ii and former owner of a Fuji x-e3. I beg to differ. For most photos, under normal viewing conditions (full screen or printed up to 24″ wide) you can’t tell which photo was taken with which camera. You really have to pixel-peep to see the differences. The image quality of the PEN-F certainly doesn’t “suck”, and the thousands of m4/3 enthusiasts around the world producing amazing images are not paid by Olympus. But you know all this, you just tricked one more person with your clickbait.Like the current crop of OM-D cameras, the new PEN-F features their 5-axis image stabilization system, and while it allows for excellent handheld shooting capabilities at slower shutter speeds, the really impressive feature is that it also includes a cool High Resolution Mode (High-Res Shot Mode). In case you would like to check on the differences and similarities with other camera models, just use the search menu below. An an alternative, you can also directly jump to any one of the listed comparisons that were previously generated by the CAM-parator tool. The USB terminal is compatible with the RM-UC1 remote release cable, and also allows tethered shooting via a Windows / Mac OS-compatible application called Olympus Capture.

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