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His dreams during this period took on a whole new nature, so much so that he began referring to them as tutelary dreams because of their information-rich content. He experienced numerous waking visions as well.This seems a somewhat odd position. The information he found in the LDE data was either there or it wasn’t and it seems staggeringly unlikely the message could have occurred by chance.Back in 1960, when the US Navy radar system Dark Fence spotted a huge object in polar orbit, it was quickly dismissed as space debris from the Discoverer program. Black Knight Equipment Guide. Arena, Campaign, Faction Wars. Clan Boss, Dungeons. RAID: Shadow Legends | Black Knight Champion Guide by Hyzutoriqu TM (Russian) They were told that jingle bells had not been played, and arrangement were made to visit with the ladies. John Otto met with the women to get their story, and was able to make a copy of the tape. The tape was then played a number of times over the air. It apparently did sound like jingle bells with some sort of strange telex noise in the background.

Black Knight Satellite. 1960 Encounter Space Watch's First Catch. The black knight satellite. I'm not really sure what to make of this story. I've only seen the most sporadic mention of this thing on the.. Further experiments in France and the UK in the 1930s left scientists equally baffled. To this day, there is no agreement on what is behind LDEs, although few scientists believe they have anything other than natural origins. It's not a satellite and it's not a meteor. Any astronomer can tell you that. And he can tell you its color and, to some extent, its speed. [There's just one thing he can't tell you - what it is. He can't even guess.] After being retrieved, the Monolith was then transferred to a secret research facility. Scientific analysis of the Monolith was conducted at this domed underwater facility located north of Abaco, the northernmost of the Bahamas Islands. RCA Corporation is in charge of that experimentation research, Jesse says. Jesse stated, "They did it underwater, after they saw people dropping like flies. They figured that there would be better containment [of the Monolith's suspected cosmic energy emanations] underwater." He noted that the space beacon "has a sound to it, like it talks. It also gives off a light show." Dr. Michael Wolf shed additional light on the beacons. "They are 'postcards from the rim'. They emit both light and tone signals, sending a mathematical language. There may be five or more ET civilizations involved in setting up these beacons."

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In some of his visions, Dick saw Soviet scientists rushing around behind the scenes to keep the alien satellite functioning. Strange texts which appeared to be Russian operating manuals were held up for him to see. The Builders, as he came to call the aliens, were sometimes seen floating in large vats of water, observing the operation. Critics of the Black Knight satellite theory point out that much of the evidence cited in its favour is actually unconnected.And there's another interesting footnote about the Discoverer program. In 1992, a Central Intelligence Agency program called Corona was declassified, and revealed that the Discoverer rockets were not about launching guys into space at all, but were actually carrying Corona spy satellites. The reason to use a polar orbit is that the craft eventually flies over every part of the Earth, and it's possible to photograph everything; unlike conventional semi-equatorial orbits that can only cover within a certain range of latitude. Back in those days there was no such thing as transmitting digital images back to Earth, so film cameras had to be used, and the film had to be dropped back to Earth to be developed and studied. The Corona KH-1 camera would de-orbit, pop a parachute, and then the parachute would be captured mid-air by a JC-130 recovery aircraft.As the shadow of the 20th century loomed large, enigmatic scientist Nikola Tesla claimed to have received the most amazing message in human history.

..Black knight satellite Dark shadows flying high You are the ghost that watch the sky In the blackness of space Orbiting around the earth Been scanning us feeling us Down to the core Poor.. Gordon Cooper’s reported sighting of a green UFO in 1963 seems solid enough, but even ardent UFO believer Cooper later denied he had made any such observation, attributing it to over-imaginative reporters.But the photographs just fuelled more speculation about what was in the skies. The old stories of Tesla, the LDEs and Duncan Lunan’s star map were revived.Van der Pol, B. "Short Wave Echoes and the Aurora Borealis." Nature. 8 Dec. 1928, Issue 122: 878-879.

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  1. And with that, the conspiracy surrounding the so-called "Black Knight" satellite appeared to be very much alive.
  2. The Black Knight wiki. This Artificial Satellite has caused major media interest since the late 50′s If you find our article about the Black Knight satellite too long, here are some interesting facts about..
  3. e if UFOs were interstellar vehicles. OSI convened the Robertson Panel of scientists, which recommended expansion of an Air Force study of UFOs, Project Blue Book.
  4. This mystery satellite was in polar orbit feat that neither the US nor Russian were capable of at that time. The soviet satellites were inclined at 65 degree angle with the equator. It was calculated that the weight object to about 15 tons, which is far too heavy for rocket of that era. It also traveled twice as fast as any known satellite at the time.
  5. The Black Knight Satellite News Clippings 1954. In 1954, newspapers ran stories citing a statement by UFO researcher Donald Keyhoe that the U.S. Air Force had reported that two satellites orbiting..

Honestly, I believe the Black Knight event to simply be a retelling of three separate events.  One, is the LDE event from 1927-28, interperetted in 1970 by Duncan Lunan. The second was the large object detected in polar orbit in 1960.  The third was Dick's experiences.  By 1988, these had merged into a single story, with Sputnik as a backdrop to give an added degree of mystery because at that time, polar orbits were "impossible."  After all, it's our first object placed into orbit, [i]of course[/i] the mysterious alien probe will be interested in it.  It's a great story. It turns out that all the bits of history making up the story of Black Knight are unrelated. The phrase "black knight" is so common that I was unable to determine when that name first became a part of the story. It seems improbable that the name would have come from any spacefaring nations at the time, as it's such a common name and has probably been assigned to any number of real projects. From 1958 through 1965, the United Kingdom launched 22 rockets in a program named Black Knight, intended to test various re-entry vehicles. But Black Knight never put anything into orbit; indeed, its second stage fired on the way down, not the way up, to better stress the re-entry vehicle. Take that name out of the equation, and all the links of the chain fall apart. All the events said to be connected to the Black Knight satellite were well documented on their own, and none (at the time) made any mention of such a name.Had the Russians managed to secretly get something into orbit 3 years before Sputnik, the first publicly acknowledged satellite? Or were the objects from further afield in the universe?A lot of the earliest discoveries that have come to be linked to the Black Knight satellite theory relate to radio signals. But a series of images from 1998 emerged that really threw the celestial cat among the pigeons. They were taken during STS-88, which was the first Space Shuttle mission to the International Space Station (ISS). 

  1. These discoveries caused a major stir in the press at the time, with talk of aliens from Mars trying to contact the Earth. However, the strange signals were soon relegated to a curious scientific footnote, not to be revived for nearly 30 years.
  2. This whole black knight UFO satellite thing has gotten totally out of hand. For some reason which I can not fathom many, many people purposely and intentionally want and can believe anything
  3. “And there are thousands of witness reports and a quantity of documents to prove this, but nobody wants to make them public”
  4. Black Knight Satellite yani Kara Şövalye Uydusu, günümüzde yeryüzünde (ya da gökyüzünde) birçok insanın kafasını karıştıran gizemlerden birisidir. Peki dünyamızın çevresinde 13 bin yıldır dolaştığı..
  5. At the time, NASA kept the encounter secret, and the astronauts only make an oblique reference to it in their communications. “There was something out there, close enough to be observed, and what could it be?”, Aldrin said in 2005.

Artist J Hus. Label Black Butter. Title Big Conspiracy. CERTIFIED 06.03.2020. Title Big Conspiracy. Label Black Butter. Format Album. CERTIFIED 06.03.2020 There, for all to see, were images released by NASA that showed a black object hovering above the Earth in low orbit. And it wasn't long after the images were thrust in front of a hopeful public before people were performing some conspiratorial sums and sharing them with the wider world.

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The first "official" sighting of the Black Knight was so shocking it managed to make the New York Times. In 1954, the Times ran an article saying that a Dr. Lincoln LePaz had discovered two satellites orbiting the Earth. Seems normal so far. The only problem was that in 1954, no country had managed to launch any satellites yet. Whatever LePaz saw, it was enough to worry the Pentagon for a while that the Russians might have beaten America into space; conspiracy theorists think aliens are the real answer. (Duh.) It didn't help matters that the Army Office of Ordnance Research, whose job it was to search for satellites, claimed it hadn't found any yet. Additionally, Dr. LePaz later claimed the story in the original article had been made up. Even the New York Times said it was possible the O.O.R. was withholding its findings of the satellites until there was more evidence. Heads up, government agencies: the possibility of the government "withholding findings" is just the sort of thing that leads to conspiracies. The committee's findings were kept secret and the sightings were forgotten. That is still HAM operator intercepted a strange signal from this mystery satellite. The signal was later studied by Scottish astronomer Duncan Lunan. And the "spark" in different locals seems not to be just one of technical discoveries in the sense of inventions of a mechanical  nature. There is no way to be sure, but there seems to have been separate, yet nearly identical, timelines for the invention of writing, basic math, fire, burial of the dead, and such things.

Must have been the Black Knight satellite. Of course, if you believe Cooper saw the Black Knight satellite, you know what this is — just another government cover-up Do I think that this is what has happened in our past? No, I do not. BUT, I also don't have a better theory either. Such are the mysteries of the past. So it leaves one to wonder.  1) Duncan Lunan is a highly imaginative con artist (in fact he has published science fiction stories before) Dubbed The Black Knight satellite, the story became part of the fringe lore of the space age, informing to some extent the science fiction work of well-known and engaging sci-fi author Philip K.. Tesla was entranced. After carefully dismissing all known natural phenomena, he believed he may have received a signal from intelligent life on another world.

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3. "It depends on the vacuum expectation value to go particle ground state, and with this you time travel on a wave." The most important component of the space watch went into operation about six months ago with the construction of "Dark Fence," a kind of radar trip wire stretching across the width of the U.S. It was a strange pink flame which burned but did not consume. He says his cat saw it too. It was strongest at night. Dick would lie in bed unable to sleep, watching the light show. He compared it to a rapid-fire succession of modern paintings by the likes of Klee and Kandinsky. The manned solar survey vessel "Endeavour" is sent to study Rama, as it is the only ship close enough to do so in the brief period of time Rama will spend in our solar system. Endeavour manages to rendezvous with Rama one month after the space ship first comes to Earth's attention, when the giant alien spacecraft already is within Venus orbit. The 20+ crew, led by Commander Norton, enters Rama and explores its vast interior, but the nature and purpose of the starship and its creators remains enigmatic throughout the book. The only lifeforms are the cybernetic "biots" who completely ignore the humans. Endeavour is finally forced to leave a few weeks later as Rama moves too close to the Sun for Endeavour's cooling systems to compensate. Rama then is flung out of the solar system toward an unknown location in the Large Magellanic Cloud, using the ion. In 1987 Shuttle Endeavour Mission STS-088 photographed a mysteries object orbiting the Earth. There are far below, 5 photos of the object on the NASA web site. It clearly shows a large orbit circling the Earth.

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        Mr. Davidson's belief that this agency is involved in the 'flying saucer furore' and is using this as a tool in psychological warfare is entirely unfounded. His indication that CIA is misguiding persons in leading them to believe in Flying Saucers is also entirely unfounded. Big, 50-kw. transmitters were established at Gila River, near Phoenix, Ariz, and Jordan Lake, Ala., spraying radio waves upward in the shape of open fans. Some 250 miles on either side, receiving stations pick up signals that bounce off any object passing through the fans.

Soon after he began to receive mysterious signals on the equipment, that seemed to be coming from space. Three impulses, one after the other at fixed intervals. One…two…three. Black knight satellite Dark shadows flying high You are the ghost that watch the sky. In the blackness of space Orbiting around the earth Been scanning us feeling us Down to the core Poor humanity First thought to be an Russian spy satellite, the Black Knight satellite has gripped the interest of If you find our article about the Black Knight satellite too long, here are some interesting facts about..

The object, dubbed "Black Knight," is tracked for three weeks and abruptly disappears. But NUA's video - titled Black Knight Satellite UFO Documentary - Truth Exposed 2015 - (Debunked) - claims to conclusively prove the 'Black Knight', as photographed in 1998 NASA..

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  2. Jesse feels that there are many more space beacons out in space, acting as "postcards". "I'm sure Mother Russia had one." [2]
  3. The Monolith's energy affected Apollo 10′s instrumentation, so that its crew almost didn't get back. As soon as the film Apollo 10 took came back to Earth, those Intelligence compartments which deal with UFOs were busy poring over information from the Monolith.
  4. But a few years later, Lunan withdrew his findings. Not because the message wasn’t there, but because he no longer believed Epsilon Bootis could sustain intelligent life.
  5. According to conspiracy theorists, the Black Knight satellite is an alien spacecraft orbiting Earth. An artist's impression of the Black Knight satellite. The spacecraft has sparked a long-lived conspiracy..
  6. Has the Earth been visited by a satellite from an ancient alien civilization
  7. "The only way of knowing that a new satellite has appeared is by keeping track of the old ones."

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  1. Lunan still has faith in an extraterrestrial explanation for the recordings. "The changes in the long distance echo patterns in apparent response to changes in the outgoing signals from Earth really do look like the responses of a Bracewell probe, and there is still no satisfactory natural explanation for the phenomenon," Lunan said. If the long distance echoes were deliberately produced by a probe, there's a problem in that they stopped in 1975.
  2. As an aside, a "Black Knight" is a term for a knight which either has no allegiance or wished to hide it, covering his colors and symbols.  It would be a good name for a mysterious alien satellite.
  3. utes at 80 degrees, with an apogee of 950 km and a perigee of 187 km. Black Knight's object was similar, but not exactly the same.
  4. Given Oberg's debunking you'd think the matter would have drawn to a close. But no. Since the images were shared far and wide, conspiracy theories have continued. 
  5. The PTB (Powers That Be) pretty much threaten death to anyone revealing what they know about this. This is one of the best kept secrets on the planet.
  6. I had a lot of fun learning more about this story. I learned a lot of history and some astronomical facts I didn't know. I'm glad I took the trouble, because if I had simply accepted the story that there's an alien satellite orbiting the Earth, I'd be wrong and I wouldn't have learned anything new. Worse, I'd have made a logical error, in being forced to accept a whole galaxy of wrong assumptions in order to shoehorn an improbable alien satellite into my reality. Neither legend nor mere debunking lead anywhere useful; it's only by tracking down the true facts that we earn the real rewards.
  7. The message he decided VALIS was sending him is that we still live in Roman times. Nothing has changed, we still live under the rule of a cruelly corrupt empire, and the Christian apocalypse is near. VALIS predicted the downfall of a King. Nixon left office soon after. As Dick said in VALIS, "The Empire Never Ended." This catch-phrase was made known to him in one of his tutelary dreams. 

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Davidson wrote to the address that Dewalt had given the sisters, and received a reply from Walker stating that he had forwarded the tape to the proper authorities and had not further information. Whatever it was in Earth’s orbit had also acquired a name — the Black Knight satellite. The origins of the name are unclear, but it may have been based on an inchoate satellite launching rocket the British had developed called Black Knight.Two men from the Chicago Contact Division, Chief George O. Forrest and officer Dewalt Walker, met with the sisters to recover the tape. Because the CIA was openly claiming that they had no involvement in the UFO phenomena, beyond their short involvement with the 1953 Robertson Panel, they could not tell the Maier sisters they were from the CIA.

RT is the first Russian 24/7 English-language news channel which brings the Russian view on global news Technical details about the BLACK KNIGHT (2013-064U or NORAD 39398) satellite. BLACK KNIGHT can be selected for live tracking or to see the passes visible from your location, if applicable The evidence from both Air Force and Navy pointed to Discoverer V, fired from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif, on Aug. 13. SOURCE: Time Magazine

Satellites ️ are visible in the night sky, no telescope required, if you know where to look. Find out here Dick saw VALIS as a benign entity. He saw its position as teacher, sometimes protectress. (I say "protectress" rather than "protector" because VALIS reminded Dick of his twin sister Jane, who died in infancy.)

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Time Magazine published this article on Monday, March 7th, 1960. But as you will notice, the newspapers have already begun censoring their news with a payment needed beforehand. 1960, February, North American Air Defense System (NORAD predecessor) detects object with a mass of 15 metric tons in Polar orbit. It is several times larger than anything the US or Soviets are capable of launching into orbit. Among the scientists who worked on it were famed astronomer Dr. Carl Sagan, U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command General William Stubblebine, (ret.), National Security Council consultant Dr. Michael Wolf, and a former division head of CIA. Everyone who had prolonged close physical contact with the Monolith got cancer, Jesse says. "And those who tried to dissect it [the Monolith] died right there on the spot." The CIA Counter-Intelligence official and Dr. Wolf got colon cancer. The CIA man required surgery, but Dr. Wolf's cancer later went into a spontaneous remission. Dr. Sagan eventually died of his cancer. 3) An advanced civilization in the vicinity of Arcturus (Hokulea, the guiding star of Hawaiian mythology) sent an unmanned satellite probe to monitor Earth 15,000 years ago, to be activated by radio waves when Humans reached that technological point in their evolution. A dialogue could then have been established, and we might have gained much more than the misunderstood reference greeting. Oberg, J. "Phantom Satellite?" Space Folklore. James Oberg, 21 Oct. 2014. Web. 20 Aug. 2015. <http://www.jamesoberg.com/sts88_and-black-knight.pdf>

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Cite this article: Dunning, B. "The Black Knight Satellite." Skeptoid Podcast. Skeptoid Media, 4 Jun 2013. Web. 18 May 2020. <https://skeptoid.com/episodes/4365> The most interesting part of the story was in 1960, when the Discoverer satellites were being launched. Secretary of the Air Force Dudley Sharp told newspapers that this new mystery object was probably the second casing from Discoverer VIII, the twin of the known piece they were already tracking, as it was the right size and in about the right place. This was soon confirmed. TIME magazine even reported the identification, but since a mundane explanation is not as exciting as a mystery object, it was back page news.This is the amazing message science writer and amateur astronomer Duncan Lunan claimed to have decoded from the long delay echo data gathered in 1928.

1968s ‘Condon Report’, widely seen as a government attempt to debunk the UFO phenomena, was unable to find a rational explanation for McDivitt’s sighting, describing it as ‘especially puzzling’.Could a secret military program like this be the true source of the LDEs? Rather than messages from the stars, were these messages from spies?First Sighting. The most important component of the space watch went into operation about six months ago with the construction of "Dark Fence," a kind of radar trip wire stretching across the width of the U.S. Designed by the Naval Research Laboratory to keep track of satellites whose radios are silent, it is a notable improvement on other radars, which have difficulty finding a small satellite unless they know where to look. Big, 50-kw. transmitters were established at Gila River, near Phoenix, Ariz, and Jordan Lake, Ala., spraying radio waves upward in the shape of open fans. Some 250 miles on either side, receiving stations pick up signals that bounce off any object passing through the fans. By a kind of triangulation, the operators can make rough estimates of the object's speed, distance and course. What is the Black Knight satellite? It is a mysterious satellite, of unknown origin, discovered in 1960 which shadowed Sputnik. It is believed to have been of extraterrestrial origin, and signaled back old..

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Three weeks ago, headlines announced that the U.S. had detected a mysterious "dark" satellite wheeling overhead on a regular orbit. A committee was formed to examine it, but nothing more was ever made public. Three years later, Gordon Cooper was launched into space for a 22 orbit mission. On his final orbit, he reported seeing a glowing green shape ahead of his capsule, and heading in his direction. It's said that the Muchea tracking station, in Australia, which Cooper reported this too was also able to pick it up on radar traveling in an east-to-west orbit. The signals were being reflected back by something. These echoes came at irregular intervals, sometimes 3 seconds, sometimes 15 seconds. Hals had discovered what would later be known as LDEs - Long Delayed Echoes. The Black Knight satellite conspiracy theory claims there is a spacecraft orbiting Earth that is of extraterrestrial origin, and that NASA is engaged in a cover-up regarding its existence and origin

Dick persisted in speculating for the remaining year of his life, and managed to produce one more novel before the er> Alien Speech Found in NASA's Saturn Radio Signal .. YOUTUBE LINK June 30, 2007  Posted by jostvandyke Youtube Important info - Please read: Speech patterns have been found in a radio signal released by NASA almost 3 years previously in 2004. START HERE.OUR HOME IS EPSILON BOOTIS.WHICH IS A DOUBLE STAR.WE LIVE ON THE 6th PLANET OF 7 — CHECK THAT, 6th OF 7 — COUNTING OUTWARDS FROM THE SUNWHICH IS THE LARGER OF THE TWO.OUR 6th PLANET HAS ONE MOON,OUR 4th PLANET HAS THREE,OUR FIRST AND THIRD PLANETS EACH HAVE ONE.OUR PROBE IS IN THE ORBIT OF YOUR MOONTHIS UPDATES THE POSITION OF ARCTURUS SHOWN ON OUR MAPS.

Among the scientists who worked on it were famed astronomer Dr. Carl Sagan, U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command General Albert Stubblebine, (ret.), National Security Council consultant Dr. Michael Wolf, and a former division head of CIA. When this did not pacify Davidson, the CIA again dressed up an intelligence officer who met with Davidson in person in New York City, and this officer tried to talk Walker out of pursuing the case any longer. He told Davidson that the Air Force could not "disclose who was doing what." Davidson would not accept the argument and pressed on. The officer then agreed to see what he could do. Space Mysteries: For decades different discoveries have been linked to a single possible spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin. Judson, who has been studying the object in conjunction with Robert L. Johnson, director of the Adler Planetarium sums up the conclusions about the thing this way:

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The next lie in store for Davidson involved a CIA officer who had dressed up as the Air Force officer phoned Davidson back and told him a thorough check showed that the signal had been of U.S. (not outer space) origin, and the tape and notes had been destroyed to conserve space. Then Time magazine announced the solution to the mystery. The Department of Defense claimed it was just part of an Air Force Discoverer satellite (pictured above), a piece of completely innocent space junk. The only problem was this was a lie. Thanks to declassified documents, we now know it was part of a secret project doing reconnaissance on Russia. For conspiracy theorists, if the government lied once, why wouldn't it lie again? Must have been the Black Knight satellite. Much of this has been placed on the record. Former NASA space engineer James Oberg, who personally knows Ross and the person who took the photos, Sergei Krikalev, has gone to great lengths to show that these supposed images of the Black Knight have less fanciful origins.Was the object found by Dark Fence a ‘Bracewell probe’? Fascinated by the possibility, Scottish science writer and amateur astronomer Duncan Lunan decided to go back and reexamine the data produced by the LDE experiments in 1928.

In an interview, Vallee said the official story was that the supervisor didn't want to share half-baked information that made no sense with the other countries involved in the project. France might look silly! (Thank goodness France doesn't look silly.) Vallee wondered if it was just an asteroid, why the secrecy? This is the stuff that conspiracy theorists live for. Unsurprisingly, they view this as another obvious sighting of the Black Knight satellite.Were the objects encountered by the NASA astronauts Bracewell probes or even the fabled Black Knight satellite?Three weeks ago, headlines announced that the U.S. had detected a mysterious "dark" satellite wheeling overhead on a regular orbit. There was nervous speculation that it might be a surveillance satellite launched by the Russians, and it brought the uneasy sensation that the U.S. did not know what was going on over its own head. But last week the Department of Defense proudly announced that the satellite had been identified. It was a space derelict, the remains of an Air Force Discoverer satellite that had gone astray. The dark satellite was the first object to demonstrate the effectiveness of the U.S.'s new watch on space. And the three-week time lag in identification was proof that the system still lacks full coordination and that some bugs still have to be ironed out.

It was several times larger and several times heavier than anything capable of being launched with 1960 rockets. It shouldn't have been there, but it was. The dark satellite was the first object to demonstrate the effectiveness of the U.S.'s new watch on space. And the three-week time lag in identification was proof that the system still lacks full coordination and that some bugs still have to be ironed out.  Even if the stations in this local region or sector are all overshadowed and don't light up any longer, it is a sight to remember. With this the satellite presented us with its final insight into the nature of things: synapses in a living brain. And the name we give to its functioning, its awareness of itself and its many parts - ' She smiled at me. 'It's why you saw the figure of Aphrodite. That's what holds all the trillions of stations into harmony.'  Зарубежный рок. 03:41. Pain — Black Knight Satellite (Coming Home 2016) It is the Black Knight satellite, a mysterious object cirling the Earth, of unknown (and possibly alien) Like so many stories of weird phenomena, the Black Knight satellite legend starts with Nicola Tesla

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An alien satellite set up more than 12,000 years ago to spy on humans has been shot down by elite soldiers from the Illuminati, UFO hunters claim. The spacecraft, known as the Black Knight Satellite.. Anonymous. "The Black Knight Satellite." The Living Moon. Blue Knight Productions, 1 Dec. 2008. Web. 24 May. 2013. <http://www.thelivingmoon.com/49ufo_files/03files2/Black_Knight_Satellite.html> Black Knight satellite conspiracy theories are so juicy you wanna believe them. From ancient civilizations to alien technology, the source material is too good to be denied The story of the Black Knight made its media debut in the 1940′s when the St. Louis Dispatch and The San Francisco Examiner wrote about the Satellite on May 14th 1954

People on the ground had been occasionally seeing it for about two weeks at that point. Viewers would make it out as a red glowing object moving in an east-to-west orbit. Most satellites of the time, according to what little material I've been able to find on the black knight satellite, moved from west-to-east. It's speed was also about three times normal. See more ideas about Black knight satellite, Blackest knight, Satellites. NASA pic of the Black Knight Satellite. Through all these pics, this satellite seems to change it's body positions

But, just because I believe the Black Knight story to be a synthesis of different events doesn't mean there's nothing to those events.  The LDE from 1927-28 I find interesting, as the supposed massive object detected by NORAD in 1960.  Dick's story is a little to odd for me to touch at this point, and it's hard to palce it into a timeline when one fo his main points end sup being that time is an illusion.  I'll do a little more reading tomorrow, but it's late.  If anyone has any information they know of (or something to discredit my confabulation theory), please feel free to add it.  It'll probably be appropriate to modify the OP as well, I'll get to that later. Mills and Otto were away from the studio when the calls began to come in. There were four calls in total coming from people who claimed that they had heard the alien message. They were from varying places around the radio listening audience. Later, CIA documents revealed that five Chicago ham radio operators also claimed to have taped "these wired coded messages from outer space." (One listener in Wisconsin stated they too had made a tape recording of the message but it was never recovered.) When 11:25 arrived, Mills uttered the words "Come in Outer space" and turned off the microphones. The two men had a radio in the studio so they too could hear the alien message. They sat and waited the appointed fifteen seconds but hear nothing coming over their own radio. The show ended and the two men left the studio. Forrest wrote that he felt the case was not a hoax. "In all seriousness," he wrote. "We don't think that the sisters themselves are trying to fake anything." He then wrote that he hoped the Chicago office would be informed if  there should be an answer.

The Norwegian scientists did indeed receive LDE radio reflections, and their cause remains nearly as much a mystery today as it did then. Today we have five probable explanations, any or all of which may be responsible for some LDEs, and they mostly pertain to strange effects in the Earth's ionosphere. They are among about 15 plausible explanations. None of these includes orbiting alien satellites; although if an alien satellite elected to enter our orbit, record our transmissions, and transmit them back to us 8 seconds later, it could well have the same effect. Kara Şövalye - Black Knight filmi türkçe degil türkçe dublaj eklerseniz sevinirim Pain — Black Knight Satellite 03:41 It's one thing to have sightings from Earth, but what about once we actually put people into space? Wouldn't astronauts see a big satellite floating around out there? Enter Gordon Cooper. Astronaut Cooper (at center in the photo) allegedly saw UFOs dozens of time, but the one tied to the Black Knight satellite was the most notable. It supposedly happened while he was making his 15th orbit of the Earth. He was just hanging out when he saw green lights that seemed to beckon to him. (No telling what the alien craft would have done to him if he'd answered that call.) While the word of an astronaut is pretty good already, it gets better: up to 100 more people on Earth looking at the radar screen also allegedly saw the UFO.This novel won both the Hugo and Nebula awards upon its release, and is widely regarded as one of the cornerstones in Clarke's bibliography. It is considered a science fiction classic, and is particularly seen as a key hard science fiction text.

We have reported on The Black Knight Satellite before, but many do not know about Nikola Tesla's connection to the disturbing alien object which orbits our planet. Ancient Code explain He still knew which was the vision and which was real, but when he looked away and then looked back, Rome was still there.Like so many stories of weird phenomena, the Black Knight satellite legend starts with Nicola Tesla. It's said that he picked up a repeating radio signal in 1899, that he believed was coming from space, and said so publicly at a conference. In the 1920s, amateur HAM radio operators were able to receive this same signal. Next, scientists in Oslo, Norway experimenting with short wave transmissions into space in 1928, began picking up Long Delay Echoes (LDEs), a not fully understood phenomenon in which they received echoes several seconds after transmission. The apparent explanation finally came in 1954 when newspapers (including the St. Louis Post Dispatch and the San Francisco Examiner) reported an announcement from the US Air Force that two satellites were found to be orbiting the Earth, at a time when no nation yet had the ability to launch them. It appeared that Black Knight had been detected by multiple lines of evidence, and was confirmed by the US Air Force.Pegasus Addition:  The discovery of the Liquid Fuel Rocket at almost the same time by A Russian (Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky), a German (Dr. Hermann Oberth) and an American (Dr. Robert H. Goddard). These three nations became the rocket super powers...

The basic blurb was that in 1957, an unknown satellite was detected shadowing the Sputnik I craft.  It was in a polar orbit, something that neither the Americans or Soviets were capable of at the time.  There was a statement that ham radio operaters pickd up radio transmissions that were "decoded" (whatever that means) as being a star map that indicated the craft originated from Epsilon Bootes 13,000 years before.  This object was dubbed "The Black Knight." The Apollo 10 astronauts brought back the message captured on film. The Monolith's energy affected Apollo 10's instrumentation, so that its crew almost didn't get back. As soon as the film Apollo 10 took came back to Earth, those Intelligence compartments which deal with UFOs were busy poring over information from the Monolith. In 1953, four years before the U.S.S.R. launched Sputnik I, a the blip of unknown origin was sighted by Dr Lincoln La Paz of the University of New Mexico.

Black Knight Satellite. Размер: 6.62 MB, Длительность: 5 мин и 2 сек, Битрейт: 192 Kbps. 80 య ళ ల గ త ర గ త న నమ స టర ఉపగ రహ Black Knight Satellite Mystery T Talks But could Tesla’s speculation back in 1899 be correct? Was there some intelligence behind the echoes? Were they even a message from aliens?And then, in 1963, astronaut Gordon Cooper reported seeing a greenish UFO during his 15th orbit on board Mercury 9. It was witnessed on the radar screens by approximately 100 people at NASA's Muchea Tracking Station near Perth, Australia. An official explanation given later was that Cooper's electronics malfunctioned, and he breathed in too much CO2 which gave him hallucinations. Black Knight's reality seemed to be undeniable.According to "Jesse", in 1969 the Apollo 10 astronauts Stafford, Cernan and Young were the first to film an extraterrestrial space beacon, dubbed The Monolith, somewhat like, but smaller than, the one in Arthur C. Clarke's book/movie "2001". They were not, however, the first astronauts to spot this ET beacon. The Monolith was first sighted by Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, in 1961. He was followed into space that same year by American astronaut Alan Shephard, who also sighted the beacon. Apollo 10 went to it, and filmed it from every angle. The Monolith acted like a communication beacon. Jesse said, "It sort of acts like the message received in the movie "Contact". It had a message on it, in addition to a map of the extraterrestrial civilization which placed it there], and how to get to them." Some critics of McDivitt’s UFO have suggested it was the discarded second stage of the Titan rocket. But after seeing a photograph of the second stage, McDivitt dismissed the possibility — “I am sure that this is not a photograph of the object which I described many times”, he told UFO sceptic Philip Klass.

Armed with this new information Davidson again contacted the CIA demanding to know the identity of the Morse code operator and the name of the agency that had done the analysis claimed by the Air Force. As the CIA had claimed the tape was not analyzed they were in a situation where they didn't know what to do Oberg, J. "In Search of Gordon Cooper's UFOs." James Oberg Articles. Peter Smith Web Design, 1 Jan. 1983. Web. 27 May. 2013. <http://www.zipworld.com.au/~psmith/cooper.html>In some of his visions, Dick saw Soviet scientists rushing around behind the scenes to keep the alien satellite functioning. Strange texts which appeared to be Russian operating manuals were held up for him to see. The Builders, as he came to call the aliens, were sometimes seen floating in large vats of water, observing the operation. The whole complex system was apparently set up solely for his benefit! How do you know about that? It's highly classified. THREATENED WITH DEATH JM added, I have two of the three dimensions: 10 feet X 70 feet. About "ghost echoes" and the "Radio Flying Saucer" effect by Volker Grassman

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