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I think it could work well for shaving the head, but I cannot tell you that with certainty as I personally don’t shave my head. As a face shaver, the Series 3 is a very good option in this price range. A Series 5 will likely be a better option for shaving the head as well, but they are a bit pricier. Check out some of the solo models like the 5030s or 5040s, they usually have a more reasonable price.Some users consider the ability to use a shaver cordless and corded a must-have, so if that’s the case, you should check out some of the dry only models.The Series 3 models that end in s (like your 3080s, 3040s end so on) lack a chip used to communicate with the station, so they will not work. Only a cc shaver that originally came with a station will work.Thank you for your comment. If you’re only referring to the Series 3, the 3040s is usually the best option (in terms of price and features). Otherwise, there are many factors to take into account when looking for a shaver that is suitable for you and you alone. I highly recommend you to check out this article as I cover the topic in great deal and also make quite a few shaver recommendations.

Hi there! I have not read comments about BRAUN 300S. I was comparing that model Vs 3020, and I think the only different is that 3020 has a popup trimmer, isn´t it?Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately the answer is no, the 3040 won’t work with a cleaning station. Only the cc models that originally came with a cleaning station will work with one.

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3020s partakone, hinta 66

  1. The ProSkin models are also available with a cleaning station — for example, the Series 3 ProSkin 3050cc.
  2. Thank you for your comment. All current Braun shavers (except for their travel shavers) use these so-called cassettes that have the blades and foils merged into a single piece. This does make a manual cleaning more difficult, but on the Series 3 is not nearly as bad compared to the current Series 5, 7 or 9. I’ve found that the best way to clean them is to use a bit of liquid soap and warm tap water. After completing your shave, remove the cassette and gently tap the plastic frame on the sink to get rid of the bulk of hair strands. Put it back on the shaver, add a bit of water and few drops of liquid soap on the foils, then turn the shaver on and let it run for around 15 seconds. You can add a few drops of water if needed so the soap can lather nicely. Rinse the shaving head under warm tap water (with the shaver still running). After that, turn the razor off, remove the cassette, rinse it thoroughly (both the outside and the inner part). Rinse the shaver’s body as well, shake off the water and gently pat the parts with a towel and let them air dry completely.
  3. My new 3080s shaver doesn’t seem to work in my old Series 3 Clean and Charge stand. Any reason why that is the case?
  4. aisuudet: Teräverkollinen parranajokone, AC/Akku. Braun 3020S. Hinta.fi ei vastaa tuotetietojen tai hintojen oikeellisuudesta. Tarkista hinta, toimituskulut ja toimitusaika kaupan tuotesivulta

The bigger battery, nicer design, better battery display indicator (certain models), and the slide-out trimmer (certain models) are the main reasons for that.Hi Ovidiu, can you give me an advice, I want to buy my first braun shaver, Which One I should buy between 3 Series???, I really need braun shaver which can make my face super duper clean from facial hair…please give me an advice for the best one, I need super deep clean result, thnks beforeThat depends on what you need from an electric razor. If you maintain a beard or goatee, the 3010BT would be the one to have. Otherwise you can go for the 3040s and use its hair trimmer for minor touchups. The shaving performance of both is identical and they use the same shaving heads.Dear Ovidiu. I have an older model – 380s , which is great model – working with the same foil from the original buy. Could you send me the part number for that foil , and if i would need to replace it , where shall i find an honest sight to do so ? Thank you for your pro. advices. Chenn A.The Series 3 ProSkin 3050cc is one of the models that include the cleaning base and again, it looks like the top pick as it usually costs less than the other similar models (3070cc, 3090cc).

The 320-s4 is part of the previous generation and yes, it’s suitable for dry only use. However, in terms of features and performance it’s very similar to the new Series 3 models. It uses the same foils and blades and it’s also fitted with a long hair trimmer. If you can find it at a better price than let’s say a 3040s, then by all means go for it. As I said, the actual shaving performance will be the same.Thank you for your comment. I added an additional explanation below the table. The 3045s is identical to the 3040s, but as far as I know it is sold only in Europe. The Braun multi grooming kit offers face and head trimming in one package. Thanks to its clever attachments, perform 6 different jobs The Braun multi grooming kit automatically adapts to any voltage between 100V and 240V. It works in practically every country on.. The Braun Series 3 would also be an excellent choice for a beginner or a teenager. They are really easy to use, clean and cheap to maintain.

So unfortunately you cannot buy a solo model like the 3040s for example as it will not work with a cleaning station.Hey, first off. this is by far the clearest and most comprehensive reviews of the braun shavers. Great job! When price checking the different series 3 variations and then comparing it to the cheapest series 5 variation, I came across what appears to be a new line of shavers, as amazon has a link for it (for release on january 21) though I can’t find any info on it on the braun website. here: https://www.amazon.com/Braun-Electric-Precision-Rechargeable-Cordless/dp/B07Z5K47ZVI’ve also seen these new Series 5 and 7 and I am as eager as everyone to try them. But until then I’m afraid I cannot offer any recommendation with a reasonable degree of certainty. I will say however that they are quite aggressively priced — significantly lower than the ongoing Series 5 and 7 models. The foil setup seems very similar to the Series 3 and so does the cleaning station with the protruding arm that holds the shaver in place.As the names suggest, they are basically the Series 3 ProSkin 3010s and 3000s respectively, but bundled with the aforementioned accessories for styling the hair/beard.The station seems to remain unchanged from the previous Series 3 generation and it uses the same alcohol-based Braun CCR refills.

Braun Series 3 3020s halvin hinta Katso päivän tarjous - Hintaopas

Braun Series 3 Comparison: Which One Should You Buy

  1. The reasonable price, decent performance, and the inexpensive replacement parts, all backed by Braun’s notorious reliability, were the key ingredients to the product’s success.
  2. They’re priced quite reasonably, especially the dry only ProSkin models that represent a great compromise in my opinion.
  3. Hi I’m 16 ans i’m looking for a pretty good shaver and i’m searching in the braun serie3 . After Mandy hours of comparison for my first shaver i’ve seen different models the 3080s and the 3090cc so i’ve got differents questions which one do you think is the better one ? Do you think the clean and charge station is really usefull? For the 3080s do you think wet and dry is usefull for sensitive skin? Can i buy after a protective cap ? And can you say me dit the two have same options (a part of wet and dry ) ?

Video: Braun Multi grooming kit MGK302

Braun Series 3 overview

Nonetheless, I am new to shaving and I had just bought the 3030s. I have some questions regarding this. 1) From what I’ve read, the 3030s is a dry shave shaver. Meaning to say that I am not supposed to put water or anything to shave, am I right? 2) I understand that I have to wash it by running through running water after every shave. However, how often do I need to perform a thorough cleaning (i.e. removing the top part and using the brush).Hi Ovidiu, Thanks for your detailed review, yet I have a question. what is the difference between 3040s and 3020s? I know 3040s is Wet&Dry and 3020s is Dry only. (if understand correctly they both have the same performance and use the same shaving head). So can I use 3020s as Wet&Dry? how 3040s technically different from 3020s to operate Wet&Dry. thanks.Two fixed combs provide 13 precision length settings in 2mm steps to achieve a precise look time after time. The precision trimmer and free Gillette Flexball allow you to create clean edges and curves for an individual look.This product will not operate when connected to an outlet. Moreover, it requires a 10h charge to fill the batteries and takes an hour to work at all.Thank you for your comment. I am not familiar with Braun’s prices in India, but you may be able to grab a Series 5 for under $100. That’s definitely the best Braun shaver you can get in that price range. Try to look for a solo model (that doesn’t come with a cleaning station), they are always cheaper than the cc models.

The Series 3 shavers work best when used on shorter facial hair, but perform better than other similarly priced foil shavers from the competition when used on a 2 or 3 days beard.The Braun multi grooming kit offers face and head trimming in one package. Thanks to its clever attachments, perform 6 different jobs effortlessly.The Series 3 solo models lack the electronics needed to communicate with the station. The Series 7 is the only one that will work with a compatible cleaning & charging station.THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’ve been googling for days to buy my first electric shaver ever. I gradually downgraded from series 9 to 3 (money!). I was so confused but you made it so clear. Again, thank you.

Braun Series 3 differences

hi i want to buy 3030s is it good ? and what is the different between 3030s &3040s ?? what is the maximum hair length it can shave ??It’s also fitted with a slide-out trimmer. And while far from being great, it’s still useful for some light grooming.

BRAUN 3020S PARRANAJOKONE - Veikon Kone verkkokauppa

The part number of the compatible cassette is 32b (black frame) or 32s (silver frame); you can find it on Amazon as well.I am new to using electronic shaver and would like to buy a good shaver to get rid of the stubble without hurting my chin. Which model is the best shaver that is good and long lasting?

Which Series 3 model should you buy?

Are there 3 series models compatible with it? Goal is to buy shaver that is compatible with the station. Without buying new one! 😛hi dude , you doing great job ! educating people .. could you just help me about which brauns trimmer gives best and closest shave , budget under 100$ , india !The models that didn’t originally come with a station — the ones ending in –s like your 340s — lack an electronic component (chip) that allows the shavers to pair with the station. As a result, they will not work.You can also purchase the trimmer attachment and combes separately and use them with any Series 3 model. The part number for the set is 32BT.

You can buy the trimmer attachment and combs separately and use it with your existing Series 3 or you can buy it as a package with the shaver included (for example, the Braun Series 3 3010BT Shave & Style is such a model).the dry only models can be used while connected to the mains. The wet & dry ones cannot due to safety concerns. You can find all the dry only Series 3 models in the table above.My question to you is, at this intro pre-order price (plus amazon gives me the $5 clip coupon), i am trying to compare this to the series 3 3080s I found on BB&B for $64 (after 20% coupon of course). Let me know your thoughts. It looks like braun is offering some “easy click” technology and the trimmer will now be a separate piece. I fouond a similar series 7 new version here: https://www.amazon.com/Braun-Electric-SmartCare-Precision-Rechargeable/dp/B07Z8J4MC6/Hi, will a 3090cc fit an old 390cc docking station? If not, what new shaver will? My old shaver broke. Be a shame to also throw away the old docking station. I Can leave it at parents etc.

Who should you buy the Braun Series 3?

As far as shaving performance is concerned, both the 3080s and 3090cc are the same (in the context of dry shaving since only the 3080s is a wet/dry shaver). In my opinion, the cleaning station isn’t a must-have with the Series 3, so I would go for a cheaper model without the station (like the 3010s, 3040s, 3080s, etc.).I already have a charging station (from the older S 3090 series). Will the newer models like S3080 that DO NOT come with a charging station still work with the charging station, e.g., can I clean a model that does not come with a charging station using an existing charging station, or will only the 3050, 3070, and 3090 work?Thinking about it, I am in for an upgrade, which has a good stainless steel body and will last longer.

Hi, i recently bought Braun 3040s Proskin here in Belgium, can you help me please what cassette i need to buy? is it 31s or 32s. Thank youMy question is how best to clean the blades and foil. Hot water seems a poor way of doing that, and direct application of an alcohol cleaner is better than just spraying into the head.The dry only models will also work with the cord plugged in, so if that’s important to you, you may very well opt for one of those.

Braun Series 3 3020, 80€ | Hinta

BRAUN Series 3 ProSkin 3020s (white) , Unboxing

  1. Thanks for the informative review of the Braun 3 Series shavers. It’s refreshing to find an unbiased review that’s not a “paid advertisement”. I purchased the 3010BT to replace my old Braun 7526 that recently died and a cheap off brand beard trimmer. While the 7526 was an excellent shaver, I am not a fan of the cleaner cartridges. They work well put are not very cost effective. Looking forward to see how well this unit works and how easy it is to clean. Thanks again for the review.
  2. Overall, the new Series 3 is a welcome revamp of an already excellent line of shavers; while it doesn’t bring any major improvements, it will most likely help Braun maintain a top position in the entry-level market of electric razors.
  3. They do use a different shaving head (32s/32b) that has a revised hole pattern, supposedly helping to catch the hairs more efficiently.
  4. Is the 21b cassette discontinued? I’m having trouble finding it in Canada. The 32b is the one most available but on several sites others have complained of its quality. I know the 32b cassette will fit the 300s, but is it the same part or different in some way. It’s really annoying that Braun does not have the 21b available in my area nor a customer service line that I can contact with my questions.
  5. Hello, hope you may help me. Is 3045s compatible with an cleaning and charging station? I’ve had it for several years now, but lost the shaver during the travel.
  6. The foil pattern is different, but no major differences between them. The 21b cassette can still be found on various online stores, so I’m inclined to think that it’s not discontinued. But if you can only get the 32b, that’s a perfectly fine alternative.
  7. The basic Series 3 shavers also come with a different shaving head than the rest of the Series 3 (part number 21b).

If you’re not particularly demanding when it comes to the closeness of the shave and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on an electric shaver, the Series 3 is one of the most compelling offerings out there.Provide high performance precision to achieve any style. The ultra sharp stainless steel blades cut through long or thick hair without any pulling or tugging.Again, I can only speculate, but I would be really surprised if they will out-perform the current Series 5 and 7, respectively. They should be at least as good as the Series 3 though, so if you’re not in a hurry, the 5018s seems like a good alternative to the 3080s.You are very welcome, Martin. The other shavers in Braun’s lineup (from the Series 5 and up) are actually all made out of plastic, but they are more feature-rich and the performance compared to a Series 3 is noticeably better. The Series 5 usually offers the best value for money and even the Series 7 if you can get a great deal on one of those. I wouldn’t let the plastic build steer me away from getting one, they’re quite sturdy actually and I’ve never had one fail on me yet.

Beard Shaving - Braun Series 3 Proskin 3040s Foil Shaver vs Remington F5 5800 Electric Shaver

Well, they are usually quite pricey for an entry-level razor and to be honest, the shavers are pretty easy to clean manually.Hi, Im looking at buying a 3000bt, right now the 3010bt is only about $10 more so my question is what are really the differences? I know that 3010 is for wet and dry while the 3000 is for only dry, but from my understanding the only real difference is that the 3000 can be used corded. If I would use the 3000 uncorded, are there any differences compared to the 3010?The color is basically the only difference between them; both come with a hair trimmer and a protective cap. The precision lock is just a switch that locks the blades into place and it’s only present on certain Series 3 models (please see the table in the article). Neither the 3020s or the 3030s has it, but it doesn’t really matter.The cc shavers are only sold with a cleaning station. So unfortunately you can’t buy just the shaver alone.Hi Alan, it’s actually the same shaver. The model name is 3040s, but it’s sometimes referred to without the s.

Parranajokoneet netistä – ellos

The 310s has a much smaller battery than the 3040s (20 minutes of shaving time vs 45). Also, the 310s lacks the hair trimmer.As for the lubrication, I would do it after every cleaning that involves the use of soap. You must place a single drop of oil on the outside of each cutting element (in the case of the Series 3, two foils and one middle trimmer). Let the shaver run for a few seconds so the oil can coat the blades evenly, then pat the foils gently with a paper tissue to absorb any excess oil.Hi, is this series suitable for very close shave result? I’m gonna use it to shaved my bald head. I can’t use any razors because they always give me razor bumps on the skin. If it can’t do that job, which electric shaver you would suggest that can do close shave where the price are not expensive? Thanks.The smaller battery is a minus, especially in the case of the wet & dry models like the 310s that will not work while charging.The ProSkin line is the more premium Series 3 and includes features like a slide-out hair trimmer (certain models), bigger battery (45 minutes), better battery level indicator.

What’s the difference on shaver heads of the 3080 and the 3010BT and if needs can you add the beard head to the 3080hi again Ovidiu,one more question pls about 3080s,exist any problem if me take out the blade and clean the machine with ruining water,its ok and safe that?-i think is better than using the small brush.. thank you againAs we know from the older generation, these cassettes offer great value for money as they are inexpensive (at least when compared to similar shavers from Panasonic for example) and must be replaced only once every 18 months. The new Braun Series 3 electric shavers offer excellent performance at a low cost. Here's everything you need to know about the updated Braun Series 3 310s. They are also the least expensive Series 3 variation, but that comes with a few shortcomings: there's no..

Braun 3020s электробритва - внешний вид, комплектация и запасные части (2019)

So before buying 3045s trying to figure it out. The station i have looks identical for the one in the picture (The Braun Series 3 3050cc). Braun Series 3 3020s. Tallenna tämä tuote omalle listalle. Ilmoita minulle kun hinta laskee. Vertaa rinnakkain toisiin tuotteisiin. Hinta- ja tuotetiedot. Näytä lisää. Tuotteen Braun Series 3 3020s halvin hinta juuri nyt on 55,87 €. Se on kategorian Parranajokoneet 10 suosituimman tuotteen joukossa There are two Shave&Style models available, namely the 3010BT (wet & dry) and 3000BT (dry only).The required part number for your shaver is 32s. The 31s cassette is only compatible with the older generation Series 3.Using a shaver wet (with shaving cream) can be beneficial if you have very sensitive skin. You can buy a protective cap later on as well.

[Ausführlich] Braun Series 3 Rasierer: Test, Vorstellung der Varianten und Ratgeber

Do the more expensive version 6,7 etc, have better builds? Or Do they have more features, but the same plastic breakable parts to them?As a result, you can swap the shaving head and use the trimmer with the attachments to maintain a beard or even to shave your head.The Shave&Style models are basically the exact same models of the Series 3 ProSkin (3010s and 3000s), but they also include a trimmer attachment and 5 combs.Regarding the 310s vs 3010s, the former has a smaller battery (only 20 minutes of shaving time vs 45 in the case of the 3010s). Other than that and some minor design differences, they are very similar.

Got a 3010s and a plastic part came off when the cassette was removed. Does that qualify for warranty?1) That is correct, you are supposed to use it on dry skin only. You may use a pre-electric shave lotion (that dries in a matter of seconds), this can sometimes help with getting a closer and more comfortable shave. 2) It’s really up to you. I like to be more thorough when cleaning my shavers, so even if I only use them dry (so no gel/lather is involved), I like to give the shaving head good rinse under the tap, then remove it for more rinsing. Sometimes I would even use some liquid soap. But that’s just me.From your comment, I understand that it must be a Braun Series 3, so in that case my recommendation would be the 3040s. While all the models in the Series 3 ProSkin will ultimately shave the same, the 3040s is usually priced reasonably, it’s available in most regions, it’s a wet/dry model and it also has a slide out trimmer. The Series 3 is a very decent budget shaver, however I personally think that a Series 5 is superior in pretty much every aspect. So if you’re willing to spend a bit more on that one, I think it’s well worth the investment.The shaving heads of the two models mentioned by you are identical and yes, you can certainly use the beard attachment with the 3080.This area allows consumers like you to express their own opinions and comments. Braun does not represent or warrant the accuracy of any statements or product claims made here, nor endorses any opinions expressed within this section.

Hi, I have braun 340s and i think to get my fathers cleaning station for CCR2 cartridges. Why do you say that it can not work? Thanks in advance, DaxThe 3090cc is a dry only model. Actually all the Series 3 shavers that include the cleaning station — the cc models — are suitable for dry only operation.Alternatively, there’s the Series 3 3010s that I reviewed here and it’s basically identical to the 3040s, minus the slide-out trimmer.

Braun NEW 2020 Series 5 Electric Shaver Review Model 5049cs What's New For 2020??

Is it your opinion that a Braun Series 3 foil razor would shave closer then a Philips Norelco series 5000 rotary razor?I’m dismayed, however, to find that I cannot separate the cutter head from the blades, so I can only clean them with running water. This seems to me to be a retrograde step, probably to ensure users have to buy the whole assembly at a greater price.I have a 3050cc which will no longer work…If I purchase a 3040, can I still use the cleaning and charging station that came with the 3050 for the 3040? Thanks.Thanks Ovidiu for your reply. So, can I use 3020s, and 3030s as wet (with gel) [as long as I discorded them – as a safety precaution] without any damage to the shaver or degrading in the performance?Thanks for your comparisons, I have now decided which one to buy (3040), as there are not enough details anywhere else, Regards from the UK.


2. Braun Series 3 ProSkin

Hello – I have a series 3 cc model which has stopped working – i can’t find a series 3 cc that is available without the cleaning station which seems an awful waste having to buy another one and to throw out the original station – do you know of anywhere that I can purchase a cc model on its own so that I continues to use the original cleaning station Thank youAs mentioned previously, a very interesting addition to the Series 3 is the set of compatible accessories designed specifically for men who maintain a beard.

Thanks Ovidiu,about close and speed shaving,exist any differnce from 3000BT and 3080s?-for me this its more importantThey’re usually cheap to buy as well and you can often find several Series 3 models for a bargain price.My unit is about 7 months old and used a few times a week. Won't hold a charge and dies in 5 min or less.Charged it overnight with the green light on. No result. Used it for about a month. The product design is really cool, but the device is basically unusable after a month.

3. Braun Series 3 Shave&Style

Hi Ovidiu, I have an older model–the 320s-4–and the trimmer attachment is broken. Would you happen to know if the BT32 attachment would fit? Thank you!Question.. first I no longer have the original instructions. I’ve been satisfactorily using my Series 3 Braun for quite a few years. I do complain the head could perform longer than two to three months before needing replacement. I’m writing because the small AMBER light is now lit but I don’t know why. I’m familiar with the charging green light. What does the yellow light indicate? I don’t recall seing this light glowing. What should I be doing about it.The Braun multi grooming kit automatically adapts to any voltage between 100V and 240V. It works in practically every country on this planet.

In order to differentiate the new razors from the old Series 3 line, Braun decided to use a simple, but effective name scheme by only adding a 0 after the 3. For example, the old Series 3 340s is now the 3040s and so on.Hi, do you know the difference between 3020s and 3030s beside the color? Also what is the precision lock? CheersThe 3030s is suitable for dry shaving only. The shaving performance between the two is identical. The Series 3 works best when used on short facial hair – I would say below 2.5 mm.None of the current shavers has a stainless steel body, at least not to my knowledge. There are a few select models from Panasonic and Philips that have aluminum bodies and those are quite nice. However, the shaving unit is still made out of plastic.

Best Electric Shavers in 2020

Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer and then check out the most important differences between the various Series 3 models.Yes, that’s the main difference. The 3020 also comes with the 32b shaving head that has different foil hole pattern compared to the older 21b on the 300s. But the differences between them are not major. You can use a Series 3 for shaving your head as well.

Braun S3 Shaver review on Walmart and Amazon

You are welcome, Mark. While I cannot explicitly recommend it (for obvious reasons), there are many users that have successfully used them in that manner, with absolutely no damage to the shavers. Just make sure to clean your Series 3 after every use and also lubricate it regularly (clipper oil, sewing machine oil or a lubricating spray like Remington Shaver Saver will work great).No, as mentioned in the article, the Series 3 shavers that do not come with a cleaning station will NOT work with one.Please include in the comparing table these informations: A new column to show if corded/cordless. A model number 3045 ThanksBTW, I want to use to it to shave my head, I guess these shavers are also suitable to do it. Thanks 4 your help!

How To Replace the Foil and Cutter on a Series 3 Braun Electric Shaver

Now the only question is which shaving head suits for the 3010BT and which for the 3040S? The same replacement works for both? And which model of replacement would be?I personally get a closer (and more comfortable) shave with a Series 3. I also think that for most users the Series 3 would be a safer choice than the Philips Series 5000. There are of course users that get better results with rotary shavers, so if you know from experience that you get along better with a rotary, then you may consider the Philips instead. But again, if that’s not the case, I would go with the Series 3.Both are from the same generation and performance-wise they are the same. The main difference is that the 3000BT comes with a trimmer attachment and various combs for trimming and edging a beard. That may or may not be of use to you. The 3080s on the other hand has an integrated slide-out trimmer, suitable for basic grooming.

Tipps für die Glattrasur mit dem Braun Series 3 ProSkin und Dan Gregory

Just got delivered in Singapore model MGK-3221. Used once and no recharge after 12 hours on power. Poor quality and sub-standard. Very disappointing.Unfortunately no, the 3020s will not work with the cleaning station. In fact, none of the solo models (that end in s) will work with a cleaning station.The only difference between the 32s and 32b shaving heads is the color: silver and black, respectively (hence the s and b). The 21B will fit your 3040s as well. Halvin hinta ilman toimituskuluja 65,90 € ja toimituskuluineen 70,90 €. Katso aina edullisimmat kaupat - Hintaseuranta.fi. Halvin hinta toimitettuna 70,90 € ▸. Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3020s, partakone osastosta Parranajokoneet nyt edullisimmin kaupasta 24hshop.fi hintaan 65,90 euroa

Finally, the dry only ProSkin 3000s can be used while charging, so again if that’s a must-have for you, it can be bought for a very reasonable price.Could you tell me what is the difference between 32s and 32b blades? Also can I use 21B blade in my 3040s proskin shaver?Hello Could you please tell me whythw 3040s cannot be used with the cleaning station which will happily clean 3050, 3070 and 3090 ? Regards Colin GriffithsIs it the low-charge light in this picture? If not, you may be referring to the replacement light that comes on after at least 18 months. You can press and hold the power switch for at least 5 seconds to reset it.The design of the current shavers is sleeker and more refined, but again, nothing too radical. They are still instantly recognizable as Braun Series 3 razors.

Definitely worth contacting Braun support and letting them know about the issue. They’re usually very cooperative and willing to send a free replacement cassette.Used the Trimmer once. Would not recharge even after being plugged in for 12 hours. Don’t ever buy one!As with all modern Braun razors, the blades and foils are integrated into a single piece called cassette.

Braun Series 3 Unboxing and Review

Rasierer Test – Braun, Philips und Co

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