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Photo: BAUZEN/WireImage Cardi Says The Fight Was About Her Daughter, Kulture The fight may have occurred because Minaj was talking about Cardi’s young daughter, Kulture. After the event, Cardi posted a long Notes app statement, reading in part:Nicki Minaj exhibited #Queen behaviour when she hopped in my DMs and insulted me numerous times over an innocent music opinion while her fans continue to harass me and DM me death threats. This is NOT okay. pic.twitter.com/bJI9TVvJV7

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Cardi B deactivated her Instagram page following the BET backlash and apparent abuse she’s received after winning her Grammy award. Taylor HillGetty Images September 10, 2018While Nicki doesn't tweet directly about the brawl, she does like a few tweets from fans defending her against Cardi's accusations. Here are two of the tweets Nicki liked:However, in May, the two set aside any tension in a sweet moment on the Met Gala red carpet, with Cardi later admitting that the ‘misunderstanding’ upset her.Congratulations to a fellow NEW YAWKA on a RECORD BREAKING achievement. Bardi, this is the only thing that matters!!! Enjoy it @iamcardibLater that month, Cardi called out a mystery woman during a performance in August at the height of her positive feedback for her song Bodak Yellow.

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The tweet was attached to an article titled, “Cardi B Is The First Solo Female Rapper To Win Best Rap Album, And Fans Are Weeping” and the tweet read, “Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj is being dragged by her lacefront.”Nicki also went on to say that Cardi had played into the idea of a feud by not speaking up when rumors emerged after the “MotorSport” video was released. Though Nicki and Cardi both appear in the video, they weren’t on the set at the same time, which some fans took to mean that they disliked each other. Ünlü rap yıldızi Nicki Minaj, aramıza yeni albümü ile dönmeye hazırlanırken yaptığı bir röportaj ile gündeme düştü. Cardi B'ye sürekli destek olan Minaj, Migos ve Cardi B ile yaptığı Motorsport düetinden sonra aralarının bozulduğunu açıkladı Subscribe Sign In My Account Sign Out Type keyword(s) to search Today's Top Stories 1 Did Sophie Turner Just Confirm She’s Pregnant? 2 A 5-Second Trick for Looking Better on Zoom 3 The 50 Scariest Horror Movies of All Time 4 This 15-Minute Butt Workout Will Destroy You 5 Ellen’s Reportedly “At the End of Her Rope” We may earn money from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. Promise. Many believed it was about Cardi, but Nicki later tweeted a response to backlash saying that the line was not even about her.

Cardi B hit the stage at the MoMa PS1 Warm Up event in August with A$AP Ferg, Kelela and more to perform her smash hit. At one point in her set, the rapper took a moment to call out an unnamed woman who Cardi felt was acting a bit fake to her. “You know this bitch," Cardi said in the video over loud screams from the crowd. "She never fucking liked me and now, all of a sudden, she wants to be friends with me. No, bitch. I still don't like you bitch."I can’t thank you guys enough for all the love & support you continue to show me. To everyone who said something sweet, thank you. Whether I read it or not, I felt it. From the bottom of my heart. I love you so much. So so so soooo much. Stay tuned. ♥️🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄♥️

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The meteoric rise of Cardi B, a Bronx-born rapper who found fame on reality television and the defunct video sharing site Vine, bears all the signifiers of star-is-born hysteria: an out-of-nowhere smash hit single, celebrated collaborations.. The rappers, both from the city, were pitted against each other early on this year by fans who drew similarities between the two as Cardi B rose to fame.#SwishSwish -- #SwishGuard --Pink Ferragamo sliders on deck. Silly rap beefs just get me more checks. My life is a movie, I'm never off set. Me & my aMIGOS No not OFFSET -- swish swish awww I got them upset! but my shooters'll make'm dance like dubstep! Swish swish awww my haters iz OBSESSED! Cuz I make M's!!!! They get MUCH LESS!!!!! ------ #SwishSwishBish -- @katyperry lets go katy cat -- listen now on Tidal, iTunes & Spotify. Audio on YouTube.Cardi earned her first-ever Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 with “Bodak Yellow,” a feat that makes her the first female rapper since Lauryn Hill to top the charts without having any guest features. Minaj congratulated her fellow New Yorker in a tweet saying, “Congratulations to a fellow NEW YAWKA on a RECORD BREAKING achievement. Bardi, this is the only thing that matters!!! Enjoy it.” Cardi responded, telling the “No Frauds” rapper that “This means sooo much coming from you!!”

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What happened between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B? (Pictures: REX). Nicki Minaj has spent the last month sparring with her celeb peers, but now things have taken a seriously bitter turn as Cardi B 'hurled her shoe' at the rapper during a New York Fashion Week Party last night She added: ‘The first interview she did after Motorsport came out, it just really hurt me. She looked so aggravated and angry and the only thing she said was, “Oh, I didn’t hear that. I didn’t hear that verse.” I was like, what?’

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Nicki Minaj has cancelled two scheduled BET events after the network appeared to insult her on social media on Sunday night following Cardi B’s victory for Best Rap Album at the 2019 Grammy Awards. Cardi B is setting the record straight on why things between herself and Nicki Minaj got physical at the Harper's Bazaar party at New York Fashion Week on Friday. Shortly after leaving the event injured and with her dress ripped, the rapper posted a scathing Instagram post directed at her fellow female rapper Even more shadily, she posts a picture of herself, Kelly, and Lala, which was presumably taken moments before the fight went down.

We can all agree that their brawl was instantly iconic, but why did their feud even start in the first place? In the interest of fully understanding Nicki and Cardi B's beef, we're taking you back to the beginning. Starting with....The “one female rapper” idea ensures that no matter how hard Nicki or Cardi or any other female rapper has worked or how successful she’s become, she will constantly be doubted, because her success can only exist until someone better comes along to challenge it. So she must be grateful for that success — and to show her gratitude, she must defend it at all costs.

She named Scott the “Ho N*gga of the Week” and accused him of bundling tour tickets with his new album to inflate his sales numbers and bump Queen down to No. 2. Nicki also accused Scott of asking Jenner to mobilize her massive social media following to get people to buy his tour tickets and album:In November, Cardi told Complex, “I feel like people wouldn’t even be satisfied even if me and [Nicki] was making out … I feel like people just want that drama.” Nicki said, in a since-deleted tweet, “very true.” Are you Team Nicki Minaj or do you side with Cardi B? It doesn't matter what fight we're talking about because it's imaginary. We're mostly asking whether or not you're able to discern the We're going to sample Cardi B and Nicki Minaj verses free of flow, a beat, or streaming video of a live performance Cardi, Minaj, and Migos worked on a song called “MotorSport” which has fueled a lot of drama. In an interview last November after the song came out, the interviewer asked Cardi directly what was going on between her and Minaj. Cardi dodged the question, saying ”I don’t like getting into detail.” Share All sharing options Share All sharing options for: Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and the sexist female rapper paradigm behind their feud, explained Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email Nicki Minaj Photo by Jacopo Raule/Getty Images Nicki Minaj and Cardi B’s feud has everything: a physical altercation in couture gowns; the alleged leaking of private phone numbers on the internet; a 10-part Instagram saga; an odd call for a truce. The only thing missing from this clash of rap titans is an actual rap song, but that’s hardly necessary in our current era of social media-driven feuds.

Obviously, this is a lot of information to digest and who knows what will happen in the aftermath of Cardi and Nicki's brawl. Stay tuned for updates and hopefully a resolution because can't we all just get along?! Cardi devoted an Instagram post to Nicki on September 8, seemingly to explain why she and Nicki had fought. She called Nicki a “pussy” and accused her of trying to mess with Cardi’s reputation, music career, and income. “I let you sneak diss me, I let you lie to me, I let you attempt to stop my bags, fuck up the way I eat! You’ve threaten other artists in the industry, told them if they work with me you’ll stop fucking with them,” Cardi wrote.#hennessycarolina admits that #nickiminaj allegedly leaked #cardib phone number. pic.twitter.com/i0Y6qJlN4c

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Young Money will no longer be apart of the BET Experience or award show. ♥️🙏🏽♥️ Summer Tour dates dropping soon 🦄It continued: “Unfortunately the respect we have for Nicki was violated by a post that should never have been written. The post does not reflect how we feel about Nicki. And further does not reflect our company values. We deeply apologize for the hurt, disappointment and confusion that this post has caused. We are committed to doing everything we can to address the situation.” Nicki Minaj Feat. Lil Wayne. mills (hey) Ride the dick like a BMX No nigga wanna be my ex (no) I love when he go on tour 'Cause he cums more when I see him less I get upset off, I turn Offset on I told him the other day Man, we should sell that porn Yeah, Cardi B, I'm back, bitches I don't wanna hear Cardi B emerged on the hip-hop scene with her street anthem Foreva in 2016 just as her star was rising due to her spot on VH1's reality series Love and Hip-Hop. But, it wasn't until the Bronx rapper earned a breakout hit with Bodak Yellow that the comparisons to fellow female rapper Nicki Minaj..

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They appeared to make up at the Met Gala in May after rumours emerged of a feud when Cardi and Minaj both submitted verses to Migos’ single Motorsport.That account from Nicki, along with Nicki’s denial that she had leaked Cardi’s number to her fans, spurred the eight-minute Instagram diatribe from Cardi where she called out Nicki.

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The music video was released on December 7, 2017, and an earlier version of the song with a slightly different verse from Nicki Minaj was played by DJ Akademiks on April 12, 2018.‘I don’t have time to look at other women and what they’re doing. I don’t have to do that whole industry beef, you know? I get it poppin’ with these hands.’Nicki Minaj is no stranger to very public fights. Between clashing with Taylor Swift over who gets nominated for the MTV Video Music Awards, bickering with Miley Cyrus over taking sides in her dispute with Swift, and what is now an eight-year feud with Lil’ Kim over rap industry dominance, the Google results of “Nicki Minaj” and “feud” read like a yearbook of music titans, dating back to when Nicki released her first mixtape in 2007.

But later, Nicki (or someone with access to Nicki’s account) sent Thompson a direct message insulting her. Thompson published the comments.How can you say someone changed their verse & forget to say Quavo TOLD me to remove my singing part (which I loved) & Atlantic told me to remove your name from my verse per your request? So how were those changes gonna happen if I didn’t “change” my verse? ?? #NickiDay #ChunLiAt the time, Cardi received a lot of love and support for “Bodak Yellow” from a heap of celebrities from Drake, Migos, and 21 Savage.Following her verse on “No Limit,” Cardi couldn’t seem to escape all the Nicki Minaj rivalry questions. During a visit to Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club show, the hosts questioned Cardi about who she was addressing on her verse, but she insisted it wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular. Cardi said she and Nicki did speak before and the verse was more directed at females from her old neighborhood.

“I hate this shit, I really, really do. A bitch like me, I was happier when I was macking in the hood. This shit right here is so fake,” she said during her live stream. “When I used to be a regular bitch from the Bronx -- a hood bitch -- when somebody used to be fake to me it was cool because I could approach a bitch and punch her right in her closure... Now that I’m in the industry, you don’t work like that, just have to watch shit go, watch shit go. You gotta see people play you and just say nothing like a dick. That shit is so wack my n---a like that shit be breaking my heart because the people, your idols, become rivals.”Cardi wastes no time speaking out; she releases a statement mere hours later at 12:14 a.m. In it, she accuses Nicki of lying, f*cking up the way she eats, trash-talking, sabotaging her career, and talking shit about her parenting skills. Well, Nicki isn't with Cardi or Migos during the video, so I guess that's a talking point. But again, he's just going to say we already knew this & he doesn't care about this. Angel Grapefruit Technique full video. +1 - Bet this is how Cardi B gives head. Migos, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B - MotorSport (Audio)

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Nicki Minaj cancels BET headline slot after network's offensive Cardi

  1. It can also signal derision; for example, many people have condemned the Mac Miller stans who blamed Miller’s ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande for the rapper’s drug abuse and death.
  2. Some would say the beef began when Cardi B stepped on stage at the Hot 97 Summer Jam with Minaj‘s friend-turned-enemy Remy Ma in June 2017, but others would say it came down to the Migos song Motorsport featuring Cardi B and Minaj.
  3. Almost two months later, Nicki shared her own account of that night. On October 29, she bragged to the audience of Queen Radio that her friend Rah Ali had hit Cardi — so badly that Nicki (sarcastically) felt sorry for her. But not so sorry that she didn’t offer $100,000 to anyone who could provide surveillance video of Cardi’s forehead getting pulped:
  4. The song and music video was released in November and December, respectively, but was clouded with a public feud between the two over changed lyrics.

That’s how the idea of a reigning queen of rap likely originated. And as Tyler Lewis wrote for the Atlantic in 2010: Nicki Minaj stopped by Beats 1 Radio to sit down for an interview with Zane Lowe where she not only premiered her two new singles — Barbie Tingz and Chun-Li — but also opened up about a bevy of topics, including Cardi B. Lowe alluded to a recently leaked song snippet that featured a lyric.. In response, Nicki tweeted a selection of her songs; the implication was that Nicki viewed them as examples of “mature” work, and that she was responding to Thompson, even though her tweet didn’t directly reference Thompson or Thompson’s comment. Nicki Minaj, Migos, Cardi B. 05:07. Слушать We can all agree that Cardi B and Nicki Minaj's brawl was instantly iconic, but why did it start in the first place? In the interest of fully understanding their beef, we're taking you back to the beginning with a timeline of Cardi and Nicki's feud

This is what I’m talking about if you got amnesia..for a company that’s supposed to recognize talent and respect when it’s due how Dare you say “while nicki Minaj is being dragged by her lacefront” really 🙄🙄 pic.twitter.com/1ZTY5i9xyYCardi left the party with a large bump on her forehead and a tear in her dress, and was reportedly barefoot.“#Loyalty love him. Forever. The GOAT. My brother. My boss. My inspiration. #YoungMoney,” Minaj captioned the photo. Cardi B is setting the record straight on why things between herself and Nicki Minaj got physical at the Harper's Bazaar party at New York Fashion Week on Friday. Shortly after leaving the event injured and with her dress ripped, the rapper posted a scathing Instagram post directed at her fellow female rapper

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  1. “The only thing she kept saying was, ‘I didn’t hear that verse. [Nicki] changed her verse,’” Nicki said.
  2. aj alright then! Let’s keep it positive and keep it pushing!
  3. aj alright then! Let’s keep it positive and keeping it pushing!”
  4. In the interview with Zane Lowe on Beats , Nicki said: ‘The only thing with Cardi that really, really, really hurt my feelings was the first interview she did after Motorsport came out.’
  5. Later in 2017, Minaj appeared on the song No Flags with 21 Savage and Offset. Many thought she was referring to Cardi with her lyrics:

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  1. Update: THINGS ARE NOT FINE! Cardi accuses Nicki of trying to one-up her by re-recording her verse on "MotorSport," which makes Nicki feel "ambushed." Here's Nicki in conversation with Apple Music's Beats 1 about their collab:
  2. Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj used their latest team-up “Swish Swish” to address their respective beefs. The internet speculated Perry took aim at her rift with Taylor Swift, while Nicki continued to target Remy Ma following Rem’s scatching “SHether” diss track and Nicki’s response “No Frauds.” But on “Swish Swish,” Nicki rapped, “Silly rap beefs just get me more checks” and followed up with a line where she called out Cardi’s then-boyfriend and now-fiancé Offset.
  3. “I know this stuff is entertaining & funny to a lot of people but I won’t be discussing this nonsense anymore,” she writes, as if she understands that to “win” her fight with Cardi would mean getting messier, more candid, more raw. She appears to be nodding to the idea that conflict between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B is what fans want, and not how Nicki actually feels.
  4. Cardi B and Nicki Minaj have never exactly been close pals, but in the past, their so-called beef has been blown up to epic proportions. The two rappers first began to be questioned about their apparent rivalry last year when they collaborated on Migos' track 'Motorsport', and fans interpreted the two..
  5. When [Scott] realized that Queen was about to [be] the Number One album in America, he and his label decided to have Kylie and baby Stormi put up a tour pass. … He had her post and say, ‘Hey, me and Stormi can’t wait to see y’all.’ How are you selling something that does not have anything to do with your album but it is being counted on Billboard as album sales?”
  6. “I remember last year when I didn’t win for Bodak Yellow, everybody was like, ‘Cardi got snubbed, Cardi got snubbed.’ Now this year’s a f**king problem?” she said. “My album went two-time platinum, my n***a. And every chart that there was, my album was always top 10. Number one album as well. I f**king worked my ass off, locked myself in the studio for three months, my n***a, then went to sleep in my own bed, sometimes for four days straight, pregnant. Some songs couldn’t even get on the f**king album because my nose was so f**king stuffy from my pregnancy. N***as couldn’t sleep, n***as couldn’t do sh*t.”

It sure ain't 🤷🏽‍♀️ Wrote this one a cpl months ago too #NoFlag 🚫🏳💨 https://t.co/0rukxOGyXUOmggggg nicki and Cardi almost fought #nickiminaj #cardib #cardi #monse #nyfw2018 #nyfw #omg pic.twitter.com/2gtOL5zoeICardi performs at MoMa PS1 and decides to call out a ~mystery woman~, telling the crowd, "You know this bitch, right? She never f*cking liked me and now all of a sudden she wants to be friends with me. No, bitch. I still don't like you bitch."Another Cardi B verse, another rumor of a beef brewing between the Bronx native and Minaj. On G-Eazy’s “No Limit,” Cardi takes aim at someone who continues to through “subs” at her and assures the targeted subject that “You can pull up, you can get it.”

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  1. On July 19, 2018, “MotorSport” officially went RIAA Triple Platinum, being certified for 3,000,000 unit sales.
  2. Months later, in an interview with Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio, Minaj said, “When I first came in the game, if a female of [my] stature had done a feature with me on it, I would only be singing their praises and saying thank you. The first interview [Cardi] did after ‘MotorSport’ came out, it just really hurt me, because she looked so aggravated and angry, and the only thing she kept saying was, ‘I didn’t hear that, she changed her verse.’ ” She later elaborated on Twitter that the verse was changed per Cardi’s request.
  3. Regardless, because Nicki’s stans are so devoted, whenever Nicki attacks someone — no matter who it is — she’s simultaneously reenergizing her fan base and asserting that she’s the fighter they believe her to be. And they respond by brigading the message that she’s the undisputed best. It’s like shaking a tree, except instead of leaves, you get adoration.
  4. A pertinent example: Earlier this year, a number of fervent DC Comics stans fervently demanded that Warner Bros. release Zack Snyder’s director’s cut of Justice League, despite not knowing if such a thing actually existed. Snyder left the movie during its production to deal with a family matter, and director Joss Whedon finished the film, which then received negative reviews. But Snyder’s fans were adamant that a movie he’d had a hand in couldn’t have been bad, so any critical thrashings were the fault of either Whedon or Warner Bros.

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  1. aj cardi bBET cardi b grammy tweetBET nicki
  2. What’s just as unfortunate as this paradigm, however, is the gnarled picture it paints of those who hang on every new development of Nicki and Cardi’s feud. It’s easy to recognize that whatever they’re fighting about is petty. It’s harder to recognize our own role in the proceedings, and how our interest in whatever feud is in the headlines encourages its participants to fight with each other for our entertainment.
  3. Once upon a time, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj showed up at the Harper's Bazaar ICONS party. Everything was going fine! People looked super fashun-y! And then all of a sudden wigs were being snatched, elbows were being thrown, Cardi was being escorted out of the party wearing only one shoe, and hark, a meme was born:
  4. “The truth is that it serves the interest of a music industry that does not want to (or doesn’t know how to) support and promote a variety of female emcees to continue to perpetuate the notion that female emcees are volatile and won’t allow for other female emcees to get any shine,” Lewis wrote.

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We now know what exactly sparked Cardi B going after fellow rapper Nicki Minaj at a New York Fashion Week party last month She elaborated: “When I heard the track, her verse wasn’t finished — well, it’s not the verse that is out right now — and Quavo told me to get on the song, and I just felt like it was a perfect opportunity for me to be on a track that’s big like that.”During the interview, Cardi said that when she recorded her verse on “MotorSport,” she had heard Nicki perform a different verse than what ended up on the final track — in effect calling into question a previous account from Nicki about how she had actually approved Cardi’s inclusion on the song.Mainstream hip-hop fans, stans, the music industry, and the media have rewarded a Nicki Minaj who reinforces the paradigm that there can only be one dominant female rapper at any given moment, and that she must be perpetually aggressive and combative about her place in the industry hierarchy. We can’t be surprised by Nicki wanting to be that rapper, or leaning into that image to achieve success.

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Nicki Minaj has spent the last month sparring with her celeb peers, but now things have taken a seriously bitter turn as Cardi B ‘hurled her shoe’ at the rapper during a New York Fashion Week Party last night. With Cardi B, Migos, Nicki Minaj. Migos does it for the culture. Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset bring together rap's reigning female MCs, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, for the massive MotorSport, the first single from their highly-anticipated album Culture II In the week since publicizing the acidic messages she received directly from Ms. Minaj, whose next album, “Queen,” is scheduled for release in August, Ms. Thompson said she has received thousands of vicious, derogatory missives across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, email and even her personal cellphone, calling her every variation of stupid and ugly, or worse. Some of the anonymous horde included pictures Ms. Thompson once posted on Instagram of her 4-year-old daughter, while others told her to kill herself.

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  1. ated the conversation that has surrounded it. Cardi’s 10-chapter Instagram novela is the thing people can’t seem to stop talking about.
  2. It seems Nicki may have realized that in this case, weaponizing her fans won’t be enough to take the upper hand away from Cardi, who intuitively understands how to use social media to sway public opinion in her favor. After Cardi posted her Instagram diatribes, Nicki tweeted a plea for a truce — which Cardi then appeared to accept by amplifying it on her own Instagram:
  3. d is “stan,” a word derived from the 2000 E
  4. aj cardi b
  5. Cardi and Nicki are seen talking at the Met Gala, causing everyone to think their feud is officially buried. HA HA HA, how wrong we were.
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Nicki Minaj has cancelled two scheduled BET events after the network appeared to insult her on social media on Sunday night following Cardi B's victory for Best Rap Album at the 2019 Grammy Awards. BET referenced Minaj while congratulating Cardi B on her award for best rap album, which was the.. Later that summer Cardi jumped on G-Eazy’s song No Limit and took aim at unnamed haters, as she spat: ‘My career takin’ off / These hoes jogging in place / Swear these hoes run they mouth / How these hoes out of shape? / Can you stop with all the subs? / Bitch I ain’t Jared.’ Story continues below advertisement The original tweet has since been deleted, and the article was reshared with another caption.

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Fans continued to pit the women against each other in online debates about who is the best woman rapper in the industry.When Lewis was writing in 2010, Nicki had recently released her first album, Pink Friday, after three mixtapes. And Lewis was explaining that while the very public fight between Nicki and Lil’ Kim that spanned that same year could have been the result of a genuine dislike between the two, it was also a byproduct of Nicki and Kim adhering to what the music industry seemed to want from them. ‘I never was feuding with anybody; there was a misunderstanding,’ Cardi said. ‘I think she felt a certain type of way about something. I definitely felt a certain type of way about something.’The Queens rapper wasted no time on her verse and opened it with the lines, “Lil’ bitch I heard these labels tryna make another me/ Everything you getting little hoe is cause of me.” Her “No Flag” feature comes just months after Cardi inked her deal with Atlantic Records, but Nicki denied that she was targeting Cardi.

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Cosmopolitan.com But WHOSE fingernail, you ask? No confirmation, but um, here's what Nicki's nails looked like at the event:Minaj and Cardi B got physical at a New York Fashion Week party, leaving Cardi B with a mark on her head. In one of several videos posted to social media, Cardi B, wearing a red dress, can be seen lunging towards Minaj before throwing a shoe at the rapper as their security teams break it up.During her Queen Radio show, Nicki Minaj addressed the Harper’s Bazaar fight. She denied that she said anything about Cardi B’s daughter. “I would never talk about anyone’s child or parenting,” she said. “These lies are ridiculous.”As Complex recently pointed out, there’s actually a debate over whether the beef between Nicki and Cardi started in March 2017 or June 2017. The mere fact that a debate exists signals that there is interest in said fight. And though there were some perceived slights between Cardi and Nicki in the summer of 2017 — over who Cardi was performing with and whether those people had beef with Nicki — it’s worth noting that Nicki warmly congratulated Cardi that September on her success with “Bodak Yellow”: Cardi B reveals that she does not support BET’s aim at Nicki Minaj and defends herself from haters discrediting her #GRAMMYs win. pic.twitter.com/ZA1nKoiuUO

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All was quiet for the next five months until New York Fashion Week, when tensions boiled over at a Sept. 7 incident at a Harper's Bazaar party that ended with shouting, an airborne shoe and an Instagram rant from Cardi. The title was changed to all one word, and the length changed as the single version’s intro is slightly longer and the outro is removed.

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Nicki has occasionally weaponized this loyalty by courting her fan base, her Barbz, her stans to combat any criticism made against her. In June, for example, a freelance writer named Wanna Thompson criticized Nicki in a (now-deleted) tweet to her then 14,000 or so Twitter followers (Thompson’s follower count is now over 20,000). Nicki raps the following verse on the song "No Flags," which many think is an obvious reference to Cardi:

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The two shared a nice moment at the 2018 Met Gala in May. However, on Howard Stern’s radio show, Cardi B said that she spoke with Nicki about the tension between the two. “I spoke to her about it. I spoke to her at the Met Gala about it, and it’s just like, see? It’s just something that had to be talked about because it was an issue.”In March 2017, it appeared as if Minaj had liked some comments on Instagram reading “dumb ass bars,” seemingly referring to Cardi’s music – but as some fans pointed out, the comments could have been fake.

It’s not until November 2017 that we can find the first real hint of blood in the water, with Nicki subtweeting that Cardi was ungrateful after Cardi gave an interview about Nicki and Cardi’s then-recent collaboration with Migos on “MotorSport.” Nicki, Offset and 21 Savage teamed up for London on da Track’s latest song “No Flag.” Speaking to XXL, London says that he encouraged Nicki to address her enemies on the track. He said that “No Flags” would be “perfect for you to be able to explain what you’re going through. If you want to go at someone or talk about somebody, this the perfect song to do it on.’ She said I was right.”

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj Fight at Harper's Bazaar's ICONS Party and

How can you say someone changed their verse & forget to say Quavo TOLD me to remove my singing part (which I loved) & Atlantic told me to remove your name from my verse per your request? So how were those changes gonna happen if I didn’t “change” my verse? 😩🤣 #NickiDay #ChunLi Cardi pretty clearly shaded Nicki Minaj when she called herself empress during her speech. Nicki not only thinks of herself as the queen as we showed you, she actually thinks she's Harriet Tubman, something that has outraged non-fans and, frankly, even some of her diehard fans Видео. Migos, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B - MotorSport (Official) Migos comes out with "MotorSport," which features both Cardi and Nicki. Consequently everyone is hungry for drama, but Nicki promptly shuts down "the conspiracy theories" in a series of tweets captured by The Shade Room:

Congratulations to a fellow NEW YAWKA on a RECORD BREAKING achievement. Bardi, this is the only thing that matters!!! Enjoy it------ @iamcardib Getty Images Later That Night: 12:14 AM This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. View this post on Instagram PERIOD. Rappers Cardi B and Nicki Minaj allegedly got into a public fight at a New York Fashion Week party where the Bodak Yellow singer threw her shoe at her rival. The incident occurred at Harper's Bazaar

“Meanwhile, BET is being dragged by their lace front,” Minaj captioned screenshots of the comments.“You [Cardi] can’t control your sister, but you want me to control millions of fans,” she said on the 10th episode of her radio show on Apple’s Beats 1, Queen Radio, released this past week. “I’ve never leaked a number in my life ... y’all continue to lie on me to make me look like a bad person.”That was eight years ago. But a similar pattern and narrative were in effect during Cardi’s breakout year in 2017.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE in Tights Arriving at a Friend’s House

Cardi B - Wikipedi

VIDEO of Cardi B being escorted out of a New York Fashion Week party after eyewitnesses say she lunged at Nicki Minaj. pic.twitter.com/SYC3j5FNWw Nicki Minaj - The Hills (Remix)

At the time she was seven months pregnant with Kulture and decided to clear up some of the rumours during an interview with legendary talk show host Howard Stern at the SiriusXM Studios. Confrontation reported at Harper's Bazaar event where Cardi B was seen leaving with what appeared to be a bump on her head In March 2017, Nicki seemingly liked a comment taking digs on a video of the 25-year-old rapping. The comment read: ‘Dumb ass bars,’ but many fans pointed out that the social media activity could be fake.It’s always possible that there are genuine disagreements or disfavor within these squabbles. However, it’s important to know that when it comes to the mainstream consumption of female-driven hip-hop, there seems to exist an irrational paradigm that reads like a crooked fairy tale: There can only ever be one dominant female rapper of the moment.

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