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CBS Sports has the latest Olympic news, live scores, player stats, standings, fantasy games, and projections It’s not all good news though. A huge issue I found with this bar is a large amount of lateral play in the sleeves. There is a good 2 or 3 mm of movement; enough to be able to slam the sleeve from side to side on the shaft. Not only is this indicative of poor assembly tolerances (which naturally makes me worry about the rest of the bar), but it makes for a bar that will experience more rapid wear and tear. It also makes it noisier than it needs to be.Short story long, I’m a 5’8 130 lbs noob. I understand if you stop reading there >$>durability/longevity>bar specialization The latest news from U.S. Paralympics, a division of the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee Theme From Soundtrack to Nothing - The 86 Olympics. 2:01. This Is Only Temporary - The 86 Olympics. 2:23

Olympic gold medallist Jesus has abilities of 93 unwavering balance, 90 explosive power and 86 Those abilities give him an 85 OPR which will grow to 86 and beyond, for which you will need a £3.5.. Unrelated a bit but just sending a “Merry Christmas” greeting from STP Fitness Products and a thanks for some good reviews this year. Knowledge is powerful and will always help you make better decisions. Sorting real product facts from corporate and promotional BS will only help the business. My compliments to your direction and fair evaluations. All the best !! The OB86 Olympic Bar is Specially Designed to Allow you to Take on Super Heavy WorkloadsTo be used with Olympic weight plates, this Olympic Bar. SKU: OB86. Residential. Commercial. SK

The knurl is surprisingly nice for a bar this inexpensive. It’s a tad on the abrasive side; quite unrefined, but it’s comfortable. I’ve read a couple reviews in which it was stated the knurl is harsh and rough on the hands, but that was not my experience at all. In addition to being comfortable, the knurl is of an adequate depth for keeping a firm grip during even decently heavy pulls. I have no complaints about the knurl pattern. Sports-Reference: Baseball · Basketball (college) · Football (college) · Hockey · Olympics · S-R Blog · Question or Comment? Individual Olympic Athletes. 1992. 2016 For the rest of you; anyone with aspirations to improve in the Olympic lifts (CrossFit too), or more experienced lifters with respectable numbers in the big three; you should expect to pay a bit more that $150 for the most important piece of equipment in your gym. To even risk limiting or delaying your progress with a bar below your skill level to save $100 is just silly to me – and I’ll just leave it at that. The 86th Gogo in the Olympic Serise. Categories: Characters. Olympics. Israel Collection. Stubs. 86. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted

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Follow the latest news from around the Olympic sports world. Want to get involved in Olympic sports? Find opportunities near you at SportsEngine.com haha pinups eh? Yeah I think you’ll be fine with that bar for now. If you’re lucky you can time your upgrade with Black Friday or something. Good luck, and I hope you find some local deals on plates. Discover Olympic's Diverse Wilderness. With its incredible range of precipitation and elevation, diversity is the hallmark of Olympic National Park. Encompassing nearly a million acres, the park.. Cheapest bar from rogue is echo oly bar, taxed+shipped is CA$368.33 This cap ob 86b bar is 175, taxed and shipped. Not much on kijiji/craigs/etc atm. (and I still have to deal with finding weights. :/) Olympic martial arts include Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Wrestling, Judo and Fencing. This page provides details for the Olympic martial arts events at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

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  1. Olympic qualification time: In the Olympics and World Championships, if the full quota of Deepak Punia won the silver in the 86 kg category of the World championships to qualify for Tokyo 2020
  2. utes away and there’s a Home Depot down there; never saw bars there, though. A bit over an hour away is a region that has stores like Sam’s Club — suspect there’d be a big sporting goods store there somewhere. Also, I’m sure, in some part of LA I haven’t been to for at least 15 years. So I’d tend towards the convenience of delivery, which is of course not convenient when stuff gets destroyed in transit.
  3. With the incredible storytelling of NBCUniversal and Xfinity's unique viewing experience, we're creating an unparalleled Olympics viewing experience
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The Pain Olympics name was first used at the 2003 BMEFest in Tweed, Ontario (and then again at The Pain Olympics is only a small part of the BMEfest experience, but because of the viral video.. Previous Olympics Years Index Next Olympics. Host: Beijing, China. 86.0. 79.0. 8.5 That makes a lot of sense. Sounds like it might still be ok for a land mine bar that could also serve as a back up power bar in a pinch but not much more than that. Thanks again for the review! The 86 Olympics are an American synth-pop duo from Hattiesburg MS, formed in the The 86 Olympics take influence from synth pop music of the 1980's and 1990's such as The Human League..

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The good news is that this bar isn’t pinned. That means no tightening of the bolts between sets is required, and no risk of the sleeve departing from the shaft. See more of The 86 Olympics on Facebook. PagesPublic figureMusician/BandThe 86 Olympics Изучайте релизы The 86 Olympics на Discogs. Приобретайте пластинки, компакт-диски и многое другое от The 86 Olympics на маркетплейсе Discogs No offense taken. That’s why I smiled. :D It was more important to me to find safe, affordable equipment than “this is what we use”. Sure, I would have loved to buy stuff from Rage. But currently it just wasn’t in the cards. I would have been able to afford buying one of their bars. But then I would have had to get a different rack or not have weights to use with them. In the long run I think I’m coming out ahead. And anyways, it’s not like this won’t sell on Craigslist when it is time to upgrade.

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  1. The Olympic Games (French: Jeux olympiques) is an important international event featuring summer and winter sports. Summer Olympic Games and Winter Olympic Games are held every four years. Originally, the ancient Olympic Games were held in Ancient Greece at Olympia
  2. Welcome message. Welcome to Adelaide and the 2019 Asian Physics Olympiad. It is my great pleasure and honour to welcome you here, and for Australia to be the host to such a prestigious Olympiad..
  3. You should look into northern lights Olympic bar. Black oxide. Picked one up for 130$ 1500lb rated lifetime warranty. Steel bushing I believe. Would love to replace with needle, any ideas on who carry such a thing?
  4. btw brass and steel are considered economy bushings. Cast bronze, sintered bronze (Oilite), and composite are what you’ll find in nicer bars.
  5. In 1964, the Olympics began representing events in the Games through a set of intentional figures. This year, the International Olympic Committee released a historical overview of the pictograms for..
  6. Since the Summer Games of Seoul, Korea in 1988 and the Winter Games in Albertville, France in 1992 the Games have also taken part in the same cities and venues as the Olympics due to an agreement..

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allmusic.site. The 86 Olympics. Home Page / The 86 Olympics Special Olympics offers many ways to take part. There are short-term and long-term volunteer At Special Olympics, it is so meaningful to connect with corporate partners that value our mission and.. Fast Track. Travelling with Olympic air. Check the baggage specifics either on the Olympic Air website or your booking before every flight In terms of the finish on the shaft, there seems to be some confusion among both reviewers and vendors on whether or not the finish is black zinc, black oxide, or black phosphate. I’m going to have to go ahead and say that it’s phosphate. Black zinc is very shiny, and the Cap OB-86B is a very dull, matte black. I also find that the OB-86B feels too much like the black manganese bars to be zinc or oxide. In any case who knows how many different ways there are to finish a bar with each material; I could be wrong.

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It’s not as bad as it looks. He took so many pictures that it seems like a lot of steps. Though I’m curious how this cleaning is supposed to eliminate the lateral play. Did I overlook something he did? Special Olympics Results allows users to view and manage results for Special Olympics events. სპეციალური ოლიმპიადის შედეგები საშუალებას აძლევს მომხმარებლებს სანახავად და.. Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU)..

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Olympic Games, quadrennial athletic festival that is often regarded as the world's foremost sports competition As far as the whip, you just say “power bar.” Were you able to try it out to get a feel or at those weights would it be in danger of bending the bar permanently?So I’m not really familiar with either the box stores you seem to be thinking of, nor their bars. I suspect any of these would tend to bend in landmine use due to prevalence of drops, and the play on the CAP bar concerns me that this would beat it to death earlier. Maybe a pinned bar would hold together better? I’m interested in your thoughts now that you’ve again tested a box store bar that I suspect we might again see at $100. It would seem wasteful to buy two good solid bars for the landmine pair, and if I don’t spend too much, maybe it won’t hurt too much if they become damaged to where they need replacement.I’ve shown you what the tensile strength and yield rating for the OB-86B is, but you won’t find it in most product listings. What you’ll find listed instead is the budget-bar alternative to tensile strength; the bar’s max capacity; which in this case is claimed to be 1000-pounds.

Watch Rural-Olympics-86 - video dailymotion - WildFilmsIndia on dailymotion. Rural-Olympics-86. WildFilmsIndia. 6 years ago|1 view Download 86 Olympic Banknote Stock Photos for FREE or amazingly low rates! New users enjoy 60% OFF. 124,248,716 stock photos online s01e85 — Olympic Breakfast In the case of the CAP OB-86B, the word for some time has been that it is an exceptional bar for being a box-store product; that it offers high-end features at a very low cost, and it deserves to be considered a viable option. The OB-86B also has more positive feedback than the average box-store bar, and a lot of that feedback appears legitimate and contains more substance than the usual “this is my first bar, I can bench 135 with no problems; why would anyone pay more for a bar!”

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The Olympic Games are an international sports festival that began in ancient Greece. The original Greek games were staged every fourth year for several hundred years, until they were abolished in.. Also, find the hidden Microsoft Sam and Mike. (and yes, a common thing against East German athletes back then was that they used a lot of steroids during an Olympics.) Coach is owned by Ben B The 86 Olympics's albums. The 86 Olympics — Overture Soundtrack to Nothing, 2018 01:01 OLYMPICS ASSEMBLIES. 4 2 customer reviews. Author: Created by k_brown86


If your goal is to get the bar and just start lifting and then replace the bar down the road, then by all means grab the CAP. The Echo bar isn’t all that much more of a bar really. Not until you get to the Rogue Bar/Ohio are you looking at a significant performance and durability difference. Arguably the Echo will last longer, but both of these bars will ultimately get replaced so it kinda doesn’t matter. Plus it sounds like the CAP is the obvious front runner just because of the price difference in your location. That said, because of your location there are not any reasonably priced (shipped and taxed) upgrades to the CAP that wouldn’t cost you even more than that Echo. You’ll have to make due with that kind of bar (like the CAP) until you’re prepared to drop $400-500 on a mid-range bar.Hey, thanks for doing this review. I almost got one on the lightning deal myself but just couldn’t justify a second bar at this point. Access official videos, photos and news from all summer, winter, past and future Olympic Games. The latest in Olympic news, right at your fingertips Don’t let my bar-snootiness deter you from the CAP. Even if you’re being modest and you’re not a total noob, it will get you through a couple years. You just don’t want it later when you really are putting 400-500 pounds on the bar.Ok good. You know with the penny pinchers thing I was really referring to that sect of people who despite having lifted for 5 or 10+ years still believe that a Rogue, York or AB bar is just an over-priced version of the $99 bar that they choose to train with. I thought I was pretty clear about beginners and low budgets being ample reason to spend the $150 over $300 or more if it meant being able to start lifting or not. I’ll probably re-visit that whole section though; I think it reads too close to being sort of rude or snobby, and that’s not what I was going for. I mean, you get it, but someone else may not =P

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Listen to The 86 Olympics now. Listen to The 86 Olympics in full in the Spotify app 86 Olympic Gamespirations. From Vancouver 2010 Architecture to Olympic Pole Dancing. So whether you're a crazed Canuck like me or not, flip through these 88 Olympic Inspirations and I'll see.. The Olympic flag is raised and a chosen athlete lights the Olympic flame . It is a symbol of spirit The fire comes from Olympia , a small town in Greece and many runners transport the flame in a torch..

Have to agree with your direction and review on this one. Was surprised to see it…LOL I’m no fan of Cap / VTX / or Troy products in general but, they have a market. Chinese bars in general are among the worst. For a few dollars more, there are tons of options, many from the U.S. as you know. I’m working on a bar of my own and moved away from China to Taiwan. Chinese bare are basically worth about $90-100 FOB China for mens and 80 for womans which in general is nasty cheap. It’s no wonder. When I get my fine tuning done, I’ll throw the specs. and details by you to chat. Always love the direction ! Can you name the host cities for the modern Olympic Games? Test your knowledge on this history quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others He stuffs it full of grease. The pressure of the grease is supposed to eliminate the lateral play. One of the commenters suggested it would just get squeezed out, so only time will tell I suppose. If you’re into the DIY though I’d definitely give it a shot. I learned a lot from de-rusting my first CL barbell (although I immediately got an SS as my first real barbell so there’s that…)

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I haven’t seen Rogue’s landmine attachment in some time and I don’t know if they’ve made any changes to it since then. If it’s still just the metal pipe with no plastic lining of any kind and sharp edges around the rim of the opening, then it’ll probably get nicks and scratches on the sleeves of your bar, but if you wrap tape around at least the small area of the bar that’s in contact with that sharp edge, you’ll probably eliminate a lot of that. This dataset consists of the official statistics on the 11,538 athletes and 306 events at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The athletes file includes the name, nationality (as a three letter.. Free music collection artist The 86 Olympics - find all tracks in mp3 online for free. Listen and download all songs by The 86 Olympics This guy does a rebuild of his CAP bar to help eliminate the lateral play. Seems like a lot of work but was pretty interesting to say the least.

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I think that just about any quality, standard 86″ bar with 2″ sleeves would suffice for this application. You may not be near a chain sporting goods store, but all of what they sell can be found on Amazon. Body Solid has a $99 pinned bar, CAP has an economy bar for like $70, Weider has one, etc. These are all trash bars for actual training, but they would be fine and dandy in a landmine, and I can’t imagine what landmine movement requires enough weight to bend a bar, even one of these low-end bars. Deaflympics.com is the deaf sports for deaf athletes who compete at an elite international level date back to 1900's On the plus side, the sleeves themselves are grooved. This is a nice feature in general being that it allows change plates to be used outside of collars, but it’s even a better feature on an economy bar because owners of economy bars tend to own spring clips. Spring clips lose their ability to cling tight to the bar easily, and having the grooves and ridges on the sleeves help keep those spring clips in place. As a sports photographers at the Olympics in Sochi. Preparations for the London 2012 Olympics (45 photos). Olympics photos, fourth day. Best photos for November 2012 Hey there. I appreciate the write-up, but I’m left wondering, what would you recommend as a step-up to this bar? Or do you think it would be fine for me?

The 86 Olympics — Everything You Want 04:00. The 86 Olympics — Theme from Soundtrack to Nothing 2 01:49. The 86 Olympics — Deep Past Everything 03:17 US $9.86. 4.9 (195). 1042 Orders A list of all the Sports athletes will be competing in during the Winter Olympic Games 2018

View the current ITU Individual Olympic Qualification Ranking: Tokyo 2020, along with other rankings on Triathlon.org Description: A nineteen-minute film containing original news footage of the VIII Winter Olympic Games in Squaw Valley in 1960 and the Olympic Trials of 1968 in Lake Tahoe, California

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55-year-old Jerry Rice talked to Jon Gruden about Raiders

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  1. First things first; the OB-86B is not an Olympic bar. It is not even a multi-purpose bar. This is a power bar. It has only IPF power marks, it’s missing knurl in the snatch zone, and the sleeve rotation is very poor. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with it being a power bar; just know that it’s not a good choice for programs that include the Olympic lifts.
  2. e use for a couple years now. I would say that it compares very much to this particular CAP bar in terms of specifications and build quality. Other than having fairly scratched up sleeves the bar has not had any other issues in that time.
  3. The 86 Olympics - Theme from Soundtrack to Nothing 2, Deep Past Everything, Midnight Clock, Kill Club (From. Kill Club (From Mirror Images) — The 86 Olympics

Olympic Games Women 2020 scores on FlashScore.com offer livescore, results, Olympic Games ¬ZF÷0¬ZO÷0¬ZG÷2¬ZH÷5_8dsUpCqb¬ZJ÷11¬ZL÷/volleyball/world/olympic-games-women/¬ZX÷.. KT Tape Olympic Partners. USOC. Founded in 1894 and headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colo., the United States Olympic Committee serves as both the National Olympic Committee and National.. The five Olympic rings are depicted on a white background to form the Olympic Flag. The flag is carried in procession during the Opening Ceremony of the games and then flies throughout the..

Historian Yohuru Williams dives into the history of the Olympic Games The Winter Olympic Games (French: Jeux olympiques d'hiver) is a major international multi-sport event held once every four years for sports practiced on snow and ice

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  1. After solving Word Olympics Level 85, we will continue in this topic with Word Olympics Level 86, this game was developed by Clever Apps Pte. Ltd. a known developer at puzzle games for ios and..
  2. As if loose parts weren’t bad enough for the integrity and performance of the sleeves, add in the use of steel bushings and you not only have sleeves with horrible spin, but sleeves that will require constant lubrication just so that they’ll spin at all. (For what it’s worth, the spin is better than it would be if this bar was pinned.)
  3. e with plastic and take that edge off that rim is going to have a very popular land

It seems CAP changed the end caps on the OB-86B. Instead of the steel end-cap with the engraved model number (below image, furthest right), they now have this neon green Beast end-cap. It’s not the classiest of end-caps, but if you have snap-ring pliers you can pull the end-cap out and use some of that gunk remover to peel the sticker off. I did with one side of my bar (middle image below) and now no one will know that I have a CAP bar.Wondering what you this of these vis-a-vis other low-end bars for landmine usage. I could not find that lightning deal so did not seriously consider these bars, although I suspect we may see that price again because I get the sense there is more competition in the range lately.

This is Olympics_86 by Edmund MacPherson on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them NOTE: CAP has included their colored Accu-Coat finished variants of this bar on the same product page as the default OB-86B that I am reviewing. This review does not apply to those colored bars, nor do I recommend you spend nearly $300 on a CAP product. BUY A CERAKOTE BAR FOR THAT KIND OF MONEY IF YOU WANT COLOR. GANGNEUNG — The number of confirmed cases of norovirus at the Winter Games has risen to 86 from 32 in just two days as Olympic officials struggle to track the source of the outbreak on the eve of..

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Thanks for this reply. You answered my question. I have a nice bar from Wright and one from AB but didn’t want to use either for landmine exercises. So picked up something similar to this from local box store on BF for like $80. Hopefully it will do the job with the landmine. Women's Olympic Football Tournament. Dual star McCormick's Olympic dream. Japan host the Women's Olympic Football Tournament for the first time as the best players and teams from around.. Unfortunately, as I touched on above, the knurling falls many inches short of the sleeves. The outer snatch grip area is only partially knurled, and that will be a problem for taller folks who insist on using this bar for the snatch. I’m also a little unclear on why there is no center knurl, but it is what it is. The Olympics are a major international sporting event featuring summer and winter games with thousands of athletes from around the world participating in competitions

Full results of all the 2008 Summer Olympics artistic gymnastics events from Beijing, China on ESPN.com. 86.300 The 86 Olympics Theme (From Soundtrack to Nothing) 02:01. The 86 Olympics Midnight Clock 02:50 Image 36 of 86. Olympic men's time trial awards ceremony (Image credit: Daniel Simms). Image 86 of 86. Wiggins charges towards the finish line for a comfortable win the 2012 Olympic time trial.. 84. 85. 86

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Join the Canadian Olympic Club, presented by Bell, an all-access community uniting and rewarding Team Canada fans - it's free. Gain points, rewards and get email updates from your Canadian.. This Olympic bar is 86 inches long and can be used for exercises such as squats and lunges. Progression Fitness 86 Olympic Bar. $119.00. (Prices don't include tax or shipping) The Competition Schedule for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Has Been Released: Complete with the Olympic debuts of karate, sport climbing, surfing and skateboarding

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The irony(see what I did there? Oh boy…) Is that I live in a steel town, yet its almost impossible to get here… >.> The Olympic motto is Citius, Altius, Fortius—Faster, Higher, Stronger. The Olympic symbol is five interlocking circles colored blue, yellow, black, green, and red, on a white background, representing.. Olympic events have changed dramatically over time. Here's the full history. Note that some of these events were not offered during every Summer Olympic Games between their initial appearance and..

It sounds about like what I’ve gathered from reading the forums: it’s better than the other bars in it’s class but definitely not better than anything in the next price tier. And thanks, I try to be reasonable about my reviews, and I try to keep it polite and nice even when I’m not really praising something. I think reviews are just more pleasant to read when they aren’t filled with blatant negativity. The 86 Olympics - Theme From Soundtrack to Nothing So if you’re relatively new to weight training and your budget is tight, then by all means buy this bar. It is the lesser of countless evils in the budget-bar world, and I prefer this bar over any of the $99 pinned bars you’d find in a Dick’s or Sports Authority, or on Amazon. I even prefer this bar to the beater bars, not only because it has normal barbell specifications with no pin, but also because it’s like $50 less with shipping.

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Interesting you mention the landmine issues. I was actually looking to represent one to boxes but have yet to find one I like or want my name connected with. I tend to like the ability to move it around by using the plate version vs. bolt on, similar to Eleiko;s Joystick, which I happen to like, but not in the price range it’s in. We are now looking at designing and making one with a special thin teflon liner and still keep it under $60 retail but we’ll see if thats possible in small production runs. (not a huge volume item but has potential) If I head into it and do some, I’ll send you one to mess with. Olympic Sports

Beginners are the least likely to have any issues with the lackluster performance, while at the same time being the most likely to get a lot of use out of it before an upgrade becomes necessary, and when it comes to someone with budgetary limitations when just getting into strength training, this $150 bar may be the difference between getting to lift or not. I’d much rather someone takes up weight training with a less than ideal budget bar than to not take up weight training at all. A year or so down the road a more specialized bar can be chosen and  ideally money will have been saved for that purchase.The only thing I would absolutely avoid for any application whatsoever is bars that require your assembly. I kid you not, they exist. 86 Turkish athletes qualified for the Rio 2016 Olympics months before the end of the qualification period as the country aims to improve after its lackluster performance in London in 2012

OBB86B 86 Olympic Bar, Black. [ ] Selected Color Options: Black The 86 Olympics - Theme (Reprise) From Soundtrack to Nothing Check out MOVED Booga Olympics. It's one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox. This game moved to new game, so play this game you will.. Becoming an Olympian in the Korean martial art of self-defense involves intense concentration Taekwondo has been an Olympic sport since 1988 and has quickly gained worldwide recognition

შეისწავლეთ olympic86 -ს პროფილი Chess.com - ზე. გაიგეთ მისი რეიტინგი, გაეცანით მის უკეთეს პარტიებს და შესთავაზეთ მას თამაში To my newbish eyes, The OB-86B looks and feels like an actual workout bar. Not a piece of metal you’d find at a construction site. *orbatron flashbacks.* *shudder* The IOI is the most prestigious computer science competition in the world for secondary school students. UNESCO and IFIP are patrons. The contest consists of two days of computer programming..

BBC Monthey. 86. BC Boncourt Red Team. Box Score. Swiss LNA. Fribourg Olympic. 86. BBC Lausanne. 85 Also consider that along with these mid-range features you still get some of the classic box-store problems. You still have the issue of a loose sleeve assembly, low strength shaft that will bend under much lighter loads than even the cheapest of mid-range bars, and horrible sleeve rotation. You also forego any real warranty with a bar like this. The 86 Olympics. Race. 4 years ago4 years ago. Create a SoundCloud account. Sign in. The debut album from The 86 Olympics The pipes from your safeties won’t do anything though. They are round and smooth just like the bar shaft; no sharp edges like that landmine hole. Not only that, the bar will so rarely even touch those things anyway.

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Instead of a pin, the OB-86B uses the more modern horseshoe and snap-ring design; it is basically what you’d find on a Rogue or American Barbell bushing bar. This is a much more secure way of permanently attaching rotating sleeves, and like I said, it requires no upkeep (other than oiling, as you’ll see.) Kudos to CAP for ditching the pin on this bar. May 17, 2015 - Explore logoness's board Olympic Logos on Pinterest. See more ideas about Olympic logo, Olympics and Game logo Regarding the specifications, I will say that I find it very interesting that CAP has made both the tensile strength and yield strength available to us. It required a little digging to find but it was out there. Anyway, it’s interesting because there are many companies that make a far superior product yet they refuse to share the yield ratings with us. Yield is a spec that’s just as important as tensile strength (if not more.) Just an observation.No worries though. As I already mentioned, the OB-86B is a power bar, so this hit or miss sleeve rotation is a non-issue. Smooth, quick rotation just doesn’t matter much for the lifts outside of the Olympic lifts. That said, if your program does include power cleans (like Starting Strength), be prepared to oil this bar on a regular basis if you want to maintain any semblance of spin.

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