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Not having learned from the failed attacks during the winter of 1941-42, the Soviets again attempted to strike at the Finnish lines during the summer of 1942 Poventsa 2.7.1942. Samasta tilanteesta mustavalkoinen SA-kuva 95655, josta tiedot. Värikuvien selosteessa: Poventsan palosta ja katutaisteluista, kuvattu ajalla 23.6.-5.7.1942 Soviet Soldiers On The Move, Battle Of Stalingrad 1942 - 1943. A Finnish soldier with a KP/-31 just outside the burning village of Poventsa during the Continuation War, 2 July 1942

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Komsomolets at Poventsa 1942: 90713 90715-717, -719 90723. T-26 m1931 (R-129?) and T-26 m1933 somewhere along the Svir River during April 1942 Considering the situation Finnish literature later wondered why the Soviets didn't retreat from Karhumäki. The reason seems to have been fairly simple - the Soviet command was scared that the Finns might capture Murmansk railway and advance possibly as far as Sorokka - cutting off all Soviet troops in Kola Peninsula and northern parts of Soviet Carelia. 30th of October STAVKA ordered that Karhumäki had to be held "categorically" - retreat was not an option because at the time this part of front lacked any other troops capable stopping the Finnish advance if the Finns would capture Karhumäki. Poventsa, 1.4.1942. • Machine gun nest inside the building. On August 31st 1942 the Commander-in-Chief has appointed Lieutenant Lauri Kokko as Knight of the 2nd class Mannerheim.. Skeleton Cobweb. 1942 Marsalkka Mannerheim kävi niemellä kesäkuussa 1942. Vierailun aikana venäläiset ampuvat alueelle kranaatteja ja isäntänä ollut kapteeni Ahti Petramaa haavoittui käteen ja Marski ylensi hänet majuriksi

Infantry Regiments 25 and 26 (both belonging to 4th Division) began their attack from northwest of Karhumäki with the normal artillery preparation, which started 04:00 in 5th of December. The artillery support used for this preparation included three artillery battalions (1st Battalion/Field Artillery Regiment 1, 3rd Battalion/Field Artillery Regiment 11 and Heavy Artillery Battalion 15) and mortar battalion. Infantry Regiment 26 captured its goal (crossroads area northwest of Karhumäki) already by 09:15, but Infantry Regiment 25 run into Soviet minefield and its advance stopped next to Salmijärvi Lake for rest of the day. Also Infantry Regiment 35 attacked in north side of Karhumäki towards railway stop of Pintuisjärvi. Infantry Regiments 45 and 56 (both belonging to 1st Division) fought against Soviet troops south of Karhumäki pushing them back towards the town. Also Infantry Regiment 60 attacked towards Karhumäki from southwest and had important part in battles fought in the town starting the next day.Infantry Regiment 26 known (also as "Ässä Rykmentti" aka "Ace Regiment") was Finnish infantry regiment assembled from eastern parts of Helsinki. The friendly fire incident in which soldiers of its 2nd Battalion were fired upon by jaegers and tanks of 1st Reinforced Jaeger Brigade almost certainly benefiting factor to what happened few days after it. The soldiers of this infantry regiment refused en mass the order of their unit to be transferred another part of frontline. According Finnish military legislation this mass-refusal of obeying orders was basically a mutiny. Both large scale of this mutiny and the way Finnish Army handled it was unique in Finnish military history - the whole regiment was disbanded and its soldiers transferred to large number of units. Directed by Xiaogang Feng. With Guoli Zhang, Hanyu Zhang, Wei Fan, Yuanzheng Feng. A deadly drought in 1942 takes its toll on central China's Henan province during the war against Japan Poventsa, April 1, 1942. • Konekivääripesäke rakennuksessa. Poventsa, 1.4.1942. [sa-kuva]pic.twitter.com/ciJLBWEm78 619 отметок «Нравится», 0 комментариев — Lauri Aro (@turmsimmortal) в Instagram: «Finnish MG squad in training on April 1 1942. Note the wintery mount. .SA-kuva, Poventsa

Декабрь 1941 года. Донесения 1942 года Battle of Poventsa (1942). Air raid watch tower (Jaakkima). Soldiers resting (Petsamo/Pechenga, 1942). Mass funeral (Joensuu, 1940). Field sauna (Pieni Karmanlampi, 1941) PICTURE: Map showing the line of three isthmusses and frontlines before starting of this operation. CLICK THUMBNAIL TO SEE LARGER PIC (182 KB).

PICTURE: Map showing frontlines and location of troops in Karhumäki area before starting of the attack. CLICK THUMBNAIL TO SEE LARGER PIC (223 KB). Check out scourge1942's art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired. scourge1942. 228 Watchers7.8K Page Views375 Deviations. Profile Navigation

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Жовтень 1942 р. - перемога союзницьких військ під Ель-Аламейном І. Персонали: ЖУКОВ Георгій (1896 -1974)- перший заступник наркома оборони СРСР, заступник Верховного.. Poventsa, Karelia; 1942. Steam Artwork. Переглянути всі творчі роботи Poventsa 1942.07.02. Toinen Maailmansota Wwii Sotahistoria Valokuvat Historia Maailmansota Suomi Historia. Action Pictures War History

in Finnish in Russian Village of Haapaselkä Lobskaja Town of Karhumäki Medvezhyegorsk Town of Kontupohja Pondupoga Lake Laatokka Ladoga Village of Lumpuinen Lumbus Village of Pintuinen Pindus Town of Poventsa Povonets Lake Seesjärvi Segozero Town of Sorokka Belomorsk River / Isthmus of Syväri Svir Lake Ääninen Onega City of Äänislinna / Petroskoi Petrozavodsk   Jaakkima, Hökkölä 1942.03.17. Naiset Toinen Maailmansota Wwii Suomi. Smiling finnish soldier smoking at the entrance of a dogout near the village of Porosozero, 1944 - pin by Paolo Marzioli Detachment Hynninen (Major Hynninen): - Jaeger Battalion 3 - Heavy Tank Company of Tank Battalion - One Tank Platoon from 1st Tank Company of Tank Battalion - Platoon from at-gun company 1st Jaeger Brigade - Engineer Platoon of 1st Jaeger Brigade

The Brigade received orders for the attack 27th of November and started its march towards the frontline the next day. Before leaving from Äänislinna the tanks were painted with white winter camo and loaded full of ammunition. The marching distance to frontline was from Äänislinna was about 200 km, which was made in daily marches of about 60 - 67 kilometers. During this march temperature was around zero and slippery - which caused some accidents with bicycles. The Jaeger Battalions were first to reach their destination - by 13:30 in 1st of January. Four of the T-26 tanks break down during the march and had to be left behind, but fortunately there were few extra T-26 to replace them. Poventsa 1942.07.02. Löydä tämä ja muuta käyttäjän Seppo Juhani taulusta Suomi Finland ww2. Löydä ideoita: Japani. Poventsan paloa. Poventsa 1942.07.02 Poventsa 1942.07.02 Kuva: SA-kuva kylät. När Mannerheim firade sin 75-årsdag den 4 juni 1942 fick han ett överraskningsbesök av Adolf Hitler Poventsan paloa ja katutaisteluita. Poventsa 2.7.1942. Kuva: Hans Lindh. Venäläiset naiset polttopuun teossa. Maaliskuu 1942. Kuva: Heikki Roivainen

Список бойцов от 31.10.1942. Часть списка №1 8th of December the Soviets demolished last of the floodgates of Stalin's Channel (7th floodgate) and flooded town of Poventsa. Around 08:00 the water suddenly rose everywhere. The flood-wave was so powerful that it I took trucks and tanks with it. Tanks sunk into mud, which soon froze. The temperature in Poventsa was -37 degrees Celsius that day. Even if the flood-wave was terribly strong and weather freezing thanks to good luck and heroic efforts of individual soldiers the Finnish losses of personnel were rather minimal - only five men. However the situation wasn't quite as easy when it came to Finnish tanks that had reached Poventsa. While tank crews were soon sent back to Äänislinna their tanks, which had sunk to now frozen combination of mud and water, would take long time to salvage and would not return to service for quite some time.First attack troops of Reinforced 1st Jaeger Brigade (Detachment Hynninen) crossed the frontline 07:00. Detachment Komonen followed it crossed frontline 07:30. Landmines and incoming mortar fire proved common. Soviet troops fought back hard but Jaeger Battalion 3 supported by tanks succeeded breaking into their positions in the frontline. Also the two bridges ahead had been equipped with demolition charges, so at this point success of the attack was far from certain. Around 09:30 Soviet resistance in the frontline started withering and small groups of Soviet soldiers leaving their positions were spotted. By 10:05 Finnish troops had captured Soviet positions in the frontline and started their pursuit. Jaeger Battalion 4 passed Detachment Hynninen and took the mission of spearheading the pursuit. Bridge crossing the river already equipped demolition charges and minefield delayed Finnish advance a moment while Finnish sappers removed demolition charges and prepared route through the minefield. After this the attack continued. Календарь войны | 1942 год. 12/03/202027/01/2019 от Редактор Poventsa. July 2, 1941. Road signage at the crossroads of the western shore of Kotikoski. August 13, 1942. Propaganda posters in Vyborg. September 30, 1941. The fire of Poventsa

Bolt-Action Service Rifle. 14. 1942. Charlton Automatic Rifle. 31. 1942. M1 Carbine (US Carbine, Caliber 30, M1). Semi-Automatic / Full-Automatic Carbine 1942 р. вермахт та військові союзники завдали декілька значних поразок військовим силам СРСР. Розпочата 25 грудня 1941 р. Керченсько-Феодосійська десантна операція не призвела до.. 23:00 6th of December 1941 Jaegers and Finnish tanks steamrolled to town of Poventsa. Tanks secured the town and on early hours of the next morning their crews finally got to rest. The Soviet welcome for them was rather hot and noisy - according Lehväslaiho the Soviets torched number of houses and demolished bridge leading over Stalin's Channel. When Finnish troops were settling down the driver of sole Finnish T-34 that had lead the attack in poor lighting and temporarily blinded by exhaust gases did a small error in steering - this error resulted T-34 falling over side of small bridge and ending upside down in a gully. One of the T-34 crewmembers died in this accident - he was the last casualty of Finnish tank crews suffered in this attack implemented in freezing weather.

Finnish troops were became ready to start their attack in Maaselkä Ishtmus in late November 1941. Town of Karhumäki in northern tip of Lake Ääninen (Onega) was an obvious target of this attack. Finnish 8th Division launched its attacks for capturing northern parts of Maaselkä Isthmus 21st of November and by 28th of that month it had captured its goals and took defensive positions in line Krivi railway station - Maaselkä - Suurlahti - Liisteenpohja. Finnish troops in the area included troops from two Army Corps - II Army Corps commanded by Major General Taavetti "Pappa" Laatikainen and VII Army Corps commanded by Major General Woldemar Hägglund. From II Army Corps in this operation took part 8th Division commanded by Colonel Winell and VII Army Corps took part in with 4th Division commanded by Colonel Viljanen. In Battlefield 1942, the Wespe is the Axis forces Artillery vehicle in base game plus Road to Rome. It has space for two players: one driver and one gunner. The driver only has the ability to drive the.. Use the buttons on the map to play the animation for Western Europe 1942-1945. You can stop and start the animation at any time. When you have finished go to the investigation 1942-1945. In a period marked by intense fighting on both the eastern and western fronts of World War II, Nazi Germany also intensified its pursuit of the Final Solution. These years saw systematic..

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Upea puhdetyöpuukko JR35 Poventsa 1942. Tiedot. Kysymykset Finnish Wartime Photograph Archive. Poventsan paloa ja katutaisteluita. Poventsa 1942.07.02. (13/19) Photograph Poventsa 02.07.1942 (Continuation War). Poventsan paloa. Värikuvien selosteessa: Poventsan palosta ja katutaisteluista, kuvattu ajalla 23.6.-5.7.1942

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2nd Company of Jaeger Battalion 3 captured isthmus south of the city around 16:00. Also Company of Tank Battalion had been ordered to attack southern part of the city, but was halted by heavy incoming fire while northeast part of the city. Especially heavily defended by the Soviets was garrison area of Karhumäki, which the Finns finally surrounded creating a motti, which remained in the Soviet hands for duration of this offensive. Finally during late evening of 7th December remaining Soviet troops broke out from this motti to Lake Ääninen. The Finnish troops fired after them with everything on their disposal, but still many lucky Soviet soldiers succeeded escaping on open vastness of frozen lake to live another day. The same day also Soviet troops from another motti south of it partially succeeded escaping on frozen Lake Ääninen, but not without considerable losses. The Finns directed fire of seven artillery battalions against these escaping Soviet troops so only small groups succeeded avoiding the concentrated blocking fire. Soviet troops surrounded in motti southwest of Karhumäki tried breaking out several times starting early hours of 7th of December, but without success. Later that day troops of Infantry Regiments 45, 56 and 60 destroyed this motti and only some small groups of the Soviets succeeded escaping from there. The last pockets of resistance in town of Karhumäki capitulated 8th of December. PICTURE: Map showing 1st parts of Finnish attacks (mainly 5th of December). CLICK THUMBNAIL TO SEE LARGER PIC (229 KB).Also elsewhere the days of Karhumäki - Poventsa operation were in many ways turning points of World War 2. 5th of December 1941 Soviet troops launched their offensive in front of Moscow and started pushing Germans back. The Germans would never again get so close to Moscow. Two days later 7th of December 1941 Japanese aircraft from aircraft carriers attacked US naval base in Pearl Harbor - adding United States among countries taking part in World War 2.

..1942 1940luku isoisä karjala karelia suku sukuhistoria juuretkarjalassa karhumäki медвежьегорск maaselkä масельгская онежскоеозеро ääninen poventsa повонец Detachment Hynninen was ordered to capture the city while Detachment Komonen pulled out and prepared continuing the advance to village of Lumpuinen (5 km east of Karhumäki). Detachment Häkkinen was ordered to follow Detachment Komonen to Lumpuinen. But the battle for town of Karhumäki continued. Reinforced 1st Company of Jaeger Battalion 3 captured dominating hill south of the city around 13:00, but the Soviet resistance continued in nearby garrison where they targeted the hill with constant automatic-weapons, direct fire guns and anti-aircraft gun fire. What followed was a small-scale sample of urban warfare in middle of Carelian forests - street fighting continued from one house to another with Red Army soldiers using basements of buildings like bunkers. Neither side had training for this kind of combat so it came with inevitable high losses - among Finnish soldiers died in these battles was Captain Erkki Komonen, commander of Jaeger Battalion 4, who had lead his unit in the immediate frontline. Lieutenant V. Luonila took command of Jaeger Battalion 4 and Detachment Komonen pulling out to continue the advance along it. Main part of the remaining Red Army soldiers pulled out from northern parts of the city around 17:00 1942 Prices including Wages, Houses and Gas, Events include US Turns Auto and other Manufacturers into production of weapons of war, Voice of America begins broadcasting, Singapore Surrenders to.. Poventsa, 1.4.1942. The tank also spent two months under water after the Soviets blew up a damn in Poventsa, but it was recovered and returned to service - only to be withdrawn in the summer of..

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  1. Poventsa village comes under Finnish control. This is as far as Mannerheim allows the front to be extended. 1942. 1 January. The Soviet Navy attacks Finnish islands
  2. us one platoon) Already original attack plans were for the attack to continue to Poventsa (by the Stalin's Channel) and end there. No plans existed for continuing the attack further.
  3. What happened and who was famous in 1942? Browse important and historic events, world leaders, famous birthdays and notable deaths from the year 1942
  4. 30th of May 1942 Povenets, Olonets Karelia. Kylläpä on koira-rassulla nälkä. Kalanruodotkin kelpaavat. Nyt tulee pennulle hyvät päivät sillä pojat ottivat sen joukkueensa maskotiksi. Poventsa 1942.05.30
  5. From these three isthmuses Maaselkä was the last one and Finnish troops reached it in November - December of 1941. Carelian Isthmus has already been captured and Finnish troops has stopped their advance there 9th of September. Also Syväri Isthmus has been captured in October. Capturing Maaselkä Isthmus would mark the stopping point for Finnish offensive and started trench-war period of Continuation War, which would last until ended by Soviet offensives in summer of 1944.
  6. Poventsa village comes under Finnish control. In a belated attempt to prevent further Finnish advances, the Soviets blow up the locks of the Stalin Canal, flooding the town of Poventsa
  7. Luutnantti Ruponen 16.9.1942 Sotamuseo. Löydä tämä ja muuta käyttäjän Marketta Uotila taulusta sotakuvia. Poventsa 2.7.1942
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Burning of Poventsa and fighting in the streets, 1942. Boarder jaeger at Petsamo, 13-21.7.1942. The cavalry of Häme moving with horse and ski in Velikaja NIva 15.3.1942 PICTURE: Map showing 2nd part of attacks of Finnish troops (mainly 6th - 7th of December). CLICK THUMBNAIL TO SEE LARGER PIC (231 KB).

According Finnish plans VII Army Corps was first to capture important map point 94.7 after which II Army Corps was to attack town of Karhumäki (Medvezhyegorsk) and beyond mainly with its 4th Division. But the attack didn't start as planned. Morning 5th of December 1941 Major General Lagus (commanding 1st Jaeger Brigade at the time) launched attack of his own. Reinforced 1st Jaeger Brigade commanded by Major General Lagus was near the frontline about 10 km east from town of Karhumäki and its mission was to attack towards Karhumäki along the road once attack of VI Army Corps would have first succeeded destroying bunkers covering the road.7th of December one company of Jaeger Battalion 3 supported by platoon of T-26 tanks and battery from Light Anti-aircraft Battalion 11 had crossed Stalin's channel and continued chasing retreating Soviet troops. The next day 07:15 it reported having captured village of Haapaselkä. After facing powerful enemy later that day this unit returned to Poventsa. Повенецкий рaйон, Повенец ( Poventsa ). Морско-Масельгский сс, Морская Масельга. 831 Лобское. 832 Пигматка. 833 Poventsa. Повенец

«Two Finnish first front gun nests in the Povenets/Poventsa village

  1. us one platoon) - 18th Antitank-gun Company
  2. Great Britain declared war against Finland, Hungary and Romania 6th of December 1941. If the intent of this declaration of war was (as earlier Churchill's letter to Mannerheim suggests) effect the Finns in hope of getting to stop their offensive it did very little too late. The offensive had just stopped for other reasons and when it comes to attitudes of the Finns they are maybe best portrayed by one Finnish soldier who after hearing this declaration of war asked his superior: "What kind of cockades do they (the British) have?" (Finnish soldiers often collected cockades from captured and dead Soviet soldiers because these were popular decorative details for trench art).
  3. Genealogy for Väinö Vedenpää (1919 - 1942) family tree on Geni, with over 190 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. Aug 1 1942 - Poventsa. Parent
  4. العربية Čeština Deutsch English (Australia) English (Canada) English (UK) English (USA) Español (España) Español Suomi Français (Canada) Français (France) עִבְרִית हिन्दी Hrvatski Italiano 日本語..
  5. Bataan Death March, march in the Philippines of some 66 miles that 76,000 prisoners of war were forced by the Japanese military to endure in April 1942, during the early stages of World War II

7th of December Commander of Carelian Army issued orders for setting defensive positions. The next day Infantry Regiments 25 and 35 were ordered to advance northeast from Karhumäki to new defensive line. The defensive line was built in line town of Poventsa - Lake Voljärvi - Lake Hiisjärvi. Finnish troops would remain in defensive posture in these positions until summer of 1944. Ultimately the Soviet troops would recapture town of Poventsa 21st of June 1944 and town of Karhumäki 23rd - 24th of June 1944.There were obvious differences between Finnish and Soviet troops in Karhumäki area during this operation in quality of troops and strength of artillery. Finnish troops were better trained, more experienced and had much more artillery supporting them. All three Soviet Divisions seem to have been very much under the official table of organization strengths while Finnish units were typically much closer to full strength. While many of the Soviet units were likely rather poor quality (either fresh or created from other earlier destroyed units) especially Finnish Jaeger Brigades were on their way on of becoming elite troops of Finnish Army.

Finnish army 1918 - 1945: attack to stalin's channe

The Bataan Death March took place in April 1942, during World War II, when approximately 75,000 Filipino and American troops on the Bataan Peninsula in the Philippines were forced to make an.. Poventsa, 1942.01.07 Troops camped and started making preparations. The artillery units got ready to support the attack around 3rd - 4th of December. Signal connections were organized for the operation. Three Combat Detachments were created for this operation:

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  1. 5th of December all troops allocated for the attack were ready to go, but yet the attack didn't start as planned earlier. Major General Lagus (commander of Reinforced 1st Jaeger Brigade) had received intelligence information, which convinced him to decide starting the attack immediately with the troops in his disposal instead of waiting attack of VII Army Corps to open route for his troops. Besides being highly unorthodox in the sense that it alternated from plans previously made in higher level this attack was also uncommon in the sense that it started without the usual preceding artillery preparation. This was quite unusual also because by Finnish standards rather large artillery assets had been prepared for this particular attack - 8 light artillery battalions, 5 heavy artillery battalions, mortar battalion and two light artillery batteries.
  2. Already original attack plans were for the attack to continue to Poventsa (by the Stalin's Channel) and end there. Second part of attack - From Lumpuinen to Pintuinen and Poventsa
  3. The losses of main Finnish units taking part in this offensive operation (1st Division, 4th Division, Reinforced 1st Jaeger Brigade and Group Oinonen) were about 300 KIA (killed in action) and 1,200 WIA (wounded in action), POW (prisoners of war) or otherwise lost in action. Before flooding of Poventsa Finnish troops had lost only six tanks during this operation, but the flood basically (temporarily) removed Tank Battalion from among the units capable of fighting. After the operation the Finns estimated the Soviet losses as killed in action (KIA) about 8,000 men. This was likely serious overestimation as the Soviet Karhumäki Operative Group reported its losses as about 4,400 men. Considering that in addition Finnish troops captured also about 2,800 prisoners of war this was still considerably more than the Finnish losses. The likely main factor for this notable difference was the much stronger artillery resources of Finnish troops. Also the war booty captured by Finnish troops was considerable:
  4. g of their weapons. Keeping their ai

13. Poventsa, 1942 - Album on Imgu

After brief rest the attack continued again 08:30 the same day (6th of December) with troops of Reinforced 1st Jaeger Brigade heading east from Lumpuinen. Light Artillery Battalion 11 fired short artillery preparation just before starting of this attack. Jaeger Battalion 2 took the lead and all still working tanks were supporting it. Neither of the two T-28 tanks that had taken part to attack this far succeeded to start anymore - their fuel systems had frozen. The tanks that continued attack from Pintuinen were: Finnish T-34 guarding road leading east from Karhumäki found itself facing two BT-7 tanks (likely the same two which had bit earlier hit Mikkonen's T-28). The first shot that hit T-34 hit driver's hatch forcing it open and damaged its locking mechanism. The second hit bounced from gun shield. BT-7's took off their motors roaring. Driver of T-34 succeeded pinning the hatch closed with hammer and T-34 started chasing the two escaping Soviet tanks. Soon it found them trying to ambush it and after few shots both BT-7 were left burning on sides of the road while T-34 returned to its task of securing the road. It's just another day in Task Force 1942, the first in a new series of spectacular World War II Pacific War simulations from MicroProse Looking for Poventsa? Find out information about Poventsa. an urban-type settlement in Medvezh'egorsk Raion, Karelian ASSR. Starting point of... Explanation of Poventsa Poventsa 2.7.1942. Poventsa 1942.07.02. Löydä tämä ja muuta käyttäjän Action Pictures taulusta War History

Poventsan paloa. Poventsa 1942.07.02 Kuvat, Varjo, Suom

  1. The Soviets had Operative Group of Karhumäki defending the town of Karhumäki and the area around it. This operative group commanded by Major General Mihail S. Knjazev contained three less then full strength Divisions - 37th, 71st and 313th Divisions. 1st of November 1941 these troops had about 46,700 men. In addition the Soviets had south of Seesjärvi Lake 289th Division commanded by Colonel Nikolai A. Tsernuha. They were also bringing in reinforcements - 8 Ski Battalions and 263rd Division from Archangel, but 263rd Division was destined to northern parts of Maaselkä Isthmus.
  2. 13. Poventsa, 1942. 14. Anti-aircraft artillery, 1942. 15. Chasing Russian spies, 1942. Apparently the dog had a hunch. 16. Captain Veikko Härmälä on a flight looking for submarines, 1944
  3. 1942. Medvezhyegorsk was captured on December 5 by a three-pronged attacked and already on the following day the Finnish spearhead captured the town of Poventsa (Povenets)
  4. Poventsa, Karelia; 1942. Steam Artwork. Переглянути всі творчі роботи
  5. Poventsa (ven. Повене́ц, Povenets) on kaupunkimainen taajama ja kaupunkikunta Karjalan tasavallan Karhumäen piirissä Venäjällä. Se sijaitsee Äänisen rannalla 26 kilometriä Karhumäestä itään. Taajamassa on 2 300 ja kunnassa 4 000 asukasta (vuonna 2012)

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  1. Color photos of Finland in WW2 - Album on Imgu
  2. Lauri Aro в Instagram: «Finnish MG squad in training on April 1 1942
  3. Suomi Finland ww
  4. Ennennäkemättömät värikuvat jatkosodasta julki - tässä esimakua
  5. Sodan värit - harvinaisia värivalokuvia jatkosodan vuosilta
  6. 139 best u/comrade_kraut images on Pholder Wwiipics, Rs2vietnam
  7. What Happened in 1942 including Pop Culture, Significant Events, Key

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